Gifts For Puzzle Lovers

Gifts For Puzzle Lovers

31 Gifts for Puzzle Lovers & People Obsessed With Brain Teasers


Although it should be simple to find gifts for brain teaser lovers, it is not as easy as it appears. You don’t need to settle for the ordinary. Try one or more of these puzzles. There are many outstanding jigsaws. But there are also fascinating books and unfathomable metal ball. The wooden surface is complete with drawers that can be used to create up to 1500 pieces of pictures.
This list makes it easy to choose the best ,Check out the list below now!
540 Colors 3D Puzzle Gifts For Puzzle LoversThis puzzle of 540 pieces will take skill and time, but it will be a beautiful piece to display in your home. Every piece has a different color and each one is unique, making it a wonderful 3D globe of ombre colours.UNCOMMONGOODS.COM – BUY NOWWine Bottle Puzzle Gifts For Puzzle Lovers

It’s worth waiting for a good wine, and this puzzle will help them to do just that! This puzzle is made from wood and locks the bottle in place. They will need to solve it before they can unlock the prize, which they can then take a sip of.

AMAZON.COM – BUY NOWRavensburger Sort-and-Go Puzzle Sorting Trays Gifts For Puzzle Lovers

This Sort & Go sorter will be a great help to puzzle lovers. It helps them organize their pieces and makes it easier to complete their pictures. This 6-piece tray allows users to sort pieces by shape, color, or design. It also makes it easier to locate them.

AMAZON.COM – BUY NOWCustom New York Times Front Page Puzzle Gifts For Puzzle Lovers

This jigsaw is unique and customizable. Give your loved ones a piece of history. You can select most dates starting in 1851, and the frontpage of the New York Times corresponding date will be delivered to you in 500 pieces on sturdy paperboard.

UNCOMMONGOODS.COM – BUY NOWDa Vinci Code Cryptex Puzzle Gifts For Puzzle Lovers

This cryptic Da Vinci Mini Cryptex keeps them guessing for a while longer. The metal vault comes with a choice of two Lord of the Rings rings or your own romantic gift.

AMAZON.COM – BUY NOWPuzzle of Vintage National Parks Gifts For Puzzle Lovers

Once the puzzle is complete, they will want to frame it. It can be made into a beautiful poster design with retro National Parks logos. This puzzle, which is made up of 1000 pieces and is a wonderful reminder of some the most beautiful places in America.


Since their inception, fidget toys have evolved a lot since then. This one is a great example of this. The Infinity Cube is designed to be used one handed. It can be turned, twisted, and folded back to its industrial appearance.

AMAZON.COM – BUY NOWMaster Theorem Book for Puzzles Gifts For Puzzle Lovers

The Master Theorem, written by a mysteriously named “M”, is a book that contains 40 cryptic puzzles. It’s a book of intrigue. The back of the book contains the solution to each puzzle, as well as color photos and clues.

UNCOMMONGOODS.COM – BUY NOWVotes for women puzzle Gifts For Puzzle Lovers

Without the tireless efforts of women and men fighting for the right to vote in the 19th century, women might not enjoy the freedoms they enjoy today. This amazing 500-piece puzzle can be gifted to celebrate the right to vote.


This brainteaser is a great way to give someone who has an interest in geology something to do. You can build a stunning geode image with 160 to 180 pieces, depending on the design you choose.


This Japanese Sudoku twist will be a delight for those who don’t like numbers but love solving puzzles. This wooden puzzle uses colored marbles to replace numbers. It’s a great accent piece for your coffee table and can be used as a puzzle when not in use.

UNCOMMONGOODS.COM – BUY NOWSecret Image Jungle Jigsaw Puzzle Gifts For Puzzle Lovers

Although it may seem like you are tripping over this impressive jigsaw, the three different colored glasses make all the difference. The glasses give you a unique view of the 500-piece trichromatic puzzle.

UNCOMMONGOODS.COM – BUY NOWPuzzle with Wooden Fractals Gifts For Puzzle Lovers

If geometry is something that interests them, they’ll be delighted to spend their weekends solving this puzzle. It is the job of the user to create a dynamic geometric field using interconnected pieces by fitting unusual pieces together.

UNCOMMONGOODS.COM – BUY NOWGift card and money puzzle Gifts For Puzzle Lovers

If you aren’t sure what gift to give, gift cards can be a great option. But you can make it more fun by locking the card in this reusable puzzle. Before the card can be opened, the ball bearings must be navigated through the maze.

AMAZON.COM – BUY NOWPuzzle Off Race Game Gifts For Puzzle Lovers

Jigsaws were once a lonely pastime. But now, they can be integrated into game nights through this 4-person Puzzle Off Race Game. Players will need to take their colored pieces and put them together in order to win.

UNCOMMONGOODS.COM – BUY NOWPlanet Earth Wooden Puzzle Gifts For Puzzle Lovers

This beautiful watercolor picture of Planet Earth shows intricate patterns and photos of sea creatures, clouds, mountains, trees, hills and mountains. The circular puzzle comes in a stunning glossy presentation box with 199 pieces.


