Gifts For Dirt Bike Riders

When it comes time to gift a dirtbike enthusiast friend, most people think of a helmet or dirtbike boots. These gifts may not be as useful as you might think. We riders love to pick our gear. It wouldn’t surprise riders if you asked them what gear they would like. If you aren’t willing to risk the personal choices of the rider, there are some other useful items that dirt bike riders would love to have. Lucky for you, this article includes a list.

These gifts may seem a little outlandish to you but they are essential and loved by every rider. You can still get a pair or helmet of boots or other gear by visiting our Riding Gear section. When buying gifts for someone, it is important to think about how much you are willing to spend. This list shows that all products range from the most affordable to the most expensive.

Scrolling down will give you a few options, so you should be able to identify what you are looking for and what the rider may be interested in. Last thing: all links to Amazon redirect you to the product. This means you will receive your gifts within a few days. Let’s now look at some of my ideas to show you why they are so special for dirt bikers.

This list makes it easy to choose the best ,Check out the list below now!

1. Subscribe to a magazine or books

While books may seem old-fashioned to some, most riders enjoy reading information about their sport. If you are looking for the most inexpensive option, a Dirt Bike Magazine Subscription for 12-months would be ideal. A magazine subscription is a great gift, and will last the recipient for 12 months.

If you want to get them a book, what I’d recommend is the “How to Ride Off-Road Motorcycles“. This book is a great resource that provides information about key skills and tips for advanced riding techniques, including off-road and trail riding. This book is great for beginners, as it helps riders learn about all aspects of riding from basic to advanced.

2. A fuel bottle Gifts For Dirt Bike Riders

If the rider rides often, there is a good chance that he/she already has a fuel container. However, if not, buying a fuel tank will relieve a lot of stress. Riders can carry extra fuel in safety with them when riding. A fuel bottle is a great addition. A fuel bottle is something that every rider must have. You can inspect the situation to determine if the rider has one. Either way, the one that I’d recommend to you is the MSR Liquid Fuel Bottle which is an inexpensive yet highly valuable product that is made of aluminum, thus, it prevents leaks and minimizes fuel degradation.

3. A visa gift card Gifts For Dirt Bike Riders

If you’re not sure whether you want to buy the recipient something or let them buy something for themselves, a visa gift card would be the ideal choice. This is the ideal solution for riders who need dirt bike gear, but don’t know their preferences in terms of size, weight, or height. He can buy standard or metric tools with this money. It’s the perfect gift for everyone because they can choose what they want.

4. A gear bag Gifts For Dirt Bike Riders

Dirt biking is a sport that requires riders to bring a lot of gear with them on the trails. The rider must carry extra fuel, protective gear and water bottles. They also need to have some food and any other small accessories they might need, such as a toolkit, first aid kit, or other useful items. It is difficult for riders to find a backpack that fits all their needs without making it uncomfortable while riding. For that, the Factory FMX Motocross gear bag is the perfect choice to go with, so try taking it into serious consideration if you’ve noticed the gift recipient struggling in such cases.

5. Smartwatch Gifts For Dirt Bike Riders

It is a great item for riders because it makes riding much easier. For example, the Garmin Fenix 5 Plus GPS smartwatch would be a great choice because it features topo maps with satellite network capability that helps and improves tracking in some remote trail locations where most riders go. This small accessory can also play music so it’s a great choice.

dirt bike gifts,Gifts For Dirt Bike Riders

6. A helmet cam Gifts For Dirt Bike Riders

Before I was able to afford a helmet camera, I used to plan my month to make sure I had enough money to buy a helmetcam. It’s possible to even notice if they like helmet cams by just talking. Do they always share their trail riding experiences? Do they like to share the smallest details about their trail riding? Buy them a helmet camera if they are asking. What I’d recommend is the GoPro Hero 7 Black. There are many other options, but this model is my favorite. This is the most feature-rich camera on the market, and it comes at an affordable price.

7. 7. A pressure washer Gifts For Dirt Bike Riders

You might be very close to the person you’re buying the gift. They may have shared their frustrations about washing dirt bikes. A pressure washer can make this process much easier. Pressure washers are the most eligible tool for cleaning dirt bikes, and the model that I’d recommend to you is the Sun Joe SPX3000 since it checks all the boxes of how a powerful pressure washer should be like without sacrificing your budget. The Sun Joe SPX3000 is an Amazon’s Choice product with more than 9 thousand ratings, which means that you won’t have to worry about whether you’re getting a good model or not.

8. Stand for motorcycle lift

Do you know how difficult it is to lift a dirtbike onto a stand? Dirt bikes are heavy and you will need to lift the bike onto a stand using force and a lot of effort. If you want to make that easier to the rider, I would recommend the BikeMaster Easy-Lift Stand because it simply makes everything easier and safer. The fully adjustable deck height allows for a perfect fit on almost any dirt bike. It allows for easy, controlled lifting.

9. A portable grill Gifts For Dirt Bike Riders

What do we want more than a burger after a long ride, sweaty and exhausted? A delicious burger! Although this gift may seem unusual for dirt bikers, I promise it will be a hit with the recipient. It’s portable and foldable, making it practical, fun, and useful. It folds flat so it won’t be too heavy or take up much space. The Coleman Propane grill is the perfect example of that because it is pretty lightweight and it boasts a collapsible design that makes it easy to transport.

