Return Gift Ideas For 7 Year Old Boy

It doesn’t matter if you are looking for baseball trainers, kitses, or waterslides; finding the perfect gift for 7-year-old boys can be a difficult task. You can also add geode searching, astronaut helmets and brain games such as chess, analytic puzzles and strategic board games to your boy’s gift list. Watch him grow, learn, and evolve. lets look at Return Gift Ideas For 7 Year Old Boy

Return Gift Ideas For 7 Year Old Boy

Best Return Gift Ideas For 7 Year Old Boy,Ghostbusters Electronic Proton Pack ProjectorGhostbusters Electronic Proton Pack Projector

Your boy will be eager to fight, blast and chase ghosts, goblins and ghouls with the Ghostbusters movie now back on big screen. This electronic proton backpack is designed to hunt demons and project ghostly silhouettes onto walls. Beware, specters.$244.99

Delta Kite/Rainbow KiteDelta Kite/Rainbow Kite

The unrivalled joys of flying a kite make for a great gift idea for 7-year-old boys. The ultra-large delta/rainbow kite is easy to launch and has 200 feet of premium string. It also features unique patterns and easy-to-store options.$12.99

LEGO Creator Space Shuttle Explorer Building KitLEGO Creator Space Shuttle Explorer Building Kit

Encourage your child’s engineering skills and help them create a spaceship explorer using 285 LEGO pieces and their brainpower. This 3-in-1 LEGO model features large engines, robotic arms and satellites with foldout wings. It also has a tinted canopy and mini-figure cockpit. The universe is waiting for your return.$55.75

Funko Pop Marvel Playtime Deadpool in Robe FigureFunko Pop Marvel Playtime Deadpool in Robe Figure

Deadpool, a Marvel Comics’ famous supervillain and now a beloved antihero, is still supercool for both kids and adults. This Funko POP vinyl version of Deadpool is a collectible stylized and multi-award-winning figure. It stands 3.75 inches tall and comes in a robe.$12.95

Insect Lore Live Ladybug Growing Kit ToyInsect Lore Ladybug Growing Kit Toy

Ladybugs are captivating and your child will love the Original Ladybug Land. Your child will be captivated by every stage of the ladybird’s life cycle, including the larvae, molting, breeding, and finally becoming the brightly colored flying insect we call the ladybug.Prices vary

SKLZ Zip-N-Hit Baseball TrainerSKLZ Zip N-Hit Baseball Trainer

This baseball trainer is the perfect coach for boys who want to become the next great baseball players. It is simple to use and helps batters with their top-half hitting. The zip-and-hit allows future stars to concentrate on their stance, swing, and other techniques. Next on-deck, your son.$25.10

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LEGO Juniors Underminer Bank Heist Building KitLEGO Juniors Underminer Bank Heist Building Kit

Are you looking for unique gifts for 7-year-old boys that are unmatched? You need to look no further than LEGO Mrs. Incredible, Mr. Incredible, Mr. You can add a bank vault with breakaway doors, a seven-inch tunneler with spinning drill bits, and an Incredible with Quick Start chassis. Unlimited thrills await.$51.88

Educational Insights KanoodleEducational Insights Kanoodle

Analytic puzzles will challenge your moppet’s brain. They will be able to solve problems and think strategically. Your problem solving expert will enjoy constructing and deciphering puzzles on the move with 12 pieces and 200 puzzles.$7.49  Return Gift Ideas For 7 Year Old Boy

33 Top Toys For 7-Year Olds – Best Picks for Boys And Girls

Stretch Armstrong Action FigureStretch Armstrong Action Figure

After 40+ years, the one and only Stretch Armstrong triumphantly returns. Stretch is more than just a plastic action figure. It can be pulled, squeezed and tied in knots. Stretch measures 12 inches in length and will stretch four feet. The box will be appreciated by collectors while passionate fans will continue to celebrate Stretch Armstrong’s past.$24.99

Wham-O Hamper HoopsWham-O Hamper Hoops

Hamper Hoops are the perfect solution for both mom’s laundry and the basketball player in training. The two-in-1 over-the-door basketball hooper features a backboard and a net. It also has a large removable laundry bag that zips at the bottom. It transforms chores into the next NBA playoff game and trains the next LeBron Stephen or Kevin.Prices vary

Marvel Black Panther Vibranium Power FX MaskMarvel Black Panther Power FX Mask

The legendary Black Panther mantle was passed down through generations to Wakandan royalty. It now lives in the legendary mind, heart and mask of T’Challa. With the help of the mask’s illuminating light effects and movie-inspired design, flip down lens and imaginary power, your boy will have courage, conviction and spirit.$33.46

Big Time Toys Socker Bopper Power BagBig Time Toys Socker Bopper Bopper Power Bag

