Soccer Gifts For Girls

30 Gifts Every Soccer Girl Will Enjoy

You need to find a gift that will appeal to soccer-loving girls, regardless of whether she plays the sport or simply enjoys watching it.
There are many unique gift options for soccer fans. Here are 30 great gifts that every soccer girl would love.
This list makes it easy to choose the best Soccer Gifts For Girls ,Check out the Soccer Gifts For Girls list below now!
Soccer Gifts For Girls

30  Soccer Gifts For Girls

soccer goal nets,Soccer Gifts For Girls

For On-the-Go Practice: GoSports Foldable Pop Up Soccer Goal Nets Soccer Gifts For Girls

Although it may seem obvious, this gift is very useful if your little girl loves soccer. The pop-up soccer goals come in sets of two so that she can immediately get started.
You can even get plastic stakes and metal stakes to help your daughter secure the goal in the lawn, no matter where she is playing.
The six cones are a great way to get the most from her training.
After she is done, fold the goal into the bag that came with it.

Carrying Gear in Style: Broad Bay Personalized Soccer Backpack Soccer Gifts For Girls

This backpack is perfect for your little soccer player. It has plenty of space to hold all her gear. She can keep her cleats and extra clothes in the ball compartment, as well as in the main compartment.
For water bottles and other small items, she has two pockets at the sides of her backpack.
The fact that this backpack can be personalized is what makes it stand out. You can personalize the bag with her first initial in bold font so her friends and colleagues know that it is hers.
You can also get it in sweet purple.

Keep the Hair Back: Personalized Monogrammed Embroidered Soccer Patch Cotton Stretch Headband Soccer Gifts For Girls

Soccer fans and players know the importance of keeping hair off the face. What better way to do this than with a customized headband?
You can select numbers from 0-9, letters A-Z, or special characters.
Picking the right color is the hardest decision. You have the option to customize your headband with more than a dozen colors and threads. It’s made of cotton so it won’t irritate her hair.

Make a Fashion Statement: I Know I Play Like a Girl Soccer T-Shirts Soccer Gifts For Girl Soccer Gifts For Girls

This soccer-themed shirt is a great choice if your teen girl loves graphic t-shirts. It even has the girl power message “I know I play like an adult, so try to keep up.” To emphasize the point, there is even an image of a soccerball on the shirt.
This is a cute way for her to express her love of the game and make a simple but effective statement.
The rest of the design is a simple t-shirt that can be worn in five colors. The solids are made from 100% cotton and the blends are all cotton.
If you want your daughter to really love it, choose her favorite color.

Have Fun in the Tub: Soccer Ball Bath Bombs – 3 Pack Soccer Gifts For Girls

Bath bombs are a popular choice for kids and adults alike. These bath bombs in soccer shapes are great for girls who love to play soccer and the bathtub.
Three bath bombs in the soccer ball shape are included in the package.
These bath bombs are free from harsh chemicals and fragrances. They are made with all-natural ingredients that have a luxurious scent. These bath bombs also contain Epsom salt.
She can also relax and soak her muscles after a long game or practice.

Decorate Their Bedroom Wall: Custom Name Sports Wall Decal Soccer Gifts For Girls

You can brighten up her wall with a vinyl wall decal if it is looking a bit bare. Personalize it by adding her name or initials to the soccer ball image. You can find a color chart that includes more than 40 colors.
You can then customize it to your liking.
This can be a great way for her to decorate a soccer-themed room. This wall decal blends seamlessly with the wall, giving it the appearance of being painted.

Stay Stylish on the Field: 4 Pieces Non-Slip Soccer Headband Soccer Gifts For Girls

Your little soccer player may need a few headbands. Give her some to try! The four headbands in this pack are fun and keep her hair away from her face, so she can concentrate on the game.
You have two options for color choices. Each headband is covered with little soccer balls, regardless of which color you choose. An adjustable strap is included to secure the headband to her head and an anti-slip design.
You can even find sweat-wicking fabrics to ensure her eyesight is always clear.

