Family Gifts For Christmas

These 84 Christmas gift ideas for families are sure to please!


Every family has a different definition of quality time. It could be outdoor time, vacations, dinner every night, or family game nights. These family gifts will make family time even more enjoyable, no matter what your family’s holiday tradition. 
This list makes it easy to choose the best Family Gifts For Christmas,Check out the Family Gifts For Christmas list below now!

Family Gifts For Christmas

Indoor Snowball Fight

Indoor Snowball Fight

Woohoo! It’s snowball fight! This family-friendly game is great for families that live in warmer climates and still love to throw snowballs at each other. This game is unique because there is no water. The package contains forty snowballs measuring three inches in width. It’s easy to follow the instructions. Grab them and get throwing.


Allwood Vacation Cabin Kit

Allwood Vacation Cabin Kit Family Gifts For Christmas

This is a sturdy project that can be done by the entire family. This wood cabin kit is ideal for mountain, lakefront or beach property. You can use it as a pool house or guest house. The one hundred sixty-two-foot floor plan doesn’t require any interior finishing. It can all be done in one day.


Chocolate & Caramel Apple Party

Chocolate & Caramel Apple Party Family Gifts For Christmas

This lazy Susan dipping set allows you to skip dinner and get straight to dessert. It features a heated melting pan and trays that can be filled with toppings, sprinkles and other goodies.

AMAZON.COM – BUY NOWPersonalized Family Tree

Personal Family Tree  Family Gifts For Christmas

This family tree can be used to include six generations. It is intricately personalized on a 10″ natural wood slice.

Buy from ETSY.COMCraveBox Care PackageCraveBox Care Pack

This box is filled with delicious snacks that will help them hibernate.

AMAZON.COM – BUY NOWWhat I Love About Our Family Book

What I Love About Our Family Books   Family Gifts For Christmas

This book is small but has a lot of heart. Each page contains prompts that can be used to fill in the pages with your reasons for why you and your family are so awesome.


TABLETOPICS Family  Family Gifts For Christmas

The art of conversation has been lost to technology. This set of conversation starters will help you start a conversation that is funny, thoughtful, and often hilarious.

AMAZON.COM – BUY NOWNintendo Entertainment System: NES Classic Edition

Nintendo Entertainment System: NES Classic Edition  Family Gifts For Christmas

The NES Classic Edition comes preloaded with 30 classic favorites such as Pac Man, The Legend of Zelda, and Donkey Kong. It will add a touch of nostalgia to family gaming nights.

AMAZON.COM – BUY NOWPersonalized Family Dance Party ArtPersonalized Family Dance Party Art

This personalized illustration can be used to gather the entire family for a fun-filled party. It can include up to 13 family members (including pets) dancing on the dancefloor.

UNCOMMONGOODS.COM – BUY NOWPersonalized Family Member Signpost

Signpost for a Personalized Family Member  Family Gifts For Christmas

This outdoor signpost is a beautiful gift for clan members who live far from one another. It can hold five arrows and include distances and names of family members.


Candy Club Subscription Box

Candy Club Subscription Box  Family Gifts For Christmas

Candy Club is a sweet family gift that any clan that loves candy can get. They will be given a monthly stash filled with sugary treats, chosen based upon their profile.


Fun for Families  Family Gifts For Christmas

This Bucket List is a fun twist on an old favourite. Each activity is printed on a stick and the date can be written on the back.


Jelly Belly BeanBoozled  Family Gifts For Christmas

BeanBoozled is a family-friendly game that lets you get the whole family involved. It’s a game in which rotten eggs or buttered popcorn could be the jelly bean.

AMAZON.COM – BUY NOWOur Family Recipes Journal

Our Family Recipes Journal  Family Gifts For Christmas

Each family has their favorite recipes, and they are passed down through generations. Keep them safe in your recipe journal. It also records why each one is special.

AMAZON.COM – BUY NOWHandmade Pucket

Handmade Pucket  Family Gifts For Christmas

Handmade Pucket, a simple tabletop game that’s so much fun is Handmade Pucket. Each player must fire a wooden puck across a board using an elastic “catapult”.

