Harley Davidson Gifts For Dad
Are you looking for a unique gift idea for your Harley-Davidson enthusiast friend? This list has a wide range of gifts that Harley-Davidson lovers will love. You’ll love your biker buddy or brother. They will appreciate practical gifts that keep his biker rides safe and smooth. It could be for the holidays, their birthday, or biker week. No matter what occasion it is, Harley lovers will be thrilled to receive the wonderful gift you gave them.

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Multitool for CrankBrothers Bicycles

$26.80Check it outMotorcycles are a piece of machined art. To keep them running smoothly, you will need the right tools. The CrankBrothers multitool is a set of tools that are specifically designed for motorcycles.

#2Harley Davidson Gifts For Dad,Historical Brick from Original 1918 Harley-Davidson Motorcycle Factory

Historic Brick from the Original 1918 Harley-Davidson Motorcycle Factory

$49.00Check it outA Harley-Davidson history enthusiast will be thrilled to receive a brick made in their 1918 factory. Every brick comes with a Certificate of Authenticity (COA) and all proceeds go to Purple Heart Homes which repairs veterans’ homes.

#3Harley-Davidson Neon Styled Tin Sign

Harley-Davidson Neon-Styled Tin Sign

$36.95Check it outThis wall hanging will allow your friend to bask in the glow of the neon and the chill vibes you can only get at the Harley-Davidson shop. It perfectly evokes the neon spirit in embossed Tin.

#4The Original Crampbuster

The Original Crampbuster Harley Davidson Gifts For Dad

$10.06Check it outThe Crampbuster is a one-stop solution to hand cramps and throttle creep. This handy tool will allow you to ride further, longer and more comfortably than you could if your hand was tightened.

#5Personalized Monogrammed Motorcycle Helmet Key Chain

Personalized Monogrammed Motorcycle Helmet Key Chain

$13.19Check it outA mini-helmet monogrammed with a motorcycle’s name is a lovely token of appreciation. You can have it with or without the wooden case. The box can be personalized with your name and/or decor.

#6Wireless Tire Pressure Monitoring System

Wireless Tire Pressure Monitoring System

$54.95Check it outAlthough tires may look rugged, they are sensitive and require delicate handling. You can track their responses to temperature, ride length, and unseen leakage so that you don’t get left behind by a flat.

#732 Pocket Tool Roll Organizer

32 Pocket Tool Roll Organizer

$17.99Check it outAlthough there isn’t much space for luggage on a motorcycle you should be prepared in the event of a breakdown. This small roll has 32 spaces for the most important tools that will get you back on your bike.

#8I Love My Wife Shirt

I Love My Wife Shirt Harley Davidson Gifts For Dad

$19.99Check it outThis novelty shirt will be a great laugh for your friend’s wife if she doesn’t share the same passion for cycling as you do. Although the statement might be true, as long as he revves her bikes as much as his own, it should be okay.

#9Harley-Davidson Legend Mask

Harley-Davidson Legend Mask Harley Davidson Gifts For Dad

$16.71Check it outThis Legend Mask will allow you to show your Harley pride whether you are riding at the DMV, Costco or shopping in Costco.

#10Upcycled Harley Davidson Model

Harley Davidson Model Upcycled

$37.05Check it outSomeone who has Harley Davidson figurines and trinkets could benefit from something more unique. This Harley upcycled is made of nuts, bolts, and other parts of a tool and is fully functional.

#11Harley-Davidson Biker Gnome

Harley-Davidson Biker Gnome Harley Davidson Gifts For Dad

$25.98Check it outGroundhogs and gophers will be able to stay away from gardens that have a new protector. The guardian gnome serves as a garden guest and is good luck.

#12Personalized Garage Sign

Sign for your garage personalized Harley Davidson Gifts For Dad

$70.95Check it outIt’s not your garage. It’s your friend’s garage. It’s where you have shared laughs, heartfelt conversations, and perhaps even an argument. It’s their garage, their second home. This customized sign is the perfect thing to hang over it.

