What are the best gifts for tattoo artists?”

Tipping your favorite tattoo artist is the best way to show appreciation.

Leave 15% if you are satisfied with the work of your tattoo artist.

We have some ideas to help you find the right gift for tattoo artists.

These gift ideas can be used to celebrate any occasion or birthday gift for tattoo artists.Check out the Gift Ideas For Tattoo Artists  list below now!

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Kits for Tattoo Care

We think Tattoo aftercare is essential. You can’t go wrong with giving them a kit of tattoo care.

It could be a brand new to them or a selection from their favourite quality products. This is a great gift for tattoo artists.

Nat-A-Tat2 Premium Vegan & Organic-Certified Tattoo Care Kit

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Nat-A-Tat2 kits include balm to brighten old tattoos and lotion that prevents ink fading. This is a wonderful gift for tattoo artists.

You can also get samples of foaming cleansers and lotions.

This kit is a great gift for tattoo artists and has many benefits.

Make sure that each product is free of artificial dyes and petroleum.

To avoid coral damage, the balm and lotion are reef-safe. This is a great gift for tattoo artists.

You can also choose between a spray or stick lotion (for small tattoos), when applying the lotion.

Billy Jealousy Designed IV Life Tattoo Care Kit

Gift Ideas For Tattoo Artists

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The tattoo care kit by Billy Jealousy includes wash, lotion, salve, and a salves.

This exfoliating wash removes dead cells and excess oil, leaving tattoos brighter. To revive dry skin, oat, cucumber, and Glycolic acid provide intense moisturization.

The lotion also contains shea butter and essential oil to enhance color and definition. Green tea and grapeseed oils protect against premature aging.

Finally, the salve is rich in plant oils and Vitamin E to heal new tattoos. It can be used three times daily and won’t clog pores. This is a great gift for tattoo artists.

Tattoo Goo Aftercare Kit Version XL New Formula

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Tattoo Goo includes a XL kit that contains soap, sunscreen, lotion, as well as two sizes of salve.

These products are great for aftercare of tattoos with new ink.

Also, the salve and sunscreen keep tattoos colorful and well-defined.

Sets of Tattoo Machines

tattoo machine kit will thrill an aspiring tattoo artist.

It’s also a thoughtful gift for artists who want to experiment with different kinds of machines other than the ones they currently use.

Dragonhawk Complete Tattoo Set

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Dragonhawk contains everything an artist needs to get started practicing.

Two cast iron coil tattoo machines are included in the kit. One for shading and one for lining.

The next items are a power supply, travel case, sterile and disposable needles, tips, practice skins, and transfer papers. This is a great gift for tattoo artists.

This set includes a variety of Immortal Inks, which are all made in the USA.

Complete Stigma Tattoo Kit Gift Ideas For Tattoo Artists

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If your artist has always used coil machines, give them a rotary machine kit to expand their skill set.

This lightweight, easy-to-use tattoo iron may be the perfect gift for them.

This set includes needles, inks and disposable grips.

Browse other starter kits for even more ideas. This would make a wonderful gift for a tattoo artist.

Dragonhawk Stick Tattoo and Hand Poke Kit

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Stick and poke tattoos are where it all began. This is a traditional way to ink the body since prehistoric times.

This kit includes modern needles and a needle holder. The sturdy holder gives artists full control, just as if they were holding a pen.

You will also find ink cups, paper towels, and other accessories in the box. This would make a wonderful gift for a tattoo artist. This will be of exceptional quality because the dragonhawk will protect it.

Ink Sets Gift Ideas For Tattoo Artists

Your tattoo artist may be on a tight budget and not be able to explore new options as often as they would like.

If that is the case, you can get them an ink set featuring exotic colors and other unusual features.

14 Millennium Moms EXOTIC Set Tattoo Ink

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Millennium Mom’s is a trusted brand that makes its products in the USA.

The Exotic Colors Collection features rare but vibrant shades that were used by famous artists such as Brian Murphy and Marcus Kuhn.

It has a 1957 Chevy, Snot Green and Kentucky Blue Grass.

Millennium Mom’s Nuclear UV Blacklight Tattoo ink

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Millennium Moms also makes the perfect blacklight UV tattoo ink in the business.

The set includes five half-ounce bottles. These colors include Blue Smoke and Red Dawn, Atomic Greens, Purple Haze, Invisible Fallout, and Purple Haze.

Kuro Sumi Colours Tattoo Ink Master Set of 7 BEST Sellers

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This kit contains seven of the most popular inks from Kuro Sumi, a world-famous ink manufacturer. The ink is high-quality, even though the colors are simple.

Each one is vegan and made with organic ingredients. They are exceptionally bright and smooth.

100% Genuine Intenze Tattoo Professional Artist Tattoo Ink. (Bob Tyrrell 6 Colours Ink Set).

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Bob Tyrrell designed Intenze’s ink sets for portrait artists. For realistic representations, it comes in shades of gray, white, and black.

Flash Books and Coffee Table Books

Gift your tattoo artist a book filled with beautiful designs. You can also give them new insights into the history and futures of tattooing.

Vintage Tattoo Flash: 100 years of traditional tattoos from the Jonathan Shaw Collection

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This coffee table flashbook features beautiful historic tattoos that an artist has collected. It contains information about 19th-century tattooing.

It starts in New York City’s Bowery and continues across the continent to Texas in 1950s, then Los Angeles 1970s.

Images include classic tats with daggers, dragons and sailing ships.

The Blackwork Tattoo Book: More than 150 Blackwork Designs

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This stunning collection features black ink-based designs. Treat your artist! This collection will inspire you to create new projects.

Also, get them one of the best black tattoo inks to accompany the book.