UNCOMMONGOODS.COM – BUY NOWIndoor Ping Pong Table with Quick Clamp

Indoor Ping Pong Table With Quick Clamp  Family Gifts For Christmas

This professional table tennis table is perfect for entertaining the kids, or getting Mom and Dad involved. It takes only 10 minutes to put together and has single-player playback.

AMAZON.COM – BUY NOWFamily Pebble Portrait

Portrait of a Family Pebble  Family Gifts For Christmas

This artist creates a family portrait using found pebbles or driftwood and frames it in a rustic graywash mahogany frame.


Baseball Game  Family Gifts For Christmas

It’s great to play baseball, but what about when it’s raining? This indoor version of baseball is played on maple wood veneer. It is perfect for rainy, cold game nights.


Family Charades  Family Gifts For Christmas

This set of charades has 6 age-appropriate decks, 6 categories, including a time capsule, making it the ideal family game for everyone, 4 through 104.


Set of Six Picnics for Six  Family Gifts For Christmas

You can have family meals anywhere. You can eat in parks, at outdoor concerts or out in your backyard. The picnic set can be stored in an insulated backpack with integrated insulation. The set includes a waterproof blanket, plates, cups, flatware, and cups that can hold up to six people.

AMAZON.COM – BUY NOWPersonalized Family Print

Family Print Personalized  Family Gifts For Christmas

This whimsical illustration can include up to 12 family members. Personalize each person with their skin tone, hair color and height for a moment that will last forever.

UNCOMMONGOODS.COM – BUY NOWSuper Family Pajama SetSuper Family Pajama Set

This set of pajamas was made for superhero families. The pajamas feature blue plaid plants and blue t-shirts. The shirts have the words Super Dad, Super Mom and Super Kid. These can be placed under the tree.

AMAZON.COM – BUY NOWColeman SaluSpa Inflatable Hot Tub

Coleman SaluSpa Inflatable Hot Tub  Family Gifts For Christmas

This hot tub is ideal for family discussions. It is inflatable and can be used by 4-6 people.

AMAZON.COM – BUY NOWNew England Breakfast Gift Basket Classic

New England Breakfast Gift Basket Classic  Family Gifts For Christmas

This hamper includes maple syrup, jam and coffee as well as delicious blueberries and both scone- and pancake mix for a New England breakfast.

BUY FROM GOURMETGIFTBASKETS.COMMickey Mouse Waffle MakerMickey Mouse Waffle Maker

This is a great option for families with young children. Waffles in the shape of Mickey Mouse are a great Sunday breakfast option. Make the batter and then put it in the waffle maker. Within minutes, you will have delicious golden brown waffles. Add the syrup and enjoy! You can do it again if necessary.

AMAZON.COM – BUY NOWLife Size Bowling

Life Size Bowling  Family Gifts For Christmas

This inflatable game elevates the concept of “be the ball” to a new level. The seven-foot ball is yours to run with. You can run down the alley and knock down the pins. Then slide out to see who is better. This is a great way to have backyard summer fun with your family.


Golden Gourmet  Family Gifts For Christmas

This gift basket includes a wide variety of sweet and savory treats. It makes a wonderful gift for any family member and includes milk and dark chocolate, truffles and popcorn, nuts and crostini.

BUY FROM GIFTREE.COMFamily Tree Photo Holder

Photo Holder Family Tree  Family Gifts For Christmas

This gift is perfect for grandparents or parents who are sentimental. This tree is made from bronze and comes with four matching bronze photo frames. It measures over a foot high and a half-foot wide. You can place your family photos and memories here. This accent piece is great for the living room and office.


You can see your mouth  Family Gifts For Christmas

Watch Ya Mouth is a hilarious family game that will make you laugh and salivate. Players must use the cheek-opening cheek retractors to say the phrase on the card.