Fancy Up Her Wardrobe: HCChanshi Soccer Bracelet Jewelry Infinity Love

This bracelet is a great gift idea for soccer-loving girls. You can choose from a pink, mint, and silver combo color or match the soccer ball with the black and white version.
You get a bracelet with the word “soccer”, in bold, and a soccer ball hanging from the end.
This bracelet stands out thanks to its colorful ropes and the infinity sign that loops into the word “love”.
It can be easily adjusted to fit your wrist. It can be adjusted from 6.5in. It can be adjusted from 6.5in. to 8.5in.You can choose  this Soccer Gifts For Girls

Add to Her Bookshelf Collection: Women in Sports: 50 Fearless Athletes Who Played to Win

This illustrated book is a great gift for a girl who loves to read. It covers historical athletes of the 1800s and those that girls today look up to. This book covers 50 female athletes, touching on their personal lives and careers.
The illustrations are vibrant, engaging, and fun. This book is a great way to inspire your child to pursue her dreams and maybe even give you some role models.
The book can be purchased in hardcover or as an audio CD. Or, you can simply download it to your Kindle.You can choose  this Soccer Gifts For Girls

Keep Her Gear Safe and Fresh: Athletico Youth Soccer Bag

This bag is perfect for the girl who values practicality more than appearance. It has a large compartment for the soccer ball and is vented to allow air to circulate.
To help you air things out, there’s a vent below the ball compartment for her cleats. The bag has seven accessory pockets that can help organize her gear.
You won’t need to worry about the bag breaking down, and it is very durable. It is made of water-resistant fabric, and has a comfort back to ensure it doesn’t feel too harsh on her. It is also lightweight.
The bag is available in four colors if she cares about design.You can choose  this Soccer Gifts For Girls

Light Up Her Room: Kids Night Light Football 3D Optical Illusion Lamp Soccer Gifts For Girls

Many children love night lights. You can get one for your child and she will be captivated by it until she falls asleep. It is a 3D optical illusion that looks like a soccer ball.
Don’t worry if she wants to stare at the light; it is child-friendly.
The night light comes with 16 color options and a four RGB changing mode. You have the option to flash, strobe or fade and smooth.
A dimmable option is also available. It can be controlled remotely so she doesn’t have to stand up to make changes. It can be connected to a USB port or powered by batteries, making it even more user-friendly.

Pack Up Lunch: Soccer Zipper Cooler Lunch Bag Insulated Soccer Gifts For Girls

You don’t have to send your child off to school with a regular lunch bag. This cool cooler bag is inspired by soccer. Because the entire bag is shaped like a soccer ball, it’s easy to see why she loves soccer.
This can make her the talk of the office with its bold design and practical carrying handle.
It is insulated to ensure that all items that need to be kept cold stay cool. It also has a zipper that keeps her lunch safe.
The soft, durable neoprene material can be washed and dried.

For the PJ Lover: Bluenido Girls Pajamas Pink Soccer 2 Piece Soccer Gifts For Girl

It’s a great gift because she can wear it every night for months, until she outgrows it. These pajamas are more than just any other. They show her passion for soccer.
The pajamas are available in soft pink and feature a soccer ball design at the front. You’ll also find dozens of tiny pink and white soccer balls printed on the pants.
These pajamas feel soft and comfortable to the touch. These pajamas were designed by moms to ensure your child’s safety.You can choose  this Soccer Gifts For Girls

For the Girl Who Loves Art: Soccer Typography Personalized Print Soccer Gifts For Girl

If your little girl wants to add some personality and life into her bedroom walls, this gift is easy to explain. This is a fantastic illustration of a little girl kicking a soccer ball with power. It also includes the many terms that only a true fan of soccer will know, such as “striker”, attacker, chip shot, and so on.
She’ll be excited about more than that. You can personalize her name by placing it in the middle of the lettering in large letters. You can add her player number or choose to have the words in her favorite color.
This soccer typography art will show how important she regards the game.You can choose  this Soccer Gifts For GirlsYou can choose  this Soccer Gifts For Girls

To Stay Warm: Threadrock Big Girls’ Live Love Soccer Youth Hoodie Sweatshirt

This soccer-themed sweatshirt is sure to keep you warm during the cooler months. You can choose from five colors and four sizes for youth, including X-large.
The hoodie features a fun “live love soccer!” quote in large letters and a soccer ball image. The hoodie has a large pouch pocket and no drawstring to keep her safe.
It is a comfortable blend between cotton and polyester and can withstand any number of times she wears it.You can choose  this Soccer Gifts For Girls