The World Atlas of Tattoo Gift Ideas For Tattoo Artists

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This international atlas of tattooing features 100 works by famous artists.

You can choose from modern designs or hand-tattooed tribal designs.

The Basics of Modern Tattoo

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What is a good must-have modern tattoo book or gift for an aspiring best tattoo artist?

This one qualifies. Artist C.R. Jordan teaches the basics that every apprentice should know.

The chapters cover how to make a tattoo machine, selecting pigments and sterilization, as well as industry secrets.

The Art of Tattoo: Inspirations, Designs and Hard-Won Advice from a Tattoo Artist

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Megan Massacre, a well-known artist, has a studio in New York. She’s been featured on NY Ink, America’s Worst Tattoos, and the cover of every major tattoo magazine.

She shares her life experiences in the industry and her tattoo collection between the covers.

Bodies of Subversion: The Secret History of Women and Tattoo

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Did you know Winston Churchill’s mother was tattooed? Did you know that in 1800s women invented stories about being kidnapped, forcibly tattooed, and this helped to justify their ink?

This book is about tattoos and women throughout history. This book is already in its third edition, with more full-color photos.

Tools Gift Ideas For Tattoo Artists

Although most artists are familiar with the basics, there is always room to learn new tools that will make it easier.

Tikteck A4 Ultrathin Portable LED Lightbox Tracer

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This lightbox would be a dream come true for any artist. It acts as a tablet of legal size with a powerful backlight to trace designs.

The adjustable, flicker-free light can be used with the USB port.

United Tattoo Supply – Tattoo Spring Adjustment Tool Jig

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The Tattoo Spring Adjustment Tool Jig makes it easy to adjust the armature on a coil tattoo machine. This makes it much easier to bend the spring.

Tattoo A-Bar Jig Armature Alignment and Adjustment Tool

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This tool aligns coil tattoo machines so they are perfectly square. This tool moves the needle bar straight to the middle of the tube, requiring minimal effort.


These are some entertaining pastimes for your favorite tattoo artist.

Tattoo Nation DVD Gift Ideas For Tattoo Artists

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Tattoo Nation, a documentary that was released in 2016, stars Travis Barker, Danny Trejo, and Don Ed Hardy. It features the people who made tattooing the popular industry it is today.

Beautiful coloring book for tattoos

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You can color as many of the 120 illustrations in this coloring book as you wish. You can practice mindfulness or relax as you color in the designs.

The Original BUDDHA BOARD Gift Ideas For Tattoo Artists

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The Buddha Board is our favorite tool. It’s versatile, doesn’t get old, and is great for drawing new ideas.

Place the board on the stand and fill the container with water. Then, pick up the brush.

Next, draw your masterpiece as if it were paint on a canvas.

The image gradually fades as it dries.

The Secret Life of Great Artists: What Your Teachers Did Not Tell You About Master Painters & Sculptors

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As you read about some of the most amazing artists in the world, you’ll have a lot to laugh at and your jaw will drop.

Yes, van Gogh did nibble paint. Michelangelo also needed to take a bath.

It is hard to resist this book before wrapping it up.

Vintage Tattoo Artist Gun Shirt Gift Ideas For Tattoo Artists

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We found this T-shirt featuring a vintage blueprint for a coil tattoo machine while searching for gifts.

You can get it in many colors.

Artist Mug – I am an artist What’s your superpower?

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Your artist can now enjoy coffee in a mug that used to announce their talents around the globe.

It’s microwave- and dishwasher-safe.

Relaxation and self-care

Your favorite artist should take a break after a long day at the studio.

Naipo Shiatsu Neck and Back Massager


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Some people don’t have a massage therapist to help them knead their shoulders.

Artists who sit or stoop all day are more likely to experience neck and shoulder pain.

This is why they might cry when you give them a heated shiatsu massager.

There are eight intensity levels and a timer that lasts 20 minutes.

HoMedics 3D Shiatsu & vibration Massage Pillow with Heat

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Anyone who sits for long periods of time will find their lower back a problem spot.

HoMedics’ massager alleviates pain in the lumbar area with heat, vibration, and shiatsu.

Stress Less Cards Gift Ideas For Tattoo Artists

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Artists can get stressed out just like everyone else. Artists have to deal with unhappy customers and coworkers.

These cards can help you reduce your frustration. These cards have simple mindfulness tips printed on them. They are based upon proven meditation and Neuro-Linguistic Programming methods.

These are a small first-aid kit that helps the mind stay positive and calm during stressful times.

NSD Power Essential Spinner Gyro Wrist Forearm Workout

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To improve control, new artists must strengthen their wrists and hands. This simple gyro can be used to maintain strength and flexibility.

Alpine Corporation Tiered Log Tabletop fountain with LED Lights


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A tranquil atmosphere can be created by incorporating soothing water sounds and an illuminated fountain.

You can also use it to relax before you go to bed.

You can also show your appreciation for your tattoo artist in other ways

There are many ways to express your gratitude to the best tattoo artists, other than giving them a tip or a present.

Here are some suggestions:

  • Comment on the things you admire about their work.
  • You can share images and testimonials if they are okay with it. This will help you spread the word and bring in new clients.
  • Send them a note of thanks that they can pass on to others.
  • Give them a gift certificate to their favorite shop.
  • You can always come back for a second tattoo.
  • As a living canvas, take good care of your tattoos.
  • You Can also gift them furniture like a tattoo chair or a stool/

As with all services, it is important to say thank you.


Send some love to tattoo artists by giving them gifts they will appreciate.

We hope you found what they needed to bring a smile to their faces.

We’d love to hear your ideas for gifts for tattoo artists.

If you are a tattoo artist, we would love to hear your thoughts. Let us know what surprise gifts you would like to receive or what you consider the best gifts for tattoo artists.


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