Gifts For Programmer Boyfriend

30+ Best Gifts for Programmers and Coders (Spring 2020).


Do you want to buy a gift for your favorite software engineer, programmer or coder?

You have come to the right place.

It is well-known that IT people love the latest tech gadget or any tool that increases their coding productivity!

What do you say to someone with more IT-knowledge that you?

You are correct! You look for some help. This top 32 gift guide will help you gain more knowledge and inspire you.

IT-related gifts can be expensive so we have highlighted gift ideas below $50 and gifts below $100 with two $ signs.

Are you ready to find the perfect gift idea for programmers and coders. Let’s get starCheck out the Gifts For Programmer Boyfriend  list below now!

32Rubber Duck Family Pack

Gifts For Programmer Boyfriend, gifts for programmers and coders: Rubber Duck Family Pack


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10945 3340 8.

This gift idea is it for a programmer or coder? Yes! It is actually a very good one.

Every coder needs a rubber duck. Why? A method in programming called “rubber ducky” allows the programmer to debug his code by asking the duck to explain it line-by-line.

You can make it funny by giving it to your friend a cute set of ducks. But it will prove to be very helpful later.

Check it out!

31Online Programming Course

#31 gifts for programmers and coders: online programming course


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11236 2940 8.

Do you want to give a programming course for a programmer?

Yes! Programming is an ever-changing field. Continuous learning is essential.

He might be proficient in one programming language but many programmers want to learn more. C++, Python and Java are the most popular courses.

Check it out!

30Compact Portable Monitor

#30 gifts for programmers and coders: Compact Portable Monitor


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23884 6943 8.

A second screen is essential for software engineers, programmers, and coders. __S.51__

What if the person you’re buying it already owns an external monitor? This Lepow portable monitor is a great choice!

This portable monitor delivers a stunning 1920 x 1080 resolution visuals with awesome color reproduction and it is compatible with laptops, PCs, phones, and gaming consoles.

Lepow’s monitor comes in a beautiful white gift box. __S.56__ __S.57__

Check it out!

29Logitech MX Master 2S Mouse

#29 gifts for programmers and coders: Logitech MX Master 2S Wireless Mouse


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801 253 8.2

The best mouse for programmers, consistently rated! This is why Logitech MX Master 2S Wireless Mouse deserves a place in this gift guide.

This mouse will help your favorite coder be more productive! Logitec’s flagship mouse features five buttons that are stealth-thumb controlled to switch between different applications, zoom in and perform more actions.

MX Master 2S, with its advanced features and stunning design, offers new levels of comfort, control and precision.

Check it out!

28Grumpy Linux Mug Gifts For Programmer Boyfriend

#28 gifts for programmers and coders: Grumpy Linux Mug


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1568 505 8.2

What can you get from an Anti-Windows computer building and coding geek? A hilarious, grumpy Linux mug

This is a great choice for any occasion, and a great gift idea for any Linux user. You’ll be admired by any coder who thinks you understand them.

The mug can be used in both the dishwasher or the microwave.Gifts For Programmer Boyfriend

Check it out!

27A Binary Wrist Watch Gifts For Programmer Boyfriend

#27 gifts for programmers and coders: A Binary Wrist Watch


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3677 1322 8.2

Programmers will love this gift idea. It is based on the same thing all computers use: Binary code! This elegant binary watch will be a hit with programmers who like simple things.

Your favorite coder should be able to read binary numbers. But, who doesn’t love a challenge?

This watch will be a hit with IT professionals everywhere!

Check it out!

26Coded Cutting and Serving Board

#26 gifts for programmers and coders: Coded Cutting and Serving Board


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9405 3090 8.2

This large-sized decorative tempered glass cutting board and serving platter with futuristic matrix display is next. This might be the perfect gift for your favorite programmer who also loves to cook.