For Better Training: SKLZ Star-Kick Hands Free Solo Soccer Trainer Soccer Gifts For Girls

You may have noticed that she is often training alone, and then having to jog after it every time it goes too far. You can help her with this single soccer trainer. The ball glove adjusts to fit ball sizes 3, 4, and 5, while the belt adjusts to fit most waist sizes.
It is a fun and interesting way for her practice running drills, as well as boosting her skills without her having to chase the ball. The cord can reach up to 18ft. So she can still train hard enough.
You can also get this in four colors.You can choose  this Soccer Gifts For Girls

Keep Her Jewelry Safe: Just Like Me Soccer Player Musical Jewelry Box

Your girl may love jewelry and need somewhere to store it. This musical box is a great choice, as it features a ballerina dancing in its center.
Instead, you’ll find an adorable soccer girl wearing a jersey and ready to kick the ball. You can choose from a blonde-haired, brown-haired, or black-haired option.
Because of its bold pink-white design, the musical box stands out.
To emphasize her love of soccer, there’s a corner with a soccer ball. There is plenty of storage space inside, from a large main compartment to smaller areas for earrings and necklaces.You can choose  this Soccer Gifts For Girls

Add to Her Jewelry: PammyJ Soccer Bracelet – Soccer Gift Charm Jewelry Soccer Gifts For Girls

Is she a fan of charm bracelets and soccer? This soccer charm collection will make it easy to choose a gift. This bracelet has many soccer charms.
The fancy soccer balls and cleats will be noticed by her immediately, as well as the cute heart symbol that says “I love soccer”.
This bracelet is only available in silver. To keep the theme going, there’s a lobster claw clasp in a heart shape.
It fits wrists up to 7.5in and has three options for closing it to make it smaller.

Training in Comfort and Style: Adidas Girls’ Performance Tight Legging

While she may be required to wear shorts while on the field, leggings are great for training and keeping her athleticism up. This is especially true for colder days.
You have 14 options for choosing from these leggings so she can find the one she likes best.
It is flexible to fit better and has flatlock seams to stop chaffing. Climalite is another feature that keeps her comfortable during her training. It wicks away sweat, so she doesn’t get wet no matter where she is training.You can choose  this Soccer Gifts For Girls

For the Lover of All Things Books: Breakaway: Beyond the Goal Soccer Gifts For Girls

You’d be surprised at how often she talks about soccer. This book is bound to make a great gift for any soccer fan, especially if that player happens to be Alex Morgan, a well-known U.S. athlete.
It’s a humorous memoir about the famous soccer player. She discusses her personal and professional life.
Eight pages of full-color photographs are included in this memoir. This book can be gifted in hardback, paperback, or Kindle format.

Show Off Her Achievements: Running on the Wall Soccer Medal Holder

All those medals can add up, no matter if you have several soccer players or one with a lot of medals. This wall medal holder will allow her to see her achievements every day.
The playful “What’s life without dreams” statement at the top of the page is a fun way to show off her accomplishments.
24 special hooks are long enough to hold multiple gold medals. This hook can hold around 150 medals, so you can fill it for many years.
There are many color options available. You can also personalize the design by adding your soccer picture to the side.

Add a Theme to Playtime: LEGO Friends Stephanie’s Soccer Practice Set Soccer Gifts For Girls

Although she’s still a child, many children still enjoy playing with toys just as much as running outside. This LEGO set will keep her interested in soccer alive, even if she isn’t racing for a ball.
It includes a LEGO Friends mini-doll of Stephanie and a pet dog figure. She can build a drink station with 119 pieces. She can place Stephanie on the goalkeeper platform, move it around and use the soccer ball launch station for the ball to hit her.
It’s a great way to have fun with the sport indoors.You can choose  this Soccer Gifts For Girls

For the Necklace Lover: MadSportsStuff Custom Player Jersey ID Soccer Necklace

Maybe she prefers necklaces to bracelets. This cute soccer necklace will help you encourage her passion for soccer and add some bling to your wardrobe. The simple chain has the word “love” and a charm of a soccer ball. You can personalize the circle with her jersey number.
You can actually choose from 25 numbers.
This is a great way to enhance her look and keep her proud of the sport that she loves. The necklace is finished with a solid finish to ensure it lasts.You can choose  this Soccer Gifts For Girls

Help Her Play in the Dark: GlowCity Glow in the Dark Size 5 Soccer Ball Soccer Gifts For Girls

It may not be the most ideal thing to play in low light, but it does happen. The glow-in-the dark ball can help her keep her eyes on the prize.
The soccer ball’s illumination is so bright that the whole ball lights up.
The ball can be activated by the player simply by kick it. It will stay lit for approximately 40 seconds, until it is hit again.
Due to its weight and size, the ball is also regulation-safe. It’s waterproof so that she can play with it in all weather conditions.