This seemingly abstract puzzle, based on an image taken by the Hubble Space Telescope can change each time it is completed. This puzzle, which includes 131 pieces, shows the birth of stars within the Carina Nebula. It also offers infinite combinations that can produce a constantly changing result.

UNCOMMONGOODS.COM – BUY NOWFrank Lloyd Wright Double-Sided Puzzle

These puzzles offer two for one, so you can celebrate Frank Lloyd Wright’s Fallingwater and the splendor of the Guggenheim Museum. The puzzles include a full-color image of the building and a floorplan.


This colorful jigsaw has 1000 pieces and is the perfect gift for readers who love classic literature. This brightly colored picture of a person reading a book is fun to see. The titles are cleverly reworded using funny rhymes.

UNCOMMONGOODS.COM – BUY NOWOriginal Jumbo 1500 pc Wooden Puzzle Plaqueau

Puzzle lovers love to get bigger and better. However, when there are a lot of pieces it can be difficult to find a flat surface on which to place them. This huge, smooth fibreboard surface can hold up to 1500 pieces and comes with a frame and four drawers.

AMAZON.COM – BUY NOWHeart Bouquet Puzzle

This 634-piece jigsaw makes a unique and romantic gift. It creates a beautiful bouquet of flowers in beautiful Mediterranean colors, including blues, greens and reds. It measures 24″ W by 22.5″ H, when complete, and makes a beautiful addition to any collection.


These STEM brainteasers are based on the four principles Science, Technology, Engineering, Math and make an excellent gift idea. They are made from high-quality wood and will give your mind a workout while they solve each puzzle.


These adorable little puzzles will make a great gift. These adorable little creatures are made from recycled cardboard and eco-friendly cardboard. They can be assembled by snapping together the pieces, eventually forming a charming miniature 3D sloth, narwhal or llama. They can be colored with non-toxic, rice based inks and are suitable for children 6+.

UNCOMMONGOODS.COM – BUY NOWRainbow Pentomino Puzzle

This Rainbow Pentomino will brighten up their home with a rainbow of colors. The frame is made of attractive Baltic Birch plywood and the acrylic pieces display an amazing color. It’s challenging and confusing, but it’s great for the more experienced users.

UNCOMMONGOODS.COM – BUY NOWMurder Mystery Puzzle Book

Old-style murder mysteries fans will love working their way through “Murder Most Puzzling”, a collection of 20 puzzle cases in which someone dies. This book is beautifully illustrated in full color and gothic-style art. It invites amateur sleuth Medea to solve the mystery.

UNCOMMONGOODS.COM – BUY NOW299 Cats & a Dog Puzzle

This puzzle is a delight for cat lovers. It consists of 299 cats and one dog. It’s circular in shape when finished. The pieces are all kitten-shaped except for the one clever canine. This makes it an ideal gift for animal lovers 8 years and older.


This amazing jigsaw can help stargazers see the Milky Way without any light pollution or high-rise buildings. The 330 pieces of this gift are made from birchwood and create a breathtaking view we rarely see.

UNCOMMONGOODS.COM – BUY NOWBrainteasers from Around the World – Set of 5

You can take your brain on a tour of the globe with five puzzles from ancient civilizations. These puzzles are made from metal and wood, but they’re not too small. Each one, from the Aztec Flower, to the Roman Keys, will keep their minds busy as they solve each conundrum.

UNCOMMONGOODS.COM – BUY NOWBook of Personalized Puzzles

This personalized puzzle book makes a wonderful gift for any occasion. It features the recipient’s name embossed in the front cover. There are 50 pages of puzzles, crosswords, and searches. The book also includes a dedication, and a puzzle that is based on the year you choose.

UNCOMMONGOODS.COM – BUY NOWMars Puzzle – 100 Pieces

This 100-piece puzzle will give them a bird’s-eye view of Mars. This puzzle measures 2.5 feet in diameter and is completed by NASA. It represents an image taken from NASA’s archives. It also includes the Frozen Poles and Mars’ Valles Marineris. This brings them closer to the Red Planet.

UNCOMMONGOODS.COM – BUY NOWPuzzle for Cylinder Hanayama Cast-Metal Brain Teaser

This intriguing puzzle, the Cylinder Hanayama Cast Iron Brain Teaser Puzzle, will have them scratching their heads for hours. There is no solution sheet included! Puzzlers will need to solve the puzzle to put them back together. This puzzle has a difficulty rating 4 and could take some time.





30 Jigsaw Puzzle Gifts for All Levels

Last updated May 3, 2021By has been supported by its readers. We may earn affiliate commissions if you purchase gifts through our site.Many people love jigsaw puzzles, so gifting them one can be a wonderful thing. You may find that they have been using a lot of puzzles in the past or that you are looking for something new. We have compiled a list to help you choose the right gift for your loved ones. You will find some unique, unusual, and fun gifts that will make you feel confident about choosing something that will please them. You should be able find the perfect gift for any age, children and adults.

