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The 19 Essential Nail Technician Supplies List

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If you already gotproper educationIf you have decided to open a nail salon or salon, the first thing you will need to do is order and stock high-quality supplies. If you are looking for the best, here’s a list of resources.Ultimate nail technician supply listWe have you covered.

You are well aware that the world of nail design is always changing. Professional nail technicians must keep up to date with the latest trends. High-quality nail supplies are essential if you want to be a skilled professional in nail design.

If you don’t have the right equipment, you will be considered an amateur nail technician and it will be difficult to build a clientele. The procedure and profession are only possible if you have the right equipment.

A nail technician can’t live without certain things. We will now share the 19 essential supplies for nail technicians.

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The 19 Essential Nail Technician Supplies List

1. Nail Desk/ Station

It is important to have a workstation that will fit your exact needs as a nail technician. You should measure your room before you buy a desk for a nail technician. You should also consider whether you require your station to be portable.You can choose This  Gifts For Nail Tech

2. Table Lamp Gifts For Nail Tech

A nail supply list is essential for any nail technician. It doesn’t matter if you are working in tight spaces like side walls and cuticles, or designing amazing nails, you need good lighting to be able to see what you’re doing.You can choose This  Gifts For Nail Tech

3. Nail File & Buffer

The nail file will help you shape, file, and prepare your nails for nail polish. Buffers can smoothen the nail bed and make your nails shine. Buffers and nail files are simple and inexpensive. Both are essential for every nail technician in a salon.You can choose This  Gifts For Nail Tech

4. Set of High-Quality Manicure Products

Everyone who practices nails needs a good and high-quality manicure set, including a cuticle pusher, nail scissors, etc. This is an essential tool for any nail technician. A manicure that lasts is best when it is done correctly.

nail drill - nail technician supply list

5. Gifts For Nail Tech

A professional nail drill is essential for nail technicians. You will be able to complete your job much faster with a nail drill. You will need your nail drill, especially if you are using artificial nails extensions. With a regular file, this can take a while. Nail drills can be used to shape, backfill, and clean the nails. They can reach tight spaces where a regular nail file cannot. (Check out our favorite best nail drills)

6. Nail Drill Bits Gifts For Nail Tech

You can find high-quality nail bits in many materials, including metal and ceramic. You will get amazing manicure results by choosing the right nail bit for the job. There are many bits that can be used for different purposes, such as the UNC bit which is mostly for “under the nails” and the barrel bit which is best for “surface work”. (Find out how to Choose and use electric nail drill bits)

7. Disinfectant Gifts For Nail Tech

Clients will appreciate your good and proper sanitation of their nail tools. Properly cleaning your tools will help you avoid getting and transmitting different types of bacteria. Use clean tools and make sure to disinfect all tools and nail bits after each client.You can choose This  Gifts For Nail Tech

8. Acrylic Powder & Monomer

Acrylic nail extensions are durable and long-lasting. Clients love them so much they won’t trade them for anything. It is essential to have a supply of high-quality monomer and acrylic powder as a nail technician. It is important to be well-informed and have the ability to correctly apply traditional acrylics.You can choose This  Gifts For Nail Tech

9. Hard Gel Gifts For Nail Tech

Although not many people know this, hard gels contain acrylic-based ingredients. Hard gels offer some advantages over traditional acrylics. Hard gel extensions are more flexible than traditional acrylics and can be shaped in any way you like. To fully cure, hard gel extensions require a UV/LED. (Read more: Best Hard Gel for Nails and Our Reason Why)

Tip – To cure hard gels, you will need a minimum 36W LED/UV lamp

10. LED Nail Lamp Gifts For Nail Tech

nail lamp is a nail technician supply list must have

In order to cure hard gels, soft gels, and even gel nail polish, you need a LED/UV light. My main reason for preferring LED light to UV is the time. LED nail lamps are the ultimate time savers. Gel polish can be cured by LED nail lamps in 30 seconds, and UV lamps in 2 minutes.

