Gifts For Pilots

These are 59 gifts for pilots that will make them feel like they’re on cloud nine

Piloting is one of the most exciting and prestigious jobs you can hold. You want something that honors the profession of pilots without being too tacky if you are looking for gifts for them. You’d be amazed at the variety of cool gifts for pilots. This list includes personalized whiskey glasses, high-tech flight tech, and even hideous luggage covers. You’re sure find the perfect gift for your aviation enthusiast! Here are the best gifts for pilots.

This list makes it easy to choose the best Gifts For Pilots ,Check out the Gifts For Pilots list below now!

#1Turbojet Espresso Machine,Gifts For Pilots

Turbojet Espresso Machine Gifts For Pilots

Check it outThis is not your typical, standard espresso machine. The Turbojet, a bespoke luxury espresso machine, is as much an artwork as it is a coffeemaker. It will be proudly displayed by the aviation enthusiast in your life, and they’ll enjoy the additional benefit of making delicious beverages from it.

#2USAF F-15E Optical Illusion Lamp

USAF F-15E optical illusion lamp Gifts For Pilots

$34.95Check it outThis amazing 3-D lamp is made of glass and colored light. It pays tribute to the Air Force F-15E fighter plane. You can change the light colors with the remote control for unique home decor that will appeal to pilots.

#3Vintage Aircraft Instrument Drink Coasters

Vintage Aircraft Instrument Drink Coasters Gifts For Pilots

$21.25Check it outCoasters for the coast-seeking pilots! The six-pack of coasters looks just like vintage aircraft gauges. They make great conversation pieces and can hold your favorite pilot’s drink perfectly.

#4MyPilotPro GoPro Mount

MyPilotPro GoPro Mount Gifts For Pilots

$79.95Check it outIf you aren’t a pilot, is it really true? This GoPro mount for airplanes will let everyone know about your pilot friend’s most memorable adventures. It doesn’t take any tools to attach it and capture amazing footage.

#5Personalized Cartoon Pilot Portrait

Personalized Cartoon Pilot Portrait

$30.00Check it outWhen it comes to gift-giving, pilots who also love The Simpsons are a very niche market. It is possible. This portrait will make your favorite pilot one of his favorite yellow guys.

#6Reusable Travel Urinal

Reusable travel urinal Gifts For Pilots

$14.99Check it outAlthough it isn’t very pretty, it is functional. This handy gadget will save your pilot friend from many bathroom emergencies.

#7Personalized Travel Token Charm

Personalized Travel Token Charm

$28.00Check it outThis good luck charm will be a constant reminder to you, no matter what the journey of your pilot. They will be reminded by your personalized message that you are never too far away

#8Smartphone Controlled Paper Airplane Conversion Kit

Smartphone-Controlled Paper Airplane Conversion kit

$49.99Check it outThis amazing invention would have been available back in school so that you could compete against your classmates in paper plane competitions. PowerUp is a simple way to make a flying machine that can soar almost 200 feet using just paper and your smartphone.

#9Airplane Whiskey Decanter

Decanter for Airplane Whiskey

$135.00Check it outThis glass decanter is shaped like an airplane and contains a miniature glass biplane. It will amaze the pilot in your life. For a unique gift they will treasure for years, add a personalized plaque.

#10Personalized Leather Passport Wallet

Passport Wallet in Leather Personalized

$55.99Check it outThis fancy leather passport cover is customizable with the name or initials of your pilot. It will protect their cards and passport from the chaos at the airport.

#11Pilot's LED Pen

Pilot’s LED Pen Gifts For Pilots

$17.95Check it outThe Pilot Pen was designed to aid pilots and aviation professionals in writing and taking notes in darkness without impairing their night vision. It will be a great tool for any aviation enthusiast, whether they are a commercial pilot or a military pilot.

#12Scratch Off Travel Map Poster

Get a Travel Map Poster Scratch Off

$19.97Check it outThis map can be used to help your pilot friend reminisce about their favourite trips and plan their next adventure. The best part? They can display it in the home as a unique decor piece.