30 Gifts for Jigsaw Puzzle Lovers

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1.  Gifts For Puzzle Lover
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This cute jigsaw puzzle contains 1,000 pieces. It features Pollyanna Pickering’s design of a dog looking across a fence. A cute Cockapoo is shown in the background, surrounded by buttercups, poppies and grasses. The square puzzle measures 580mm by 580mm. It was made by Otter House. It is compactly packed in a box that can be easily stored – More!

2. 2. Personalised Jigsaw Wooden Keyrings
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These keyrings are fun and jigsaw-shaped for couples who enjoy puzzles. These keyrings can be personalized with names and dates to be used as anniversary or engagement gifts. Each one has a bottom that says “complete when we are together” and a heart on it. These make a great gift for couples who are celebrating a special occasion. However, you can choose not to have a date on them and use them for any – More!

3. Jigsaw Puzzle Gin Lovers
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This is a great jigsaw for gin enthusiasts. The jigsaw has 500 pieces and comes with a cardboard tube. This picture is a chart that includes botanicals, spices, and other gin beverages from around the globe. The puzzle measures 35x59cm. Ridley’s Games made the puzzle. It would make a wonderful gift for someone who loves gin or puzzles, or both. It looks easy because it has a clear border and lots text, making it easy for – More!

4. Classic Motorbike 3D Jigsaw Puzzle
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This puzzle is made of wood and is designed to look like a motorcycle. It is great for both bike enthusiasts and puzzle lovers. It’s a wooden 3-dimensional puzzle with 17 pieces. Although it looks easy, it can be quite difficult to complete. It makes a great ornament for a shelf, or sideboard. It measures 20.5cm by 13cm and comes in a presentation – More!

5. Big Wheels Jigsaw Puzzle
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This set of cut-jigsaw puzzles is perfect for toddlers. This set is made by Orchard Toys. It features 4 images of construction vehicles, such as a bulldozer, digger, and cement mixer. Each picture is made up of four to eight pieces. The puzzles also come with play pieces that can be used to create scenes or stories once they are completed. This puzzle is great for children aged 3 and – More!

6. Beautiful Landscape Puzzle
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This is a beautiful jigsaw puzzle that depicts a starry night in pink and blue with the silhouettes of a couple as well as a tree. It contains 300 pieces. The puzzle is made of thick, durable, 100% recycled puzzle board. It’s suitable for children from 9 years old and up. The puzzle is easy to complete in any light, thanks to its matte – More!

7. Rectangular Jigsaw- Riverside
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This puzzle was created by Otter House. It depicts a port, with shops and boats. It features a French cafe, with beautiful shops and fishing boats, and a mountain as the background. It is made up of 1000 pieces and is suitable from ages 14 to 21. When it is completed, it measures 27 x 19. It is packaged in a small, recyclable – More!

8. Namesakes Tractor Wooden 3D Puzzle
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It is a 3-dimensional puzzle made from a wooden tractor. This beautiful tractor is made from handcrafted wood that has been polished and smoothed. Although the puzzle contains 21 pieces, it can be quite challenging to complete due to their different shapes and sizes. It makes a beautiful ornament for a mantle shelf or sideboard. It measures 20.5x13cm and is packaged in a gift – More!

9. Cute Fruit Crystal Jigsaw
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This small 3D puzzle is in the shape an apple. It comes in two colors: green and red. It is transparent and made of plastic. This is a difficult puzzle that children aged 14 and older should be able to solve. The 45 pieces are difficult to fit together and stimulate the brain. The package measures 18cm x – More!

10. Pringles Jigsaw Puzzle
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This fun jigsaw puzzle has 250 pieces. The puzzle comes in a double-sided box. The picture on one side is the Pringles Tin, while the image on the reverse is the inside of the tin. The puzzle pieces are 100% recycled and made of thick, durable puzzle board. This puzzle is great for – More!

11. Gifts For Puzzle Lover
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Leafgame has created this cool puzzle. It has 1000 pieces. The picture shows a monkey wearing sunglasses against a black background. It is very difficult to make. It is 100% made of recycled wood and has hard-wearing pieces. The ink used to print it is safe soy-based ink. It is designed to resist tearing and prevent the image from falling off. It features a bright print. The finished puzzle measures 75cm by – More!

12. Seaplane DIY 3D Puzzle
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This 3D puzzle depicts a seaplane. This laser-cut wooden puzzle kit is smoothed to remove any sharp edges. The pieces fit together easily without the need to glue or use scissors. It’s suitable for children seven years old and over. Once assembled, it can be used as a decoration. You can even paint it if you wish. Once assembled, it measures – More!

