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Friends, greetings! It’s me, your friendly neighborPisces. I could go on and on about why a commercial with an elderly man and his dog makes me cry or how it made me feel.Fall in loveWith anyone who keeps eye contact with me more than 20 seconds. Instead, I will use my astrological alignment for you, my less emotional common-man, to do some shopping. Here is the ultimate Pisces gift list, packed with gifts my fellow fish will love. It’s never too late to shop for our b-day gifts! Get your calendar readyFrom February 19 through March 20,You are welcome. You are welcome.

We Pisces babies are an empathetic bunch, prone to listening to our friends rant about their problems for hours on end and…sudden breakdowns when we realize we haven’t done anything for ourselves in months. (The tears are why they call us water signs, okay???) This is why I have curated a list that focuses primarily on self care. Gifting Pisces a variety pack of face masks or a gravity blanket will help them feel more loved than you think.

Or if you’ve already gifted your Pisces pal too many self-care products, another defining character trait of the water sign is their creativity. Consider one of these items that will spark their imagination: a wreath-making kit (it is a thing, I swear), or a coloring book for adults.

Pisces are romantic, finally. __S.20__ A Pisces friend, relative, or loved one would love a romance novel, bouquet of flowers, or a handwritten message about how much you appreciate their friendship. What can I say, we’re all softies?

This list makes it easy to choose the best Gifts For Pisces Man,Check out the Gifts For Pisces Man list below now!

Here are 35 gifts for Pisces that will make your life easier.

1A PISCES TEE “The Most Piscesy Piscess” T-Shirt in BlackGifts For Pisces$25.00A Zodiac tee will show your Pisces friend how much you value their Pisces traits (yes even their love of tearjerker movies).

2Calm the F*ckdown: A Funny Adult Coloring BookAMAZONCREATESPACE CLASSICSAmazon$4.99The Pisces love to color. It’s a great way to express creativity, disconnect from reality and create something new. They can draw funny messages and hang it around their room. If they don’t have one, I’d be shocked if they didn’t.

3A PISCES NECKLACE Gifts For Pisces Man

Astrology Coin Necklace for$65.00This necklace in gold is ideal for Pisces. Every day. Single.

4CUTE SLIPPERS Gifts For Pisces Man

Cozy Fleece + Memory Foam Shark SlippersAMAZONHALLUCIAmazonCozy. Cute. Ocean-adjacent. It’s all there.

Gifts For Pisces Man

5A TOTE BAGGWhat Your Sign Really Means: The Pisces Tote$28.00Birkin bag? This is your new favorite Pisces tote.

6-SUCCULENT Gifts For Pisces Man

Succulent Plants 5-PackPETSAmazon$15.32 – PLANTSPisces aren’t great at caring for plants, just because they love them. They’ll likely be able keep succulents alive because they require very little maintenance.

7A RIHANNA$18.00Did you know that Rihanna is a Pisces, too? Well, every Pisces does.


8AN ADORABLE HEATING PADGamago Sloth Heating$26.50Although Pisces need to be able to relax, it can be hard for them not too. This cooling/heating pad for sloths can help relieve cramps, sore muscles, and general relaxation. It’s very versatile and adorable.

9EARRINGSStardust Moon$32.00Pisces are essentially psychic and may feel a special connection with the stars.

10A TAROT DECKNeo: A New Approach to Self-Care and Healing.HARDIE$35.00$21.66 (38% off)Pisces are intuitive and almost psychic. They should learn to read the tarot.


11A GRAVITY BLANKET Gifts For Pisces Man

15 – Adults – Weighted Blanket – 15 PoundsAMAZONWEIGHTED IDEAAmazon$59.90Pisces are known to need a break from the daily grind. Make their next three-day Netflix session even more enjoyable by adding a weighted blanket. The heaviness of these blankets will make Pisces feel more connected to their loved ones, without them having to talk.

12A SLEEP MASKShiyao Women Sleeping Eye$9.34Your friend is most likely an excellent listener. Therefore, they are the person you should call when you have a personal crisis. It can be exhausting to offer support to so many friends. This is why your Pisces friend needs the eye mask to help them get some sleep.

13Floral Press Candle Gifts For Pisces Man

ANTHROPOLOGIEROSY RINGSAnthropologie$15.00Pisces is the sign that has an affinity for magic. Pisces also love the natural world and plants so getting them a candle for their next seance would be a smart move. Even if they don’t plan to channel their inner witch, the floral-press scent will bring back memories of the outdoors.


14A PRETTY VASEPeace Vase By Justina Blakeney(r)$68.00This pretty vase will encourage your Pisces friend to explore the natural world. You’ll be there to remind them every time they pick out a fresh bouquet of flowers.