#13Microsoft Flight Simulator

Microsoft Flight Simulator Gifts For Pilots

$99.99Check it outMicrosoft Flight Simulator can be a great alternative to buying the lessons for the aviation enthusiast in your life. You can let them explore the world and imagine the day when they will be flying.

#14Congratulatory Pilot Coffee Mug

Congratulatory Pilot Coffee Mug

$13.99Check it outThis ceramic coffee mug will make a great gift for any pilot, or aspiring pilot. This cheeky gift will be appreciated by anyone, no matter if they are studying to become an aviation pilot or just need a cup of coffee before going to work.

#15Pilot Jokes Book

Pilot Jokes Book Gifts For Pilots

$6.99Check it outYou may have heard the story about the pilot who was cross-eyed and got fired. He couldn’t see his crew eye-to-eye.

#16Aviation Socks

Socks for Aviation Gifts For Pilots

$9.95Check it outThese socks will make the pilot in your life look sharp, even at 30,000 feet. These socks can be worn with their work uniforms or added fun to their next formal event.

#17Wacaco Portable Espresso Machine

Wacaco Portable Espresso Machine

$54.90Check it outThis incredible invention will allow the pilot in your life to enjoy delicious espresso anywhere from here to Timbuktu. They only need to make the perfect caffeine rush in just minutes, anywhere they are in the world.

#18Personalized Hangar Sign

Personalized Hangar Sign

$29.95Check it outThis personalized sign will be a great way to show your pilot love, regardless of whether they have a hangar or are just decorating their new apartment.

#19Fly Safe Keychain

Fly Safe Keychain

$18.00Check it outThis thoughtful gift is ideal for a pilot dad or Air Force dad. They can keep the engraved keychain with them wherever they go and it will always be a reminder of how much you love and encourage them.

#20Moleskine Leather Travel Journal

Moleskine Leather Travel Journal Gifts For Pilots

$15.85Check it outThe Moleskin refillable Moleskin notebook is made from genuine leather. It makes a great gift and a classic (and elegant) present for your pilot friend. It can be used to keep track of favorite travel moments or for aviation notes.

#21Wright Brothers Flying Machine Patent Poster

Wright Brothers Flying Machine Patent Placard

$12.99Check it outThis poster makes a great gift for pilots and history enthusiasts. It will look amazing in the recipient’s home or office.

#22Airplane Bottle Opener

Bottle opener for airplanes Gifts For Pilots

$8.47Check it outYour favorite pilot deserves a toast! The airplane bottle opener is strong and functional. However, the beautiful design will make them want to display it on their bar for many years.

#23Flight Deck Cockpit Journal

Flight Deck Cockpit Journal Gifts For Pilots

$12.99Check it outA cool, vintage-inspired cockpit journal is pilot’s best friend. This journal is refillable and will allow the pilot in your life to jot down all their important notes with style.

#24I'd Rather Be Flying Picture Frame

I’d rather be flying picture frames

$21.95Check it outMost likely, your pilot friend has amazing photos of the sky or fond memories from their favorite day at work. This wooden frame is handmade and will bring some of the sky into your home.

#25Replica Antique Propeller

Replica Antique Propeller

$169.00Check it outThis replica piece is a celebration of wooden propellers and will look great hanging from the wall or on the mantle of your pilot.

#26Pilot's Tool Kit

Pilot’s Toolkit Gifts For Pilots

$129.95Check it outIt is best to hope that the pilot in your life has a toolkit. But they likely don’t. This toolkit is specifically designed for solving aviation problems while flying.

#27Navihawk Atomic Timekeeping Watch

Navihawk Atomic Timekeeping Watch

$521.25Check it outThis amazing light-powered watch can keep time regardless of where you are in space or above it. It will be loved by your favorite pilot, but it will also look terrible on your wrist when you’re back on the ground.

#28Foreflight App

Foreflight App Gifts For Pilots

$99.99Check it outThe Foreflight app by Boeing allows even amateur pilots to fly like professionals. The app provides all the flight planning information they need, including weather and airport information. It also allows them to log flight data.

#29Pack This Travel Checklist Notepad

Use this Travel Checklist Notepad to Keep in Your Bag

$6.40Check it outThe ultimate travel checklist is essential for any pilot who’s constantly on the move. This notebook will keep them organized for 60 trips, and ensures that they have a toothbrush and a charger for their cell phones.

