Gift Ideas For A Horse Loving Girl

Shopping for horse-mad teens shouldn’t be stressful

You may have known a horse-crazy teenager. Her enthusiasm for horses is likely to be different than her peers. You may be wondering where to start when shopping for special milestones.

We have good news for you: While there are many horse gifts, we have compiled a list that teenage horse girls will love.

Remember, however, that every situation and horse-loving teenager is different. You may not get the “thing” you want for one horse girl.

These are some things to keep in mind when shopping

  • Are you an avid rider or have you not had many opportunities yet?
  • Is she able to ride or lease a horse?
  • Which horse riding discipline is she most interested in?
  • Which are her favourite colors?
  • What kind of clothing and gear does she already own?

Horse-obsessed teenagers love horses, but they are selective about what they choose and make their own choices. Horsey teens will develop their own style just like normal teenagers. You may have noticed your horsey teenager prefers a certain style, such as. You should choose items that are classic, colorful, or blingy if your horsey teen is inclined to favor a particular style.

These things will make you a great gift giver. These things will make you stand out to your gift recipient.Check out the   list below now!

Gift Ideas for the Teens Who Aren’t Riding

Many teenager girls who are passionate about horses don’t have the ability to ride or do any riding. It can be difficult to find time for horses due to transportation and finances. You can still gift them equine-related gifts they will love and help them prepare for future riding opportunities.

Horse Books

Horse books make wonderful gifts. Why? Because they immerse readers in a world about horses that is all about them. There are many informational books on horses, as well as a large number of fiction stories about horses.

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Horse stories are often part of a series that keeps your teen interested in reading the next book.

Chief Rookie Aside: My all-time favorite books growing up were the Thoroughbred series by Joanna Campbell.

Check out Horse Rookie’s Virtual Book Club for recommendations

Subscribe to Horse Magazine

This gift is great because it gives horse-loving teenagers something to look forward too every month. Each publication is full of beautiful photos and valuable information. There is an unmistakable excitement and anticipation.

Magazine subscriptions make great gifts!

Our favorite magazines include Young Rider, Horse illustrated and Horse & Rider. Sidelines, Chronicle of the Horse. Practical Horseman. This is just the beginning.

Horse-themed Clothing

A teen can express her passions through horse-themed clothing. A horse sweatshirt, hoodie or t-shirt can be your gift. Or a jacket featuring horses can be yours.

Gift Ideas For A Horse Loving Girl,horse themed tee

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Fashion statements that feature horses are sure to attract attention for your horse-loving little girl.

Accessories for horses

Accessory accessories can make any outfit complete, especially if they are horsey. You can gift options include belts that are horse-inspired, Western bling buckles, purses and totes, wallets as well as smartwatch bands, fitness bands, caps and hats.

western bling belt

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Horse-themed Jewelry

Equine jewelry is a small gift that can make a big impact. Horse-themed jewelry is a sweet and beautiful gift that will allow your teenager to express her love in a fashion.

horse head necklace

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Riding Lessons

Riding lessons are a great gift for teens who have never had the chance to ride horses. It brings joy and happiness to a horse girl’s life when she can ride.

There are many types and styles of riding lessons.

Photo Credit: Emily Harris

A lesson barn that offers multiple disciplines can be a great place to start if your horse teen isn’t sure which direction she wants. Your teen can experience multiple activities at the same time. A few lesson barns offer multiple lesson packages discounts, which can be very helpful!

A Horse (Buy, Lease or Lease)

Horses are the best gift that you can give to any horse teen.PleaseBe very careful. Horses can be a significant financial and time commitment.

This gift should only be considered if the teen (and their legal guardians) are 110% ready, willing and able to own a horse. __S.66__

Consult an equestrian with extensive knowledge to help you choose the right horse for your teenager. Leasing a horse can be a better option than buying a horse. These arrangements allow your teenager to ride a stable horse without taking on ownership or the associated risks.