15A SNOW GLOBER Gifts For Pisces Man

ainbow snow globeWEST ELMWEST ELMWest Elm$21.00This adorable snow globe will brighten up your friend’s home and support their nesting instincts. This will bring sunshine into any room and remind them of how vast the world truly is, when they feel down.


Latitude & Longitude NecklaceETSYSHEMISLIEtsy$39.20Pisces want to feel understood by their friends, so give them a personalized necklace with coordinates that you love.


17AN AIRPODS CASE CASE Gifts For Pisces Man

Oops-a–Daisy HardShell AirPods CaseURBAN OUTFITTERSUrban Outfitters$18.00Pisces love music and are a creative sign. This floral case will allow them to personalize their favorite piece tech.

18A MERMAIDHAIR CLIPSeashell Head$3.30Pisces love the ocean. Being near it makes them feel calmer. This chic hairstyle with a shell theme is a compromise.

19A DIFFUSERMonq Personal DifferuserURBAN OUTFITTERSMONQUrban Outfitters$20.00Did you know you could carry your personal diffuser with you everywhere? Now ya do. A Pisces will be the most loyal to portable soothing scents.


20A PISCES STICKER Gifts For Pisces Man

Pisces StickersETSYSINISTERSQUIDSEtsy$4.00Pisces, like any sign (except Scorpio), can make fun of themselves. Pisces are usually quite into astrology due to their natural magical vibes. Grab them this sticker.

21GALAXY EARRINGS Gifts For Pisces Man

Galaxy Earrings, Star$13.00Earrings that remind them of the stars are a favorite with Imaginative Pisces.



Rose Quartz Heart Coasters$9.90Pisces love feelings. They love! They love steamy romance novels, star-crossed lovers, and all that jazz. These coasters are a subtle nod towards their romantic side. They pair well with friends or on date nights.

23A FANCY CANDLE Gifts For Pisces Man

La Botica Barcelona CandleLA$68.00Pisces love to chill by candlelight and dim the lights. This one smells just like Fashion Week in Barcelona. It is rich, sensual, and alluring.


24A BERET Gifts For Pisces Man

Wool Blend BeretNORDSTROMHALOGENNordstrom$29.00Pisces can often appear out of touch with reality, which contributes to their mysterious aura. This adorable beret will help them to embrace it. Is this a French model? A poet? A person with a cold head? Who knows?

25PHOTO CLIPSBattery Operated$6.79Pisces love to keep their loved ones close because of the feelings we talked about above. The photo clip curtain allows them to show off their friends, while the twinkly lights add an extra magic touch.

26A FACE MASK Gifts For Pisces Man

Lapcos Variety Mask + Exfoliating Pad SetANTHROPOLOGIELAPCOSAnthropologie$19.50A face mask is the best self-care option. The set includes seven masks, so you could use one each night! You’re giving Pisces everything they need to have healthy skin.


27A PRETTY BLETTE Gifts For Pisces Man

Savage Fenty Women’s Curvy Floral Lace Bralette and Mesh Bralette in Pink DragonfruitSAVAGE X FENTYamazon.comA lacy bralette can make Pisces feel romantic and will keep them comfortable.

28A NOTEBOOK Gifts For Pisces Man

Blue Ocean Watercolor Lined NotebookAMAZONPELLOA JOURNALSAmazon$4.99Many Pisces write when they feel creative or have lots of feelings. This journal is a great way to show your support for their efforts. It features a soothing watercolor cover.


29A Sexy BOOK Gifts For Pisces Man

Cosmo’s Zodiac Sex – The Most Hot Sex Positions For Every Astrological SignHEARST $12.41Pisces love fantasy and this includes the bedroom.

30A PISCES PILLOW Gifts For Pisces Man

Zodiac Throw CushionURBAN OUTFITTERSURBAN OUTFITTERSUrban Outfitters$49.00You don’t need to convince all Pisces that astrology is a good thing. So, snuggle up to them with this pillow.

31A WREATH KIT Gifts For Pisces Ma

Wreath kitWEST ELMWEST ELMWest Elm$44.99(Wreaths aren’t just for Christmas. Have you ever heard of eucalyptus? This wreath-making kit is perfect for Pisces who love to be creative. It works twice as well to allow them to express their artistic impulses and connect them with the natural world.


32A CONSTELLATION NECKLACEConstellation NecklaceSTERLING$69.00This pretty necklace will let your friend show off their Pisces pride.

33A SKINCARE SECTIONLove Set Rose Sandalwood Gifts For Pisces$38.00Help Pisces get to the water by improving their bathing habits.

34LIP GLOSSWet and Wild Color Icon Lip Gloss for PiscesWET N$2.98A personalized lip gloss that is customized to your sign would be a great gift idea.

35A NOVELThe Pisces NovelMELISSA$14.65What happens when a human falls in love and marries a mermaid. This sounds like the story Pisces would love.

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