#30Thunderstreak Fighter Plane Ejection Seat

Thunderstreak Fighter Plane Ejection Seat Gifts For Pilots

$8300.00Check it outThis Thunderstreak ejection chair is a great gift for the aviation enthusiast and antique collector. This seat was used in Belgium by American fighter-bombers from 1956 to 1972.

#31Take Flight Personalized Whiskey Set

Take Flight Personalized Whiskey set

$159.95Check it outThis gift set includes a whiskey decanter and four glasses. It would be a great gift for a new pilot or a retired pilot. The gift set includes an engraved decanter and four glasses as well as a wooden box with your name or message.

#32Carry On Cocktail Kit

Carry on Cocktail Kit

$23.35Check it outThis kit is for pilot friends who are passengers, and not pilots. This kit includes everything you need to make two delicious Old Fashioneds. Cheers!

#33Personalized Face Luggage

Personalized Face Luggage Gifts For Pilots

$38.99Check it outThe Head Case is a great way to ensure that no one ever misplaces your luggage. Or even come near it. Send us a picture of your favorite pilot to make this unique gift.

#34Universal Travel Adapter Plug

Universal Travel Adapter Plug Gifts For Pilots

$22.99Check it outA universal adapter is a great gift for the international pilot who boasts about their recent trip to Europe. You’ll be able to plug your devices in in more than 150 countries.

#35Zero Grid Travel Security Belt

Zero Grid Travel Security Belt Gifts For Pilots

$7.99Check it outThe travel belt acts as a concealable money holder and gives pilots added confidence no matter how many cities or airports they visit in a week. The entire belt can be filled with cash folded in half, so pickpockets won’t know.

#36Ray-Ban Aviation Sunglasses

Ray-Ban Aviation Sunglasses Gifts For Pilots

$161.00Check it outRay-Bans are the perfect gift for pilots. These sunglasses are available in a variety of colors and finishes to help your pilot friend elevate their style while still paying homage to aviation’s past.

#37Airplane Necktie

Airplane Necktie Gifts For Pilots

$24.50Check it outThis necktie made of microfiber will be a great addition for a commercial pilot’s uniform or to any aviation lover to wear at his next formal event. This would make a great groomsman gift!

#38The Minimalist Travel Wallet

Minimalist Travel Wallet Gifts For Pilots

$15.00Check it outIn case you didn’t know, “minimalist”, is now the code word for “cool”. This slim wallet is made to only carry the essentials. This wallet is slim enough to fit comfortably in your pocket, so that you can keep your cash and cards safe.

#39Instant International Language Translator

Instant International Language Translator Gifts For Pilots

$250.00Check it outGoogle Translate is sometimes not enough. The ili device instantly translates English to Spanish, Chinese, and Japanese, so your pilot can easily communicate with anyone around the globe.

#40Travel Organizer Cubes

Travel Organizer Cubes

$21.99Check it outFor pilots, as well as anyone who travels regularly for a living, packing cubes can make a big difference. These cubes can be thought of as drawer organizers for your bag. You will be a great friend to pilot friends for helping them save space and time packing.

#41Halo Bolt 58830 mWh Portable Power Bank

Halo Bolt 58830 mWh Portable Power Bank

$89.99Check it outThe portable power bank can charge smartphones, tablets and other devices. It also has enough power to start your car. This can be carried by the pilot in your life to ensure they have enough power for their adventures.

#42Bose A20 Aviation Headset

Bose A20 Aviation Headset Gifts For Pilots

$1095.00Check it outThese high-end headphones for aviation from Bose will amaze the private pilot and hobbyist. They are functional, stylish, and offer noise cancelling and extreme equalization.

#43Professional Hanging Toiletry Bag

Professional Hanging Toiletry Bag

$17.99Check it outYour pilot friend is smart, professional, and impressive, but they still need something to hold their deodorant, and nose hair trimmer. The hanging toiletry bag is a great way to save space and organize all their products.

#44Landing Leathers Flight Bomber Jacket

Landing Leathers Flight Bomber Jacket

$349.99Check it outThis classic leather bomber is a great gift for pilots who are willing to spend a little extra. This classic leather bomber is available in three colors, and will quickly become a wardrobe staple.

