Gifts For Weather Lovers

It can be hard to find the right gift for the meteorologist or weather geek in your life, whether it’s for Christmas, Father’s Day, or another special occasion. Weather enthusiasts are dedicated and seem to have everything related to weather. How do you find something they don’t have? We can help.

This comprehensive list includes 26 of the best gifts for all weather lovers, young and old. Do not buy a cheap mug or personalized shirt, but instead purchase a thoughtful, cool-weather gift this holiday season.

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This list makes it easy to choose the best Gifts For Weather Lovers ,Check out the Gifts For Weather Lovers list below now!

These are 26 Gifts for Meteorology Lovers

1. Ambient Weather WS-2892C 10-in-1 WiFi Weather station

Ambient Weather WS-2902C,Gifts For Weather Lovers

The Ambient Weather WS-292C is our current favorite home weather station. It’s also our top choice among weather gifts. The entire range of instruments you need to accurately measure your home’s weather conditions are included. It also includes comprehensive smart home support (IFTTT and Alexa, Google Home, and user-friendly WiFi connectivity. For the price, this is currently the best weather station on the market. The WS-292C will make every amateur and professional meteorologist happy this holiday season.


2. La Crosse Technology C85845 Indoor Outdoor Thermometer

La Crosse Technology C85845

A great alternative to a full-featured home weather station is the La Crosse Technology C85845 indoor and outdoor thermometer. The digital thermometer displays temperature, humidity and time on an easily-read display. This is a practical and affordable gift that will fit right on a weather geek’s desk or countertop.You can choose this Gifts For Weather Lovers


3. Midland WR400 Desktop Weather Radio

Midland WR400

A weather radio is another option for a gift that you might consider, if your weather-geek friend doesn’t have one. We’ve reviewed the Midland WR400 and can say with certainty that it is one of the best weather radio models available. These devices are essential for severe weather areas, as they provide both visual and audible notifications of weather warnings via SAME code support.


4. Midland ER310 Emergency Crank Weather Radio

Midland ER310

The Midland ER310 Emergency Crank Weather Radio makes a great gift for outdoor enthusiasts. The radio has 3 power sources that can be used to recharge it: a solar panel and a hand crank. It also comes with a 2600mAh rechargeable battery. As a backup power source, it can also be powered with 6 AA batteries. The radio can receive the AM, FM and weather (WX) frequencies. A built-in flashlight might be useful during power outages.You can choose this Gifts For Weather Lovers


5. Gifts For Weather Lovers

Complete Earthquake Bag

Consider an emergency survival kit for the weather lover in your life. We recommend the Complete Earthquake Bag, which includes everything you need to stay safe, warm, and fed during a severe weather event. This bag comes with everything you need: food, water, first aid kits, hygiene kits and tools. It also includes off-the grid light and communication. The bag contains enough supplies to last for three days and is waterproof. Make sure you choose the right bag for your family. There are versions for up to six people.You can choose this Gifts For Weather Lovers


6. SensorPush Wireless Hygrometer & Thermometer for iPhone/Android


The SensorPush wireless thermometer/hygrometer is a great gift for weather gadgets. It’s compatible with both Android and iPhone smartphones. This remote temperature sensor connects to a mobile device via Bluetooth for remote monitoring of temperature and humidity. The SensorPush app displays real-time data and allows you to set alerts when conditions change. A SensorPush G1 WiFi Gateway can be purchased separately to receive alerts and data via the Internet.


7. Kestrel 3000 Pocket Weather meter

Kestrel 3000

Kestrel is the market leader in handheld weather instruments. Kestrel’s 3000 model is one of their most affordable models. It includes temperature, wind, and humidity sensors. The 3000 is not cheaply manufactured. Kestrel is a brand that has been known for its accuracy and durability throughout their entire range. This device receives as many positive reviews as its more expensive sibling.


8. AcuRite 02020 Portable Lightning Detector

AcuRite 02020

AcuRite’s Portable Lightning Detector is a great choice if you are looking for a dad gift. It can detect a strike and alert you via text, visual, or audible alerts. You can also get an indication of the strike’s distance so that you can protect yourself. This gadget is lightweight and weather resistant, with an easy clip that attaches to a belt or backpack. It’s great for outdoor activities such as boating, fishing, camping, golf, and other outdoor recreation.You can choose this Gifts For Weather Lovers


9.  Gifts For Weather Lovers

AcuRite 00795A2 Galileo Thermometer

AcuRite’s Galileo Thermometer & Glass Globe Barometer is a conversation piece as well as a decorative ornament. It is both functionally and visually appealing. The Galileo thermometer works on principles developed by Galileo Galilei. The individual that floats within the sealed glass cylinder changes in temperature. Their density and the density surrounding them will change. Each Galileo Thermometer bulb represents a different temperature. The temperature can be determined by the metal tag on the lowest floating bulb.