11. Gifts For Nail Tech

Dip powders are a quick and easy way to create the best manicure. Dip powders for nails are non-toxic, long-lasting, and gentle. Dip powder manicure usually lasts longer than a gel polish manicure. (Read more: Best Dipping powder system reviews)

12. A variety of nail polishes

Many customers enjoy having a wide range of nail polish colors, glitters and designs so they can choose the perfect manicure. A variety of nail polish colors and products can allow you to be more creative and create amazing nail art. (Read More: Best Gel Polish Kits)

13. High-Quality Top Coat & Base Coat

A good base coat will make your nail polish to stick to it and help the manicure last longer. A base coat can prevent your natural nails from being stained by yellowish nail polishes. The top coat will add a shine to your nails and prevent the polish from chipping.You can choose This  Gifts For Nail Tech

14. Use Nail Polish Remover and Cotton Balls

Acetone is a popular choice for nail polish removal because it dissolves enhancement products faster than any other non-acetone polish removers. For removing gel polish, regular nail polish and acrylic extensions, cotton balls, gauze pads and cotton balls are all commonly used in the nail industry.You can choose This  Gifts For Nail Tech

15. Nail Polish Wall Rack

Your client bought a lot of nail polishes, so you need somewhere to keep them all. Having a Wall rack in your nail salon is one of the most place-saving solutions. A wall rack that is full and beautiful looks great for customers.You can choose This  Gifts For Nail Tech

16. Isopropyl Alcohol

Alcohol solutions are often used in nail salons when using gel polishes and hard gels. The gels are left sticky after they have been cured using a UV/LED light lamp. It is best to use an alcohol solution to get rid of the sticky layer.You can choose This  Gifts For Nail Tech

17. Nail Tips and Glue

If your customer wants long beautiful nails, one way to get them exactly that is using nails tips and Professional nail glue. Nail tips are similar to nail forms. They help the nail tech achieve long nails. Tips are usually made with traditional acrylics, dip powders, or gels by nail techs.

18. Acrylic & Gel Brushes

It is essential to have a good set of acrylic brushes when working with traditional acrylics. There are many sizes and shapes of acrylic brushes. Gel brushes have a different shape from acrylic brushes, and gel brushes usually thinner and flatter then acrylic brushes.

19. Gifts For Nail Tech


Nail forms can be described as nail stickers. They allow you to create a nail with no need for a tip. Disposable forms are more popular than reusable. Placing nail forms correctly is key. Bad placement of nail forms can result in uneven nails. Nail technicians often use traditional acrylics and hard gels for nail forms.You can choose This  Gifts For Nail Tech



What gifts can you give a nail tech?


Sometimes it can be difficult to buy gifts for someone you care about. It can be difficult to find the right gift for someone. I always scour the internet searching for new ideas, for something new and exciting that the person hasn’t seen before. This list contains items that I believe would make a great gift for a nail technician friend. These items are perfect for working women who seem to have it all.



Facial Tools 3-in-1 Gift Set

facial care gift set

This gift set is perfect for cat lovers. This set is adorable and a great addition for your skincare products. This set is adorable because it features a cute cat theme. I love tiny cat mittens as a cat mom. This gift box contains a facial cleansing brush, a facial sponge, and a hot/cold dual-face massager. It also includes a $100 Melodysusie gift voucher.You can choose This  Gifts For Nail Tech

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Makeup brush cleaners Gifts For Nail Tech

makeup brush cleaners

These makeup brush cleaners are cute and practical. These compact brushes can be easily carried in your purse for travel. The cleaners have an opening in the back that allows you to grip the cleaner with your fingers when cleaning your brushes. This is an essential tool for makeup lovers.

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Wireless Bluetooth earphones

wireless Bluetooth earphones

Music is my life. This adorable wireless Bluetooth earphone set in purple is great for music lovers who don’t want cords to get in the way. The case is a sleek metallic purple and doubles as a charging station. The earphones have a play time of 4.5 hours and a standby time of up to 140 hours.

