Gifts For Supernatural Fans

40 Amazing Gifts to Keep Your Fannish Love Alive

Supernatural may be ending but it has shown us that there is always hope for resurrection.

Although it might not make sense this is totally possible. These are just a few Supernatural gifts that someone who isn’t ready to give up on the Winchester family can receive.

This list makes it easy to choose the best Gifts For Supernatural Fans ,Check out the Gifts For Supernatural Fans list below now!

40 Supernatural Gift Ideas

Clue mystery board game,Gifts For Supernatural Fans

To Summon Hellhounds on Game Night: Supernatural Collector’s Edition Clue

Crowley was the one with the revolver in Great Lakes. Castiel was the one with Ruby’s knife on the Central Plains. Clue’s game has been given a supernatural twist. You will be able to decide which character was possessed and where they went to commit their crimes.

While the rules of the board game are the same, everything has been altered to fit the universe of Sam and Dean. It will be a fun way to spend some time with superfans.


Scented candle

To Satisfy a Craving: Dean Winchester Scented Candle

It doesn’t smell like leather jackets and car oil. The candle smells like good-old-fashioned apple pie. The candle is also wrapped in a funny label that features a picture of Dean as well as a list of Dean’s favorite things like sunsets, long walks along the beach, and frisky women.

“It’ll make a great gift for Supernatural lovers, and it will also be a pleasant candle you can light anytime.


Supernatural The anime DVD box set

For Going Global: Supernatural: The Anime DVD Box Set

They probably already have the entire series if they are a true fan. Do they own the anime? The Supernatural anime has stunning visuals and English voice acting by Jared Padalecki. It even includes material from spinoffs and additional books to flesh out the universe.

This gift will make a great present for those who wish to ride with the Winchesters for a while longer.


wood coasters

When They Really Love Their Coffee Table: Supernatural Engraved Wood Coasters Four-Pack

These wooden coasters are handmade by hand. They are cut, styled and buffed to perfection. These coasters have a rustic appearance that suits the Winchester brothers. They are decorated with different signs and sayings that they use on the show.

One cautions that people “Keep Inside the Salt Ring.” These little gifts make great gifts for those who wish to keep Supernatural alive in their homes.


pillow case

To Make Them Forget About Their Boyfriend: Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki Shirtless Pillowcase

When you chase demons for your livelihood, you can get quite ripped. This is evident when you look at the nearly-naked bodies Jensen Ackles or Jared Padalecki. A thin white sheet is all that will protect their modesty. This will make a funny gag gift for straight men or a fun and raunchy present to girls and gays.

Make sure you get a pillowcase that is actually made. This is a cover made of fabric.


coffee mug

For a Cooler Cubicle: Supernatural Sam and Dean Coffee Mug

This coffee mug might be used for pencils and pens, but it is stunning. The front features “Supernatural: Join Hunt”, while the back shows a silhouetted image of Sam and Dean in the same color.

If you look closely, you will see that their shadows are interwoven with power lines, trees, and other creepy elements. This is such beautiful artwork, that you might reconsider giving it to someone as a gift.



When They’re a Sam Girl Through and Through: Sam Winchester ’83 Jersey

This jersey may be a great gift for someone who loves Sam Winchester. The front features a “Saving People, Hunting Things” logo and a blazing pentagram, while the back has Sam’s name, birth year, and is printed with his name.

It is made from a soft cotton/polyester blend and can be put into the washer without problems. Sam fans will love to be able to show their support for their boo!


supernatural pendants

To Ward Off Evil: Four-Pack Supernatural Pendants

This jewelry set includes four pendants, making it the perfect gift for Supernatural fans. This set includes a flaming pentagram and an angel wings set, as well as an anti-possession charm, a replica Dean’s protection amulet, and a flaming pentagram.

Even if they don’t believe in their power, they should still be able to enjoy accurate representations of the jewelry. They can dress like Winchesters.


supernatural official companion season 1

For Marathon Binging: Supernatural: The Official Companion Season 1

Supernatural has many great features. You can watch it over and over again. This behind-the scenes guide includes photos, summaries and mythology facts, as well as endless details about production.