#45Top Dad Pilot Shirt

Top Dad Pilot Shirt

$19.00Check it outThis pilot shirt is perfect for dads who aren’t Tom Cruise. This funny shirt is great for any occasion, whether he is a military veteran or just a hobbyist.

#46F-16 Lockheed Martin Aviation Blueprint

F-16 Lockheed Martin Aviation Blueprint

$5.62Check it outThis amazing blueprint art showcases all the details of an F-16 in a modern, cool style. You can choose from a variety of colors and frame it to make a beautiful home decor piece that the pilot in your family will love.

#47Eat Your Coffee Bars

Coffee Bars to Eat

$17.99Check it outFinally, coffee that passes airport security. These coffee bars are a great way for pilots to get 1 cup of caffeine.

#48World's Best Pilot Coffee Mug

World’s Best Pilot Coffee Mug

$18.99Check it outThis ceramic coffee cup makes a great gift. It will remind the pilot in your life that you are there for them, no matter where they may be.

#49TRX Bodyweight Exercise Resistance Kit

TRX Bodyweight Resistance Kit

$167.95Check it outOne of the best ways to keep fit while on the move is with a TRX kit. These resistance straps can be carried around and attached to any pole, door, tree or lamp post to get a complete workout.

#50Anker Portable Powerbank

Anker Portable Powerbank

$49.99Check it outThis portable charger packs a serious punch. This charger can be used with a variety of smart devices. But, the best part is that it has enough battery to charge your iPhone seven times without having to be plugged into.

#51Dude Wipes Flushable Travel Wet Wipes

Dude Wipes Flushable Travel Wipes

$7.99Check it outDude Wipes are a great way to make the pilot in your family feel like a king. These unscented cleansing wipes will allow him to have some portable freshness wherever he goes.

#52Van Heusen Aviator Shirt

Van Heusen Aviator Shirt Gifts For Pilots

$32.16Check it outThese button-ups for pilots will make them look professional, even if they don’t need to wear uniforms. The short-sleeve version of this button-up is available in blue or white and is made from wrinkle-free fabric.

#53Maglite Mini Flashlight

Maglite Mini Flashlight

$48.18Check it outThis mini Maglite flashlight is portable enough to be carried anywhere. It has enough power to provide 2.5 hours of light.

#54Travel Friendly Solid Cologne Tin

Travel friendly solid cologne Tin

$22.00Check it outIt’s not okay to smell bad after a long day of travel. Sorry. This compact, solid cologne can be used in small quantities and is travel-safe. It comes with a gentle scent of leather and sandalwood.

#55Nomatic Travel Bag

Nomatic Travel Bag Gifts For Pilots

$279.99Check it outThe Nomatic is the perfect carry-on. The Nomatic’s wearable 40-liter capacity allows for the ultimate carry-on. It can hold a huge variety of clothes, shoes, and toiletries. It also includes a laundry bag and super-secure tech pockets.

#56Reusable Silicone Food Bags

Silicone food bags that can be reused

$11.99Check it outYou can eat more snacks and less plastic. Stasher Bags can be a win-win situation! Stasher Bags are a win-win for pilots.

#57Travelpro Maxlite Spinner Luggage

Travelpro Maxlite Spinner Luggage

$152.99Check it outThis suitcase is what your pilot friend will need to get through the slow paces at the airport terminal. The suitcase’s spinner wheels make it super maneuverable and durable.

#58Vago Clothing Compression Tool

Vago Clothing Compression Tool Gifts For Pilots

$67.70Check it outThis gift is a suck. It’s a great gift! Vago compression tools can be used by the pilot in your life to save 50% space in their luggage. You can also pack 50% more stuff if you save 50% on your suitcase.

#59Top Gun Blu-ray

Top Gun Blu-ray

$24.98Check it outYou and the Mavericks in your life will enjoy watching this classic pilot movie again and again.

