Gift Ideas For Grandparents Who Live Far Away
The embodiment of bittersweet is long-distance relationshipsAn inexplicable ache replaces the company you wanted to keep — the person who said that “absence makes the heart grow fonder”, was actually right. These quotes were corny, but they are less funny when you realize how much you enjoy falling asleep together on FaceTime every night.LDRs do not have to be dramatic, as fake deep twitter makes it seem. There are many things that can make separation easier, especially if you’re still waiting to see your S.O. These nifty gifts can help you feel closer to your S.O., even if teleportation is not yet a reality. Feel less alone Although these gadgets won’t be able to prevent all problems, they will give you the reassurance that someone is thinking of you.

Some gifts are intended for couples. Others are suitable for anyone in a long-distance romantic relationship. It can be difficult to live far from loved ones or friends. Many of these gifts could also make a great gift for your parents or best friend.Check out the Gift Ideas For Grandparents Who Live Far Away  list below now!


Gift Ideas For Grandparents Who Live Far Away

Long-distance touch lamps,gift ideas for grandparents who live far away


Long-distance touch lamps

Ideal for couples who hate texting

These are our top-rated long-distance gadgets, for the past three years. These touch lamps are a great way to let loved ones know that you’re thinking of them. Once each person has connected their lamp to WiFi, the two will sync up and one tap sends a message. One touch will turn on the lamp and it will light up. You can get ’em together for your best friend or boo or as many as you need.

Buying Options$198 at UNCOMMON GOODS


A camera backpack

Buy CADeN DSLR SLR Camera Backpack Bag for Mirrorless Cameras/Photographers,  Camera Case Backpack Water-Repellent Compatible with Nikon Canon Sony Lens  Tripod Accessories Photography Men Women(Blue Small) Online in Bangladesh.  B087ZWSDWN

The Best Travel Photography Tips

A camera backpack is a great way to thank someone for documenting your dates. The Brevite Jumper is the perfect backpack. It’s the IG-famous bag that packs a DSLR and lens, drone, tripod, and other essentials inside. It also comes with a padded laptop sleeves in 10 amazing colors.

Buying Options$129 at MOMENT

A Jackbox party packCredit: MASHABLE PHOTO COOSITE

A Jackbox party pack

The Best Faraway Friends Groups

Although Mario Kart is not a competitive party game, Jackbox will guarantee a great time. The app is free and everyone in the group needs to install it. Only one Jackbox account is required. We love Quiplash. This will expose the more serious half of the couple. But Jackbox offers a wide range of game bundles.

Buying OptionsJACKBOX $24.99

A grocery delivery subscriptionCredit: THRIVE Market

A grocery delivery subscription

Best For Conscious Snackers

Your S.O. will be happier if you subscribe to Thrive Market. from facing the Trader-Joe’s-on-a-weekend chaos alone. Although produce isn’t available, they do offer organic, thoughtfully-sourced meats, fish, and wine. This is especially useful for those who are on a restricted diet or don’t like cooking from scratch. The prices are comparable to Walmart’s.

Buying Options$59.95/year from THRIVEMARKET

The Apple Watch Series 6Credit: APPLE

The Apple Watch Series 7

Best If They Hate Carrying A Phone

The Apple Watch Series 7

Patience can be a virtue. You must keep your spirits up when you are in a long-distance relationship. The newest Apple Watch will keep you both busy and connected. You can send iMessages directly from your wrist.

Buying OptionsBEST BUY: $399

An automatic pet feeder


An automatic pet feeder

The Best for Pet Parents

An automatic pet feeder is a better option than asking a neighbor for help or overfilling the dish with food. You can program it to feed your pet at a specific time and with specific portions. It is also Alexa-enabled and compatible with smartphones.

Buying OptionsAMAZON: $169.95

Lovehoney sponsors the event

An app-controlled vibrator


An app-controlled vibrator

The Best for Adventurous Couples

It doesn’t matter if you live far from your partner. The waterproof panty vibrator is controlled remotely via Lovehoney’s app Desire. It has 12 levels of intensity and eight pulse patterns. You get a pair of panties, but you can also use it in another pair if desired.

Buying OptionsLOVEHONEY – $124.99

A seat cushion from PurpleCredit: PURPLE

A seat cushion from Purple

Ideal for long drives


The same material that makes Purple mattresses so comfortable can make your day more enjoyable. This cushion is designed to reduce the discomfort caused by uncomfortable car or office seats. This cushion is great for those who are unhappy with their home office chair.