Keep Her Feet Safe in the Showers: Adidas Kids Adilette Shower Slide Soccer Gifts For Girls

You might want to make sure your child doesn’t get hurt while she showers in the school gym. These shower slides will do the trick.
Cloudfoam is a cushion soft footbed.
She can take a break after long practices or games by using this method. They are still light enough to not make her feel tired while she wears them. Slip-ons can also be fast dried to minimize the risk of any unpleasant odors.
You can choose from six different color options.

Bring the Game to Her Dolls: Barbie Made to Move Soccer Player Doll

It would be difficult to find Barbie doll-loving girls in your area who don’t play with toys. This Barbie made from Made to Move Barbie is sure to appeal to your girl. The Barbie is dressed in a soccer theme, with striped socks, sneakers and a headband.
The soccer ball is included so that your little girl can bring the game to life using her dolls. The flexibility of the joints is something she might even love about this Barbie. There are 22 joints in her neck, upper arms and torso.

Keep Her Hydrated: Vikka Sport Kids Water Bottle Soccer Ball

After a practice or game, it’s easy for someone to become dehydrated. This cool water bottle, shaped like a soccer ball, is a great way to get her water. The bottle has a large mouth so she can add ice cubes to make it colder.
It also has insulation and is leak-proof to ensure that water stays where it should be. Even the silicone used in food is soft to touch.
Apart from the soccer ball design, what makes this bottle stand out is its collapsible nature.
The collapsible design not only helps her save space, but also transforms the water bottle into an adorable mini soccer ball.

For the Necessary Protection: Vizari Malaga Soccer Shin Guards for Kids

Sometimes practical gifts are the best. These shinguards will keep her safe during training or competition.
These are made with both a lightweight and hard shell, with foam backing to provide additional protection.
The foam padding will make her feel more secure and comfortable. You have a variety of sizes for youth, as well as many color styles that she will love.You can choose  this Soccer Gifts For Girls

Improve Her Performance: Adidas Kids’ Goletto Vi Firm Ground Football Shoe

A good pair of soccer shoes is another useful gift that your child could use. You can choose from sizes for toddlers to large kids. The shoes can be ordered in black, white and scarlet, or black, pink and white.
They are strong enough to keep her safe on synthetic or turf fields, and also help her perform better. The cleats also have a flexible sole to aid in her traction on dry, firm ground.
They have a timeless look but are light enough to not hinder her agility.You can choose  this Soccer Gifts For Girls

For Playtime Indoors: CUKU Kids Toy Hover Soccer Ball Soccer Gifts For Girls

If the weather isn’t cooperating with your desire to play soccer, bring it indoors to keep her active. This hover soccer ball set will help you achieve that goal.
It comes with two goals: an inflatable soccer ball and a hoverball with safety bumpers and cool LED lights.
It recharges via USB so there is no need to buy batteries. It can be used on any flat surface and is safe enough to use in the home with no harm to your furniture or children.

How to Choose a Soccer-Themed Gift for Girls – Tips
You might consider the sport she is passionate about if you are having trouble finding the perfect gift.
Your child should be interested in soccer. There are many benefits to playing soccer. You can find a gift for your child that will remind her how much she loves watching it.
During your search for the perfect gift, you can also think about what she needs to do the sport.
Is she able to access all her gear? It is important to have the right protective gear. Understanding what soccer involves is an excellent step in finding gifts that she can use.

Last Thoughts

These 30 gift ideas may have inspired you. What other gifts can you think of for soccer girls? Please leave your comments.

20 Gifts for Teen Girls in Soccer

You know a teenage girl who plays soccer, so there must be something they’d like to get as a gift.
There are many great gifts that can be customized to fit the needs of teenage soccer players.
Although a soccer ball is the first thing that comes to my mind, it’s a boring idea.
Yes, it is useful, but not inspiring.
Don’t worry, there are many gifts you may not have considered. Below are a few examples.