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32 pcs Professional Makeup Brush Set

professional makeup brush set

This 32-piece professional makeup brush set makes a great gift. The set includes all the brushes you need to achieve flawless makeup looks. It features a wooden handle with soft bristles. The brush comes in a black, sleek travel bag that ensures every brush is always accounted for. It also protects bristles from damage.You can choose This  Gifts For Nail Tech

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32 pcs Professional Makeup Brush Set

electric scalp masager

A relaxing head massage is the best way to unwind after a stressful day. The massager can also be used dry or wet, so it’s great to use in the shower while washing your hair. Massage your scalp can also encourage hair growth.

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REVLON Hot Air Brush and Volumizer One-Step Hair Dryer


Who has the time to do their hair every morning? A messy bun is something I love, especially when I’m running behind. The Hair dryer and volumizer brush can dry your hair and style it at the same time. You will look fabulous and save time.

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Nail tech cosmetology apron



An apron for cosmetology is an essential item to have. It prevents excess products and dust from getting on your clothes. It is also a great way to display your brand and your nail salon‘s logo. These aprons are adorable because they feature little illustrations at the front. It has an adjustable neck tie and three pockets that a nail tech can use to store tools while working, on, for instance, a pedicure.

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Etched glass Gifts For Nail Tech



This glass makes a great gift for nail technicians. The quality engraving will last forever. It can also be washed in the dishwasher. This is a great addition for any nail tech’s collection.

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Decorative nail sign



A few decorative pieces are essential for every nail salon. This beautiful wooden piece is sturdy, colourful and strong. You can mount it on the wall, or you can place it on a shelf. You can use it as a backdrop to take nail photos.

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Set of nail art Gifts For Nail Tech



A nail art kit is essential for every nail technician. This kit includes five different sizes of dotting tools and a set nail art brushes. It also comes with a handy travel bag.

The pouch contains 20 pieces: 2 flat fan brushes; 1 angled head brush; 1 pattern brush; 2 liner brushes; 3 flat brushes; 3 oblique toothbrushes. 1 dotting pen brush; 1 drawing and 1 petal brush. There are 5 dotting pens.

Dotting pens are made with environment-friendly acrylic materials that are water-resistant and durable.

Magnetic closure for Roll-Up Pouch You will also receive a complimentary E-book with tips and tricks to create nail art.

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Professional nail care kit



I am a nail technician and can tell you that my nails are not always in the best of shape. I worry so much about the nails of others that I don’t have time to care for my own. This set will allow your friend to be able to care for her nails while on the move. It is easy to store and contains everything you need to complete a manicure.

The set includes tools for your nails, toenails and face. These tools are made of 100% stainless steel, and are durable and high-quality.

It is made of synthetic leather and comes in two designs.You can choose This  Gifts For Nail Tech

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Hand pillow and manicure mat



Having a hand pillow for your clients will allow them to have a much more enjoyable experience, as it supports their hands while a set is being done. After the manicure is complete, you can take beautiful pictures with the manicure mat. It protects your table from dust and spillages.

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Tumbler made of stainless steel



This tumbler is great. It comes in this gorgeous colour with a cute nail quote at the front. But it also has many other valuable features. It has a double-walled insulation. It can keep beverages cool for up to 9 hours and warm for up to 3 hours.

It’s lightweight and portable, so you can travel easily with it. It is lightweight and lead-free and made from high-quality stainless-steel. It is strong and resistant to rust.You can choose This  Gifts For Nail Tech

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Fruit infuser water bottle



This gift is perfect for busy working women. The bottle is large in capacity, and the basket extends to the entire length. The cover is sweat-proof and insulative. It prevents condensation, keeps water fresher for longer.

It is made from strong, BPA-free and environmentally friendly Eastman Tritan. It can be used again and again. The flip-top opening is sealed with a metal ring latch. It is 100% leakproof.

The book also contains a guidebook with tasty infuser recipes. It can be stored in a backpack. You can easily hold it securely with the convenient grips placed on both sides.

