Gift For 2 Year Old With Down Syndrome

Therapy-Approved Toys For Kids With Down Syndrome

Down syndrome children need the same toys and play-based materials as any other child. A toy that is beneficial to a Down syndrome child will often be the same thing as a toy that is helpful to any other child. In the early stages of a child’s development, toys that encourage social interaction and cause and effect are most beneficial. As he grows older, toys that promote language, gross motor, and fine motor development are best. Many children with Down syndrome enjoy music. Singing and dancing can be a great way to improve language, social interaction, and motor skills.

To ensure that toys are suitable for your child’s growth and development, there are a few things you should keep in mind when choosing toys. Don’t ignore the toy’s age range. These ranges are not always accurate. You may not be able rely on the suggested age for your child’s success. Your child might be reaching milestones at a slower rate than their peers.

Remember that toys are only suitable if they stimulate your child’s curiosity and entice them to play with it.

Also keep in mind that your child’s low muscle tone can make reaching, grasping, and handling certain toys more challenging. It is important to find toys that target these growth areas but aren’t too frustrating or difficult to interact with. These are our top picks for toys that can be used with Down syndrome children.

This list makes it easy to choose the best Gift For 2 Year Old With Down Syndrome ,Check out the Gift For 2 Year Old With Down Syndrome list below now!

Our Top Picks Gift For 2 Year Old With Down Syndrome

Below are some of our top toys for children with Down syndrome. The first two items are essential if you’re looking for toys to give babies and toddlers with Down syndrome. Have fun!

Play mats Gift For 2 Year Old With Down Syndrome

Play mats are a great place to engage your child in tummy time activities for gross motor development as well as reaching and grasping objects. You can also use play mats to engage your child in fine motor skills like grasp and release. Play mats can be used with items to encourage exploration, cause and effect, body awareness, object permanence, and hiding objects.

Floor mirror Gift For 2 Year Old With Down Syndrome

This is a great item for tummy time which is incredibly important for gross motor development, strengthening and eventual fine motor development. Social engagement and visual attention are great for development. You can do this by looking in the mirror at your partner. High contrast objects, such as black and white pictures, can be a great way to help your infant develop their visual sense.

Squigz Gift For 2 Year Old With Down Syndrome

This incredibly versatile toy can be used in so many ways and comes in many forms. There are many ways to interact with these suction cups throughout life, from the PipSquigz as a rattle to the MiniSquigz. These suction toys can be used to strengthen core strength, fine motor skills, and communication skills. Squigz can be used in activities that target balance and coordination. For example, you can stick them to a vertical surface while they are standing on a wobbly surface like a Bosu ball or cushion, or work on reaching developmental transitions such as sitting-to-stand. You can also use them to step up/down. Because they are silicone, they can be used as a bath toy or stepping up/down. Multi-sensory toys that target visual and auditory systems. They also stimulate the auditory system through their bright colors and the sounds they make when pulled apart. These little suckers offer endless possibilities!

Rody Horse Gift For 2 Year Old With Down Syndrome

Rody is a big NAPA favorite! Rody is often seen wandering through our clinics. Rody can be used to improve balance, strength, and coordination. You can use Rody in a number of ways and movement on Rody provides great sensory input to the proprioceptive and vestibular senses. RodyMax is a larger and more stable RodyMax that can be used by your child if they need it. Rody can be transformed into a rocking object with the rocking base accessory or a scooter item with speedy base accessories.

Ball Poppers Gift For 2 Year Old With Down Syndrome

These fun items can help increase hand strength, fine motor coordination and visual motor integration. You can use one or both hands depending on the task you want your child to do. You can also target catching skills from a distance. However, this could prove difficult!

Putty Gift For 2 Year Old With Down Syndrome

There are many forms of theraputty on the market these days but all help to target hand strengthening and fine motor coordination. It can be fun to place small objects in the putty and work on hand strengthening and grasp patterns.

Sturdy Birdy Gift For 2 Year Old With Down Syndrome

The game of perfect balance can be the “just right” challenge for an older child with difficulties following directions, decreased body awareness and impaired balance. This active, fun game can improve coordination, core strength, social interaction, and self-esteem.