According to pilots, these are the best gifts for pilots


Photo by John Fleenor/ABC via Getty Images

Pilots travel all the time, it’s obvious. Even when they aren’t flying, pilots often travel a lot. They need to carry a lot of the same essentials as other jet-setters. They need certain things in-flight, at the ground and outside of the airport to relax and perform their jobs, which is usually done at 30,000 feet. We spoke to flight instructors, solo pilots and airline pilots to discover their top gifts.

The best gifts for on-duty

Wacaco Minipresso GR Portable Espresso Machine

Wacaco Minipresso GR Portable Espresso Machine


The portable coffee-maker was highly recommended by all of our pilots. The product description states that you simply add the coffee grounds to the filter basket and heat the water tank. Once the water has boiled, the piston will pump out your coffee. Justin Siems, a corporate pilot and host of the podcast Pilot to Pilot, also thinks this coffee-maker makes a great gift. He adds, “Make sure to get the Nespresso attachment, serious life changer.”


Bose A20 Aviation Headset With Bluetooth Dual Plug Cable, Black

Bose A20 Aviation Headset with Bluetooth Dual Plug Cable, Black


Pilots, like passengers, are very concerned about their ears. And for flight instructor Laurel Davis, this Bose headset is one of the things that makes her job a little more pleasant. She says that the headset with bluetooth allows her to listen to music and podcasts while traveling across countries. I think every pilot should have a pair. They’re expensive but definitely worth it.” Boeing 737 airline pilot Maria Pettersson likes these too — especially since they are noise-canceling, which she says is a “must when sitting in a loud cockpit all day.” While most airlines will provide aviation headsets for their pilots, if you want to bring your own or fly solo, these were the favorite among the pilots we talked to.

AMAZON: $1,096

Maglite Mini PRO LED 2-Cell AA Flashlight

Maglite Mini PRO LED 2-Cell AA Flashlight


“Every pilot must have one; however, its size is sometimes debatable,” says Danielle Jackson, an airline transport pilot. She says that a medium-sized flashlight with a good beam length would be the best. “We need to see up to the top of the aircraft’s fin.” But she also notes that keychain flashlights are not practical and can be bulky. This mini Maglite is perfect for her needs. It measures six inches in length and weighs only four ounces when it’s loaded with batteries. We’ve written about this brand before, and writer Steven John says, “They’re nothing if not dependable.”


Lesson Plans to Train Like You Fly by Arlynn McMahon

Lesson Plans to Train Like You Fly by Arlynn McMahon


Davis recommends this book to anyone looking for flight instructors. “It shows me examples of what I should include in drawing out the whiteboard,” he said.


Small Flight Gear Backup Battery

Small Flight Gear Backup Battery


Planes do not have an outlet to charge phones like cars. Pilots need a backup battery. This battery was designed for pilots and will not interfere with radios when it is brought into the cockpit. This one is appreciated by Davis because it can simultaneously charge your iPhone and iPad, which is what she uses to access some of her apps.


LanLuk Portable Charger Power Bank 25800mAh

LanLuk Portable Charger Power Bank 25800mAh


Airline captain Jake Nelson prefers this battery. He says that he keeps a power bank in his flight bag to charge it in the event of an emergency. “In addition to keeping me charged on my phone, I can also charge my wireless headphones or iPad with this power bank.” It is compatible with all smartphones and has two USB ports.


SKROSS PRO Plus USB World Adapter

SKROSS PRO Plus USB World Adapter


“Pilot or not, we all need to charge our devices, and as pilots, traveling between different countries is part of daily life so a multi-way travel adapter, even two, can be really useful and avoids the worry of trying to charge a phone at 3 a.m. in an unknown destination with unknown sockets,” says Jackson. It has two USB ports and can accept two- or three-prong cords. It is also compatible with over 150 countries.


Stasher 100% Silicone Reusable Food Bag

Stasher 100% Silicone Reusable Food Bag


Premade Biscoff and airplane food are not enough for pilots. Nelson is one example of a pilot who prefers to bring his own food. He says that these bags are great for people who bring home-cooked food to their trips. “They are reusable silicone food bags that are durable, microwave-safe, oven-safe and dishwasher-safe. I try to avoid eating out on trips since I follow the Keto diet, and these bags allow me to keep my meal-prepped food.” We’ve written about these Stasher bags before on the Strategist, but one perk of the silicone that we’ve never realized is that they’re oven-safe, “so they can be used in the on-board ovens,” says Nelson.