The Socker Bopper power bag is great for expressing frustrations, teaching self-defense and providing physical entertainment. The bag is weighed at the bottom and filled with air. Puncturing the bag will not hurt your boy. Words like wham and bop provide a lot of laughter and can be used to calm down.$18.16

No Stress ChessNo Stress Chess

The game of chess is a great example of strategic thinking for young people who want to become Bobby Fischer or Garry Kasparov. This version is no-stress and includes two-sided chess boards – one for instruction and the other for actual-time play. It has 16 pieces of ivory and black pieces. 56 action cards are included. There are ample instructions and plenty of information. The end result will be increased brainpower and self-confidence.$9.79 Return Gift Ideas For 7 Year Old Boy

29 Must-Have Toys For 7 Year Old Boys (+ DIY Christmas Gift Ideas)
34 Most Popular Toys For 7 Year Old Girls – Parent-Approved Picks

Ideal My First Magic SetIdeal My First Magic Set

You will never forget the ahs and oohs that come with watching a magician perform. Give your little wizard-to be their first magic set. You will find 20 simple tricks, such as making candy disappear, as well as an instruction book, DVD and magic wand. Also included are a coloring book, DVD and DVD and a box with color cubes and other tricks. Abracadabra.$18.94

SwimWays Star Wars Death Star Light-up Beach BallSwimWays Star Wars Death Star Light Up Beach Ball

Even if you are enjoying a refreshing swim in your pool, there is no escape from the Galactic Empire: the Star Wars, 14 inch light-up beachball. The Star Wars, 14-inch light-up beach ball was created to look like the iconic spacecraft from Star Wars. It features impact-activated LEDs that create an amazing nighttime effect and display stunning Death Star graphics.$8.88


National Geographic is inviting everyone to continue reading. Break Open Geodes Kit will allow your child to discover 10 amazing crystals, including amethyst and calcite. It also includes a 16-page full-color learning guide, which explains how geodes form. You will be able to explore the world with your natural curiosity and safety goggles.$24.99

UNO Super Mario GameUNO Super Mario Game

UNO’s classicly reimagined match-making card game is accompanied by a Super Mario Bros theme. This promises great fun for your child. The team or player with the most points wins. This is a great way to show teamwork, hoopla and strategy. Players range from 2-10. Mom gives thumbs up. Super Mario Bros. and UNO rule.$9.90

LEGO Star Wars Darth Vader LED Head Lamp w/HeadbandLEGO Star Wars Darth Vader LED Head Lamp w/Headband

When your lad displays the super-cool LEGO Star Wars Darth Vader led head lamp, he will be the envy and envy of all his classmates. The 3.5-inch, pocket-sized, bright figurine emits LEDs through the feet and chest, making it both fun and useful. The soft elastic headband, with its padded buckle, can be adjusted to fit most sizes.$42.57 Return Gift Ideas For 7 Year Old Boy

315+ Genius Gifts and Top Toys for 7-year-olds

Intex Water Slide Inflatable Play CenterIntex Water Slide Inflatable Play Center

A refreshing slide down a water slides is a summer must-have. The inflatable poolside version has five air chambers and six heavy-duty handles. There are also lots of wave graphics. Attach a gardenhose to this durable, 20-gauge vinyl slide. Then watch your children slip and shine.$115.98

Uno Emoji Card GameUno Emoji Card Game

UNO-loving players will be singing praises for this Emojis-themed game. This game uses the same tactics as basic UNO. However, it requires players to create and hold funny emoji expressions. If you are looking for insanely outrageous and hilarious games for 7-year-old boys, then your search ends here.$5.16

Razor Jetts Heel WheelsRazor Jetts Heel Wheels

The high-flying Jetts ™ from Razor(r), are made for boys who have to get somewhere. It’s all about taking off, stepping up and strapping down. The Jetts(tm) by Razor(r) are made for boys who need to be somewhere. They have easily replaceable spark pads, 50mm wheels of urethane, and a sturdy frame with hook-and loop strap. Your youngster will feel safe and stylish.$50.72

Whoowasit! Board Game

Enjoy whole-family fun with the Whoowasit! Board Game. You and your family will have a lot of fun with this game.Prices vary

Maybo Sports Golden Snitch Fidget SpinnerMaybo Sports Golden Snitch Fidget Spinner

This fidget spinner has many great features. This spinner is a tribute to Harry Potter’s “Golden Snitch”, and offers many benefits such as focus, deep thought, stress relief, nail biting, leg shaking, adulthood, and more.$9.99 Return Gift Ideas For 7 Year Old Boy

Hasbro Games Toilet TroubleToilet Trouble with Hasbro Games

This game is hilarious, family-friendly, and fun-filled – and there’s a lot of agreement. However, the mere mention that there is a toilet can cause laughter, goofiness and guffaws from many people, young and old. The game is the same: Players decide which flush will cause water sprays and spatters. Unquestionably, splashy gifts are for 7-year-old boys.$9.25