Options for Buying$39 at PURPLE

The Facebook Portal PlusCredit: FACEBOOK

The Facebook Portal Plus

Best for Video Calls

Facebook Portal review: trust fail - The Verge

Friends groups and families that keep in touch through Facebook now have their own devices. The Facebook Portal Plus, the company’s touchscreen smart camera and speaker, allows you to make Alexa-enabled phone calls to your Facebook friends. The screen automatically expands as more people enter the room. It can also facilitate group video chats up to six persons.

Buying Options$267.99 from AMAZON 

A plane ticket phone caseCredit: CASETIFY

A plane ticket phone case

Ideal for frequent flyers

A plane ticket phone case

Any long-distance relationship is only as strong as the people you travel with. Pangram and Casetify have teamed up to bring iPhone cases to the masses. These cases, along with AirPod cases or Apple Watch bands, feature mock plane tickets to major cities such as New York, Chicago, Paris, and Chicago. You can display your boo’s hometown or where you met, as well as any other special memories.

Buying Options$55 at CASETIFY

Personalized face pillowsCredit: FIREBOX

Personalized face pillows

The Best for Goofy Couples

A pillow with your face on is the next best thing to being there — reviewers say that these images are very high quality. If you’re looking for someone to snuggle your face every night, there are plenty of options.

Buying OptionsFIREBOX $26

Long distance braceletsCredit: UNCOMMONGOODS

Long distance bracelets

The Best for Couples Who Talk 24 Hours a Day

This set of matching bracelets can be used to send a sweet reminder that you are thinking of you, even if texting is not an option. One bracelet can be touched to make the other vibrate and light up, as if to “touch” your partner even if you aren’t there.

Buying Options$98 at UNCOMMON GOODS


A dash cam

Best For Tricky Commutes

When someone drives in multi-lane traffic just to see you, you know they reallylike you. If you are a night driver or parallel parker, a dash cam can be incredibly helpful. Garmin Dash Cam 46 has a 140-degree field view, lane departure warnings and footage that can be displayed right on the dashboard.

Buying OptionsBEST BUY $139.99

Tile Bluetooth trackersCredit: TILE MATE

Tile Bluetooth trackers

Best for Forgetful People

The destination (seeing you), is always exciting, but the journey (getting there safely) is not always as enjoyable. The Tile Mate Bluetooth tracker eliminates the need to search for luggage lost at the airport or keys missing. It also has a variety of size and shape options. Even tiles can make a phone that is on silent ring, using the tile technology.

Buying OptionsTILE: $34.99

A MasterClass subscription

This is the best way to keep your partner busy

A MasterClass subscription

It’s so touching to hear someone you care about talk about what matters to them. MasterClasses are available for anyone who has ever wanted to learn a skill. These courses are not just for anyone. Natalie Portman teaches acting and Tom Morello teaches guitar. Gordon Ramsey teaches cooking. They will be so involved, they won’t even notice that you’re gone.

Buying Options$180 at MASTERCLASS

The Lovebox Connected MessengerCredit: UNCOMMONGOODS

The Lovebox Connected Messenger

The Best for Sentimental Couples

The Lovebox Messenger makes mushy letters fun again. You can connect your phone to the Lovebox Messenger to send a sweet message or a “Thinking Of You” to grandparents. The box’s heart will spin to alert the recipient that they have mail. Although it may sound corny, this box has received nearly 100 5-star reviews.

Buying Options$100 UNCOMMON GOODS

A weighted blanketCredit: MASHABLE COMPOSITE / LUNA

A weighted blanket

The Best for Professional Cuddlers

A weighted blanket can serve as a substitute for a big spoon when you aren’t there to make your loved one feel safe. The Luna, which is made of layers of glass beads, is a fan favorite and affordable. It still feels like a cloud. The organic cotton cover won’t trap sweat, and can be washed on a gentle cycle. The weight ranges from 5 to 25 pounds.

Buying Options$59.99 from AMAZON 

Literally anything personalizedCredit: SHUTTERFLY

Literally anything personalized

The Best Way to Show Your Loved One

You won’t be able to see your partner, which will make you want to go on everything. You can make your phone background stand out by putting your favorite photo on a blanket, phone case or thoughtful oven mitt. It will surely bring a smile to someone’s face.

Buying OptionsSHUTTERFLY: $9.99

Noise-cancelling headphonesCredit: SONY

Noise-cancelling headphones

Audiophiles: The Best

Sony’s new pair of noise-canceling wireless headphones will make long distance communication easier, no matter if you’re listening to Spotify while on the train to your loved one, or FaceTiming in a loud public place.