Soccer Backpack

Great for carrying your soccer kit
It can hold a football, and it has a shoe pocket.It has a large main compartment, where the ball goes, and side cargo pockets.
It can be used to transport a water bottle or all of your training equipment.
This backpack is ultra-comfortable and easy to transport thanks to its padded straps.

SKLZ Trainer

This equipment is fun and allows her to improve her soccer skills without the need to chase the ball.
It’s easy to use
A band that goes around your waist is available.
An elastic cord measuring 18 feet in length is attached to the band. A ball is also attached to the cord’s end.
It can be used to improve reaction time, practice throwing ins, goalie practice and shooting, passing, and many other things.
Great for training solo soccer and great fun!You can choose  this Soccer Gifts For Girls

Ball Soccer Gifts For Girl

Ok, so we said at the beginning that purchasing a soccer ball can be boring. However, a soccer ball is essential for practicing and improving your skills. It makes sense to gift one to a teen who doesn’t have one. .
The Under Armour Soccer Ball
This Under Armour soccer ball is a great ball. There are many sizes available, so teens can play with a 5 or 6 size ball. You can also choose from different designs
If they don’t have one, it’s a good idea to purchase one.You can choose  this Soccer Gifts For Girls

Soccer Hoodie

A shirt or hoodie with a soccer theme will be a hit with soccer-loving kids.
For casual wear, hoodies are great
This one features “Love” written with a soccer ball as an alternative to the letter “o”.
The hood has a drawstring cord and a front pocket.
You can get it in different sizes, and different colors.
You might also consider a new soccer shirt, boots, or headband to wear when your soccer player plays.

Adidas Womens’ Training Pants

Great for cooling down and warming up
These pants are made with ventilated, climacool fabric that keeps sweat from getting on your skin.Fab Design
They are slim and won’t interfere with soccer play. She can store her stuff in the zip pockets.
They are lightweight and comfortable.
These are great for casual wear.You can choose  this Soccer Gifts For Girls

Fun T shirt Soccer Gifts For Girl

This is a great t-shirt for a girl who loves soccer. The slogan says “I know that I play like a girl. Try to keep up.”
Available in different sizes and colours
This can be worn casually, or when she is practicing her skills.
It can be machine washed and features a classic, lightweight fit.

SKLZ Quickser Soccer Trainer

The quickster soccer trainer is another piece of equipment that is ideal for solo training.
Helps improve soccer skills
This tool is great for mastering first and second touch. This will improve your ability to pass and receive on the ground as well as your overall ball control. It allows her to practice volleys as well as half-volleys.
It is lightweight and easy to transport. It can also be stored easily and comes with a bag.

Soccer Books

A lot of soccer books make great gifts.
Books on all topics related to soccer
Books that focus on the practice and learning of skills and techniques are available. Some books are focused on the game, the World Cup or autobiographies about famous players.Everything Your Coach Never Told You or Because You’re a Girls
Although the book is intended for girls, it is not recommended for girls under 13. The book offers advice on playing the game as a female team that won more games than the typical. Perhaps it offers advice that girls may not hear from their coach as much, such the things they need to do to be a winner and a go-getter. This book is essential reading for serious teenage female soccer players.

Soccer IQ Soccer Gifts For Girl

Jam packed with Awesome Tips
It’s one of the most popular soccer books on Amazon and it’s easy to see why.This book is full of practical and useful tips that will help improve your soccer game.
Each chapter covers a tip, and each page is devoted to a different one. It’s easy to understand, but is aimed at adults and older children who play soccer. You can either read the entire book or just a section.You can choose  this Soccer Gifts For Girls

Alex Morgan – Breakaway

Alex Morgan is an American soccer player. She was a gold medalist at the Olympics and a FIFA Women’s World Cup winner.
This book is great for encouraging young women to excel in soccer. The lessons in the book can be applied to many other areas of life as well.
This book is a must-read for any aspiring soccer player. This book is recommended for middle-grade and younger teens (grades 7 through 9). The lessons in the book can also be used to inspire parents and adults.
It is well worth the effort.

