Gifts For Chess Players

Gifts For Chess Players

Gifts For Chess PlayersPhoto by netflix/Phil Bray/Netflix

Netflix’s popularity is a testament to its success.The Queen’s GambitThe cultural moment in which chess is experiencing a cultural boom is 1997, when Garry Kasparov, the chess world champion, was defeated by IBM’s Deep Blue computer.Chess shopsNew York City’s academies are reporting an increase in interest. Some shop owners find it difficult to keep sets and other gear on hand. Shopping for an experienced player or someone just learning the basics of the game is no problem.RookThe holidays, and all things holiday-relatedGame-playThey are great for treating chess fans to gifts that will increase their enjoyment of the game. We asked experts, from coaches to players, to help us find the best gifts to give to chess players. Their 18 favorites include clocks, clocks, and other accessories as well as books and chess sets.The following recommendations are suitable for all skill levels.

This list makes it easy to choose the best Gifts For Chess Players ,Check out the Gifts For Chess Players list below now!

Best chess sets Gifts 

The House of Staunton US Chess Quiver Chess Set Combo

The House of Staunton US Chess Quiver Chess Set Combo$27

If you are looking for sets for a beginner, our experts recommend a set that includes a roll-up vinyl rug, pieces of plastic, and a case. The sets’ names are derived from the ease of packing them and transporting them to tournaments. Grandmaster Susan Polgar, the women’s chess world champion from 1996 to 1999, recommends this tournament set from U.S. Chess. She says that it is a durable, inexpensive standard plastic set that can be used for tournament or casual play. Chess Forum owner Imad Khachan in Greenwich Village also believes tournament sets such as this are great for beginners, especially children, because it’s easy to use and is familiar to them from their school days. He promises that it’s a nice present to give.

Deluxe DGT North American Chess Set Combination

Combination of Deluxe DGT North American Chess SetsStarting at $70 Gifts For Chess Players

This would be another good starter set to give, according to Irina Krush, the only American woman to hold the title of grandmaster. The set includes the same pieces as the one above, as well as a board and storage bag. However, it also contains a chess clock which is required for tournaments (where each player has a time limit). Krush promises that this set “gives someone everything they need to begin playing chess.” He said that while “famous events like national championships use more expensive wooden pieces, but this equipment can still be used at home, at the beach or in a U.S. tournament.” You can scroll down to see a fancier set if you are interested in a Chess Federation-rated tournament.

House of Staunton The Championship Series Chess Set, Box & Rosewood Tournament Board Combination

House of Staunton The Championship Series Chess Set with Box & Rosewood Tournament Board Combination$238Now 25% Discount on $179Photo by retailer

Grandmaster Maurice Ashley, who is the first Black person to achieve that title, advises that anyone looking to gift something more memorable should consider a beautiful Staunton chess set. Mark Kurtzman is the president of Tri-State Chess, and the Chess Exchange. He also said that a “chess enthusiast” will need a Staunton set. This set, however, is still on sale. The set includes a storage container, all pieces and a board. The pieces are made of natural and red-gilded boxwood while the board is made out of rosewood and maple. House of Staunton also offers chess boards, pieces and storage boxes that can be purchased individually so that you can create your own set. For those who are obsessed with The Queen’s Gambit you can preorder a chess set based on the show.

Naef Bauhaus Chess Pieces

Naef Bauhaus Chess Pieces$369

Naef Bauhaus Chessboard

Naef Bauhaus Chessboard$250 Gifts For Chess Players

If you’re looking to splurge on a chess set that’s more artwork than board game, Propper and Khachan recommend the Bauhaus set that German sculptor Josef Hartwig designed in 1923 (the original can be found in the Museum of Modern Art). Propper says that it is a modern set. Propper says that Chess is looking to modernize and that the sets would make an extraordinary gift. Khachan sells them at his store. He explains that the sets are precision-cut and come from Switzerland. Bauhaus is all about form following function.

The best chess clocks 

DGT North American Chess Clock

DGT North American Chess Clock$60Now 35% Discount on $39 Gifts For Chess Players

We’ve already mentioned that chess clocks should be a part of every serious player’s kit. If you’re looking for a hobbyist to add to their collection, a clock is a great addition. Our experts all recommend the DGT North American chessclock, which is part of the brand’s deluxe chess sets that Krush has recommended. Dlugy uses this DGT North American chess clock at his academy. He calls it “one the most affordable on the market”, but also “sturdy enough to take a lot beatings from my students.” It is also simple to set, as it is digital and not analog. Jack Vorhies, the director of operations at the board-game shop and cafe Brooklyn Strategist, adds that the “elegant and simple-to-use” design makes it great for younger players, too.

Chronos GX Digital Game Clock, Touch

Chronos GX Digital Game Clock, Touch$110

Kurtzman said that these digital clocks, which are higher-end, are very popular at his store. He also added that they’re great for playing blitzchess, which he describes as “a fast-paced game of chess that usually allows five minutes per player.” Each clock has four preset blitz time and eight tournament controls.