This cutting board measures 15.5″ x 11.5″, and is scratch- and stain-resistant. It also absorbs odors well and is easy to clean.Gifts For Programmer Boyfriend

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25Vilros Beagleboard  Gifts For Programmer Boyfriend

#25 gifts for programmers and coders: Vilros Beagleboard


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3103 1010 8.3

Next on the list: The BeagleBone Black, which is a practical gift for developers!

Have you heard of BeagleBone before? It’s a low-cost and community-supported platform for hobbyists as well as developers. Their Beagleboard is the most supported board on the market.

This little beagle bone is a great package for your favorite developer. It can boot Linux in less than 10 seconds, and you can begin developing in just 5 minutes using a single USB cable.

A good memory card can be added to this gift but is not necessary.

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24Funny Off/On Mug Gifts For Programmer Boyfriend

#24 gifts for programmers and coders: Funny Off/On Mug


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16020 4494 8.3

This mug is a must-have for anyone working in IT, especially those who answer help desk phones. It’s easy to recognize the’switching off/on’ and it will make you laugh!

This mug can hold 13 ounces of your favorite beverage. It is made from high-quality clear glass to ensure durability.

This mug is a great gift because it will be appreciated by colleagues.

Check it out!

23LG UltraWide 21:9 IPS Monitor

#23 gifts for programmers and coders: LG UltraWide 21:9 IPS Monitor


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1891 666 8.4

Two screens is better than one when you code. It is a smart idea to give your favorite programmer another monitor.

But does size matter? Yes. Some coders prefer to program on a larger screen.

These screens can easily run over 500 dollars so we include the LG UltraWide 21.9 Full HD IPS Monitor, which retails for around $200, on our list.

This is a great deal and your loved one will love it!

Check it out!

22Iconic Windows Error T-shirt

#22 gifts for programmers and coders: Iconic Windows Error T-shirt


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3889 980 8.4

This gift will be a hit with the right people! This hilarious Windows error message Tshirt is a great gift idea for computer geeks and IT workers.

This will make a great conversation starter in any IT department, especially if you are a fan of the 90s computers.

This T-shirt is very soft and unlike other novelty T-shirts. It’s made in the USA from organic cotton.Gifts For Programmer Boyfriend

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21Grokking Algorithms Gifts For Programmer Boyfriend

#21 gifts for programmers and coders: Grokking Algorithms: An illustrated guide


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7005 2363 8.4

Programmers are never too old to improve their skills. The Grokking Algorithms Book is a friendly, fully illustrated guide that shows coders how to use common algorithms to solve the real problems programmers face every single day.

This gift is a great graduation gift for programmers because it complements everything he or she may have learned in college. This gift will help him or her improve their skills in data compression, algorithmic thinking, and artificial intelligence.

Check it out!

20Hilarious Baby Bodysuit for Coder Dads

#20 gifts for programmers and coders: Hilarious Baby Bodysuit for Coder Dads


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15113 5067 8.4

You are looking for the perfect gift for a new father or software engineer? This hilarious baby bodysuit with code might be the perfect gift!

You can purchase the bodysuit in a variety of sizes (up to 24 months), and in four different colors, including pink and blue. There are also more gender-neutral options.

This onesie is great for any code father. It will be a hit with your son!


Check it out!

19The Pleasure of Finding Things Out Gifts For Programmer Boyfriend

#19 gifts for programmers and coders: The Pleasure of Finding Things Out Book


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344 111 8.

Next is a great gift idea for coders who appreciate a good book.

The Pleasure Of Finding Things Out contains a stunning collection of short works by Nobel Prize winner Richard P. Feynman.

Programmers love to discover new things and to be creative. This book will assist them in both of these endeavors.

This will provide insight into the approach of one of the most intelligent people on the planet to innovation, creativity, and deep thinking.

Check it out!

18Filco Ninja Mechanical Keyboard

#18 gifts for programmers and coders: Filco Ninja Mechanical Keyboard


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2988 896 8.5

Ask a group of coders and programmers what gift they would love to receive. Nearly all will agree that a good mechanical keyboard is the best!