Buying OptionsBEST BUY: $349.99

A Homesick candle

Ideal for Nostalgic Couples

A Homesick candle

Homesick Candles’s hand-poured wax candles can help you to remember your loved one far away. You can also specify specific areas such as “Northern California” and “Boston.” you cangive Gift Ideas For Grandparents Who Live Far Away

Buying Options$34 from AMAZON 

Coordinate-engraved jewelryCredit: BROOK AND YORK

Coordinate-engraved jewelry

The Best for Detail-oriented People

It’s a simple, but heartwarming gesture to wear the coordinates of your loved one on jewelry. These minimalist bracelets, cuffs and necklaces are a great way to spice up your jewelry gift.

Buying Options$74 at BROOK & YORK

Matching undiesCredit: MEUNDIES

Matching undies

Ideal for couples who love to match

Even if it’s funny, matching shirts in public is often a cringeworthy act. It’s kind of precious to match underwear that you know nothing about. MeUndies is well-known for their super comfortable undies and pajamas (or onesies, if they are really important). They come in tons of patterns and colors (that can be bought for you both or for them), and also offer a recurring subscription option.

Buying Options$36 at MEUNDIES

Personalized wall decorCredit: EMBIE DESIGN

Personalized wall decor

The Best for Couples from States Apart

Couples living in separate states have a very shitty end to the stick. This distance makes for some cute artwork. This handcrafted piece pairs each partner’s name with their location on a poster. Although it’s not the most elegant of pieces, they will appreciate the constant reminder that you are always connected.

Buying OptionsAMAZON: $16

An instant cameraCredit: FUJIFILM

An instant camera

The Best for Capturing Every Moment Gift Ideas For Grandparents Who Live Far Away

Photos, especially instant ones, are the best way to remember someone’s face when they’re not there in person. Fujifilm Instax Mini 90 Neo Classic Camera makes a great companion for couples who love vintage. Once printed, photos can be placed in small frames or clear cases for adorable reminders everywhere you go.

Buying Options$179.99 from AMAZON 

A HelloFresh subscriptionCredit: HELLOFRESH

A HelloFresh subscription

Best For Foodies

A HelloFresh subscription

Cooking together is something that many couples, even if they live far apart, take as a given. Each of you can have a HelloFresh subscription that will allow you to share time together each week and a simpler eating schedule. You can order the same meals and conduct guided prep via video chat. Voila! A cute date night.

Buying Options$8.99 per serving at HELLOFRESH

The Ring Video Doorbell 3Credit: RING

The Ring Video Doorbell 3

Ideal for the Paranoid Person

It’s true, we all know it. Living in an apartment or house without a home can cause you to be frightened of Uber Eats delivery people. Ring Video Doorbells are the latest in security. Ask Alexa for a view of the camera, video playback to see who has been on the porch or stealing packages, and be alerted if there is any unusual activity.

Buying Options$199.99 from AMAZON 

Chocolates with a messageCredit: MASHABLE PHOTO COOSITE

Chocolates with a message

Ideal for someone with a sweet tooth

What could be better than an old-fashioned, heartfelt love note? You can eat it, of course. This shop, which is highly rated on Etsy, reinvents the traditional gift chocolate. It lets you send sweet treats right to your bae — but you can also make it naughty.

Buying Options$35.99 at ETSY

A wine subscriptionCredit: WINC

A wine subscription

The Best Wine-with-Dinner Couples Gift Ideas For Grandparents Who Live Far Away

Romantic date nights do not have to end when your boo is gone. Winc wine subscription boxes are very customizable. They have wines for everyone, from casual drinkers to sophisticated connoisseurs. A monthly box will be sent to your boo with the desired amount of bottles. Prices start at $13 per bottle. This is a great way to make a date night with your boo via FaceTime.

Options for Buying$52 at WINC

A digital picture frameCredit: NIXPLAY

A digital picture frame

The Best for People with 30 Facebook Albums

It’s important to capture those moments that you can’t see in person, so you have a backup plan. A wall of pictures isn’t enough space, but a digital frame allows you to sort through your photos so each moment shines. To make it easy to choose the lineup, you will get 8GB of memory, an App, and Alexa compatibility.

Buying Options$161.11 from AMAZON 

A Herschel weekender bagCredit: HERSCHEL

A Herschel weekender bag

Best for the Frequent Traveler

The best way to pack for spontaneous weekend trips is to “throw any article of clothing you see within the next 30 seconds into your bag.” The Novel duffel bag by Herschel helps you organize last-minute packing. It has an interior storage sleeve, and a separate compartment for shoes. You can choose from two sizes.

