Gifts For A Hippie Mom

Gifts for a Hippie Mom on Mother’s Day (or Any Day)


Gift ideas for hippies, or gifts for moms, that go beyond incense and macrame are not limited to incense, turquoise, or even incense. If you think of your mother as ‘a hippie mom,’ then you likely grew up with a free-spirited mother who loves all things beautiful and bohemian. This Mother’s Day, shower Mom with gifts speak her language from our collection of global handcrafted goods.
This list makes it easy to choose the best Gifts For A Hippie Mom ,Check out the Gifts For A Hippie Mom list below now!

Gifts For A Hippie Mom

1. Batik and beaded: Boho curtains for your hippie mama

A beaded curtain will make Mom smile every time she hangs it in her bathroom, kitchen, or yoga area. Our Starry Nights print, captures the essence and beauty of the night sky in beautiful indigo blue. This is the perfect gift for your hippie mom. It features artistry and unique handmade style. The dangling beads reflect the sun.You can choose this Gifts For A Hippie Mom

Gifts For A Hippie Mom

2. 2. Give the gift of your choice

The gift of choice is the hippie gift that will get you free spirit! Let Mom choose her favorite artisan made, fair trade, Indian block printed linens with a Saffron Marigold gift card.

3. Handmade Moroccan glass teapot

Peaceful moments filled with beauty abound when serving tea in this handblown glass teapot made by artisans in Morocco. This teapot is a true work of art and will be admired even when not in use.You can choose this Gifts For A Hippie Mom

4. For your hippie mom, a spicy, organic cup of coffee

Notes of cinnamon, cloves, cardamom, and ginger combine in our print and in this perfect cup of fair-trade, organic chai. This is the perfect tea to go with the glass teapot!You can choose this Gifts For A Hippie Mom

5. Gifts for hippies with a colorful, global flair

This table runner is bursting with flower power! Your hippie mom will love the melange of colors and contrast of florals and geometric shapes in our Mosaique Blue print. This is zellige‘s homage to Moroccan tilework.You can choose this Gifts For A Hippie Mom

6.  Gifts For A Hippie Mom

These reusable cloth dinner napkins, which are good for the earth and can be reused again and again, make a great gift for hippie moms. Our Moonlit Taj napkins are hand-printed at our artisans’ workshop in Sanganer in India. They reflect the colors and gemwork of the Taj Mahal.

cloth napkins with blue flowers on a botanical tablecloth

7. Earrings made of handmade clay with intricate designs

These clay earrings will be a hit with hippie moms. Handmade by Fernweh Designs in Scotland, they’ll arrive in in a cotton hemp pouch for safekeeping.You can choose this Gifts For A Hippie Mom

8. Flower crowns-the hippiest hippie gift!

flower crown is an unexpected, lovely, and charming hippie gift for mom. This one from Bloom Designs studio has realistic-looking tropical blossoms and ribbon. This is just what Mom needs to enjoy her summer. You can choose this Gifts For A Hippie Mom

9. A hippie gift that has global flair

This exquisite handmade tablecloth is sure to please hippie moms who love bright colors, spicy foods, and spontaneous adventures. Ruby Kilim is a symbol of warmth and bohemian global style.You can choose this Gifts For A Hippie Mom

red kilim print table linens with fruit, wine, and cheese

10. Sweet hippie gifts featuring sweet scents

Heady patchouli mixes with soft, spicy sandalwood in this all-natural candle. It’s made in California, and appropriately named the Joshua Tree, making it an ideal hippie gift for mom on Mother’s Day.You can choose this Gifts For A Hippie Mom

11. Beautiful tray to hold jewels and baubles

Mom will enjoy stacking her bangles or lighting a few fragrant pillar candles on a gold mirrored tray like this.