Headbands Soccer Gifts For Girl

Why do you need soccer headbands?
For teenage girls with long hair, soccer headbands are essential.Nike Headbands
The NIke headbands are slim fitting.
These elastic bands hold hair in place and ensure a secure fit.
Silicone has been added to the bands for better performanceYou can choose  this Soccer Gifts For GirlsYou can choose  this Soccer Gifts For Girls

Water Bottle

Water bottle made of stainless steel
An stainless steel water bottle is great to use as a scooter. This one is double-walled and vacuum-insulated. It will keep your favorite beverage warm or cold for hours. It’s ideal for keeping water cool for up to half an hour. You can also fill it up with hot beverages to warm you up after a cold game of soccer.There are many colros and designs available.

Soccer Goals for Pop-Up

Why not get some pop up goals?
She can use pop up goals to play a quick game of football in her backyard. One can be used by her for practice or solo play. Another option is to use it with siblings and/or friends for quick games.These are great for going to the beach and the park.
It’s easy to use
These can be carried in a small bag. Take them out of your bag and open the top for instant play. For easy transport and storage, twist flatYou can choose  this Soccer Gifts For Girls

Bracelet with Expandable Charm for Soccer

This bracelet features a soccer ball charm and is an Alex & Ani expandable wire bracelet.
This bangle is a donation to the US Olympic and Paralympic team.
This is a great gift idea for a soccer player who is passionate about the game and loves jewelry.

C Catapult PLAYR- Soccer GPS Tracking Vest

Only for teenagers who are serious about soccer
The C Catapult PLAYR is a great option for serious soccer fans. It is a soccer GPS tracker vest with an app.The vest can be worn while she plays and the app will track her progress and help her improve. It can provide stats and details about speed, power, distance and load. Heatmaps show every movement on the pitch and improve your GPS positioning.
This can help you identify areas that you can improve.
It also offers top-level coaching in nutrition and training.

Activity Tracker

An activity tracker, such as a Fitbit, can help her improve her overall fitness and health. This will then improve her game.
The Fitness Blaze
The fitness blaze is a smart watch and activity tracker all in one. This is an amazing gadget.
It records steps, distance, calories, floors climbed, and active minutes.
Pure pulse technology monitors your heart rate throughout the day.You can choose  this Soccer Gifts For Girls

Multisport mode allows you to track multiple activities and sports.
It can also monitor your sleep.
It can be connected to your smart device to receive notifications such as call, text, and other information.
The Blaze can do all of this and more.

Gym Sackpack

Soccer involves a lot of carrying equipment and gear to and fro training and games.
Extra hoodies, gloves and hats are necessary if it is cold. Sunscreen is essential in the summer months. A cap is also a good idea. No matter the season, a water bottle will be required.
The sackpack is light and spacious enough to hold all of your soccer gear for training and games.
You will find mesh pockets for water bottles and zippered pockets to store essentials. There is also a large compartment that can hold all the clothes you might need.You can choose  this Soccer Gifts For Girls

Sports bra Soccer Gifts For Girl

A good sports bra is a must for anyone who plays and/or exercises a lot.
Why choose a Nike sports bra
Nike sports bras are made from driFIT fabric, which wicks sweat away and helps keep you dry and comfortable.
It looks fantastic, it has great reviews and it provides good support. However, it is not too tight.
You can choose from a variety of colors and sizes.

Compression shorts

For many reasons, compression shorts can be worn underneath soccer shorts.
1. Compression shorts work well underneath white shorts that can be a little see-through.
2. They prevent chaffing.
3. They are made with Dri-FIT fabric that wicks moisture away from the skin. These garments will keep you cool, dry, and fresh no matter what you do.
4. They provide muscular support
Compression shorts are a must-have for soccer girls. They come in a variety of sizes and colours. They can also be used for many other sports and exercises.You can choose  this Soccer Gifts For Girls

USA Soccer Jersey

A USA soccer jersey is a great option for her if she supports her national team. It can be worn in training, while watching their games, or as casual wear every day.
This jersey features the 2018/2019 USA women’s soccer away jersey with 10 Lloyd print.
It is 100% polyester and machine washable. You can choose  this Soccer Gifts For Girls

Bend it like Beckham

Bend It Like Beckham, a movie that makes you feel good about two young women who play soccer but want to be professional players.
Both of them have overcome many different obstacles from their families and cultures to get where they want.
This is a great video to watch for teenage female soccer players.

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