This book contains interesting trivia about everything, from musical selections to the story arcs of individual characters. The companion book is only for season 1, but they are available for all seasons, so get them all for an epic rewatch!


temporary tattoo set

To Give Their Mom a Heart Attack: Supernatural Temporary Tattoo Set

These tattoos will not help those who have always wanted Misha Collins’s visage on their chest. They may need counseling to deal with their obsession. These tattoos are still cool, however.

There are eight of them, and they include heptagrams and reaper traps as well as angel-banishing and sigils. This is a comprehensive collection of Supernatural symbols. The prints are temporary so they won’t be a major life-altering disappointment for Misha Collins fans.


Iphone case

For the Tech Geek: Supernatural Quotes iPhone Case

Supernatural characters have been known to say some of the most hilarious things. You can commemorate that fact by getting a colorful and quirky smartphone case. The top half of the case is dedicated to Dean and the bottom half to Sam.

Both boys share their opinions with quotes that include “teddy bear doctors”, “low sodium freaks” and “low sodium freaks.” While you might not be a Supernatural fan, someone who lives and breathes Supernatural will instantly understand its significance.


hardcover ruled journal

A Different Kind of Scrapbook: John Winchester Hardcover Ruled Journal

This journal, made with imitation leather and stamped in a devil’s catch, is a reprint of John Winchester’s. Even a few pages with notes, drawings, and other supernatural symbols are included in the journal. These were even drawn by Winchester himself.

However, the majority of the journal is empty so your favorite Supernatural fan can use their imagination. This notebook is great for having fun, no matter if they are drawing monsters or adding photos to the pages.


hip flask

For Drinking and Hunting: Supernatural Trio Hip Flask Gifts For Supernatural Fans

This Supernatural hip flask lets you drink with the best. The flask features Dean, Seam and Bobby, as well as black wings and blood on silver steel. The hunt is underway, everyone is armed.

This flask will be ideal for anyone who needs to keep warm in the mornings. It doesn’t matter if you’re hunting ducks or deer, it’s still a useful little flask. This flask is great for any occasion.



When It’s True Love: Jerk and B*tch Supernatural Couples Key Chains

Exchanging insults is the best way to say “I love you”, and these key chains are two of the most popular ways the Winchesters have expressed their feelings. The one that says “Jerk”, on silver, and the other that says “B*tch,” on rose gold.

Each key chain is stamped with the flaming pentagram, which can be seen frequently in the series. These key chains make a great gift for a couple who loves Supernatural as much as you do!


life size cardboard cutout

For Freaking Out Your Roommate at 3AM: Castiel Life-Size Cardboard Cutout

Are they sad about Castiel’s baby blues or do they just sigh? Are they so stuffed with posters that their walls are crowded, it’s impossible to find more? This cardboard cutout of their favorite angel should be loved by them.

It stands almost six feet tall and can be placed in any room without the need for props or tools. It can be used as the focal point of a Castiel shrine or in the corner for Supernatural marathon guard duty.

This gift will be a hit with Cas lovers.


shot glasses

Bullets and Shots: Two-Set 50 Caliber Bullet Shot Glasses

These shot glasses, which are bullet-inspired, will remind Supernatural fans of Sam and Dean. These shot glasses are made from gold ceramic and have a shiny, lustrous exterior. The bottom are engraved with 50 caliber identification.

They are exactly what the brothers would use to fight their hellish foes. But instead of being shot from a gun they are filled with tequila.



When You Want to Lay Your Weary Head to Rest: Keep Calm and Carry On My Wayward Son Hoodie

Supernatural introduced a whole generation to “Carry On Wayward Son” so it shouldn’t surprise that it has been printed on mugs and stickers. For extra creativity, this one incorporates it with the “Keep Calm and Carry On” poster. The pentagram makes it an indisputably iconic piece of Supernatural merchandise.

This gift is a great choice if she likes to lounge on the couch in big, comfortable hoodies and sighs over Dean.


supernatural mystery gift box

For Ongoing Fun: Officially Licensed Supernatural Mystery Gift Subscription Box

A Supernatural subscription box is a great gift idea that will keep on giving. Each month they’ll get a new box of goodies. Every item is unique and not available elsewhere, so it’s unlikely that they’ll ever receive the same gift again.