12. Mother Nature’s green gifts to a hippie mom

These thoughtful and green tokens of love will make hippie moms smile on Mother’s Day. Smart Seeds Emporium’s sweet bundles will make her sing the song about parsley, sage and rosemary in no time.You can choose this Gifts For A Hippie Mom

13. Pillow covers hand printed

The more pillows, the better! Help Mom refresh her space with a few new pillow covers. These vintage-style shams from our Orange Blossom collection feature stylized Persian florals. It is earthy, elegant, and artistic-just like mom. You can buy two to make a set for Mother’s Day.

14. A hippie gift for home decor that is lighthearted and fun

Handcrafted and whimsical, this wood bead wreath will be just the thing to pair with Mom’s new Memories of Shalimar linens.

15. For a boho bedroom, hippie gifts

A blue gift is a great choice for the mother who feels peaceful when she’s close to the water. Fresh and bright and inspired by Moroccan colors, this colorful hippie bedspread will look fantastic in Mom’s room, whether she uses it on her bed or hangs it as an artistic tapestry.

While we’ve highlighted some of the most popular bohemian prints, there are many more. We have one of the most globally-infused boho collections, influenced by Indian, Turkish, and Moroccan culture. Take a look at some of our other faves!


38 of the Best Hippie Gifts For Her in 2021



It’s all about natural, crunchy women! This list contains the best hippie gifts for women and girls who are Bohemian, Wiccan, Wiccan, Earth-Child, Hippie, Wiccan, and Free-spirit.

This post has been updated for the summer 2021. We have a few changes in mind. Because they weren’t made by Indigenous artists, we have removed the dreamcatchers. (If you’re interested in dreamcatchers, check out our Wild Woman Gifts.) We have added more hippie fashion to our site! (See below!)

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Hippies are not to be confused with hipsters. They reject the mainstream culture in favor of a more natural, healthy and sustainable future.

We are proud of your strength, your compassion, your uniqueness.

We have the perfect gift for you if you want to give your hippie girl something unique and eco-friendly.

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Gifts on Etsy or Amazon

Etsy is a trusted platform to help small businesses. Hippies care about small businesses and mom-and-pop shops. Let’s not forget the small guy, even though corporations have plenty of money.

However, I am aware that Etsy may not be as accessible as Amazon. I have therefore found some reasonably priced options on Amazon.

These gifts can be used in many ways and range from $7 to $145. There’s something for everyone. Because shops might be having sales or changing prices, I won’t list the prices. Here’s a guide that will help you determine the cost of an item.

$ = $5-30
$$ = $30-60
$$$ = $60-100
$$$$ = 100+

Each shop on Amazon and Etsy is vetted. It has hundreds to thousands sales and a rating of 4.5 to 5 stars. This means you can be sure you are able trust the seller as well as the quality of the product.

This post of the best hippie gifts is updated frequently. I do my best to make sure that all items are in stock but cannot guarantee availability.

Consider greens and brown-toned pieces, lots of nature, rainbows, tie-dye, and lots of color when shopping for your hippie girl. You can’t go wrong with feathers, patchouli candles and crystals. These bohemian gifts are great for Christmas, Valentines Day and Mother’s Day.

Below you will find:

  1. Hippie Jewelry
  2. Boho Decor
  3. Spiritual / Meditation Space Necessities
  4. Accessory for the Earth
  5. Hippie Fashion
  6. Rainbow Love and Hippie Facial Masks

These BEST gifts for hippies will be loved by any woman, no matter if she is a bohemian or star-child, hippie, bohemian or star-child.

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These are the BEST Hippie Gifts For Her

The Best Hippie Jewelry Gifts

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Clear Quartz Necklace $$ Gifts For A Hippie Mom

Luna Tide Designs’ quartz necklace is elegant and bohemian. Clear quartz is an excellent crystal for healing. It amplifies energy, intention, and power!

Check it out here!

Small Raw Amethyst Cluster Pendant from Constant Ruckus

Amethyst Geode Necklace $

The amethyst-druzy necklace is affordable and beautiful! This necklace is a great boho option for women who love a statement, long necklace. Amethyst is also said to improve mindfulness and protect the wearer.

Check it out here!