13. Jigsaw Puzzle Lovers T-Shirt
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This t-shirt is short-sleeved and perfect for puzzle lovers. It says “puzzleologist” on the front. You can choose from black, navy or asphalt colors, as well as heather, heather, and dark heather. You can find sizes for men, women and children from ages 4-12. It is made of a cotton-polyester mix, so it is soft and can be washed in the – More!

14. Retro Pocket Watch Jigsaw
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This puzzle features a photo of vintage pocket watches. The back has a letter design so that you can verify whether you did it correctly or not. You can choose from different sizes, including 300, 500 or 1000 pieces. There are many sizes available, ranging from 38x26cm to – More!

15. Building blocks for a Creative Heart Jigsaw
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This is a jigsaw puzzle in the heart shape with red pieces. The words “I love you” are cut out of the pieces. The 25-piece project is easy to do and can be given as a gift to your spouse to show how much you love them. It measures approximately 12x10cm. This would also make a great decorative gift that you could enjoy – More!

16. 16.
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This puzzle is part of the ‘The World’s Most Difficult’ series of jigsaw puzzles. This puzzle is a dalmatian-inspired design with 529 pieces. It may seem simple until you realize that the puzzle has the same image back offset by 90 degrees. This means you will need to not only place the pieces correctly but also place them in the correct order. The puzzle is 384x384mm in size and comes in a shrinkwrapped – More!

17. Silver Puzzle Pendant Necklace
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These pendants have a jigsaw-piece shape. You can choose from silver or black colors. They come in different shapes and are made from stainless steel. They can be arranged together to make a cute puzzle piece pair. They measure 1.73×1.29 inches. You can also change the string to make them different. They come with a free jewellery gift – More!

18. Jigsaw Puzzle Lovers T-Shirt
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This is a fun tee that says “I Puzzle way past bedtime” This long-sleeved, unisex tshirt is available in sizes small through large in black, navy blue, royal, dark heather, or heather grey. This top is lightweight and has a classic fit. It is made of a cotton-polyester mix, so it is comfortable and soft. It can be washed in a machine at low – More!

19. Marmite Puzzle
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Gibsons high-quality puzzle comes in a marmite-replica gift tin. It is made of a durable and sturdy puzzle board that is 100% recycled. When completed, it measures 35×48 cm. It is made up of a brightly colored grid of marmite and normal marmite jars. It’s great fun for both marmite and jigsaws fans! This is a great novelty – More!

20  Gifts For Puzzle Lover
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This puzzle is a unique idea. It has 1000 pieces and a theme about weddings. It depicts a couple creating a heart shape using their hands and wedding clothes. When complete, it measures 50cm by 75cm. It’s suitable for both adults and children up to six years old. It has lots of printed letters on the back so you can easily flip it over to see if it has been completed – More!

21.  Gifts For Puzzle Lover
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Ravensburger created this cute puzzle of 500 pieces. The puzzle features a cupcake and kitten design that shows three kittens on shabby chic shelves. The shelves are blue and include tins, bowls, a cupcake stand, and pretty bunting. The puzzle is made of strong, premium quality cardboard and has a linen print that reduces – More!

22. Crazy World Cup Jigsaw
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This puzzle is sure to challenge any jigsaw enthusiast. It is 4000 pieces and has a cartoon image of a football game. When it’s completed, it measures 96x136cm. It’s made from high-quality cardboard, and comes in a triangular package. It is a puzzle with lots of humor that you will enjoy and it is very satisfying to – More!

23.  Gifts For Puzzle Lover
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This puzzle is part of Ridley’s alphabet collection. It’s a letter A. The puzzle is 150 pieces and comes with full instructions. The picture frame comes with it so that you can hang it on the wall once it is completed. It could be made up of several letters that form initials, or spell out a name or phrase. It measures 203mm by 254mm when it is – More!

24 Funny Jigsaw Puzzle Sweatshirt
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This sweatshirt is great for jigsaw fans. It has two puzzle pieces printed on the front. You can choose from royal blue or heather gray, and both versions have black lettering. This unisex-fit is available in sizes small through 2XL. This classic fit has a twill-taped collar and is made from a cotton/polyester mix for – More!

25.  Gifts For Puzzle Lover
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This 3D wooden puzzle depicts the London Bridge. There are 105 pieces in this puzzle. They are interlocked, so glue is not required. It measures 22.2×3.3×8.42 inches once assembled and can be used as a decoration in a bedroom or any other room of the house. It is made of eco-friendly plywood, and safe to be used by children. It is recommended for children aged 14 and – More!

26. Gifts For Puzzle Lover
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This puzzle is a Ravensburger with a Harry Potter theme. It features the Night Bus from “The Prisoner of Azkaban” film. There are 216 pieces. It measures 31x7x21cm when it’s finished and makes a three-dimensional pen holder. Each piece has a number so that you can either follow the instructions or do it by your own – More!

27. Gifts For Puzzle Lover
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Orchard Games has created this cute puzzle. This is a 12-piece jigsaw that is appropriate for children aged 3 and up. The puzzle is double-sided and features a red tractor and a blue tractor. It is easy to pick up the pieces, and can be used on any floor or – More!