S'well Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottle, 17 oz

S’well Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottle, 17 oz


Jackson thinks that a reusable, insulated water bottle makes a great gift. As a pilot based in Europe, her recommendation is this 500-milliliter flask from a U.K.-based company called Clim8. She likes it because “not only are they leak-proof but they keep drinks hot for 12 hours or cold for 24.” It also helps her live more sustainably because it “saves so many single-use plastics you get on the aircraft, and you can carry it around easily in a flight bag.” If you don’t want to wait for it to ship overseas, this Strategist-approved S’Well water bottle has a similar style and specs.


OneTigris Tactical ID Card Holder Hook & Loop Patch Badge Holder Neck Lanyard

OneTigris Tactical ID Card Holder Hook & Loop Patch Badge Holder Neck Lanyard$24Now 17% Off


Ruben Garay, a first officer at American Airlines, finds that this card holder is another great organizational tool for pilots. He says that he likes this card holder to keep my crew ID and licenses. It’s made from top-quality materials, and it has lots of pockets in the back for additional cards. While some people attach the ID to their shirt with a small clamp, I find this more secure against the elements. You can remove the back with Velcro. You’ll find it handy in your cockpit with its pen holder.


Ray-Ban Original Aviator Sunglasses

Ray-Ban Original Aviator SunglassesStarting at $154

Five pilots recommended Ray-Ban sunglasses as a gift. As pilot Petra Lorenz, a flight instructor and examiner on Embraer 195 for Austrian Airlines, points out, “High-quality sunglasses are a must for the eyes being exposed to harmful rays in the air much more than on-ground,” and aviators apparently prefer this aptly named style. Litescu says that the Ray-Ban Aviator Classic sunglasses should be a must-have for pilots who want to take in the beauty of the natural world from sunrise to sunset, and to provide the maximum sun protection during various flying phases. Nelson, who admittedly prefers the Wayfarer style thinks that no matter which one you go with, they should be non-polarized because “polarized lenses can interfere with our Electronic Flight Bags (aka iPads with our charts and company documents) as well as our digital flight instruments in the flight deck.”


Montblanc StarWalker Doue Ballpoint Pen

Montblanc StarWalker Doue Ballpoint Pen


Anna Genevieve Nguyen and Litescu, both solo pilots, agree that a good pen is a must for a pilot friend. Litescu states that pilots must sign many documents and fill out flight details. It is therefore important to have a pen on hand. This fancy Montblanc option, with a cosmic and space exploration motif, is Litescu’s recommendation. Although airline pilots don’t fly that high, the sentiment is there. Litescu sees the pen as a reminder of Mont Blanc. “StarWalker is a constant reminder about how beautiful nature is. I fly inbound to Torino Airport or Geneva Airport, cross the summit at 18,000 feet.


Aer Travel Pack 2 Backpack

Aer Travel Pack 2 Backpack


Siems says that pilots are known for having a lot of gear. This bag can be used to store all their travel accessories and tech gadgets. The Travel Pack 2 Small is ideal for carrying your headset, camera and other pilot necessities. It also features three exterior zip pockets and an exterior slip pocket. There are two interior compartments and five slip pockets.


Purdy Neat 103NG Pilot Rolling Bag 22

Purdy Neat 103NG Pilot Rolling Bag 22″x14″x8″


A fancy piece of luggage might be your first thought when thinking of a gift for a pilot, but rather than gift a Rimowa or an Away, try this very tactical bag. This is the No. 1 bag in the pilot industry for travel,” says Ryan Hunter, a Boeing 737 Captain for United Airlines. It’s essential for pilots. The bag has two front pockets, three sides pockets and two back pockets. There’s also a shirt shelf inside and a removable divider. The metal frame and handle are strong enough to withstand constant travel. It weighs in at 15 pounds empty. It comes with a 3-year warranty and can be repaired if it is ever damaged.