#13ILM Alloy Steel Knuckle Motorcycle Gloves

ILM Alloy Steel Knuckle Moto Gloves

$16.99Check it outThis set of heavy-duty gloves will make your next ride more comfortable. These gloves are extra thick to protect your hands from cold and road rash, but still allow you to move freely. They also have anti-collision protection and non-slip properties.

#14Biker's Prayer Keychain

Biker’s Prayer Keychain Harley Davidson Gifts For Dad

$22.49Check it outBiker’s prayer keychains are a great reminder of all the blessings you have while out riding the hog. This simple token can make any ride more enjoyable.

#15Helmet Hook

Helmet Hook Harley Davidson Gifts For Dad

$16.99Check it outHelmets are a symbol of safety and style. This helmet hook will help you to care for your helmet.

#16Flavor Brown Leather Motorcycle Jacket

Flavor Brown Leather Motorcycle Jacket Harley Davidson Gifts For Dad

$159.99Check it outLeather jackets are more than just cool. They’re essential for bikers who want to be safe. The jacket is made entirely of leather. It has tons of pockets that can keep valuables close by and keep your hands warm in the cold.

#17Meguiar's Complete Motorcycle Care Kit

Meguiar’s Complete Motorbike Care Kit

$54.80Check it outMeguiar’s Complete Motorbike Care Kit will give your motorcycle the royal treatment it deserves. Megiuar’s Complete Motorcycle Care Kit has all the products you need to clean and shine your motorcycle.

#18Motorcycle Kickstand Pad

Motorcycle kickstand pad

$6.99Check it outYou won’t get scuff marks or sinking feelings if you park on soft ground. This accessory is a great addition to your accessories collection.

#19Harley-Davdison Wings Blanket

Harley-Davdison Wings Blanket

$27.99Check it outYou can now ride a motorcycle all day and still have a great time. Your biker bro can also enjoy the freedom of riding in comfort wrapped up in a pair of Harley wings. This fleece blanket makes a great statement and is perfect for adding warmth to your nap.

#20Cooling Motorcycle Seat Cushion

Cool Motorcycle Seat Cushion Harley Davidson Gifts For Dad

$29.99Check it outA seat cushion that is as comfortable as it cushions will help you avoid a bad case if monkey butt. You can still keep your BAMF card, even if it’s not helping your bum.

#21Motorcycle Pizza Cutter

Motorcycle Pizza Cutter

$9.99Check it outThis two-wheeled marvel will help you find the perfect stocking stuffer for holiday season. This bike is a replica of a motorcycle.

#22His Other Ride is a Harley Underwaer

His Other Ride is a Harley Underwaer Harley Davidson Gifts For Dad

$19.99Check it outAlthough it’s not clear which seat he prefers, the one with these panties or his bike, mystery is what keeps a couple alive. He’ll be happy to take the cover off this ride.

#23Personalized Wooden Docking Station

Personalized Wooden Docking Station

$23.95Check it outThis personalized wooden docking station will make sure your biker has all the accessories he needs. This rustic, chic stand has plenty of space for all his gear and comes in nine different wood options.

#24I Don't Snore I Dream I'm A Motorcycle Socks

I don’t snore I dream I’m a motorcycle socks Harley Davidson Gifts For Dad

$12.00Check it outThis pair of funny socks will make you laugh if you don’t have earplugs.

#25Harley Davidson Vintage Motor Oil Can Labels

Harley Davidson Vintage Oil Can Labels

$2.68Check it outOil cans used to be more artistic back in the olden days. Replica labels from vintage Harley-Davidson oil containers can be used to update your decor. You can choose from one of the ten designs.

#26Personalized Engraved Whiskey Decanter Set

Set of personalized engraved whisky decanters

$79.95Check it outA bottle of whiskey made especially for the couple who rode their Harleys into sunset will be a great way to celebrate their anniversary. Their last names will be on the bottle, and their first names will be on the glasses. Their bikes are the best third wheel, and it wouldn’t be complete.