28.  Gifts For Puzzle Lover
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This novelty jigsaw features love hearts. The tin looks like a packet filled with love hearts. It features lots of sweet love hearts. The 250 pieces are made of thick, durable puzzle boards that are 100% recycled. Because the jigsaw has a heart shape, it is more difficult to use because the edges aren’t as obvious or as easy as a rectangular – More!

29.  Gifts For Puzzle Lover
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This puzzle is 1000 pieces and depicts three birds, a box of bird eggs, and some roses. Uniquely, the puzzle has letters on its back to check that it is correct. Each section of the puzzle is divided into eight pieces. Each piece has a different letter on its back in a repeating pattern. To make it easier, the box includes dividers that allow you to sort the pieces into the letters at the – More!

30 The Little Mermaid Jigsaw
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This Thomas Kinkade puzzle features the theme “The Little Mermaid”. The image shows the mermaid with her prince standing next to the ocean with sea creatures and other Disney characters. There is also a rainbow and castle behind them. It is made up of 1000 quality pieces, and measures 69x49cm when finished. This is a great gift for Disney fans from 12 years old and – More!


27 Gifts For Puzzle Lovers They Will Love To Pieces

TheGiftYak is a site that curates unique gifts. It is supported by readers. We may receive a commission if you purchase through our links. Learn more.

ByMatthew Lally

Have a gift problem that you aren’t able to solve? We have the final piece of your gift-giving puzzle. Don’t waste time wondering what gift to get the jigsaw mastermind in your life. We have 27 gifts that will foster their love of puzzles. You and the gift will be loved by them!

Living Room Puzzle Set The puzzle set offers nine ways to stimulate your brain. Each game is 100% hardwood. These puzzles make a great set for your coffee table. These puzzles are great brain teasers for adults and children.Buy From
Marble Run Starter Set Winner of the Parents’ Choice gold Award and other national toy awards. GraviTrax’s marble run is a great puzzle and STEM toy. Parents will be able to recall the marble run toys that they had as children. This toy is unlike any other. This toy will allow your kids to create the most difficult and creative marble runs. Every parent should buy this for their kids!Buy From
Jigsaw Puzzle TableThis indispensable accessory is for puzzle lovers. All of their pieces should be kept in one place so they are easy to find. When they are not being used, the pieces can be kept out of reach by pets and children with little drawers. The table comes with nine glue sheets to preserve your puzzle masterpieces!Buy From
The Mandalorian PuzzleThis puzzle is for fans of The Mandalorian. We have had a conversation. They will be able to put the pieces together to reveal The Child Mando and the Razor Crest. It also comes with a poster that helps solve the puzzle to show children that “This is the way”. Buy From
Secret Brainteaser PuzzleThis beautiful puzzle box is perfect for literary lovers. It’ll be disguised as carved books and will remain on the shelves without anyone being suspicious. It’s actually a puzzle box that keeps their trinkets safe. It’s great for money, jewels, and more. It makes for a fun gift box brain teaser with the real present inside.Buy From
Wine Bottle PuzzleThis is a fun and cheeky gift. This wine bottle puzzle will trick them. They will have to work for their evening sips. The puzzle will keep one bottle of wine, which can only be opened by the solvers if they complete it. It makes for a fun way to gift some vino to a puzzle lover.Buy From
Lego Minifigure PuzzleA challenging and fun jigsaw that puzzle-loving brickheads will love. This puzzle is a great choice for Lego fans. It contains 1,000 pieces. You will find classic Lego minifigures in this puzzle. This could serve as a great source of inspiration to encourage them to collect all the minifigures. Like a visual checklist!Buy From
This puzzle set can be interlocked with STEM Mini Puzzles. Your imagination is the limit. This 1,200-piece set of interlocking bricks will allow your child to explore the world. They can build whatever they want in 2D and 3D with a variety of colors. Open play with this STEM kit lets them explore counting, shapes, and patterns – even engineering!Buy From
The Great White Way PuzzleThe perfect gift for anyone who loves the Great White Way. This puzzle depicts a scene from Michael Storrings’ beloved Broadway show. This impressive New York City jigsaw has over 2,000 pieces. We think that the best way to put it together is while listening to their favorite showtunes.Buy From
Interactive Dog PuzzleMake playtime fun with this interactive puzzle for dogs! This interactive dog puzzle will allow you to hide your pet’s favorite treats and make snack time more fun. This puzzle is more than just a treat bag. It awakens your dog’s brain. They can play hide and seek with up to a full cup of chow.Buy From
Dog Puzzle ToyThis puzzle can be used by dogs who have mastered the basics. You can keep your super intelligent dog busy sniffing out treats to avoid boredom. You can let them move, scoot and spin to find a treat. You can be sure your dog won’t eat anything that isn’t edible because there are no removable parts. We’d keep an eye on them, just in case.Buy From
This puzzle stocking stuffer is a great gift idea. Literally. This 3D puzzle game, which is small enough to fit in a backpack, is both stimulating and fun. It offers 200 challenges for both kids and adults. You can train your brain at home or while on the move. It makes for a great holiday present, to avoid gifting too many chocolates.Buy From
Wooden Trick Jewelry BoxPuzzle enthusiasts will be astonished when they open this treasure chest of wooden jewels. This trinket box is unique because they can build it! They can choose from five different wood plates and then assemble it. A gift that’s fun and useful!Buy From