They will love hats and mugs as well as vinyl figures and decorative display items.

This subscription box is the best.


Dean in Gym funko pop

Behold the Power of the Whistle: Supernatural Dean in Gym Outfit Funko Pop

Although there are many Funko Pop figurines of Supernatural characters, none will impress like Dean in his workout outfit. He’s wearing the red shorts and a headband. But he’s also lying sideways, in a seductive, sexy pose sure to impress the ladies.

“The whistle is their god,” she will love a Dean figurine she can worship for all eternity if this is what she means.


vinyl record wall clock

To Improve Their Interior Decor: Supernatural Vinyl Record Wall Clock

This wall clock, handcrafted from a record, is one of the most unique Supernatural gifts money can buy. Castiel is flanked by Sam and Dean on each side. Castiel has both his wings spread. The red clock face adds a dramatic glow and luminosity to gothic numbers. There are three hands that indicate hours, minutes, and seconds.

It is a magnificent display of craftsmanship, and even non-fans will stop to admire it. A true fan will not be able to resist.



When They Moonlight in a Biker Gang: Winchester Bros Fabric Patch

This patch is suitable for all types of jackets, vests, and backpacks. Supernatural fans who are skilled at sewing will love the many possibilities it offers. It can be attached to any fandom-powered transformation.

It is made from a tough, non-rip material and says “Winchester Bros. Fighting Evil Since 1983”. They will want to use their needles immediately.



For Really Bada** S’mores: Saving People Hunting Things Black Lighter

A fine lighter isn’t necessary to be a smoker. It can be used for cooking outdoors or camping, and it can also be used to blast demons back into hell when they get caught in a salt ring.

Lighters make a great gift. This one has the words “Saving People Hunting Things”, and a silver pentagram with a black background. It’s also a practical gift.


license plate frame

To Drive in Style: Driver Picks the Music License Plate Frame

“Driver chooses the music. Shotgun closes his cakehole.” This sentiment is universally appreciated by anyone, even those who don’t love Supernatural. However, if they can recognize Dean Winchester’s wise advice, they will be more able to appreciate it.

This metal frame is made from a high-quality, zinc alloy and will fit any 12×6 inch license plate. It’s not a novelty item, but a legal car accessory.

Give them a license plate holder if they are as passionate about the open road as the Winchesters.


angel blade replica

To Stick Them With the Pointy End: Supernatural Angel Blade Replica

This angel blade is not a toy prop. It has a heavy weight and a very sharp tip. This angel blade is a very realistic replica of the weapon featured on the show and makes a great gift.

The blade’s triangular shape looks exactly like the TV. When not in use, the wooden stand secures it. A replica of the most powerful weapon ever created by Supernatural is a great gift idea.


pop quiz trivia desk

To Stump a Superfan: Supernatural Pop Quiz Trivia Deck

Trivia games can be fun and they are especially enjoyable when they revolve around your favorite TV series. Some questions are simple and easy for casual viewers, while others will test your knowledge.

What was Mary Winchester’s maiden name when she was born? What was the age of Dean and Sam when they appeared in the first episode? To find out, you might want to look at the answer cards.


friendship gift keychains

When Your BFF is Just as Obsessed as You Are: Supernatural Friendship Gift Moose and Squirrel Key Chains

If your bestie was by your side for every twist and turn of the series, they should enjoy these Supernatural-inspired friendship key chains. The one that says “You’re my Squirrel” and the reverse.

Each has adorable engravings of the animal in question. They will be a token of your friendship and a subtle nod towards Supernatural.

Only other fans will be able to get the reference.


pack socks

To Wear Under Their Combat Boots: Supernatural Winchester Brothers Five-Pack Ankle Socks

This five-pack of socks for ankles will let them show their love for Supernatural. These socks are decorated with pentagrams and numbers, as well as quotes from Supernatural. They come in both black-and white and black-and blue color options.