#27Lucky's Custom Cycles Novelty Shirt

Lucky’s Custom Cyclings Novelty Shirt

$16.99Check it outLucky’s Custom Cycles are a dream ride for everyone, especially as the ride takes you through Spread Eagle while you travel to Pound Town. This novelty tee will help you rev up your engine with cool cotton comfort.

#28Cast Iron Motorcycle Coat Rack

Cast Iron Motorcycle Coat Rack Harley Davidson Gifts For Dad

$8.99Check it outYour leather jacket deserves a prominent place in your home. Cast iron hooks are strong enough to hold heavy jackets with ease. They also look great with rustic decor.

#29Kruzer Kaddy Handlebar Mount

Kruzer Kaddy Handlebar Mount

$40.00Check it outYou might be wrong if you think there is no place to drink on a motorcycle. The Kruzer Kaddy Handlebar Mount offers a safe and shiny solution to long-haul driving without alcohol.

#30Suds of Anarchy Chopper Soap

Suds of Anarchy Chopper Shampoo

$15.50Check it outYour friend riding a bike might look like they were playing in the mud, depending on where they are. A Suds of Anarchy soap gift kit will make sure they are clean and fresh. Each bag contains 10 soaps, and you can choose from 6 scents.

#31Akasa Sport Video Camera with Helmet Accessories

Akasa Sport Video Camera and Helmet Accessories

$89.99Check it outYou might capture the next viral helmet camera video, or you could capture evidence it is not your insurance but that of the other driver. The Akasa sports camera can capture all of it in 4K and has a range of up to 170 degrees.

#32Stone Motorcycle Coasters

Stone Motorcycle Coasters

$20.95Check it outMotorcycling isn’t just a hobby. It’s a lifestyle and you want the right decor. These coasters are made of stone and add a subtle touch to the everyday biker lifestyle. They also protect your coffee table.

#33Universal Motorcycle Phone Mount

Universal Mount for Motorcycle Phones

$19.95Check it outThe journey is what matters, not the destination. But you have to get there. This phone mount is strong enough to hold your phone securely on your handlebars, so that your GPS can always be in full view. Harley Davidson Gifts For Dad

#34Intex Motorcycle Ride-On Pool Toy

Intex Motorcycle Ride-On Pool Toy

$40.99Check it outA large Intex motorcycle ride-on pool toys will help you get to the party. As you navigate through the deep end, you’ll feel as buoyant on the open road.

#35Gearshift Boot Protector

Gearshift Boot Protector

$11.99Check it outIt is hard to find a good pair of boots, so protect them with a gearshift protector. This durable rubber protector can be attached to the top of your boots to protect them from grease stains and scratches. Harley Davidson Gifts For Dad

#36Motorcycle Chain Ashtray

Ashtray for Motorcycle Chains

$16.95Check it outYou need somewhere to place the ashes when you smoke a cigar outside with your bro. This ashtray is made of cold cast resin and can be used to tap the ashes or for smaller tools while you work on your bike.

#37Motorcycle Time Clock

Motorcycle Time Clock

$54.00Check it outThe time it takes to ride a motorcycle is not measured in minutes or hours. It’s measured in both hours on the road as well as in non-stop hours. This clock serves as a reminder to forget about anything except where the sun is while you’re on the open road. Harley Davidson Gifts For Dad

#38Harley-Davidson Hat

Harley-Davidson Hat

$20.00Check it outIf the helmet hair looks a bit too severe, you can flatten it with a Harley-Davidson cap. The hat’s frayed look is always fashionable and it has an adjustable back closure that can be adjusted to fit any head. It will cover any hair or bald spot. Harley Davidson Gifts For Dad

#39Harley-Davidson Zippo Lighter

Harley-Davidson Zippo Lighter

$16.95Check it outThis Zippo lighter will make the Harley-Davidson enthusiast’s heart blaze with joy. This Zippo lighter combines Zippo’s iconic styling with Harley-Davidson’s classic logo to make a stylish and functional statement piece.