ForeFlight Gift Card

Gift card for ForeFlightStarting at $100

ForeFlight, an app that pilots can use, is not free. Nguyen says that while it isn’t a mandatory item for flying, it can make flying safer as the app allows pilots to see other planes in the area. This also helps avoid traffic conflicts. It simplifies flight planning and provides access to all necessary aviation tools much faster than traditional methods. A ForeFlight subscription is a great gift idea.

FOREFLIGHT – Starting at $100

IWC Pilot's Watch Chronograph TOP GUN

IWC Pilot’s Watch Chronograph TOP GUN


A watch can be a great gift for anyone. But timing is key for pilots. Litiscu believes that this luxury option would be appreciated. She explains that the Top Gun watch was created for elite jet pilots of the U.S Navy. It is made from durable and resistant materials like titanium and ceramic. This watch is amazing. It can withstand all kinds of flight conditions.


The best off-duty  Gifts For Pilots

Apple AirPods Pro

Apple AirPods Pro$249Now 21% Off


These AirPods, which are smaller and cheaper than the Bose headsets, are another favorite of Siems. He says, “Not only are AirPod Pros great for listening to music, podcasts, and audiobooks in the terminal, but they also have great noise cancellation, which comes in handy while performing preflight inspections.”



Sony Alpha A6600 Mirrorless Camera with 18-135mm Zoom Lens

Sony Alpha A6600 Mirrorless Camera with 18-135mm Zoom Lens


A great benefit of flying is the ability to travel and see new places. Siems suggests that a good camera is a welcome gift. “A good camera is a great way to make your friends and loved ones jealous back home while you’re on a beach and they are stuck in traffic.” Writer Steven John recommends a similar version of this digital camera and says it “more than meets the needs of the amateur-but-dedicated photographer,” so even if your pilot is a beginner, they might be able to finesse a few professional-looking shots using this.

AMAZON: $1,798

Kindle Paperwhite

Kindle Paperwhite


“Pilots have positioning flights, layovers, time in the bunk, hours of waiting for connecting flights or in turnarounds — so they have plenty of opportunity to read,” says Eva Claire Marseille, a Boeing 747 pilot, which is why she thinks a Kindle would be a great gift. It’s light, portable, and easy to put in your bag. An entire library can be carried with you. An e-reader can be used as a portable library. I’ve been carrying a few paper books on my work trips. I’m secretly waiting for someone to gift me one.” Strategist managing editor Maxine Builder gifted herself one back in 2018 and can attest that this Kindle is good for all forms of travel: “I can hold it and flick to the next page all with one hand; I can read even when I’m holding onto a pole for dear life and getting smushed between my fellow subway commuters.”



Kenneth Cole Standing Valet Stand

Kenneth Cole Standing Valet Stand$139

$205Now 32% Off

It’s easier to dress up for work when you have a uniform. As long as you don’t forget anything, it is arguably easier. This suit organizer is a great way to do that. Garay says that the organizer is great because it can fit your blazer, pants and tie on one side and has hidden compartments to store your watch and pens. It organizes your uniform so you can have it ready for when you head out on a trip.


Aviationtag Boeing 747 – B-HUI

Aviationtag Boeing 747 – B-HUI


A few pilots recommended custom luggage tags, but Aviationtag’s seems to be the most sentimental. Marseille says that they are made from the original skins of scrapped planes and have something for everyone. You can search for a particular type of airplane or an airline tag.


Tiffany Airplane Charm

Tiffany Airplane Charm


This charm is a less costly but equally stunning piece of aviation jewelry, which Litiscu also recommends. She says, “There’s nothing more beautiful than a lucky charm that looks like an airplane.” “The one from Tiffany’s is a masterwork in love and aviation.


MiGFlug Gift Card

MiGFlug Gift Card

Starting at $2,399

This is a very expensive gift, but Ltiscu believes it will be appreciated by the pilot in your life. MiGFlug allows you to become a fighter pilot and fly a fighter plane for just one day. Litsucu states that as an airline pilot, many of us have never had the opportunity to fly a fighter jet. This would be an incredible experience. It can be worth it to fly a fighter jet like the :L-39 in Florida, Switzerland, or the amazing MIG-29 Russian. It’s still a dream of mine to receive such a wonderful gift, or offer it to my husband, who is an airline pilot.


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