Puzzles (varying degrees of difficulty) Gift For 2 Year Old With Down Syndrome

Puzzles of all kinds work on so many great skills! Puzzles have a somewhat developmental sequence that starts with large peg puzzles and then ends with smaller pieces of jigsaw puzzles. Each one will focus on fine motor skills, visual perception, and visual motor integration. Depending on the puzzle, you will also be working on matching, visual discrimination, form constancy, visual memory, and problem solving which can all be linked to reading and writing as well as cognitive and language development. Working on any puzzle will promote bimanual skills, hand-eye-coordination and can also incorporate gross motor skills (i.e. To place a puzzle piece in a puzzle, first crawl through the tunnel and then put it into the puzzle.


1 out of 12Emily Jean Davidson M.D. is the clinical director of the Down Syndrome Program at Boston Children’s Hospital. She says that “what makes a toy good for children with Down syndrome” is often the same thing as what makes a toy good for all children. Dr. Davidson recommends toys that encourage social interaction (balls, dolls for pretend play), and cause-and effect toys that help build the foundation for math such as counting toys or blocks. She encourages children to read aloud every day and music in play. Many children with Down syndrome enjoy music and dancing is a great way to improve language, social interaction and motor skills. Here are some of our favorite items for children aged 2 and up.

More Gifts

2 of 12Move and Groove! ($19.99,

Children can play with the plush cube and pick a matching color card to perform the move. They also learn the basics of balance, creativity and movement, as well as the rules of how to win without being in competition.

3 of 12 Rush Hour Junior ($12.50;

3 of 12RushHour Junior Gift For 2 Year Old With Down Syndrome($12.50,

This traffic jam puzzle game challenges you to move large plastic vehicles to clear the gridlock. It builds logic and reasoning skills. Each player moves at their own pace and tackles a level appropriate for their age.

img alt=”4 out of 12 Baby Care Basics – What is Down Syndrome?” src=”″ title=””/>

4 of 12BabyCare Basics: What’s Down Syndrome?

5 of 12 Radio Flyer Inchworm Rider ($62;

5 of 12Radio Flyer Ichworm Rider Gift For 2 Year Old With Down Syndrome($62,

The ride-along is comfortable and fun, with an ergonomic seat. It is also slightly taller than the average toddler rider, so older children who have delayed development may be able to take it for a spin.

6 of 12 Guidecraft Screw Block ($13;

6 of 12Guidecraft Screwblock Gift For 2 Year Old With Down Syndrome($13;

Children can improve their fine motor skills and match colors and shapes by using the child-sized screwdriver to insert large wooden screws in a wooden block.

7 of 12 Monster Toss ($40,

7 of 12MonsterToss ($40;

This classic beanbag toss game has a fun theme: the monster.

8 of 12 Mega Blocks Play & Go Wagon ($35;

8 of 12Megablocks Play & Go Wagon Gift For 2 Year Old With Down Syndrome($35,

Children push the wagon from behind, and it won’t move away from them, even if they stop playing with something else.

9 of 12 Duplo Number Train ($20;

9 of 12Duplo Number train ($20;

Children can learn colors, numbers and imaginative play while building a train. The pieces are large and easy-to-understand.

10 of 12 Farmer's Market Color Sorting Set ($30;

10 of 12Farmer’s Market Color Sorting Kit Gift For 2 Year Old With Down Syndrome($30;

This play set includes carrots, peppers, corn, pumpkins, and other fruits that are tactile and relationally-sized. This set is great for teaching nutrition, life skills, beginning math, colors, and counting.

11 of 12 Melissa & Doug Ice Cream Scoop Set ($23;

11 of 12Melissa and Doug Ice Cream Scoop Set Gift For 2 Year Old With Down Syndrome ($23,

11 of 12 Melissa & Doug Ice Cream Scoop Set ($23;

This magnetic icecream play set promotes social interaction as well as fine motor skills. It can be used as a matchmaking game.

12 of 12Kids like Me… Learn ABCs and Kids Like Me …. Learn Colors Gift For 2 Year Old With Down Syndrome($11 per;

12 of 12 Kids Like Me... Learn ABCs and Kids Like Me.... Learn Colors ($11 each;

These books are easy to read and feature Down syndrome children on every page.

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