Sometimes it can be difficult to find the right words to express sympathy for a father who has experienced a miscarriage. How do you express your empathy in a kind, compassionate and helpful manner?

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The truth is, there’s nothing you can do to take the pain away, but sending your condolences for miscarriage with a message or gifts will help him because it’ll show you’re available.

Fathers are not always consoled in the same way as mothers. Dads are expected to be strong and a rock, whether they realize it or not. The father has lost a child, just like the mother. He will find support and comfort in the form of kind words and encouragement. These are some miscarriage gifts that dads can get.Lets look at Best Miscarriage Gifts For Dad

For a dad, DIY or personalized miscarriage gifts

You should gift your loved ones something from the heart. Personalization can make it even more special. You can make some things with household items, or personalize gifts.

1. Care package

A miscarriage care package can be made with items that both comfort the parents and commemorate the child they lost.

Pro tip:To make your loved one feel at ease, you can give them any and all things they love.favorite snacksToSlippers that are comfortable.

2.  Meals

Grief can be overwhelming and forces you to put your daily activities on hold. Dads will likely spend a lot time grieving and may not be able to eat. You can take care of your dad by giving him food.

Pro tip:Parents need to be allowed to have their own time during this time.sending ordered dinnersIdeal for them is their home.

3.  DIY card

It can be difficult to find the right words, but crafting a card with your support will communicate your love and support.

4. Personalized key chain

Although your loved one may not wear jewelry, chances are he has his keys at all times. A keychain is the perfect gift for a lost child.

Pro tip:Etsy Shops OnlineAmazonYou have the option of personalized leather or metal keychains.

5. Coupons

Sometimes a friend or loved one needs space. Purchase some colored paper and create handmade “coupons” that offer yourself for babysitting, meal preparation, cleaning, and other duties he’ll be forced to deal with during this time.

6. Plant a tree Miscarriage Gifts For Dad

One beautiful way to remember a lost child is by planting a tree. The tree can be used as a memorial to the child who has died.

Pro tip:There are many options, but there is one thing that stands out: the trees. The oak tree is a symbol of strength and endurance.

7. Artwork Miscarriage Gifts For Dad

Pick up some supplies and dedicate some time to creating a painting or sculpture if you’re artsy. Create a masterpiece by choosing a quote or symbol to honor the child who has died.

Pro tip:Find inspiration online from artists who have done it in the past.

8. storage box

Parents spent time looking at sonograms and gathering clothes and other items before the miscarriage.

Parents will be left with items to replace their baby when they lose it. To help grieving parents get through this difficult time, create a storage box.

Pro tip:Find aA decent-sized wooden box, with a keyAdd some décor.

>> LEARN MOREHow do you decide what to do about the belongings of your loved one?Cake can help.

Other Gifts that a Dad Loses:

Do your best to focus on creating or finding the perfect present. Every gift, no matter how small or large, will help your loved one in this difficult time.

9. Books

Many people have written about the devastating and traumatizing experience of miscarriage.

Books about the loss of a child provide guidance on how to grieve and heal. Other books include stories from miscarriage survivors. These books can be helpful for dads who are trying to find comfort and strength from others who have been through it.

10. Candle Miscarriage Gifts For Dad

Candles are a wonderful way to remember a child’s memories.

Pro tip:Buy or create aPersonalized labelIt should bear the name of the child who has died.

11. Garden stone

There are many ways to dedicate your child outside. One way is to use a stone in the garden with the child’s name printed or painted on it.

Pro tip:Place aStoneOrplaqueAlongside a tree planted with the name of the child who has died.


While dads don’t usually wear jewelry, there are options that might be of interest to them. These can help you remember your lost child. A subtle and elegant way to remember your lost child is to gift him a bracelet or necklace with an engraved dog tag.

12. Blanket Miscarriage Gifts For Dad

The father might be more comfortable in bed, or on the couch, after such a devastating loss.

During this time, he should have a blanket or blanket with an uplifting quote or image printed on it.

13. Windchime Miscarriage Gifts For Dad

Windchimes are beautiful additions to outdoor areas. Dad can be comforted knowing that his unborn child is safe every time it chimes.


Flowers are a popular gift for someone who has lost a loved one. Send flowers to brighten up your friend or loved one’s home or bring flowers to the child’s resting place if there is one.

Father’s Day Gifts for a Baby who Has Died

Father’s Day can be difficult for parents who have children in heaven. It’s difficult to know what to say to someone who has lost a baby, but any way to commemorate a dad’s role will be meaningful.

15. Journal

Drawing and writing can help you get through the grieving process. Provide a blank journal and encourage your friend or loved one to write down his feelings.

16. Print Miscarriage Gifts For Dad

An easy gift to give dad is a print that he can hang in his home.

Online shops and stores offer special-made prints to address this issue. These can include sketches of fathers holding angel children or a quote written in tribute to the loss.

17. Date night

Miscarriage can cause havoc in the best of relationships. It might take some time for the parents to be ready to go out and live normal again, but a gift card for a date night is thoughtful.

18. Sonogram frame

A-frame, which is similar to a remembrance container, provides a place for the sonogram photo. It can also be kept out and viewed in lieu of being stored in a box.

Pro tip:Frames are available in a variety of sizes.PlainOrAdd a little moreIt should bear the child’s name and/or birthdate.

19. Spa products

Sometimes dads just need to relax and unwind. They can also include body washes and lotions that they are less likely to purchase for themselves.

20. Figurine

The years will go on without their child, and one way to commemorate the child is with a figurine of an angel or another symbol that can be left out every day of the year.

Pro tip:You can also find other options during the holidays likeChristmas ornaments.

21. Letter

Although it may take time to write a letter, it can be a wonderful way to show support and remind your loved ones that you will get through this.

Pro tip:Usedurable paperSpend a lot of time working on it so that you can refer to it on difficult days or when your loved one needs encouragement to persevere.

Helping Dad in his grief

It is difficult to comprehend the horror of miscarriage until you have experienced it firsthand. Losing a child should be traumatic for any parent. Often, parents don’t get enough love and support.

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