This set includes two full-size Frank Lloyd Wright puzzles. Mod puzzles are based on the iconic architect’s design. It contains 1,000 pieces from Frank Lloyd Wright’s work, in a stunning mid-century color palette. One map shows the blooming spring flowers around the globe. The one has straight lines while the other features solid shapes. Both are fun challenges to solve.Buy From

Portable Puzzle Board They can keep their hobby mobile with this puzzle board. This will help if the table is not big enough to be used for both work and pleasure. The black background is a great way to make the puzzle pieces stand out. Handy drawers keep extra pieces safe while out of the way.Buy From
Jigsaw Puzzle Roll MatThis mat is ideal for people who are limited on space. There is no need to move a work-in progress. Roll and go! This roll mat is a great alternative to a large puzzle table. It takes up a fraction of the space and can be rolled in seconds. Felt keeps the pieces in their place. It is held together by two elastic bands. No pieces – or space – lost!Buy From
Sort and Go Puzzle TraysIs it possible to find a way to stop their madness? These sorting trays should be a standard. These trays are essential for anyone who loves puzzles in quadrants. The tray can be used to match like-for-like pieces. These trays are designed to be stored neatly in a stackable format. They can start the puzzle at home, then finish it at a friend’s house.Buy From
Magic PuzzlesA beautiful art challenge. The set includes three 1,000-piece jigsaws. Because the pieces are available in different sizes, they’re more difficult than usual. You don’t have to push all the edges out of the puzzle. Give them a real challenge with this set.Buy From
Rainbow Gradient PuzzleMake your life more colorful This puzzle makes a great addition to any jigsaw enthusiast. They will need to rely on shape when they have to solve a 1000-piece puzzle of pure color. They will want to hang the finished product. This gradient is great for inspiring in an artist’s work area or
to celebrate gay pride .Buy From
For Disney fans, the Disney Maleficent Jigsaw puzzle These puzzles are not suitable for children, but they can be helpful. 1000 pieces are packed in intricate designs of Disney’s most beloved villains. These images create a 3D effect. Ravensburger’s anti-glare surface makes it easy to work from any angle. They also promise every piece is cut unique.Buy From
Comfortable Puzzle Board This adjustable puzzle board will be a blessing to anyone with back or limited movement. This board can be lifted from flat to 2 different angles. You can prevent neck pain and still have fun. Soft flannelette holds the pieces in place so they don’t slip down.Buy From
Kid’s Puzzle Exercise Mat They can use it as a jigsaw to crawl around on! The mat protects them from the elements during play. Each square is a puzzle for children because of the shapes. They can work on shapes, colors, and fine motors kills before they can walk!Buy From
Kid’s Carrot Harvest PuzzleKids puzzles are available in a variety of sizes and shapes. This artisanal carrot harvest puzzle makes a great alternative to plastic toys. Non-toxic paint is used to make the matching carrots and a pine wood ‘garden plan’ block. The little one will love this matching game.Buy From
Magnifying Glass Desk Lamp Puzzle enthusiasts can work all day long, even if they have their glasses and contacts off. This versatile tool can be used as both a magnifying glass or a work light. It’s got an easy vice to clamp onto any table and keep the jigsaw joy going.Buy From
Puzzle Gag GiftGive them a giggle with their gift. This puzzle makes a great gag gift, especially for serious jigsaw enthusiasts. The puzzle contains 500 pieces and a funny image of a cat sitting on its throne. It’s made in the U.S.A. from high-quality blue board pieces so the image will look its best.Buy From
For the mature child, a wooden mechanical puzzle kit. This mechanical puzzle will delight any Rube Goldberg fan. The puzzle is only half the fun. Playing with the marble runs is half of the fun. This technical puzzle is a hit with both teens and adults. It’s a unique gift that breaks out of the 2D jigsaw world.Buy From
You can give them a thoughtful gift with puzzle gift basket boxes You can make them work for it. This puzzle gift box is more than just cash-holding cards. You can put any number of coins or bills inside the box. You can seal it and give it to them as a gift. They won’t admit how much fun they had solving it.Buy From


30 Gifts for Puzzle Lovers That Will Challenge Your Minds


Everybody loves a challenge, but some people take it more seriously.You are looking for the perfect puzzle to challenge your loved one or friend? We have compiled a list of the best gift ideas for puzzle lovers.Find the best puzzle gifts below for puzzle enthusiasts and jigsaw lovers, including crosswords and jigsaws.