Buying OptionsCheck out the Details


A flirty (or dirty?) Candle

Ideal for couples who can take a joke

Dirty Candles | Etsy UK

Maybe the scent of your partner’s nether regions is more comforting that one of their geographical locations. Goop’s vagina candles don’t really smell like this — but it did send Twitter spiraling. Although the dry-humored name of the scent puts a humorous spin on missing someone’s actual presence, the rose-bergamot scent actually smells pretty delicious.

Options for Buying$75 at GOOP

A Birchbox subscriptionCredit: BIRCHBOX

A Birchbox subscription

The Best for Pampering from Afar

Self-care can be a great way to lift your spirits and confidence when you are missing your loved one. They’ll remember you every time they open their Birchbox and look forward to seeing the results of a new skincare or grooming routine.

Buying Options$15 per month at BIRCHBOX

We knew that we wouldn’t be able to see our family members as often as we would like when we moved from Australia to Canada.

It was difficult to adjust at first, but we persevered to keep everyone connected.

Regular FaceTime calls and the WhatsApp group of our family members have been a big part of our lives!

Gifts were another area that was very helpful, but may not seem like much.

Sending a gift unexpectedly to a loved one can help them get through difficult times.

You’ll fill them with love and joy from the gesture, as well as knowing that you are thinking of them. They can also have a big impact on the happiness of whoever sends them.

We look at the top long distance gifts for family that are both appreciated and used often.

More  Best Gift Ideas For Grandparents Who Live Far Away

Portal TV

Portal TV connects to your television for an immersive video calling experience. It’s a great option for senior family members who are used to using remotes.

The living room is a place where people can connect with each other.


Portal is the standard 10” display that makes video calling easier than ever. The setup process is a breeze and it’s perfect for all members of the family.

Portal Mini

For those who would prefer a smaller version or haven’t got the space for the Portal, the Portal Mini is a great alternative.

Friendship lamps

Person touching friendship lamp

Friendship Lamps are a great gift idea for a wide range of long distance relationships, especially families. The model above from uses wifi and touch sensors, which allow them to connect and control one another.

The lamp will light up when one of them is touched (by touching the top).

It is a subtle, yet effective way to let your family know you are thinking of them.

We think friendship lamps make great gifts for long distance families because you have the ability to connect more than two lamps together!

It’s true!

One great example is when grandparents want to connect with multiple grandchildren. You can set them up to communicate, regardless of whether the grandchildren live in different rooms or can give Gift Ideas For Grandparents Who Live Far Away

Fore more details, visit (official website)

Bond Touch Bracelets Gift Ideas For Grandparents Who Live Far Away

woman touching her bond touch bracelet

These bracelets from Bond Touch are another unique way of showing someone that you’re thinking of them from afar.

Similar to the lamps above, the bracelets will light up and vibrate when the other is touched. To send your unique message, you can tap the bracelets multiple time.

We think they’re a great option between parents and children or even close siblings who are separated by distance but want to stay in touch.

Bocco Family Robot Gift Ideas For Grandparents Who Live Far Away

bocco family robot

Ever feel like you need to leave a message for a loved one, but you forget what to say by the time you get your hands free?

That’s just one thing the adorable Bocco Family Robot can help you with.

You can easily record a brief message and send it to your loved ones’ smartphones by pressing a button.

The robot lights up when you record and nods its heads! See it in action.

BOCCO’s ease-of-use makes it ideal for older relatives or children who don’t have smartphones, but still want to stay in touch with loved ones who do.

BOCCO also includes a motion sensor, so it can welcome people home with a pre-recorded greeting.

Sign Post for a Family Member Personalized

Personalized family member sign post

Are you looking for a way to link multigenerational families with children who have “left the nest”?

This Personalised Family Member Sign Post is an amazing option. This handmade item allows for customization options. These include:

  • You will find three to six signs
  • Names and distances of family members
  • Signs ‘arrow’ direction East and West

We love the weathered look and off-center signs giving it a warm and homely feel. This option is sure to bring a smile to every member of the family!

Family member Sign Up for Print

Personalized family sign post printed in a black frame

Chris Crooks, who makes the sign posts, also offers a print version!

If you like the idea of a sign post but are unsure your family member would like a physical post sticking out of the ground then this is a great alternative.

Where you may have only purchased on family member signpost, you can now purchase multiple prints for each family member!

This is a great option for adding more than six signs to the posts, as that’s the maximum number of physical signs you have.

Family Prints Personalized Gift Ideas For Grandparents Who Live Far Away

Personalized family print in black frame

Regular family portrait photos are great but why not be creative and create one?