You can have your friend wear “Winchester brothers”, “To Hell and Back” or “Winchester brothers” on his toes. These novelty socks make every day a supernatural one. They can be used as stocking stuffers, birthday gifts, or to add to gift baskets.



Scooby natural blanket

For Pop Culture Junkies: Scooby-Natural Micro Fleece Printed Blanket

This “Scooby-Natural blanket” is a collision of worlds. This blanket depicts Sam, Dean, and Castiel riding along the highway with Scooby Doo in the backseat. Retro fonts and colors make it look exactly like the 1960s cartoon.

The Mystery Machine has even been updated to make the Impala look better! Wrap someone you love in a blanket to keep them warm this winter if they are a fan of pop culture.



When They’re Hellhound-Intolerant: Got Salt? Supernatural T-Shirt

Supernatural viewers know the importance of salt. This novelty tee, even without the logo that encircles the “Got Salt?” rings, would still be easily recognized by a superfan. This novelty tee will be a wonderful addition to their memorabilia collections, especially because it comes in multiple colors that can fit a variety wardrobes.

You can find a shirt that suits their taste, whether they are a bright, cheerful goth or a serious, dark-eyed goth.


shower curtain

To Get Squeaky Clean: Supernatural Comic Series Shower Curtain

A shower curtain featuring the Supernatural theme is a unique gift idea. It’s more memorable than generic gifts and will also be unique because it looks like a vintage comic book.

Castiel hovers above Sam and Dean, posing them like super-heroes. The issue number 666 is available for 10 cents. This will be a unique gift that no one else will receive at the birthday party.


1967 chevrolet figurine

The True Star of the Show: 1967 Chevrolet Impala Figurine

An real friend will spend the money to buy an Impala. But if you are on a tight budget, this trinket is enough. This miniature Impala is a replica of the 1967 classic vehicle. It has survived demons, ghosts, and other monsters for over 300 episodes.

Fans will love to own a figurine of this iconic symbol. The Impala is the most significant symbol in the series.


charm leather wrist watch

To Dress Like Dean: Supernatural-Inspired Protection Charm Leather Wrist Watch

This watch is decorated with beads, cords and amulets, as well as leather straps. It isn’t too extravagant, but its rustic look and dark colors make it look like something Dean would wear.

It’s cool. It can be used as a timepiece, a fashion accessory, or as a display piece with other Supernatural merchandise. You can use this gift for multiple purposes.


travel coffee mug

For Those Cold Commutes: Winchester Bros Stainless Steel Travel Coffee Mug

This is another Supernatural gift. It doesn’t really look like one, but it’s a subtle nod towards their Winchester obsession.

This is a thermos for travel that has heat-sensitive walls and will retain the warmth of hot tea, coffee, soup, and other hot beverages. It’s made of stainless steel and has a straw that allows you to sip on the move.

The exterior of the book is printed with text about American demon hunters, the Winchester brothers.


pocket notebook collection

For Cataloging Demons on the Go: Three-Pack Supernatural Pocket Notebook Collection

These mini-notebooks are small and adorable. They come in a triot set that includes various Supernatural designs. One features the famous “Saving People, Hunting Things”, while the other has “Team Free Will” and the banner “Family Don’t End with Blood.”

The last just reads “Winchester Bros”, with a fiery pentagram. These can be used to write, organize, take notes, and doodling.


Idjist coffee mug

Words of Wisdom From a True Oracle: Surrounded By Idjits Coffee Mug

Bobby Singer is a man who says it like it is. Are you aware of someone who has a similar outlook? This coffee mug might be a good gift for them. This coffee mug says “I’m Surrounded By Idjits”, and features faded, vintage-style colors with a flaming pentagram. It can be used in the microwave or dishwasher.

This mug is perfect for those who want to enjoy their morning coffee in peace. Don’t let the idjits bother anyone else.


Art print poster

For an Epic Bedroom or Dorm Room: Sam Winchester Art Print Poster

Sam was a prolific writer with many memorable quotes over 15 seasons. This art print makes it easy to pick between them. His most memorable, funny and touching lines were printed in block text that matches the outline of Sam’s head.