10. Storm Glass

Eon Concepts Storm Glass

storm glass is another unique weather-related gift that is best used as a decorative conversation piece. The enclosed glass contains a liquid mixture that is said to change depending on temperature and atmospheric pressure. This allows you to predict weather conditions several days ahead of time. Although we won’t deny that it is accurate, it makes for a fascinating conversation piece.You can choose this Gifts For Weather Lovers


11. Stratus Precision Rain Gauge

Stratus Precision Rain Gauge

Stratus Precision’s CoCoRaHS-approved Rain Gauge is a wonderful gift for anyone whose daily life is affected by rain. These rain gauges are certified for high accuracy in rainfall readings. The CoCoRaHS network, which is composed of meteorologists and rain gauge users, uses them to supply data to many organizations and individuals, including the National Weather Service, emergency managers, and city utilities.You can choose this Gifts For Weather Lovers


12. Hand Painted Gnome Rain Gauge

Hand Painted Gnome Rain Gauge

This Hand Painted Gnome Rain Gauge is a great gift idea for someone who values accuracy and enjoys spending time in the garden. The rain gauge can measure up to 5 inches of rainfall. The tube is made of plastic and not glass. These smaller decorative rain gauges often use glass tubes that can easily break.


13. Rome, Grow Old With Me Sundial

Rome Grow Old with Me Sundial

A sundial is the oldest instrument known for telling time. When set up properly, it will provide an estimate of the time of the day. This is based on the angle of the sun, which creates a shadow that points to the time on your sundial. The Rome Grow Old with Me Sundial, featuring Roman numerals on a pedestal with cast iron balusters, will make a striking display in any garden.You can choose this Gifts For Weather Lovers


14. The Legendary Tornado Chaser Tim Samaras: The Life of the Man Who Caught The Storm

The Man Who Caught the Storm: The Life of Legendary Tornado Chaser Tim Samaras

This book is about Tim Samaras, one of the greatest storm chasers in history. The 2013 El Reno tornado in Oklahoma claimed the lives of Tim Samaras, Paul Samaras and Carl Young. Samaras and his team greatly contributed to meteorologists’ understanding about tornadoes as well as storm-chasing. If you’re looking to purchase a gift for a weather enthusiast that has any kind of interest in storm chasing, he or she will find this biography a great read.


15. Storm Chaser: A Photographer’s Journey

Storm Chaser: A Photographer's Journey

Weather photography is an art form. Many storm chasers have taken thousands of photos over their lives to record their chases. Jim Reed is one such person, but his book doesn’t consist of just pictures. He tells the story about the severe weather, hurricanes and tornadoes he has experienced in terms of their larger meanings within the changing climate.You can choose this Gifts For Weather Lovers


16. Isaac’s Storm: A Man, Time, and the Deadliest Hurricane of History

Isaac's Storm: A Man, a Time, and the Deadliest Hurricane in History

Galveston’s September 8th, 1900 hurricane, which struck Texas, remains the most devastating natural disaster in American history. The hurricane decimated the town and killed more than 6000 people. Issac, the resident meteorologist for U.S., was not able to comprehend the extent of the hurricane. Galveston’s Weather Bureau at the time did not understand the full extent of the hurricane that struck that morning. How could the hurricane strike so quickly without sufficient warning? Why didn’t the U.S Weather Bureau, which was newly created, take this storm seriously. Erik Larson’s non-fiction thriller is based on this theme.You can choose this Gifts For Weather Lovers


17. Weather Guide 2021 Wall Calendar

Weather Guide 2021 Wall Calendar

Stocking stuffer gifts for Christmas are made from calendars. The Weather Guide 2021 Wall Calendar has 34 pages. The Weather Guide 2021 Wall Calendar features 34 pages. It also includes breathtaking weather photos by storm chasers from around the world, record-breaking climate data, and all major culturally significant holidays. The Weather Guide Calendar is a great gift to add to the list.You can choose this Gifts For Weather Lovers


18. Storm Chasers: Greatest Storms DVD

Storm Chasers: Greatest Storms

This special feature TV show from Discovery Channel features Dr. Josh Wurman, Joel Taylor and IMAX Filmmaker Sean Casey discussing their most exciting and dangerous moments throughout the years.