LEGO Star Wars Han Solo's Landspeeder Building KitLEGO Star Wars Han Solo’s Landspeeder Building Set

Your boy has been selected to help Han Solo and Qi’ra on their mission. The LEGO Star Wars Han Landspeeder has a two-figure cockpit and a rear storage compartment. It also features a spring-loading shooter, two blaster pistols, and he can be removed from the vehicle. Your youngster will be taught courage, determination and fearlessness by participating in many Han Solo scenes and chases.$43.85

D FantiX Cyclone Speed CubeD FantiX Cyclone Speed Cube

The plastic 3×3-color puzzle cube is suitable for professionals and beginners. It offers hours of brain exercises and treasure hunts. These materials are lightweight and non-toxic. They also feel great in your hands. Skills learned include improved concentration, hand-eye coordination and spatial thinking. This is a must-have for sharpening minds.$7.99

Pokemon Complete Trainer KitPokemon Complete Trainer Kit

The Pokemon Complete Trainer Kit will help your youngster become a successful trainer. The kit comes with a belt of fire type, two balls, and Flareon figures. It also includes a pouch of fire-type that can hold six Pokeballs and multiple Pokemon figures. These results show that a trainer wears his bandolier proudly and with distinction.Prices vary Return Gift Ideas For 7 Year Old Boy

Aeromax Youth Astronaut HelmetAeromax Youth Astronaut Helmet

This helmet is perfect for the aspiring astronaut in your family. It boasts a stunning design, high quality construction and countless amazing details. The helmet features a tinted, movable visor, details like the USA flag and NASA logo, as well as colorful decals. Sally, Buzz, and Buzz can enjoy imaginary lift-offs.$14.99


Airzooka is the “fun gun” that makes a party more fun. Simply point and shoot a harmless airball at your opponents and watch their reactions. There are no batteries needed; laughter, fun, and messed up hair guaranteed.$21.99

Rocket Duvet & Pillowcase SetRocket Duvet and Pillowcase Set

This duvet set will help your child realize their dream of becoming an astronaut. $199.00 Return Gift Ideas For 7 Year Old Boy
LEGO Scooby-Doo Mystery Plane Adventures Building KitLEGO Scooby-Doo Mystery Plane Adventures Building Kit

This LEGO set will bring back fond memories, no matter if you love old-school Scooby Doo and the updated version. The bricks can be used to build a mystery plane, or you can use Shaggy to help unmask the Headless Horseman.$95.99

Five Crowns Junior Card GameFive Crowns Junior Card Game

It’s so much fun to teach your children how to play traditional card games. But instead of using a standard deck, why not use this set of cards? The included treasure chips are great for rummy. You can keep track of who is winning by using the scorecards.$33.99

LEGO Angry Birds Piggy Pirate Ship Building KitLEGO Angry Birds Piggy Pirate Ship Building Set

Although Angry Birds has been around for a while, there are still many people who love them, especially after their movie. This LEGO kit includes 620 pieces that, when assembled, can be used to build a Piggy Pirate Ship with moving paddles, oars, and a galley beneath the deck.$124.99

Dinosaur Duvet and Pillowcase SetDinosaur Duvet & Pillowcase Set

We hope our children will drift off to sleep when we put them to bed. This dinosaur duvet set will make bedtime a roaring success and you won’t have to fight your child to get to sleep. Prices vary. Return Gift Ideas For 7 Year Old Boy
Mars Exploration Sand KitMars Exploration Sand Kit

There is so much more to space than we know. We are only just scratching the surface of what’s out there. This science kit will give your child an introduction to space exploration. This kit will allow your child to explore Mars’ sands and also let him read the book, which contains some amazing space-tastic facts.
LEGO City Town City Square Building ToyLEGO City Town Square Building Toy

LEGO is great for developing your child’s imagination. These kits can also be used to play role-playing games. You can have your child build their own Mini-tropolis, complete with a newsstand, tram stop, and coffee shop. There are also 12 minifigures that bring the City Square to life.$250.99

Blokus Strategy GameBlokus Strategy Game

This board game is great for family game nights and helps you improve your strategy skills. It’s very easy to play. You place colored blocks on the board to claim your territory. But they can only touch the corners.$21.96

LEGO City Excavator TransportLEGO City Excavator Transport

Seven year-old boys are fascinated by all things construction, and especially the vehicles that are built. This LEGO set includes a transport truck as well as an excavator with an articulated arm. It also comes with a rotating cabin.$147.89

Gel and Slime Science KitGel and Slime Science Kit

This kit includes over a dozen activities that your curious scientist can conduct. You’ll love watching your curious scientist perform the experiments. This is a great activity for rainy days. $20.00 Return Gift Ideas For 7 Year Old Boy
Personalized Book About SpaceA Personalized Book About Space