Photo Credit: Sarah Harris

We suggest surprising your teen with a creative gift if you choose to give this gift. Don’t Surprise Her Parents! Horses are one of the greatest surprises that a horse girl can get!

Chief Rookie Aside: Read about how much a horse costs on average state by state.

Gift Ideas for Teen Riders

There are two options for horse-loving teenagers who ride horses. You can either buy for your horsey teenager or buy for their favorite horse. You can get more praise for your gift! You can give your horse and rider a gift they will love.

Show Helmet

A helmet is the perfect gift for your teenager because it allows her to know that you care.

  • You want her to be safe.
  • Your support is essential for her ambitions to compete.
  • You are concerned about the quality of her equipment.

You have many options for colors, styles and patterns so that your teen can be safe while still looking stylish.

one k defender air helmet

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Helmets must fit correctly, so make sure you get help from someone who can measure your teen’s head or buy from a vendor that allows exchanges.

Chief Rookie Aside: Check out our One K Defender Air helmet review.

Riding outfit

Horse teens enjoy shopping for new riding clothes. Horse teens spend hours perusing equestrian websites and catalogs, looking through page after page of clothing they want to buy. There are many options for shirts, breeches and jackets as well as pants, vests and belts.

Photo Credit: Sarah Harris

You can make them feel like they are the winner of the lottery if you give them a show dress.

Socks for boots

Boot socks are a practical and easy gift idea because horses teens wear boots to ride. There are so many options for boot socks, including lengths, colors, prints, sizes and lengths that you can’t help but get excited about opening a new pair.

Socks are a great option for those on a tight budget. They are also easy to buy and can be used as gifts.

Boot socks are a must-have for horse-loving teenager girls. These socks make great stocking stuffers for holidays.

ovation boot socks

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Riding boots

Most girls love shoes. Horsey girls love riding boots, so this is a good thing! A new pair of boots can delight any horse teen, whether they are used for schooling, showing, or both.

ariat capriole tall riding boot

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A pair of tall riding boots or paddock boots is the best option for your teen if she rides English. Your teen can ride Western style in cowgirl boots.

Chief Rookie Aside: Check out our 9 Rookie-Approved Horseback Riding Boots for Beginners.

Spur Straps and Spurs

The gift of spurs or spur straps, also known as spurs, is a symbol that a teenage girl has “earned her spurs.” Western-riding teens love spurs and spur straps. English riders also often wear spurs. They’ll wear them for riding and every day work because you never know what you might need.

horse shoe spur straps

You can see them at Amazon

Spur straps and western spurs are available in a variety of styles and lengths. No matter what discipline your teenager is in, getting her a nice pair of spurs will be a big hit.

Wild Rags

Wild rags are a favorite of Western-girls too! wild rag is like the finishing touch that completes an outfit. You will find many to match the style of your teenage girl, including a variety of sizes, colors, patterns, and materials.

Photo Credit: Emily Harris

Although it may appear that a wild rag serves no purpose, it is actually an accessory. These rags can be used to keep warm in colder weather or protect from the sun, wind and dirt.

This gift can be easily made by anyone with sewing experience. This gift will be unique and have sentimental value.

Wild rags can also be used as a potholder by the campfire (cotton materials only), to strain water for drinking, as a temporary saddle rigging or rope, for a sling, tourniquet or bandage (man or beast), for flagging a race, as a handkerchief, or even for draping over the eyes of a spooky horse to help calm it down.

Chaps and Chinks

A chink or chap is a special gift that your horse girl will love. You can find chaps in both the Western or English disciplines. We will be focusing on Western chaps for this list.

Chinks, or chaps, can be a crucial part of a rider’s outfit. They provide leg protection from the outside and prevent leg chafing.

There are many options for chaps: western equitation chaps and reining chaps. You can choose from a variety of sizes, colors, patterns, materials and accents. You can personalize them often with your initials.

womens chinks

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Riding gloves

Gloves are a great way to protect your teen’s hands while riding and make it more enjoyable. Gloves can be added to show outfits as a finishing touch. These items are also easy to lose, especially for those who ride daily.