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Tiny Peace Sign Necklace $

This cute little peace sign necklace can be worn by your hippie to express your desire for peace, without having to shout it from the rooftops. This necklace is simple and elegant, but still shows her hippie spirit.

Check it out here!

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Simple Bohemian Earrings $

These earrings are a great choice for teenagers who love boho. They are playful and colorful, but they don’t make a big statement.

Check it out here!

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Bamboo Glass Art $$$

These earrings are amazing! These earrings are KUKLA Studio’s wearable art. These earrings are made from colored glass and are perfect for hippies who want to be classy but still show their earthy side.

Check it out here!


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Boho Home Decor Gifts For A Hippie Mom

5 Piece Set Macrame Plant Hanger by Smithstock

5 Piece Set Macrame Plant Hanger $

Macrame is the hippie choice for wedding gifts and Christmas gifts for hippie ladies.

Macrame is making a comeback, and these hangings for potted plants look great and are affordable!

Check it out here!

Macrame wall hanging from Smithstock

Macrame Wall Hanging $

You are looking for something less costly? This macrame wall hanging makes a great gift for teenagers, college dorms, and Wicca altars!

Check it out here!

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Metal Arrow Wall Display $

This metal arrow has a bohemian vibe, but it’s also very Wiccan! This metal arrow can be used inside or outside your home, making it a versatile piece of bohemian decor.

Check it out here!

Wood Mandala from Tohar Wood Design

Wood Mandala Wall Art $$$$

Wooden home decor is a popular choice for hippies who love natural materials. Mandalas can be calming and beautiful. This large piece of art can be hung anywhere in your home as a statement piece.

Check it out here!

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Linen Bedspread $$$$

Another material that is very natural and hippie is linen. This bedspread is luxurious! Although it is quite expensive, this bed spread could make a wonderful addition to a hippie bedroom.

Check it out here!



Tree Stump Table $$$

This beautiful piece will help your hippie bring the outdoors indoors! Knaughty Log Company also plants 8 trees with every stump table purchased. Let’s save the planet together, hippie friends!

Check it out here!


Gold Round Shelf from Kimisty Designs

Gold Round Shelf $$

You can store crystals, flowers or essential oils on a triangle shelf. This is a beautiful addition to any bohemian living space!

Check it out here!



The Best Hippie Gifts to Support Spirituality, Meditation, & Yoga Spaces

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Selenite Tower $ Gifts For A Hippie Mom

Selenite crystals are a great choice for meditation, as they have the power to clear your mind and help you get rid of any negative thoughts. This hippie gift works well as a decor item and on a metaphysical level.

Check it out here!


Himalayan Salt Lamp $ Gifts For A Hippie Mom

This lamp is exactly what I own, and it’s wonderful! It gives off a warm orange glow when I turn it on in the morning. Himalayan salt has chi-enhancing properties that can help you relax and improve your health.

Check it out here!


Amethyst, Selenite, Celestite Set $

Are you having trouble deciding which crystals to buy for your hippie? You can make a compromise by getting a set of small crystals! Celestite, amethyst and selenite are great crystals for spiritual growth and positivity. They’re also beautiful!

Check it out here!

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Tibetan Singing Bowl

For hippies who are open to new ideas, singing bowls can be a great gift! A Tibetan singing bowl is a great gift for hippies who meditate or practice Wicca or reiki.

Check it out here!

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Chakra Suncatcher Gifts For A Hippie Mom

This colorful, sparkly, and beautiful chakra suncatcher is a lovely thing to hang in your window. It will make you daydream about sun-kissed fields in springtime!

Check it out here!

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Obsidian Towers $-$$$$

Obsidian, a protective gemstone with extreme protection properties, can help protect your home and body from negative energies. This can be a great addition for a hippie meditation area to remove negative vibes.

Check it out here!

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Patchouli Candles $ Gifts For A Hippie Mom

Did you know that standard candles can be toxic? These patchouli candles have a great hippie smell and are made of non-toxic soybeans. They also have a clean-burning flame.

Check it out here!