#40All Season Waterproof Motorcycle Cover

All-Season Waterproof Motorcycle Cover

$19.99Check it outYour bike is your child, and you wouldn’t leave it unattended in the sun. No. This all-season waterproof cover will protect your bike from the rain, dirt, and sun.

#41Kryptonite Disc Lock

Kryptonite Disc Lock

$33.99Check it outThis Kryptonite-disc lock is perfect for protecting your bike from theft. This lightweight lock packs a powerful anti theft and anti-rollaway punch. Harley Davidson Gifts For Dad

#42High Fidelity Earplugs

High Fidelity Earplugs

$19.99Check it outIt can be quite deafening to watch a parade of bikers pass by. Imagine riding on a bike. HiFi earplugs will protect the hearing of your biker by reducing the bike’s sound and still allowing them hear the conversations around them.

#43Guardian Angel Charm

Guardian Angel Charm Harley Davidson Gifts For Dad

$10.21Check it outThis bell makes a great addition to the accessories of your biker-loved one. This bell is small enough to be carried anywhere, and gentle reminders to help bring them back to Earth when they get too obsessed with speed.

#44Motorcycle Engraved Stainless Steel Tumbler

Motorcycle Engraved Stainless-Steel Tumbler

$20.17Check it outEnjoy a glass of wine while you spend the morning working on your bike in the garage. You can personalize it with your name or a cool bike. It comes in almost every color.

#45Harley-Davidson License Plate Sign

Sign for Harley-Davidson License Plate Harley Davidson Gifts For Dad

$69.95Check it outMotorcyclists who are eccentric need equally unique gear to decorate their homes. This unique sign is made of letters from different plates and will make a statement on any biker’s walls.

#4612-in-1 Multifunctional Face Mask

12-in-1 Multifunctional Face Masque

$10.99Check it outA 12-in-1 gaiter and face mask add protection from dirt, dust and the sun. This mask adjusts to protect against windburn and UV rays. It also helps bikers breathe easier when dirt is kicking up.

#47Personalized Wood Key Holder

Wooden Key Holder with Personalization Harley Davidson Gifts For Dad

$25.00Check it outCool key holders that are right at your door will keep keys visible and in view. You can choose from five different bike designs and add any personalization.

#48Customizable Ride Safe We Need You Keychain

Customizable Ride Safe We Need You Keychain

$15.00Check it outThe TV ads are correct, riding a motorcycle is dangerous. This keychain is the perfect way to show your love for your favorite rider. You can personalize the rectangle by adding your rider’s title or name, and hearts are added for every child who admires their biker hero.

#49Motorcycle Beer Cap Map

Motorcycle Beer Cap Map

$39.95Check it outThis beer cap map will appeal to bikers who are always at the bar trying new beers. The map has 50 holes that can be used to accommodate 50 of his favorite beers.

#50Personalized Harley Davidson Wedding Sign

Sign for your Harley Davidson wedding

$89.99Check it outA personalized Harley-Davidson sign is a great gift for the ride-or-die couple in your life. This sign is engraved in solid pine so it will last as long their love.

#51Customizable Reserved For Sign

Signage Customizable

$18.00Check it outThis sign will ensure that no one steals a spot from you favorite rider. Personalize the sign by changing the size, color, and name.

#52Holtzman's #1 Best Paracord Carabiner

Holtzman’s #1 Best Paracord Carabiner Harley Davidson Gifts For Dad

$11.95Check it outHoltzman paracord carabiner is perfect for holding, hooking, and carrying. This simple-looking lanyard can be used to carry keys or start fires.

#53Sena Motorcyclist Bluetooth Headset and Intercom

Intercom and Bluetooth Headset for Sena Motorcyclists

$164.61Check it outRiders rejoice! There’s a better method than shouting or hand signals to communicate with one another. The Sena headset and intercom allow you to chat with other riders for up 12 hours. It has a 900-yard intercom range and can be connected to your phone via Bluetooth to play some music.