A side note: Buying a keyboard to use with coders is not an easy task. Coders can be very demanding about the keyboard they use. We recommend that you buy the best keyboard, or none at all.

There are many good keyboards for coders, like DAS keyboard, but the one that stands out the most is the Filco Ninja Majestouch-2 This high-quality keyboard with backlit keys is very solidly, is super quiet in use and is a pleasure to type on. This keyboard will impress every keyboard geek!

Check it out!

17SZAT PRO Hourglass Sand Timer

#17 gifts for programmers and coders: SZAT PRO Hourglass Sand Timer


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3034 1010 8.6

Coders and programmers are notorious for spending hours staring at their screens. You can give them a solid glass sandtimer to help break down their work into 30 minute segments.

This elegant sandtimer comes in a variety of colors and will add elegance to your office desk.

Best of all? The sandtimer will arrive in a gorgeous gift box so that it can be given directly.

Check it out!

16Light Therapy Box Gifts For Programmer Boyfriend

#16 gifts for programmers and coders: A Light Therapy Box


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5854 667 8.6

Programmers will be delighted to hear that the next gift idea is related to the fact that programmers spend most of their time indoors and are therefore not exposed to sunlight.

This could lead to burnout or depression, as has been shown.

The solution? The answer is a light therapy box. It blends seamlessly into any office and mimics the effects of sunlight. Your favorite programmer will reap these benefits sitting at their desk.Gifts For Programmer Boyfriend

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15Dell Ultrasharp 24” LED Monitor

#15 gifts for programmers and coders: Dell Ultrasharp 24


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16785 4456 8.6

We have already shared that programmers can solve additional monitors twice! Next on the list is a second monitor, but this one is extremely sharp!

The Dell 24” monitor is a large and durable display that can be mounted to the wall. It can be used for both everyday computer use and watching movies. This monitor has a 16/10 aspect ratio, which makes it ideal for watching movies and coding!

Check it out!

14Oculus Quest All-in-one VR Headset Gifts For Programmer Boyfriend

#14 gifts for programmers and coders: Oculus Quest All-in-one VR Headset


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22349 7943 8.6

It’s no secret that many computer programmers and software engineers enjoy gaming. The Oculus Quest All in One VR Headset is a great choice for them!

Virtual Reality headsets are one of the most innovative technological innovations in the last three years. They allow you to look around virtual spaces as if it were your own.

This brand new Oculus Qest All-in-1 VR Headset, which follows the huge success of Oculus Rift is a highly anticipated successor. It offers a superior experience. It’s a tethered device, unlike the cheaper basic VR glasses that you can insert your smartphone into. This headset delivers an amazing 1280×1440 resolution…per ear!

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13Clean Code: A Handbook Gifts For Programmer Boyfriend

#13 gifts for programmers and coders: Clean Code: A Handbook


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599 228 8.7

Even bad code can still function. If code isn’t well written, it can cause a development company to collapse. Poorly written code can cost a development organization countless hours and significant money every year. It doesn’t have that way.

This book makes a great gift for experienced and aspiring coders. It can also profoundly transform the way they code.

Robert C. Martin, software expert, presents a new paradigm with Clean Code: A Handbook of Agile Programming Craftsmanship. You can create small, coherent codes that serve a purpose.

Check it out!

12Arduino Due Gifts For Programmer Boyfriend

#12 gifts for programmers and coders: Arduino Due


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36880 1322 8.7

Is the gift you are purchasing for a programmer or coder also interested in creating his own apps or projects? Any Arduino product is a great gift idea!

Arduino is open-source hardware, software, and content platform with a worldwide community of over 30 million active users.

The Arduino Duo is currently the most popular Arduino product. This board is perfect for learning about sensors and actuators and is essential for rapid prototyping. It’s also far more powerful than the Arduino Uno.