You can see all the greatest Sam Winchester hits, from “I lost my shoe” through “I look up to you since four years old, Dean,” here are some of our most memorable. Posters are also available for Crowley and Dean.


pizza man magnet

Not Parent-Approved: Castiel Pizza Man Magnet

“If the pizza man really loves this babysitter why does he keep slapping his rear?” This is one of many lines that you can file in the “Sh*t Cas Says” folder. With the help of this magnet it can be preserved forever.

It’s 2.5×3.5 inches in size, so it’s big and can be attached to anything from fridges to lockers at the gym. It might take some explaining if someone doesn’t like it but you never know. You might be able to convert them into Supernatural viewers.


autographed pilot script reprint

To Go Back to the Very Beginning: Supernatural Cast Autographed Pilot Script Reprint

Although this is a reprint, not an autograph, they can still enjoy an incredible piece of memorabilia. They can try to spot Jensen Ackles’, Jared Padalecki’s and Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s individual signatures.

Let them trace the words “Supernatural”, “Pilot” and other phrases. This script is what started it all. It should be treated with reverence.


60 Gift Ideas For Supernatural Fans


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Supernatural (SPN), has a very loyal fanbase over its 15-year history. This is often credited with the show’s longevity.

Wayward Sons and Daughters have had a significant influence on the show through their fanfic and ships.

What do you buy fans of Supernatural?

You want the perfect gift for your SPN lover.

These are the 60 best gifts for fans of Supernatural!

Supernatural Funko POP! Figures Gifts For Supernatural Fans

Funko POP! is hard to resist for any fan. Funko POP! figures of their favorite characters Figures are not an exception. Any fan will love to have their favorite ship, character or gang displayed on their desk or shelf.


Supernatural Signed Pilot script Reprint

This will make a great gift, especially now that Supernatural is over. This signed pilot Scrip Reprint will become a treasured piece of memorabilia that they can keep in their hearts.


Supernatural FactIn Austin, Texas, there is actually a Supernatural Day on June 23, 2018.

Supernatural Jensen & Jared Printed Pillowcase

This Supernatural Jensen & Jared Printed Pillowcase is a perfect example of what the Supernatural cast is known for. This meme-worthy pillowcase is perfect for gifting the Jensen or Jared fan in your family.


Keep Calm, Carry on My Wayward Son Hoodie

When they hear the first notes of this Kansas song, every fan cannot help but think Supernatural. This Hoodie reminds them to Keep Calm, Carry on and Keep Your Head Up.


Supernatural face mask Gifts For Supernatural Fans

This Face Mask protects you from demons, angels, and all things supernatural.


Supernatural Vinyl Record Timer Gifts For Supernatural Fans

This Supernatural Vinyl Record Clock is a unique gift idea for SPN fans. It will become a focal point in any home or office.


Supernatural Singer Auto Salvage Notepad

Your Singer Auto Salvage Notepad will help you keep track of all the fake FBI/CIA/Fishing and Wildlife numbers.


Keep my Wayward Son’s Baby Keychain with You

You may not be able have your own Baby but you can pretend that you do with this Carry on my Wayward Son Baby Keychain.


Scoobynatural Pillow Cover

Scooby Doo and Supernatural are the crossover we were missing. This Scoobynatural Pillow Cover will bring back childhood nostalgia and Supernatural to their hearts.


Supernatural Vinyl Sticker Pack Gifts For Supernatural Fans

The Supernatural Vinyl Sticker Pack allows you to show your support for SPN wherever you go. Stickers are fun for displaying your love of SPN on everything from phones and water bottles to laptops and phone cases.


Supernatural Fleece Throw Blanket for 15 Years

The 15 Years of Supernatural Fleece Throw blanket is a great way to remember an era. This blanket is a comfortable throw that will keep you warm while you watch the entire series again and again.


John Winchester Hardcover Ruled Journal

The John Winchester Hardcover Ruled Journal allows you to keep a diary of your life, with tips and comments from John Winchester. This journal is a great way to get started with journaling, even for Supernatural fans.