Weather Gifts and Toys For Kids

These toys and gifts are weather-related for children if you are looking for a gift or toy for science-loving younger kids.

19. SmartLab toy You-Track It Weather Lab

SmartLab Toys You-Track-It Weather Lab

Although it won’t be as accurate as a digital weather station the You-Track -It Weather Lab can be used to introduce children aged 8 and above to meteorology. The kit includes a wind vane, an anemometer and a thermometer. It also has a rain gauge and a compass. It also contains instructions for weather-related problems, a booklet with information about weather, and a board to track measurements.You can choose this Gifts For Weather Lovers

Recommend Age: 8 or older


20. Gifts For Weather Lovers

4M Weather Science Kit

The 4M Weather Science Kit is another cool gift idea for kids. The kit includes six activities that will help children learn about how weather really works. These experiments require some assembly so it is recommended that you have an adult supervise.

Recommend Age: 8 or older


21.  Gifts For Weather Lovers

Discovery Kids Extreme Weather Stem Science Kit

You can create artificial snow, tornado vortex, erupting volcano and solar oven with the Discovery Kids Extreme Weather Kit. These experiments can be messy so we recommend that you share them with your children!

Recommended Age: 12-18 Years


22.  Gifts For Weather Lovers

STEM Starters for Kids Meteorology Activity Book

This meteorology activity book, part of the STEM Starters for Kids series, is another great gift for weather-related kids. This book provides easy-to-understand explanations of the science behind weather and beautifully designed coloring pages for your child.You can choose this Gifts For Weather Lovers

Recommend Age: 6-10 Years


23.  Gifts For Weather Lovers

My First Daily Magnetic Calendar

My First Daily Magnetic Calendar allows young children to take control of their lives and track the date and weather. Preschoolers will love the calendar because it helps them to understand weather, seasons and dates. You can either hang the calendar on a wall or attach it to a fridge with the magnetic backing.

Minimum Age: 3 years old


24. Gifts For Weather Lovers

The Everything KIDS' Weather Book

Many weather science books are written in a way that is difficult to comprehend for children. The Everything KIDS Weather Book attempts to solve this problem and does so well. It explains in simple terms how weather works and causes it. Joe Sneker, a well-known Northeastern Pennsylvania meteorologist, wrote the book.

Recommend Age: 7-12 Years


25 The Children’s Book of Weather Forecasting

The Kids' Book of Weather Forecasting

This book is recommended if your child is interested in forecasting the weather. It was written by Mark Breen, a meteorologist. It explains how weather works and how you can use what you see to predict the future.

Recommended Age: 7-11 Years


26. Gifts For Weather Lovers

National Geographic Little Kids First Big Book of Weather

The National Geographic Little Kids First Big Book of Weather for preschoolers through grade 3 is the best book on weather education. It explains basic meteorology concepts in simple, easy-to-understand terms. But the best part about this book is the excellent photography. The book is illustrated with 100 photos, which will capture the interest of young minds.

Age range: 4-8 Years


We want to help you find the perfect gift for someone in your life that loves weather. We’ve compiled a list of the top gift ideas for meteorologists of all ages, regardless of what occasion it may be. These gifts are perfect for meteorology and weather enthusiasts.
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The Best Weather Gifts For Fashion

We kick this off with this White Fluffy Clouds printed t-shirt, a perfect gift for those who truly have their heads in the clouds.

This 3D-printed design is stunning and perfect for leisure wear. It is available in many sizes, making it an ideal gift for weather-lovers!

This funny and quirky hat comes next with a warning for those around it!

This is a great gift idea for someone you know who enjoys talking about weather. This also gives you the opportunity to warn others that they are up for a climate-based chat.

Switching it up slightly, we really like this spiritual sun/moon style necklace. This would be a great gift for anyone who loves the weather, but wants something more subtle.

With a manufacturer guarantee, the gold-plated piece is attached to an adjustable 18/16″ gold-plated chain. It will bring joy, hope and happiness to the wearer.

The Best Weather Gifts For Kids

Children love the magic of the weather. There are many great gifts available to help them get educated.

First of all, this SmartLab Weather Kit, allows any child to begin accurately tracking and learning about the weather.

This kit contains a thermometer and rain gauge, compass, anemometer and glow-in-the dark speed indicator. All of these are supported by step-by–step experiments to train budding meteorologists.