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nail tech keychain Gifts For Nail Tech



This keychain makes a great gift for your nail tech friend. It is made of stainless steel. It is also hypoallergenic and nickel-free.

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Finely crafted teacup in glass



This gift is unique and will make women feel loved. This enamel mug is handmade with hand-painted flowers. It can hold hot or cold beverages and is very durable. It’s a truly unique gift that emphasizes the creativity of a nail technician.You can choose This  Gifts For Nail Tech

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Aromatherapy Candles



Candles are the best way to create a peaceful environment. There are four different scents available and they come in beautiful tin boxes. They are made from soy wax with lead-free cottonwicks.

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essential oil diffuser Gifts For Nail Tech



Modern essential oil diffusers are becoming more and more popular. This is a wonderful addition to any nail salon. It comes with popular scents to create the ideal environment for your clients. It can also reduce the unpleasant odors of nail products. It purifies the air and creates calm work environments. The diffuser is available in four different styles and 4 timing settings. The diffuser also features an auto shut off function.

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Charger for your device



A convenient charging station is essential for anyone who travels. A technician can do almost everything, including booking appointments and placing orders. It also needs to be fully charged throughout the day. It is easy to forget about charging your phone when you are busy. This is a great solution for salons because it can not only charge your device, but also has enough room for clients’ devices.You can choose This  Gifts For Nail Tech

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Himalayan salt lamp



A Himalayan salt lamp can be aesthetically pleasing in any setting, home or office. It is made from salt crystals sourced from the Himalayan Mountains. When lit, it creates a beautiful glow and purifies the air around it. The lamp’s base is made of 100% natural Neem wood, which is naturally antibacterial.

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Heated back and neck massager



Nail technicians will agree that this job can be very stressful for the neck and back. We have to find another way to save money since most people can’t afford weekly spa visits.

If you know a good nail technician, this is a great product to have. The heat function and rotating nodes help relieve sore muscles. The model is small and pillow-like, so it can be easily placed on your sore shoulders and neck. To work, it must be plugged in.

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Blanket with weight Gifts For Nail Tech



After a long day at the office, a weighted blanket can be a great way to relax and relieve stress. You can also use this to relax sore muscles. You will feel your muscles relax and be able to recover. It is easy to wash and made from 100% cotton.

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Portable neck and back massage pillows



You can carry your neck massager with you wherever you go. The bag can be used as a travel bag or as a car adapter. This is a great tool for nail technicians because it can be used between clients. There are four settings: heat option, rotating nodes and a heat option.

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Jade face roller Gifts For Nail Tech



A handcrafted genuine jade roller is the best way to promote skincare. This is a great gift for a hardworking friend. A chilled jade roller on tired skin will do wonders. It will soothe your skin and can also be mixed with cream to make it more absorbable. It is an essential product for every woman.

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glass planter desktop terrarium



Plants can purify the air and are also beautiful. This desktop planter features a gorgeous wooden design and bulb-shaped planters. This planter is perfect for your home or workspace.

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temperature-controlled smart mug



You can say goodbye to cold coffee This mug is perfect for working people. It is a pain to use when my coffee becomes cold. The battery lasts longer so you can keep your coffee warm for as long as 1.5 hours with a single charge. You can set the temperature to suit your taste. You can control the temperature and presets using your smartphone. When it is needed, the mug can go into auto-sleep mode. It can also be turned on and off as necessary. You can hand wash it safely.

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Foot rest Gifts For Nail Tech



While you do nails or work at your desk, take some pressure off your feet and hips. This can be used to relax and stress relieve while you work. This memory foam pillow can be used in many different ways.

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glass nail file



This glass nail file makes a great gift for nail technicians. It isn’t as sharp as regular nail files, and it’s gentler on your nails. You should definitely keep it in your bag.

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Nail polish wall display rack



This is a dream come true for nail technicians. This sturdy, beautiful storage is perfect for all your nail polish collections. This storage is ideal for displaying your colours in a stylish way.