Chakra Mala Beads $$

These mala beads in rainbow colors are perfect for hippies who want to meditate. With 108 beads, you can say an affirmation or mantra with each bead as you meditate!

Check it out here!


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Eco-friendly Yoga Mat $$$

This yoga mat is biodegradable, unlike many others! They are also naturally antibacterial so require little cleaning and care. This one will be a hit with your hippie/yogi!

Check it out here!

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Natural Meditation Pillow $$

Are you looking for a meditation cushion made from natural fibers? This is a great option! It is made from linen, cotton, and Buckwheat.

Check it out here!



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Bohemian birthday gift: Earthy accessories

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Lotus iPhone Case $

A woman’s phone cover is an expression about who she is. Help her to show the world she is a tree-hugging Earth lover!

Check it out here!

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Resin and Wood iPhone Case $$

The phone case shown below is what I currently have. Each case is unique and can be ordered in many colors.

Check it out here!

Wired Floral Headband from Opal Vintage Designs

Wired Floral Headband $ Gifts For A Hippie Mom

This floral headband, which is simple and feminine, is a great choice for hippie women for Valentine’s Day, Christmas, or birthday (think stocking stuffer!

Check it out here!


Simple Flower Crown $ Gifts For A Hippie Mom

If you are a hippie, greenery is the new flower! This cheap floral crown is great for weddings or just for fun.

Check it out here!


Easy Flower Crown on Amazon $

A simple, inexpensive crown to add hippie style to your life! This one is more colorful than the other two.

Check it out here!

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Large Flower Crown $$$ Gifts For A Hippie Mom

Does your girl like Frida Kahlo?! This beautiful, autumn-colored floral crown makes a great photoshoot or special day to honor your bohemian queen.

Check it out here!



Hippie Fashion Gifts

Bohemian Fashion at its Best

BEE Linen Top from Love and Confuse

BEE Linen Top $$$ Gifts For A Hippie Mom

This linen boho top by Love and Confuse will be a hit with your girlfriend! This top is breezy, natural and can be styled in many different ways. Linen is an excellent fabric for hippies!

Check it out here!

Natural Linen Dress from Black Ficus

Natural Linen Dress $$$

This beautiful natural linen dress is stunning. This linen dress can be worn in any season. It is made of high-quality linen. This hippie dress can be worn for any occasion, whether it is to a wedding at the beach or in the garden or just to stroll around the farmer’s markets in spring.

Check it out here!

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Hippie Fringe Skirt $$$

This hippie-inspired skirt is perfect for special occasions. The Kayame Boutique also sells the kimono top.

Check it out here!

White Peasant Top from Forever Dolled Up

White Peasant Top $$ Gifts For A Hippie Mom

This peasant top will make you feel boho and comfortable, even if the others are too hippie.

Check it out here!

Halter Top from Hanna Broer

Halter Top $$ Gifts For A Hippie Mom

This organic halter top looks great and is as hippie-chic as they come. It can be worn around the house, at yoga or on a festival. You can also check out the shop’s other natural bras, undies and underwear while you’re there! Gifts For A Hippie Mom

Check it out here!

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Rainbow Love and Rainbow Hippie Face Masks

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Tie Dye Tshirt $ Gifts For A Hippie Mom

A tie dye shirt is a great option if you are looking for hippie fashion that is a bit more affordable.

Check it out here!

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We’re All In This Together House Sign $-$$

This rainbow house sign is a way to show pride or show unity during the COVID pandemic.

Check it out here!

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Rainbow Woven Pride Blanket $$$

This upscale, colorful rainbow blanket will add color to the hippie girl’s bedroom!

Rainbows are not only for LGBTQ people.

Check it out here!

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Tie Dye Masks $

You are looking for something that your friend or girlfriend can use every day? Buy her a mask

Tie dye is hippie at its best, and you can find a wide selection in this shop!

Check it out here!

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Rainbow Peace Sign Mask $

This kimono is my own and it’s absolutely gorgeous. You can style it for any season, and the linen is of high quality!

Check it out here!

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