Check it out!

11Ergonomic Office Chair Gifts For Programmer Boyfriend

#11 gifts for programmers and coders: Ergonomic Office Chair with Lumbar Support


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5956 1850 8.7

Computer programmers and software developers sit at their desks most of the day, and that is why good seating is very important.

Uncomfortable office chairs can cause pain, discomfort, and even injury. __S.263__

This ergonomic chair with lumbar support and breathable design is a great gift idea if you care about the well-being of your favorite coder. This chair is well ventilated and comfortable. It will encourage your loved one to sit straight. __S.266__

Bonus: this model is very easy to assemble and has 1 year of warranty!Gifts For Programmer BoyfriendGifts For Programmer Boyfriend

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10ELEGOO Uno Project Starter Kit

#10 gifts for programmers and coders: ELEGOO UNO Project Super Starter Kit


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9993 3597 8.7

This gift idea can be used for junior coders, or coders with teenager kids who want to pass on their knowledge.

The ELEGOO UNO starter kit can be used to create almost any type of electronic project. It is compatible with Arduino.

This starter kit allows you to control objects in both the digital and physical worlds. The board can interact with motors, buttons, LEDs and motors as well as speakers, GPS units and cameras.

This makes a wonderful gift for coders, as it comes with a 24-lesson tutorial. You will be amazed at how many different parts you get for the money you spent!


Check it out!

9Ergonomic Vertical Mouse Gifts For Programmer Boyfriend

#9 gadgets for programmers and coders: Ergonomical Vertical Mouse


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24595 8904 8.7

It can cause hand pain and even carpal tunnel syndrome if you spend hours at the computer. This ergonomically designed vertical mouse is a great gift for your favorite programmer.

The precision shaping was designed with power-users mind. It will ease cramping and pains on the wrist. It’s quiet click high precision mouse with side grips and a thumb rest.

This gift will improve their computing performance and comfort without costing too much!

Check it out!

8A Grid Dot Notebook Gifts For Programmer Boyfriend

#8 gifts for programmers and coders: A Grid Dot Notebook


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1605 554 8.8

Next, a useful gift that won’t break the bank is the Grid Dot Notebook

Developers will love this notepad as a gift. They can use it to create flowcharts and mockup UIs, or even make UIs.

The Rhodia notepad features a ruled paper with dots and a card cover. It also has cardboard backing for support.

Check it out!

7Mousepad with Wrist Support Gifts For Programmer Boyfriend

#7 gifts for programmers and coders: Ergonomic mousepad with wrist support


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4293 1452 8.8

A mouse pad with wrist support is another great gift that will increase the comfort level for your favorite programmer.

For ergonomic comfort, the cushion is soft and gel-filled. This will ensure that his or her wrist is never stiffened or tired.

This mouse pad also has a non-slip bottom that will ensure it stays put when in use.

Overall, a great gift for the money!

Check it out!

6Adjustable Computer Workstation

#6 gifts for programmers and coders: Adjustable Computer Workstation


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15035 5014 8.8

This gift idea will make your favorite coder’s work environment truly special!

This computer workstation is affordable and allows your favorite programmers to stand or sit on demand.

This desk riser is the best on the market. It also has the perfect size for external storage, a docking station or small monitor.

Check it out!

5HP 23.8-inch FHD IPS Monitor

#5 gifts for programmers and coders: HP 23.8-inch FHD IPS Monitor


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26361 2041 8.9

As we’ve stated before, an extra screen is one of the most valuable gifts you can give a programmer. This is because programming is easier on two screens than one.

The budget is a major problem for gift-givers. Quality monitors can cost up to $500 and are way beyond what most people would want to spend on a present.

Solution? Solution? The HP 23.8 inch FHD IPS Monitor The monitor is slim and lightweight with easy height adjustments. It also has a small footprint. The best part? It can be purchased already for $100.Gifts For Programmer Boyfriend

Check it out!