We love Mary Klien’s illustration style and Shelly Klien’s personalized family prints via

The customization options are excellent and they’ve made it a fun and easy experience when it comes to picking the likeness of all your family members.

You can choose just 2 figures all the way up to 12, giving you the option of either putting immediate family on there or your wider family, including pets!

These prints will be proudly displayed in every cangive Gift Ideas For Grandparents Who Live Far Away

The Adventure Challenge – Family Edition

the adventure challenge family edition

You want to make memories that will last a lifetime when you see your loved ones in person. The Family Edition of The Adventure Challenge is a unique way to have new experiences you may never think to try otherwise.

The Adventure Challenge is a book with 50 unique challenges, but you won’t know what they are until you scratch them off.

Before you start, you get a title, some hints (such as whether it’s an outdoor or indoor experience), and then you go on your adventure. Take pictures and keep a record of the memories for when you return.

Once you’ve found an adventure, you must go on it!

Here are some examples of challenges:

  • “Texas Snowball Fight” involves stuffing socks with flour, and throwing them at one another.
  • “The Great Indoors” is where you can set up a tent inside your home and go camping.

You can also get a polaroid cam! Check it out at

SongFinch – Personalised songs for long distance families

Do you ever wish you could write a song to a loved one if you had the right tools?

With SongFinch, you can collaborate with professional musicians to create a personalized song.

You can choose the style, mood, and gender of the music. You can request a singer from the site if you like them. SongFinch will select a singer that closely resembles the singer if they are not available.

Next, tell SongFinch for whom the song is intended and for what occasion. You can also add details such as your favourite memories or your relationship story.

Within seven days you’ve got a completely original masterpiece!

It’s also possible to purchase add-ons such as a CD, vinyl or teddy bear recording.

The best part, it’s actually more affordable than you might think.

This is a cool video featuring Songfinch customers performing song reveals.

Personalized Memory Box

Wooden personalized memory box

Reminiscing and sharing memories can be one of the most precious moments that we share with our loved ones.

You can create a wonderful gift by combining items you have collected along the way to gift a relative who is moving away or is moving.

Especially when they’re housed in something sentimental, like this Personalized Memory Box from Dust & Things.

You can choose what message you want on the outside and bottom of the box. You can also choose from two sizes if you’ve held onto a lot of memories!

Travel Fund Money Box

Customizable travel fund box with money inside

It can be difficult to be apart and it can seem impossible to see them again.

Whether it’s planning a vacation or to travel back home, a travel fund box can be a helpful way to set goals towards the next visit. It will also keep you closer together as you discuss travel plans and the amount of money you have saved.

It can be rewarding to see the overtime money accumulate.

There are two options: an atlas, or a vintage map of your destination; and either black or white framing.

Leather bound journal with initials Gift Ideas For Grandparents Who Live Far Away

Woman holding a personalized brown leather journal

There’s something special about a classic-looking journal and this is a great option for family members who love to write or draw.

You have many options to choose from to create the perfect setup.

  • Five different sizes
  • 180 pages of lined, blank, or recipe-template-like waterproof paper
  • Embellishment with up to 4 characters

We loved the addition of the leather wrap closure, which makes it look like a super unique piece.

My Family Cook Book

Custom family cookbook with red cover

Nothing is better than eating food that has been handed down through generations.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a college-bound child who misses the cooking of their parents or a grandparent who wishes to preserve and pass down their family’s recipes. This Family Cookbook is a fantastic way to store all the amazing recipes in one place.

The book itself is completely customizable and includes space for 80 recipes, areas for conversion tables, photo galleries and even a place for family members to review the recipes!

Imagine how wonderful it would be to see your family’s thoughts as it passes down the generations.

Family Album App Gift Ideas For Grandparents Who Live Far Away

Family album app sample of photos per family member

This is not a gift that you should give only to one person in your family. It’s something you can give to all members of your family.

The Family Album app is the perfect way to keep everyone up to date on the latest pictures, videos and events.

This is an excellent option for those family members that don’t have a social media account or don’t want their children to post photos.

Our Top Picks for Long Distance Families Gift Ideas For Grandparents Who Live Far Away

When it comes to buy long distance family gifts, we can’t go past the range of Facebook Portals.

long distance family using the facebook portal tv to communicate

Communication is the lifeblood of a long distance family’s ability to stay connected and Portal helps with this immensely.

They offer great options for all family members, no matter their age or how savvy they are with technology.

Now it’s your turn!

What is the best gift idea that you have ever received? Do you know of any other options that can help families connect across long distances? Let us know if you have any suggestions in the comments!

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