Bobby Singer’s Guide to Hunting

Bobby Singer’s Guide To Hunting will be a treat for fans who love the stubborn and affectionate Bobby Singer. It is a glimpse into his thoughts, quite literally. This book will give you a glimpse into Bobby’s perspective on hunting and his experiences.


John Winchester’s Journal Gifts For Supernatural Fans

Get your very own copy John Winchester’s Journal! You will have all the notes the Brothers used on their cases. This book will help you if you aren’t ready to give up SPN.


Supernatural Necklace 4 Pack

This Necklace 4 Pack includes all the famous Supernatural symbols and necklaces, whether it’s an anti-possession or replica amulets of Dean’s. You can keep them all, or share them with other SPN fandom bffs.


Supernatural Anti-Possession Drinking glass Set

After a difficult case, how do you get home? Celebrate a win! These Anti-Possession Drinking Glasses make a great way to celebrate all the little things in life. They also protect you from demon possession.


Scoobynatural Bifold Wallet

Your wallet is a simple everyday accessory that can be personalized with personality. The Scoobynatural Bifold Wallet makes it easy to show your support for the show.


Supernatural Lanyard Gifts For Supernatural Fans

This Supernatural Lanyard is the ideal choice for fans, whether you want to keep track your keys, con passes, or display your FBI badge.


Supernatural Convention Ticket

This is the ultimate gift for any Wayward Son or daughter in your life. The Creation Entertainment Supernatural Convention is a fan favorite. You will see many characters from the show, as well as panels, karaoke, and other Supernatural-themed events. This is a must-see event for all Supernatural fans!


Supernatural FactSupernatural is America’s longest-running sci-fi series!

Supernatural I’m Surrounded By Idjits Mug

This mug is perfect for those times when you feel like Bobby.


2021 Supernatural Collector’s Edition Calendar

This calendar is much more than a regular calendar. The 2021 Supernatural Collector’s Edition Calender comes with a gift box and two 8×10 posters that you can display throughout the year.


Supernatural Seasons Box Sets Gifts For Supernatural Fans

The show’s final episode is now over, but there is one thing every SPN fan will want to do: rewatch their favorite show. Supernatural Seasons box sets are an excellent way for fans to watch their favorite shows whenever they want, even though streaming rights can be shifted between different services.


The Official Coloring Book for Supernatural

The Supernatural Coloring Book allows you to color along with your favorite shows. All your favorite characters, scenes and items can be personalized with your artistic flair.


Supernatural Winchester Brothers Tshirt

The iconic slogan of Saving People, Hunting Things and The Family Business is printed on a cute t-shirt! This tee celebrates the family business and is perfect for every fan.


Driving Rules T-Shirt

This shirt is perfect for those who get annoyed when passengers take control of their radio. This super cool shirt features the famous Dean line.


Supernatural Symbols PJ Pans

These Supernatural Symbols PJ pants will make you feel as secure as possible. You’ll feel safe while getting some Zzzs with Anti-possession and Angel Banishing.


Bitch & Jerk Salt Bottle BFF Necklace

These Bitch & Jeerk Salt Bottle BFF Necklaces will be a great gift for your SPN BFF!


Loser Supernatural Socks Gifts For Supernatural Fans

A pair of fun socks is the best! These socks are a loser! No Show Socks are available for adventure.


Peace Out Charlie T-Shirt

Charlie is a must-have character in any Supernatural post. This Peace Out Charlie T-Shirt celebrates Charlie, the beloved character who was too young to be here.


Bitch & Jerk Crew Socks

These Bitch & Jerk Crew Socks don’t require you to pick your favorites. These socks are a great way to show your love for the Winchester brothers.


Wooden Supernatural Candle Lantern Gifts For Supernatural Fans

This unique gift is sure to please any fan. This lantern is a great housewarming gift. It casts images like baby, the brothers and sigils on your walls, when you light it.


Wear my Wayward Son Retro T-Shirt

The Carry on my Wayward Son Retro Tee would be a great choice for Dean. This tee is a classic and easy-to-wear retro tee that features the Kansas song we all love.