Your horse girl will eventually need new gloves if she wears gloves while riding.

You can give this gift for schooling, showing, English, or Western. Although it may seem like a small gift it can mean a lot for any horse teen. Winter gloves also make great stocking stuffers.

ovation riding gloves

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Crop or whip

A riding whip or riding crop can be used to encourage teens who are responsible. They can also be used as a training and schooling aid.

Riding dressage whip

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Lunge Line and Lunge Whip

As a teenager improves her horsemanship skills, she will eventually need a lunge line or lunge whip. It is essential equipment for daily training and some people consider it a must-have. You can find the right item for your teenager, as they come in many different colors and materials.

horse lunge line

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Horse Jewelry

Horse jewelry is a favorite of riders. Horse hair jewelry can add some flair to your gift. Horse hair jewelry is a unique and meaningful gift that will last a lifetime.

horse hair bracelet

Create custom horsehair jewelry on Etsy

Bracelets and other items can be made with tail hairs from the favorite horse of your teen. This gift brings a little bit of the horse closer into a horsey girl’s heart. Be careful not to take too much.

Personal Phone Case

When you spend time with horses, a sturdy phone case is essential. It can be personalized with a photo of your teen’s horse or a picture she takes with her horse(s). This is a thoughtful and sweet gift.

custom horse phone case

Get yours on Etsy

One wouldn’t want to be able to take a picture of her horse every day.

Gift Ideas for Horse Girl’s Horse

Why? Because equestrian girls love spoiling their horses! Your teen will appreciate a gift for her favorite horse as much as any gift for you.

Blanket, sheet, or cooler Gift Ideas For A Horse Loving Gir

At some point, every horse teen will need a blanket, sheet, or cooler. A blanket is great for keeping her horse warm in cold conditions, while a sheet can protect her horse from flies or sunburn. A cooler can also be used to dry the horse faster after work.

horse cooler

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Even if she already has one, getting a new one as a gift is super exciting. You will be able to choose horse apparel in the favorite color of your teen. For extra points, personalize it with your teen’s name or the horse’s name.

Horse Treats Gift Ideas For A Horse Loving Gir

Horse owners love to give their horses treats like apples, soft peppermint candy, and even horse cookies. A bag of treats or a container full of treats will make a horsey teenager’s heart happy.

stud muffins horse treats

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If you want your gift to have that extra umph to it, we suggest special gourmet horse cookies. They are absolutely delicious, according to our sources.

Horse Body and Bath Basket Gift Ideas For A Horse Loving Gir

Grooming is an essential part of horse care. It helps riders bond with their horses. This gift is thoughtful and practical and a great choice for teens of all ages and budgets.

These gifts will please, no matter what kind of horse shampoo or conditioner you choose.

horse bathing supplies

Get your bathing bag at Amazon

Get a gift basket big enough for your items, add some shredded paper in the bottom, arrange the supplies in the basket, wrap it in a cellophane basket bag, and put a bow on it. Voila!

You can also use a grooming bag or tote to carry everything and add a bow. You can use the grooming bag or tote as storage for grooming supplies for your horsey girl. You have a wonderful gift!

Psst. If you want to get more points, you could give your horse a bath & body basket with a scent that matches or complements the scents in the basket.

Leather Halter and Lead Gift Ideas For A Horse Loving Gir

They see a lot of wear and tear over their lives. A nice leather halter with a lead is a great choice for teens who want something special to use on their horses. These halters and leads look great on horses for photos, shows, or everyday use.

anatomical leather horse halter

Shop for leather horse halters on Amazon

Add a nameplate that has her horse’s name on it for an extra special touch. Winner!

Saddle Gift Ideas For A Horse Loving Gir

If done correctly, this is one of those gifts that will earn great appreciation. Maybe your teen is tired of using an old saddle. Perhaps she is looking for new skills and equipment.

adjustable western saddle

View adjustable tree saddles at State Line Tack

Another item of this size will be required to ensure it fits both the horse and the rider. For assistance, consult a qualified trainer or saddle fitter. If you’re on your own or in a hurry, choose an adjustable tree saddle that can fit multiple horses.