The Best Gifts for Puzzle Enthusiasts

1. Bluetooth Rubik’s Cube Gadget

This is the perfect gift to anyone who has tried for years to solve a Rubik’s cube but never succeeded. You can connect it to your phone so you can follow your movements in real time. It also offers a tutorial on how to solve the cube, as well as advanced stats that will keep you informed of your progress.

2. 3D Pirate Ship Puzzle

This 3D Pirate Ship Puzzle is the perfect puzzle for anyone who loves to show off their work. This set includes 340 pieces that can be assembled to create a spectacular displayable pirate ship. To really shine, the ship can also be lit by 2AA batteries.

3. Gifts For Puzzle Lover

This is the perfect gift to give to a puzzle-loving friend who has grown bored of simple jigsaw puzzles. This Impossible Clear Round Jigsaw Puzzle presents a new challenge. It requires you to create a round figure with 100 color-changing, iridescent acrylic pieces. The colors change as you move. This puzzle is sure to be a challenge for puzzle lovers!

4. Mandalorian Jigsaw Puzzle

This gift idea will make any puzzle-loving Star Wars fan smile. This 1000-piece jigsaw features a scene from The Mandalorian featuring the popular baby Yoda. It is sure to entertain puzzle lovers for hours. The jigsaw is made from recycled paper and measures 26.75 x 19.75 inches when completed.

5. 3D Wooden Marble Run Puzzle

This unique 3D Wooden Marble Run Puzzle is a great way to give a puzzle fan a new project for the weekend. This set includes 254 pieces of wood that must be assembled to create a maze. It should take approximately 6 hours to complete, depending on the level of experience. An easy-to-follow instruction manual is included with the set. It will guide you through each step of the puzzle, regardless of your level of experience.

6. Dimension Game

You can give a puzzle enthusiast something to keep their friends entertained. This Dimension Board Game provides the perfect bonding activity for friends. It contains 60 spheres that can be used to create a three-dimensional puzzle. To win, the players will have to place their spheres on their tray. Your puzzle-loving friends can compete to be the ultimate puzzle champion.

7. Puzzle Master T-Shirt

Are you a puzzle master or someone who is proud of their ability to solve problems? This Puzzle Master T-Shirt will let them show off their skills. You can choose from a variety of colors to match your style and preferences, such as black, blue and red. The t-shirt is available in sizes ranging from small to large, so it’s suitable for all ages.

8. Puzzle for 3D Wooden Brain Teaser

You can give a puzzle-loving friend a game that will help them improve their problem-solving skills and relax. This puzzle is made up of 54 pieces of wood planks. They must be joined together to form a perfect cube. Each piece is precisely cut and made to last, so that they can enjoy it for many years.

9. Winterfell 3D Puzzle

If you’re looking for the perfect Game Of Thrones gift idea for that puzzle loving friend, then look no further. This Winterfell 3D Puzzle has 430 pieces. They combine to create a 4D Cityscape of Winterfell. Interactive puzzles are fun and can be enjoyed by both puzzle experts and Game of Thrones fans.

10. The Master Theorem Book

The Master Theorem is a secret society that solves the most complex and cryptic puzzles. It will be a hit with puzzle lovers. This Master Theorem Book is a great gift for someone you know who loves a challenge. This book has over 40 puzzles to stimulate their brains and spark their interest in puzzle solving.

11. Marvel Impossible Jigsaw Puzzle

An impossible puzzle is not possible for a puzzle enthusiast. This Marvel Impossible Jigsaw Puzzle is close. It has 1000 pieces and can be assembled to create a complex collage of all Marvel characters. This puzzle will be a great challenge and a puzzle lover will enjoy it.

12. Puzzle Piece Cutting Board

Puzzle lovers live and breathe puzzles. They love solving problems. Puzzle Piece Cutting Boards are a great gift for puzzle lovers. This set includes three Bamboo Cutting Boards, which can be connected together to make a large area for meal preparation. The boards are made of environmentally-friendly Bamboo and feature uplifting and inspirational words to help them with their puzzle solving.

13. 3D Big Ben Puzzle

This 3D Jigsaw will help a puzzle enthusiast build one of the most famous structures in the world. The puzzle set includes 200 pieces that, when combined, make a 3D Big Ben. This can be displayed in the home. Each piece is precision-cut from high-quality materials to ensure a perfect fit. The pieces also feature an easy-click technology, which allows each piece to click together and provides stability for the entire structure.

14. Leather Puzzle Coaster Mats

Are you a puzzle enthusiast who loves to bring friends together for game night? These Leather Puzzle Coaster Mats will make gaming more fun. Each coaster can be used individually or connected to create a puzzle. For maximum durability, they are hand-stitched with full-grain leather.

15. Broken Glass Jigsaw

This puzzle is sure to challenge any puzzle-loving friend. The puzzle comes in 161 pieces. Your goal is to solve the broken glass and complete a 10 by 10 inch canvas. This puzzle is extremely difficult because the pieces are unique in size, which is not possible with regular puzzle pieces.