Diamond Quartz Analog Chess Clock

Diamond Quartz Analog Chess Watch$25Photo by retailer Gifts For Chess Players

Dlugy recommends this clock, which he considers his favorite, “if you need a timer for family games and you want it to be set for 10, 15, or 30 minutes each side”, he says. He says that it isn’t very loud and that he likes the feeling of pressing the button.

The best chess books 

‘Learn Chess the Right Way: Book 1: Must-know Checkmates,' by Susan Polgar

Susan Polgar, ‘Learn Chess The Right Way: Book 1 – Must-know Checkmates’$20Photo by retailer

Krush says that books are essential for chess players to improve their skills. Krush’s favorite books for beginners and young children are the Learn Chess The Right Way series of chess books by Polgar. Each of the series’ five volumes (which are also available to download) contains 500 puzzles. Krush explained that solving them is one of the main ways to learn chess from beginner to advanced levels. However, Krush said that even though the books were written for children, adults can still benefit from them (especially the latter volumes). Dlugy agrees with this recommendation and tells us that it is a great way for beginners to learn the game.

‘Winning Chess Strategy for Kids,' by Jeff Coakley

Jeff Coakley, ‘Winning Chess Strategy For Kids’$40Photo by retailer Gifts For Chess Players

Kurtzman recommends Jeff Coakley’s book to younger beginners. He says it contains “a little bit of everything” as opposed to a book with only puzzles.

‘Comprehensive Chess Course, Vol. 1: Learn Chess In 12 Lessons,’ Lev Alburt$17Photo by retailer

Both Propper and Dlugy told us that books by Grandmaster Lev Alburt make great gifts. Propper also said that the Comprehensive Chess Course series is “great for parents with children who play chess,” because it teaches them how to teach it.

‘Logical Chess: Move By Move: Every Move Explained,' by Irving Chernev

Irving Chernev, ‘Logical Chess – Move by Move: Every Move Explained’$22Now 18% Discount on $18Photo by retailer

Khachan says, “Once you have mastered the basics and you are able to play and become curious about the game,” Khachan agrees with Polgar: “It explains all the ideas behind every move in an easy-to-understand language.” However, Khachan warns that this book is not for people who just want to learn chess. You will need to spend a good year reading it with your board and pieces.

‘My System,' by Aron Nimzowitsch

Aron Nimzowitsch, “My System”$20Now 10% Discount on $18Photo by retailer Gifts For Chess Players

According to Kurtzman, Khachan, My Systems is a must-read for adults and advanced players. Khachan calls it “the bible of chess book” and Kurtzman says, “It’s one of the most well-known chess books of all time.”

‘Chess: 5,334 Problems, Combinations, and Games,' by László Polgár

Laszlo Poligar, ‘Chess: 5 334 Problems, Combinations and Games’$29Now 17% Discount on $24Photo by retailer

Propper recommends Laszlo Poligar’s puzzles-only guide for advanced players. Propper says that the puzzle-packed pages are small in paperback but big in size. There is nothing better than using puzzles to learn chess.

Gifts for chess players:

The House of Staunton Luxury Hardcover Scorebook

House of Staunton Luxury Hardcover Scorebook$11Photo by retailer

Dlugy says that a scorebook is essential for tournament play. Krush shared his knowledge about these attractive, hardcover scorebooks, which come in a variety of colors. You can use each scorebook for up to 100 games and you can record up to 80 moves per session.

Quality Chess Scorebook

Quality Chess Scorebook$5Photo by retailer Gifts For Chess Players

Polgar suggests that those shopping on a tight budget can give this basic spiral-bound scorebook. It’s as functional and useful as the more expensive versions. This scorebook can be laid flat thanks to the spiral binding. It may even be appreciated by your recipient. You can fit 50 games in it, and you can record up to 100 moves.

U.S. U.S.Starting at $17Photo by retailer Gifts For Chess Players

Dlugy advises that chess players with all the equipment they need can also get a membership to the U.S. Chess Federation offers nine levels of annual membership. The cheapest, which is for children 12 and under, is $17 per year. The most expensive, the premium membership for adults costs $49 per year. If you sign up for a 2-year membership, you can receive a slight discount. Dlugy describes the annual membership fees as “modest”. This includes a subscription for Chess Life magazine, and the opportunity to play in tournaments. The perk allows the organization’s members to rate you. Dlugy says that knowing your rating can be very encouraging, especially for new players. It was great to know that I could increase my number as I improved.

Avail a Discount of $17 at US CHESS Federation Annual Membership Annual MemberStarting at $29Photo by retailer

According to Ashley and Krush, a membership may be a good option for aspiring players. Krush says that it would be a great place to start, and that anyone can join the site for free. However, premium members have access to more resources. She adds that chess’s gift selection depends on the level of the player. offers premium memberships in three levels (gold, platinum and diamond), with the gold tier being the most cost-effective. A $29 annual subscription fee (paid monthly in $2.95 per month) gives users access to 25 puzzles per day, three lessons per week and much more.

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