Saddle Pad Gift Ideas For A Horse Loving Gir

Saddle pads are a favorite hobby of many teenage girls who love horses. You can find them in many sizes and colors, for both Western and English disciplines.

ombre english saddle pad

This saddle pad is available at Amazon

Personalize this item to make it a gift that is unmistakably your teen’s own. This will also make it clearer which saddle pad she is riding on, if she has a barn to store her tack.

Matching Fly Bonnet/Veil Gift Ideas For A Horse Loving Gir

Horse lovers love to be “matchy matchy.” Give a horse-loving teenager a matching fly bonnet and saddle pad. Fly bonnets come in a variety of sizes and designs to suit any horse.

navy horse fly bonnet

Fly bonnets on Amazon

Bridle or Headstall Gift Ideas For A Horse Loving Gir

Bridles and headstalls are a favorite of horse-loving English and Western riders. A new bridle, or headstall, can be as exciting as a new saddle. A bridle/headstall can express the style of a teenager while being practical.

western headstall

This headstall is at Amazon

There are English bridles that have different nosebands, stitching patterns, and decorative brow bands. You can also find Western headstalls that have beautiful inlays, shiny accents and elaborate tooling.

english horse bridle

This bridle is available at Amazon

Breastplate Gift Ideas For A Horse Loving Gir

Western horse girls absolutely love their breastplates. A matching breastplate can make your teen’s look complete.

horse breastcollar

This breastcollar is available at Amazon

The breastplate is another piece of the horse’s tack that can express your cowgirl’s style, while playing a functional role in keeping the saddle in place.

Horse boots or Polo wraps Gift Ideas For A Horse Loving Gir

Horse girls love horse boots and polo wraps, just like saddle pads or fly veils. It’s super cool to have boots or wraps that match your horse’s saddle pad, fly veil and your teen’s outfit.

Polo wraps and horse boots come in many styles and colors. They can be used for different purposes.

They are available in English and Western versions and come in many sizes to suit different horses and ponies.

horse brushing boots

Amazon has horse-brushing boots

Gift Card to their favorite Tack Shop

If you don’t know what you want, gift cards are the best option. There’s nothing wrong with that. Don’t stress about making the right decisions. All you need to do is gift your horse girl a gift card to go on a shopping spree.

state line tack gift card

Get a gift certificate from State Line Tack

Cash Gift Ideas For A Horse Loving Gir

Cash is another option. This gift is unbeatable.

You can never go wrong with cash!

This gives the recipient the most freedom. It’s also great if you are short on time or don’t know what you should get.

William Randolph Hearst stated, “In suggesting presents: Money is appropriate and one size fits all.”

Most Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are some great horse gifts for teens?

This gift list has many great features. It can be given to any horse-crazy girl regardless of her age. There are also gifts that can be given to this age group.

  • Collectible model horses
  • Horse-shaped table lamps and horse night lights
  • Set of comforter and throw blanket for horses
  • Jewelry with a horse theme
  • Video games or horse board

Q: Which gift is best for horse trainers?

You want your horse trainers to be able use the equipment. You should consider getting them something that will make it easier for them to teach, provide comfort when they are outdoors, and allow them to unwind during the rare moments when they have time to relax.

There are many options when it comes to gifts:

  • A personal travel mug
  • A barn jacket with a brand name
  • A personal director’s chair to teach
  • An amplifier for their voice to help them get through long lessons
  • A chair massager
  • Gift card or cash to your favorite restaurant, coffee shop, or tack/feed shop —

Parting Thoughts

Even though it can seem like teenagers who love horses are difficult to buy gifts for, they are easy to please if the article is kept in mind. We hope you find something here that will suit the needs of your teenage horse girl. Have fun shopping!

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