Sneakers made from supernatural materials

These custom Supernatural Sneakers make a great gift for the SPN fan in you life. This gift will impress any fangirl/fanboy! You can personalize it with your own images, names, or logos.


Retro Castiel My People Skills Are Rusty T-Shirt

Castiel is a beloved angel who is socially inept. This Retro Castiel My People Skills Are Rusty Tee-Shirt is the perfect addition for their wardrobe.


Supernatural Lighter

Supernatural taught us one thing: a lighter is essential. The Supernatural Lighter makes a great addition for your hunting toolkit.


Castiel Candle Gifts For Supernatural Fans

Castiel Candle brings angel grace to your home. The Castiel Candle is a fresh, forest scent that will be appreciated by everyone.


Supernatural FactCastiel’s costume may be familiar, as it is based on Constantine from the comics.

Chevy Impala from Supernatural Poster

Do you have a Supernatural fan? Maybe they simply love Dean’s car. This Chevy Impala is the perfect memorabilia they will want for their home.


Supernatural-inspired Dean Winchester Oven Mitt

Dean’s many meme-worthy faces. This oven mitt is a favorite of many fans.


Plaque of Supernatural Glyphs Engraved in Wood

This beautiful Supernatural Glyphs Engraved wood plaque will decorate your home. This classic piece will be a hit with the SPN lover in your life.


Dean Winchester Air Freshener Gifts For Supernatural Fans

This Dean Winchester Air Freshener will bring Dean into your car if you don’t live in the same city.


Jack Winchester Candle Gifts For Supernatural Fans

The adorable little Nephilim who stole the hearts of the fans in later seasons. This candle is a cinnamon roll scent and the perfect candle to light in the SPN fan’s kitchen.


Winchester Hunting Academy Certificate

You can make their love for SPN more official. All those who are aspiring hunters in your family deserve a Winchester Hunting Academy Certificate.


Set of Personalized Supernatural Decanter & Whisky Glasses

The Personalized Supernatural Decanter & Whisky Glass Set is the perfect way to celebrate or have a great night out. This set is a thoughtful gift idea for any Supernatural or whisky fan.


Sam Winchester Candle

One character can be described as a classic Flannel scent: Sam. This candle will remind them about their Winchester brothers and is the perfect scent to fill any home. The Sam Winchester Candle makes a thoughtful gift for housewarming or bunker-warming.


Supernatural Leggings Gifts For Supernatural Fans

The perfect pair of leggings is the best for working out, fighting demons and just everyday convince runs. These Supernatural leggings will protect you from supernatural entities and possession.


Coasters made from supernatural Impala wood

These Supernatural Impala Wood Coasters offer a better alternative to the cheap plastic ones that we all have, but never remember buying. These coasters will be a hit and you’ll want to use them every chance that you have. These wooden gifts feature a beautiful and simple engraved wood design that features Baby and the boys’ favorite Kansas song.


Retro Dean Winchester Scary T-Shirt

Yellow Fever is one of the most beloved episodes in Supernatural history. Dean is infected with a disease that makes him anxious and scared. Hilarity ensues. This Retro Dean Winchester That Was Scary Tshirt will remind you of scaredy cat Dean.You can choose this Gifts For Supernatural Fans


Supernatural FactYou can see the jokes! You’ll be welcomed by the SPN hazing crew if you are a newcomer to the show.

Winchester Embroidered Crewneck

Do you prefer to be subtler about your love for the Winchester’s This Winchester Embroidered Crewneck sweater is a wardrobe staple. It features a subtle nod towards the Winchesters through small embroidered script. This sweater will allow you to incorporate a little bit of your favorite show into your everyday wear.


Dean’s Cherry Pie Herbal Tea Gifts For Supernatural Fans

We can all eat pie as much as Dean, but that doesn’t mean that we have to. Dean’s Cherry Pie Herbal Tea allows you to have your cake and eat it too. You can.You can choose this Gifts For Supernatural Fans


Destiel Face Mask Gifts For Supernatural Fans

Dean and Castiel are undoubtedly the most loved Supernatural ship. This ship was a hit with the fanbase and fanfic. This Introverted, but Willing to Talk Destiel Face Mask is the new favourite way for Destiel shippers to stay safe in this new normal.You can choose this Gifts For Supernatural Fans


Supernatural Christmas Ornament

Christmas ornaments can often be representative of important moments and things in our lives. This Supernatural Christmas Ornament will show you love for the show. This simple wood ornament can be incorporated into any decor and will show your love for your favorite TV series.