For those kids who like to learn in a slightly different way, we really like ‘The Kids’ Book of Weather Forecasting’ from the Williamson Kids Can! The Series.

This book includes many experiments, observations, and activities. These activities are great for children seven through thirteen years old. Children will be able to predict weather conditions by understanding the science behind it.

The Best Gifts for Meteorology

There are cool gifts for amateur meteorologists who are a bit more advanced in their knowledge of weather.

This Ambient Weather WS-2902A WiFi weather station is an all-in-one toy for real weather fans. It features sensor arrays that track wind speed/direction and temperature. It has everything you need while allowing you to stay connected via WiFi using connections into Alexa or Google.

There are great books for everyone, just like the best gifts for kids. We think every Meteorologist needs the Meteorology Manual by their side.

Easy to understand, but thorough explanations and guides about weather system formations. This book is not only great to read, but it’s also extremely useful and can be used as a reference for the future.

The Best Weather Gadgets Gifts

Given the many gadgets available to track and monitor the weather, technology and weather go hand in hand. Here are our top two picks!

A rain gauge is an essential tool for weather enthusiasts. We recently reviewed the top-rated rain gauges and found that the AcuRite 01899 Wireless Rain Gauge was the best!

The bucket’s design is simple and straightforward. It can measure rain in inches or millimetres. A wireless display supports monitoring rainfall up to 75m away. This is a great gift idea for anyone who loves weather!

If your recipient already has a rain gauge, help them get ahead of the weather with this La Crosse Technology Wireless Forecast Station.

This forecast station is used primarily to set an alarm, but it also tracks the indoor/outdoor temperature as well as sun rise/set times. It also features a unique central graphic that gives forecast predictions. This gift is very useful and the central forecast image is unique compared to other products.

The Best Gifts For Weather Enthusiasts

There are some people who just love the weather, but don’t want to go out and measure it or forecast it. These gifts are for people who love the weather and need entertainment.

This is the classic tale of legendary storm chaser Reed Timmer. Reed is famous for his role in the documentary series, Stormchasers. ‘Into the Storm’ details some of his closest encounters with some stories that are guaranteed to frighten and amaze in equal measure!

For something a little more lighthearted and fun, you can never go wrong with a simple mug!

This gift is perfect for amateur and professional weather enthusiasts. It is super durable and can withstand heat, microwave, and even your strongest coffee.

The Best Weather Gifts For Your House

While we all want to protect our homes from the elements, those who love the weather live and breathe it! These are some wonderful additions that you can give someone’s home with a personal touch.

Firstly, we really like this beautifully designed Automaton Bite 1682 Meteorology Black Gold Wall Clock. This clock is made with a mix of copper, stainless steel, and wood. It doesn’t just tell the time.

You can also track the atmospheric pressure, temperature, and humidity. You can predict weather changes right from your living room. To make it extra special, you can engrave it with a personalized message.

If you’re looking for something a little more retro to gift for someones home or office space, why not check out this Patent Earth Barometer print?

This is a nod to the old days of weather measurement. The print comes in many sizes and colours. Available sizes include 5x7x7” up to 24×36”. This is the perfect gift for anyone who needs something weather-themed to complete a space in their home.

The Best Weather Gifts For Your Garden

We’ve already looked at some garden-specific weather measuring tools, but there are many decorative and ornamental items that can be used to line a garden while showing your passion for the weather.

First up, we’ve picked out our favourite wind chime, the BlessedBird 4 Tube Wind Chime. Wind chimes make outdoor activities more enjoyable and add a special touch to the garden. This one has a bird theme, which can help your recipient connect with nature.

A weathervane is another classic gift that has a weather connection. They make great additions to your garden, either on top of your house or in an outbuilding like a shed. It can be mounted almost anywhere.

This particular model from SWEN, is made of highly durable stainless steel. It features a sun-shaped design and a copper-coloured coating. There are many design options, including aeroplanes and a variety of animals.

We have a great gift that will let your garden guests know you are a true meteorology/weather fan.

This Meteorologist Street sign would be a perfect addition to any picket fence, gate, shed or wall around your garden. This sign is perfect for letting friends and family know about the recipient’s passion. It is weatherproof and comes with four holes predrilled so it can be easily installed.

This brings us to the conclusion of our review of some of the most popular online weather gifts. We hope that you have found the perfect gift to surprise your recipient at their next big event.

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