10. Prefabricated garage

They are indeed available and can be purchased on Amazon. This gift will make the recipient’s jaw drop. This gift is a great choice because it can be used to store dirt bikes and can also be used as a place for maintenance or storage of other items that are not related to dirt bikes. The option that I’d recommend is the Duramax metal garage, and again why not? This is the most costly gift, but it is also the most valuable. If you are willing to do something completely unexpected, this is the best option.

Bottom line

It is not something they would expect to receive, but it is possible for them to dislike the model you have bought. This list contains accessories, items, and other useful stuff for dirt bike riders that will last many years. Let’s all hope that you make a good decision and get them something they will be surprised by.

These suggestions will help you narrow down your search for dirt bike gifts ideas if you have been struggling to find the right one.It can be frustrating and painful to buy presents for others. You have the good news that your uncle, brother or sister, or anyone else you are looking for a gift for, is interested in dirt bikes so you can narrow your search to only ‘dirtbike stuff’. Let’s face the facts, any other junk is just as bad as dirt bikes. You can forget about all the other junk. It’s expensive enough to ride dirt bikes and mocross, so unless your friend has a factory bike and all the kit, they won’t have as much gear and apparel.You can choose to buy a gift for your children, or for your husband. You’re sure to find something they will like.Last note: I will share my views on gift buying (I am not the Grinch, but I could be his brother).. A good gift is one they’ll like and enjoy. However, a clever gift is one that they will enjoy.

Here are my top dirt bike gift ideas.

The Garage Manual eBook

Why? It won’t cost you a lot, it’s easy to use, and it’s very helpful. It’s easy to download and print. Then, bind it together. Wrap it in reindeer papers and slip it under your Christmas tree, if you’re celebrating Christmas. It will go down much better than Santa’s whisky. You can pick up the book here.

High Quality Dirt Bike Boots

It can be difficult to choose a helmet or jersey because it all depends on the person. However, knowing their shoe size will make picking dirt bikes boots much easier. They are usually black/gray/white and will match any jersey they choose. Although dirt bike boots are often the most affordable item, a quality pair is a must-have. Check out my recommendations for dirt bike boots here.

12-Month Dirt Bike Magazine Subscription

Why? Brownie points are the reason. While some riders might not be able to subscribe, they will still love you 12 times a calendar year when the magazine arrives at their door. You can also read them, which is why it’s one of my smartest dirt bike gift ideas. You can subscribe for really cheap on Amazon.

Action Camera (Best present ever! ?

A GoPro or other action camera is a great gift for dirt riding friends. We dirt bikers love to record our rides and play back the highlights later.

Three action cameras are worth considering:

Why? They’re simply amazing! Although they aren’t the most expensive present, I believe that these would be an excellent choice for any rider. This will be a hit. Do yourself a favor by buying one for yourself.

MX Clothing Gifts For Dirt Bike Riders

Why? Let’s face the facts, it gets dirty, stained, and ripped after a while. And these bloody clothing companies keep coming out with better, more fashionable gear all the time. Make sure you measure correctly. This is not a clever gift, unless you happen to accidentally get it in the wrong size.

MX Training School

Why? It’s unexpected and they get to learn how to ride their bike faster and better. If the gift bearer doesn’t appreciate it, I suggest they take up lawn bowls and rollerblading.

Tickets to a FMX/Supercross Event

Or a Nitro Circus show. You don’t know why? Why?

Fox Gear Bag Gifts For Dirt Bike Riders

Protective gear is essential for dirt bike riding. A nice gear bag is a great choice if they keep their gear in a duffle bag, or all over their truck. This Fox brand bag is nice but a little pricey, or you could get this O’Neal TX2000 one that is a little more reasonably priced.

Personal Action Photo Framed

Hire a local photographer to photograph your favorite dirt rider, then print something amazing and frame it. Unexpected, original, and unique gift.

Tool Kit / Bum Bag Kit Gifts For Dirt Bike Riders

Why? Stop your children from taking your tools out of the shed. You should make sure that you get a high-quality tool kit. Cheap Chinese tools can be more fragile than your Grandfather’s hips. They are also very useful when you need to repair your horse.

Dirt Bike Lift Stand Gifts For Dirt Bike Riders

A lift stand can be used to raise your dirt bike from the ground. This is useful for protecting it, as well as to work on your dirt bikes. Most dirt bike riders have a regular fixed stand. A normal fixed stand will do the trick for temporarily setting up the bike. But, when it comes to doing any work on the dirt bike such as changing the oil or fixing the brakes, a liftstand is a great option. A lift stand is an excellent choice if you are looking for something new, but that is also sure to be liked. I like this lift stand available on Amazon.

Graphics kit Gifts For Dirt Bike Riders

Why? Many riders can’t afford or won’t pay for new decals, but they would be happy to have them. Aftermarket graphics are awesome.

Camel Pack Gifts For Dirt Bike Riders

You’ll need to learn a bit about their riding habits in order to give them this present. They don’t usually need a camelpack if they ride on a dirt bike track or do races. The rides are shorter and closer to their cars. A camel pack is great for dirt bikers who go to the mountains or desert, go off-roading or do enduro. When they are out on long rides, almost all dirt bikers carry camel packs. This is the best-selling camel pack on and it’s good quality at a very nice price.

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