Supernatural CLUE

Supernatural CLUE is a board game that allows you to solve your own cases. Find out who is being possessed and you’ll have fun competing with your friends to find the culprit.


Supernatural: Anime Series Gifts For Supernatural Fans

Many SPN fans don’t know that Supernatural was made into an Anime Series. This box set is a great way to relive Supernatural’s history and experience it through a new lens with the Anime Series.You can choose this Gifts For Supernatural Fans


Supernatural Box Mystery Gift Box Subscription

This is the gift that keeps giving – literally. The Supernatural Box: Mystery Box Subscription gives them exclusive SPN merchandise 4 times per year. This gift will make Supernatural last forever!


Supernatural Pop Quiz Trivia Deck

They claim they are a fan, but what do they actually know? Supernatural Pop Trivia is a great way to test your knowledge and compete with other SPN fans. This is a great game to play at your next SPN fandom gathering.


Hunter Comic Series Shower Curtain Gifts For Supernatural Fans

Why settle for a boring shower curtain when you can have one that reflects your fandom? The Hunter Comic Series Shower Curtain will become the centerpiece of their bathroom.You can choose this Gifts For Supernatural Fans


Phone Case with Supernatural Anti-Possession Sign

Supernatural has shown us that it is possible to possess phones, cars and other devices. This Supernatural Anti-Possession symbol phone case will protect you and your tech.You can choose this Gifts For Supernatural Fans


Dean Winchester Mug Shot T Shirt Gifts For Supernatural Fans

This Dean Winchester Mug Shot T-Shirt will keep your classic Dean photo with you for ever. This funny graphic t-shirt will show your admiration for Dean.You can choose this Gifts For Supernatural Fans


Sam Winchester Mug Shot T Shirt

Are you a Sam Winchester fan? You will love the Sam Winchester Mug Shot T-Shirt! You can choose this Gifts For Supernatural Fans


Supernatural Tote Bag Gifts For Supernatural Fans

This Supernatural Tote Bag is great for carrying your hunting gear or books back from the library to research in the bunker. A Tote Bag is a great way to show your love for Supernatural.


Be gentle, bitches

Although the show is over, Supernatural will not be going away with a fandom like this. These gifts will impress if you’re looking to keep Supernatural alive in your life.

Three Tips to Buy a Supernatural-Themed Present

It’s hard to believe that merch with a Winchester brother printed on them is possible. There are many Supernatural gifts, including caps, mugs and shirts as well as journals, stickers, journals, stickers, and cutouts of life-sized cardboard. These are just a few ways to cut through the clutter and find the good stuff.

1.  Gifts For Supernatural Fans

They are brothers but it is quite common for them to be called “Team Sam” and “Team Dean.” Some fans also believe that Castiel should have his own show, or that Crowley, Crowley, Kevin, or Charlie are the best things since sliced bread. Before you purchase something featuring their least favorite character, make sure you get to know your gift receiver’s preferences.

2. Beware of knockoffs

Although a well-made knockoff is fine, it’s not advisable to be taken in by someone who thinks it’s the real thing. Unlicensed merchandise is dangerous. Before you buy anything, make sure to read reviews.

Ask for documentation proving its legitimacy if it is an antique or rare item. Ask for proof of legitimacy if the item bears an autograph from the cast.

3. Make it Awesome

Put a little effort into your gift. You don’t have to assume the recipient will be crazy about pencils and tissue boxes because they feature the Supernatural logo. There are tons of Supernatural-inspired goodies out there, so there’s no excuse for buying something lame. Give them something that will blow their socks off!


What do you think about our Supernatural gifts Are there any items you would like to purchase right now? Is there anything you wouldn’t use? Your thoughts are always welcome!

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