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Nail polish holder



Spilling gel polish can be almost painful. This is a great way to avoid spills. This will allow you to paint your nails much more quickly as you don’t need to hold onto the bottle between strokes.

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Bath bomb set Gifts For Nail Tech



Bath bombs make a great gift. 12 bath bombs handcrafted from natural ingredients that will induce relaxation and leave you with soft, smooth skin and relaxed muscles.

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Amazon gift card



Sometimes it is better to let your friend choose. Amazon gift cards are great because you can choose the amount that you want to give and you know that your friend will be happy with what they get.

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Starbucks gift card



Who doesn’t like Starbucks? This gift card is perfect for coffee-loving workers. You can customize the amount that you want to gift and then email it to your friend. You don’t have to worry about losing your gift card, it will be there right on their phone!

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Glass water bottle with tea infuser



This unique glass tea infuser is made of glass. This glass tea infuser is a wonderful gift with its beautiful geometric designs and clear finish. The infuser basket and tea strainer can be removed. The glass is strong and insulated. There is no use of plastic. It is also free of BPA and lead.

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Ceramic tea infuser cup



This beautiful tea infuser is made of ceramic and has a stainless steel interior. It’s perfect for working women.

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Fancy journal Gifts For Nail Tech



This stylish notebook is handmade with thick ivory paper, which prevents ink from bleeding. This notebook will make anyone happy, whether it is used for a planner, client logbook, or personal journal.


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Necklace made with essential oils



Natural perfume made with essential oils. This necklace is a great way to combine style with natural scents. You can choose from 4 essential oils or multi-coloured scent cushions.

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Mask for the face



After a long day at the office, a pure dead sea mud face mask is a great choice. It is gentle on the skin and provides a soothing feeling. It can also reduce pores and is great for all skin types. This is the perfect gift for someone who wants a little pampering. Because we are nail technicians, our skin can get oily and clogged up with particles and dust. This is a wonderful gift for a nail technician.

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Himalayan scrub Gifts For Nail Tech



A good body scrub is a must for any pamper day. The Himalayan salt scrub is packed with amazing ingredients that are great for your skin. It hydrates and detoxifies the skin.

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Stylus Gifts For Nail Tech



Everything is available at our fingertips in this digital age. With our smartphones, we can reach clients, book appointments, order products and do everything else with just a few taps. Stylus is a wonderful gift for anyone who works in the workplace.

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Selfie ring light Gifts For Nail Tech



If you are a nail technician, taking pictures of your nails is a big part of advertising. A small selfie ring light can create the best lighting for your picture. A flash will only reduce the quality of your photos, so it is worth investing in!

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Large crystal nail prop



A large, diamond-shaped crystal is a popular photo prop in the nail industry. This crystal will make beautiful nails pictures and can be given as a gift to many nail technicians.

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Face sheet masks Gifts For Nail Tech



Sometimes a sheet mask is all that’s needed to let go of stress and allow us to reflect on the day. This set of 12 masks makes a great gift!

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Picker for rhinestones with replacement wax heads



Rhinestones should be a staple of every nail technician’s toolbox. It is frustrating to try and pick up and maneuver rhinestones with no tools. This set includes a rhinestone picking tool with replaceable wax heads and a shape tool which allows you to move the rhinestones around on your nail without destroying the design.

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Support pillow for the back



As we have said, nail technicians can cause severe back pain. This pillow supports the back and is great for nail technicians.

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Standing arm rest



This armrest is a win-win because it raises the client’s hands, and reduces stress on the neck of a nail technician.

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Standing arm rest Gifts For Nail Tech



This is a unique and cute gift idea for nail technicians. It can be used to hold pencils, and it also doubles as a pencil holder. It’s a great addition to any nail salon. Gifts For Nail Tech

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iRobot Roomba Gifts For Nail Tech



Although it is a more expensive gift, this gift is the best for any nail technician or any woman. Nail art can cause a lot of dust, as well as pieces of acrylic and cut nails that can be dropped on the floor. It is a dream to have an active vacuum cleaner while you are working.

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