#54Motorcycle Helmet Carrier Strap

Motorcycle Helmet Carrier Strap Harley Davidson Gifts For Dad

$17.86Check it outWhen you go on errands or need to park, don’t leave your helmet behind. You can take it along, but you should keep your hands free for other items.

#55OGIO No-Drag Motorcycle Backpack

OGIO No Drag Motorcycle Backpack Harley Davidson Gifts For Dad

$194.99Check it outAlthough you might not be a physicist or engineer, you know that aerodynamics is key to speed. The OGIO backpack is lightweight and slim, and made with high-quality materials. This will ensure that your belongings are safe and sound.

#56I Don't Snore I Dream I'm a Motorcycle

I don’t believe I can dream I’m a motorcycler

$21.99Check it outAre you noticing your friend taking a break or the engine revving at full speed? If you can’t tell, give your buddy a comfortable shirt to wear so you have a heads-up to get some earplugs.

#57Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance

Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance

$13.46Check it outRobert M. Pirsig’s tale about a father-son motorcycle trip is one of the most popular pieces of motorcycle literature. The journey through Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance will touch any biker.

#58Motorcycle Tie Bar

Motorcycle Tie Bar

$26.00Check it outAlthough bike riding is a dangerous hobby, they are able to clean up well. These tie bars allow them to show their love of the sport with subtle, stylish flair.

#59Shiny Side Up Rubber Side Down Print

Shiny Side Up Rubber Side down Print Harley Davidson Gifts For Dad

$25.27Check it outA vintage-styled black and white print is a must in any biker’s garage or man cave. This is a great reminder to keep your wheels on the ground as you ride off into the sunset.

#60Polarized Sports Sunglasses

Polarized Sports Sunglasses Harley Davidson Gifts For Dad

$21.98Check it outA pair of polarized sports sunglasses will make it much easier to ride morning rides towards the east or evening rides to the West. These sunglasses will keep UVA/UVB rays out of the eyes and stay put on the head even in strong winds.

#61Leather Slanted Saddlebags

Leather Slanted Saddlebags Harley Davidson Gifts For Dad

$109.99Check it outEven if your goal is to get rid of emotional baggage, you may still need to transport your physical baggage. These leather saddlebags add style and space to your bike. These saddlebags are reinforced with metal to make them stronger and waterproof for rainy rides.

#62Cycle World Subscription

Subscription to Cycle World Harley Davidson Gifts For Dad

$19.97Check it outCycle World is your subscription. Knowledge is power. You can find it in digital and print, so both old-fashioned and modern riders can enjoy it.

#63Sons Of Anarchy: The Complete Series

Sons of Anarchy: The Complete Series

$34.99Check it outYou can binge-watch the entire series of Sons of Anarchy when it isn’t the right time or weather for riding.

#64Deluxe Motorcycle Helmet Bag

Deluxe Motorcycle Helmet Bag Harley Davidson Gifts For Dad

$15.01Check it outHelmets are expensive but a good piece of equipment. You can keep it safe in a deluxe bag made of tear-resistant nylon, lined with fleece and protected from the elements.

#65Personalized Motorcycle Flask

Flask for Motorcycle Personalization

$13.50Check it outIt’s time to enjoy a beverage after the ride is over. You can personalize it with a flask. You can add their name to the flask and choose from one of six rides.

#66Leather Honey Leather Conditioner

Leather Honey Leather Conditioner

$15.74Check it outFor bikers, leather is always the best. Although it is a costly fabric, leather can be worth every penny when maintained. The leather jackets, chaps, and boots bikers wear will last a lifetime thanks to Leather Honey leather conditioner.

#67High Visibility LED Lights

High Visibility LED Lights

$135.99Check it outHi viz is here to stay and you can say goodbye to the dangerous part of riding with these LED lights. These super bright DOT-approved lights make bicyclists a must-have.

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