It’s the best way to get your child involved in something. $35.00
Aurora World Tinklink Gnome PlushAurora World Tinklink Gnome Plush

Gnomes aren’t restricted to the garden. They can also be found guarding our ponds. This little plush gnome can be brought home and given a warm place to call his own. He’s just 7.5 inches tall, making him the perfect size to care for, love, and play lots of games with.Prices vary

LEGO City Police High-Speed Chase Building ToyLEGO City Police High Speed Chase Building Toy

This LEGO City Chase set will put your child right in the center of the action. You can help Chase McCain escape by using the LEGO City Chase set. He will use the bricks to build a police helicopter with spinning blades and a police car.$83.99

LEGO City Deep Sea Explorers Helicopter Building KitLEGO City Deep Sea Explorers Helicopter Construction Kit

There is still much to discover in the oceans. From shipwrecks to hidden treasure to undiscovered species, there’s so much more. This LEGO Explorers kit will give your son the chance to explore the deep oceans, and discover what lurks in the darkness.Prices varyReturn Gift Ideas For 7 Year Old Boy

Mobi Math GameMobi Math Game

This cute game will make math equations fun and easy for your child to understand. This numerical version is similar to Scrabble and will help your child recognize numbers, as well as their additions, subtractions, and multiplications with the help Mobi, the soft plush mathematical Whale. $20.00
Feisty Pets Ferdinand Flamefart the DragonFeisty Pets Ferdinand Flamefart The Dragon

Ferdinand is a friendly dragon. He is known for his stubbornness and for his large eyes that show his unwavering love for his friends. Ferdinand’s unfriendly flatulence can be released by a gentle hug or squeeze. This is due to poor digestion. This is a fun, ‘fragrant’ gift for 7-year-old boys.$31.99

Exploding Kittens Card GameExploding Kittens Card Game

This card game is for readers of The Oatmeal. That’s enough. An Exploding Kitten card is a highly strategic, cat-powered version to Russian Roulette. The defuse card is a way to save your cat’s life. It allows you to give her belly rubs or catnip sandwiches, while the other cards help prevent, mitigate, and/or move feline detonations. This is the most crowd-funded project ever funded.$19.82

Feisty Pets Sammy SuckerpunchFeisty Pets Sammy Suckerpunch

Sammy is sweet and cuddly. His large eyes show his unending love for his family. Be careful not to touch Sammy behind the ears. Moral of the story: Hug Sammy Suckerpunch and take extra care behind his ears. Love and cuddles await.$19.99

8 DIY Gifts for 7-year-old Boys

Diy Target Building InstructionsHow to make a Target Building

This tutorial shows how to make a target for children learning to throw and pitch footballs. It is easy to make a PVC frame, canvas and fabric paint. The instructions are simple. It is easy to assemble, cheap to make, and provides physical activity and fun.
Diy Skateboard Sling TutorialDiy Skateboard Sling Tutorial

Read on if your child is attached to his skateboard. Guest blogger is a mom who makes slings to hold her son’s skateboard. The instructions are simple and palatable. It also frees your child’s hands. This blog is worth checking out because it has many great projects.Return Gift Ideas For 7 Year Old Boy
Diy Homemade Magic KitDIY Homemade Magic Kit

You can make your own magic kit using the simple to follow and inexpensive “I have these materials in my home” instructions. The materials available are inexpensive and easy to use. This blog is fun and sweet. It’s definitely worth a look.Return Gift Ideas For 7 Year Old Boy
Diy Constellation FlashlightDiy Constellation Flashlight

It’s not always possible to see the constellations and stars in the night sky. This DIY constellation flashlight with interchangeable discs that have different constellations will ensure your son is able to see the twinkling stars before going to bed.Return Gift Ideas For 7 Year Old Boy
Diy Japanese WindsocksMake your own Japanese Windsocks

These DIY Japanese windsocks are not only very effective but also extremely easy to make. This tutorial will show you how to make several different designs and colors. It’s a great project to do with your children.
Diy Monster MittensDiy Monster Mittens

These DIY monster mittens are perfect for boys who don’t like to wear gloves to keep their hands warm. You can choose the color and design to ensure that your little boy will love them, and you won’t have to fight for him to wear them.
Diy Tin Can StiltsDiy Tin Can Stilts

Simple toys can be the best, especially if you make them from materials that you would normally throw away. This DIY Tin Can Stilt is a great example. Your kids will love tottering on them and you’ll get more use of your cans.
Diy Felt Pencil HolderDiy Felt Pencil Holder

This super-colorful DIY pencil case will ensure that all his crayons and colored pencils stay put. This is a great way to get rid of any felt scraps and ensure that your child can always find his pencils when he draws.

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