16. Portable Jigsaw Puzzle Mat

The most frustrating thing for puzzle-lovers is finding a good place to build their puzzles. But this Portable Jigsaw Puzzle mat will solve that problem. The mat holds most 1500-piece puzzles, and the pieces can be moved around easily. This mat allows puzzle lovers to build their puzzles wherever they want without having to move any pieces.

17. Milky Way Jigsaw Puzzle

Puzzle enthusiasts are always looking for new challenges. This can help improve their puzzle solving skills and experience. Each piece of the Milky Way Jigsaw Puzzle is made from high-quality recycled papers and carefully cut. Puzzle lovers will be challenged by the similarity of the colors and the lack of unique elements.

18. 3.D Stitch Puzzle

This adorable 3D Stitch Puzzle Figurine is made from high-quality crystal material and will delight any Disney fan. The figure includes 43 pieces, which allow you to create Stitch’s design and add to your collection. This puzzle is a great gift idea for young puzzle fans or beginners.

19. Buncha Masks Jigsaw

This jigsaw, a historic reminder of the pandemic that was passed down to their children is both challenging and fun. The 1000-piece jigsaw puzzle creates an image of buncha masks that are all glued together for a new challenge. This puzzle can be a great way to entertain your puzzle-loving friend.

20.  Gifts For Puzzle Lover

Do you know a puzzle lover who’s a huge fan of the Harry Potter franchise? Here’s the perfect gift to give them: This Harry Potter Jigsaw Set includes 1000 pieces. It completes a poster featuring all the characters from the movie. It will be a great puzzle to build and display in your home.

21. Gifts For Puzzle Lover

This Just A Girl Who Likes Puzzles T-Shirt will allow your friend to show off their passion for solving puzzles. Each style comes in a variety of colors and has a bright design that will bring life to any outfit. These shirts are lightweight and easy to wash.

22. Speed Cube Set

Although regular Rubik’s Cubes can be fun, some people find them too easy. A set of five cubes that come in different sizes and shapes will give your friend a challenge. The well-designed design makes it easy to twist and solve each cube. The cubes are made from high-quality ABS material, which makes them long-lasting and durable. This set will add an extra challenge to the puzzle game.

23. Gifts For Puzzle Lover

Anyone who has ever tried to untangle earphone wires will tell you that it is a tedious task. This is something puzzle lovers will enjoy. The brain teaser set includes 30 wires that are linked together. All of them come off and the puzzler must attempt to link them using their strategy. For safe and easy storage, the set includes a bag and a box.

24. Speed Cuber T-Shirt

It’s something to be proud about being a Rubik’s cube puzzle solver. This Speed Cuber T-Shirt will let the world know how skilled your friend is in solving Rubik’s cube puzzles. There are many sizes and colors available. All of the shirt’s fabrics are lightweight and have a classic fit.

Unique Puzzle Gifts

25. Bottled Frustration Brainteaser

This is the perfect gift to give someone who enjoys brain teasers or mind-bending puzzles. The Bottled Frustration Brainteaser puzzle is an original and challenging game that puzzle fans will love. You must find the best strategy to safely get the marble from the bottle. You will receive the solution in the box, but puzzle-loving friends will be able to solve it themselves.

26.  Gifts For Puzzle Lover

Puzzle lovers will love to relax with their favorite pastime. This Rubik’s Cubes Socks has a design that puzzle lovers will love. For maximum comfort and softness, the socks are made from cotton, polyester, and elasticane. These socks are suitable for men’s sizes 7-13 and can be worn to any Rubik’s cube tournament.

27.  Gifts For Puzzle Lover

Do you know someone who loves puzzles together? Gift them something that reflects their shared hobby and their love. The Puzzle Necklace Jewelry Set includes two necklaces that when combined form the perfect puzzle link. These necklaces are made from durable, hypoallergenic metal, which will ensure durability and longevity.

28. Cast Padlock Puzzle

Puzzle lovers love the challenge of unlocking objects. Cast Padlock Puzzle at difficulty level five is a great puzzle solving tool. It is up to you to solve it with the most skill and best strategy. It is a huge challenge to show who can solve the puzzles.

29.  Gifts For Puzzle Lovers

At first glance, this puzzle looks easy. Puzzle lovers will quickly discover that this piece is not as simple as it seems. This Nutcase Cast Metal Brainteaser will provide the puzzle-loving friend with the challenge they are looking for. It is your goal to take apart the nuts and assemble them correctly.

30 Cookie Cutter Puzzle Piece Set Gifts For Puzzle Lover

This Cookie Cutter Puzzle Piece Set will add a fun twist on any of your meals or treats. This piece of kitchenware allows them to make every item puzzle-shaped to express their passions. It is made from food-grade stainless steel for safety and durability. You will also receive a recipe for butter cookies.

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