4M50x Studio Monitor Headphones Gifts For Programmer Boyfriend

#4 gifts for programmers and coders: ATH-M50x Professional Studio Monitor Headphones


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26361 2104 8.9

For any coder, good headphones are essential. They allow them to focus while code and signal in a subtle manner to their colleagues that they ‘do NOT disturb’.

Although there are many noise-canceling headphones available, the MX50 is the preferred choice for programmers. This is the model that you will find in every IT department.

These headphones are a great choice for PC gaming. They also have a fantastic sound quality. This may explain why programmers love these headphones.

Check it out!

3Intel Box PC stick Gifts For Programmer Boyfriend

#3 gifts for programmers and coders: Intel Box PC stick


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18593 5967 9.0

Here’s a great gift idea for tech geeks! A complete computer with Windows 10… all on one stick! This thing can be plugged into a monitor or TV and it will turn on.

The mini PC stick is similar to an Amazon Firestick, but much more powerful.

Although this stick isn’t as powerful as a desktop computer, it’s great for streaming and playing games that don’t require high graphics such Fortnite.

The best part? It can be carried in your pocket!

Check it out!

2Raspberry Pi 4 Case with Cooling Fan

#2 gifts for programmers and coders: Case for Raspberry Pi 4 with Cooling Fan


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32345 9095 9.0

We have a second-place gift idea that closely matches the top gift on this list. A case for the Raspberry Pi 4 and the cooling fan. This gift idea is both practical and affordable!

This box is a favorite of many coders because it has a quiet cooling fan and heatsinks that are great for heat dissipation on Raspberry Pi boards. You still have easy access to all ports.

The case is also made from acrylic so that it won’t block either the Bluetooth or Wifi signal of the Raspberry Pi.

Check it out!

1Raspberry Pi 4 4GB Starter Kit

#1 gifts for programmers and coders: Raspberry Pi 4 4GB Starter Kit


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5257 523 9.1

Ask any coder, programmer or software developer to describe their ideal gift and they’ll all answer the same: A Raspberry Pi 4!

Raspberry Pi is the standard in single-board computing and has been for decades the best value. It powers everything, from robots to smart homes to gaming.

Pi 4 is the long-awaited Raspberry Pi 4. It’s a Pi that can produce 4K video at 60Hz and power dual monitors.

This is the perfect gift! You don’t have to worry about whether your favorite programmer has it or not.

Check it out!

What practical gifts are there for programmers and coders?

A laptop is all that a coder really needs. A decent laptop for entry-level programming, such as the Macbook Pro or Dell XPS 15, would make the best gift.

An external monitor is the best gift, considering the cost of the gift and the fact that most programmers already have a laptop. There are three options: a portable, extra-wide or high-definition model. Programmers love all three features.

A mechanical keyboard, a vertical and a horizontal mouse, a wrist support mousepad, a dot pad to create flow charts, noise cancelling headphones, an adjustable workstation, or an ergonomic office chair are all useful gifts for programmers.

What gift ideas are good for programmers who are just starting out?


A Raspberry Pi starter kit is the best gift for future programmers. It’s easy to use and they can be used for many things. These starter kits come with a single board and are very affordable. They can power everything, from robotics to gaming.

What can you give a programmer who also loves gaming?

The ATH MX-50 noise cancelling headset is the ultimate gift that is both practical and useful for programming as well as gaming. It will make it very clear that he is not disturbed during work hours, and will also be a great alternative to his old headphones for PC gaming. He will be able to hear sounds in games he did not know existed.

If your son is into gaming, then you might consider purchasing a VR Headset. Oculus Quest All in-one VR Headset is the most exciting release of the past 3 years. It will be a huge hit!

If you are looking for great gaming gifts, you should also check our post on gifts for gamer boyfriends.

Are you looking for more gift ideas for programmers?

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