AMAZON.COM – BUY NOWFroYo/Ice Cream Maker

FroYo/Ice cream Maker  Family Gifts For Christmas

This is a great way to show kids that not all food comes from the grocery store. This combo freezer yogurt/ice cream maker makes it easy to make an afternoon out of it. In just twenty minutes, you can make up to one-and-a-half quarts of your favorite cold dessert.

AMAZON.COM – BUY NOWFoosball Table

Foosball Table  Family Gifts For Christmas

Foosball tables are essential for any family game room. This game is very deceptive. Although it’s simple, the game will seduce you. You’ll be spending an entire afternoon together before you know it. There is no TV or computer. Just good, old-fashioned fun. This high-quality table is sure to please your family and friends.

AMAZON.COM – BUY NOWWooden Family Birthday PlaqueWooden Family Birthday Plaque

This is a great way to keep track family birthdays. It is a wooden frame measuring 16×8 inches with the words “Family Birthdays” written across the bottom. Each month has a hook, and each birthday is tagged with rawhide strings. This is a gift you can give to your children for Christmas, so they will never forget your birthday.

AMAZON.COM – BUY NOWVintage Popcorn PopperVintage popcorn popper

Hot buttered popcorn is a must-have for family movie night. This vintage popper makes hot popcorn the old-fashioned way. The popper can be used on the stovetop with a crank arm made of wood to prevent the kernels from sticking to the pan. Your children will learn that popcorn is best made in a pan and not in a microwave bag.

AMAZON.COM – BUY NOWMagnetic Picture CollageMagnetic Picture Collage

Photos on the fridge Almost every family has one. Because everyone’s lives revolve around the kitchen, they’re the best way for keeping family photos close by. But the problem is that they tend to fall off. These will keep the pictures in place until they are taken down.

AMAZON.COM – BUY NOWGiant JengaGiant Jenga

This is a jumbo version of the family classic. This is Jenga as we know it. However, the pieces are nearly eight inches in length, three inches wide and two inches tall. The Jenga stack can reach nearly three feet high. This Jenga stack is easy to clear out all furniture.

AMAZON.COM – BUY NOWIntex Outdoor PoolIntex Outdoor Pool

This above-ground pool kit will bring the pool to your yard. The pool is ready to use in less than an hour. It is made of durable laminated PVC sidewalls. It includes a filter system, maintenance DVD and a water volleyball set.

AMAZON.COM – BUY NOWOzark Family Cabin TentOzark Family Cabin Tent

The large, luxurious tent is perfect for extended car-camping trips. The tent has three rooms: a central family room and two bedrooms at each end. Each room has a door leading to the outside, and all rooms have windows. It can comfortably sleep up to ten persons.

AMAZON.COM – BUY NOWScary Stories Box SetScary Stories Box Set

This scary stories boxset is a great gift for those who love all things macabre. It can be used as a family gift or for Halloween activities.

AMAZON.COM – BUY NOWBanana SlicerBanana Slicer

Healthy eating can be difficult. This handy banana slicer cuts six perfect slices in one pass. It is ideal for fruit salads and cereal toppings.

UNCOMMONGOODS.COM – BUY NOWCasper Dog BedsCasper Dog Beds

Casper’s dog bed was designed with doggy behavior and allows the dog to dig, scratch, circle and paw as much as he likes before retreating in the memory foam nest.

BUY FROM CAPER.COMCoffee & Chocolates Gift Basket ClassicCoffee & Chocolates Classic Gift Basket

Many problems can be solved by coffee. Add chocolate to the mix and anything is possible. This luxury gift basket includes both cookies and caramels.

BUY FROM GOURMETGIFTBASKETS.COMBaker's Edge Nonstick Edge Brownie PanBaker’s Edge Nonstick Edge Brownie Pan

This continuous cake pan solves the problem of who gets the best brownie. It adds two chewy edges to each piece.

AMAZON.COM – BUY NOWZombie Car StickersZombie Car Stickers

This funny take on family stickers that you see on minivans and SUVs across the country is hilarious. It’s a cute group of zombies. It has a zombie mom and dad, two teenage zombies, two toddler zombies, and an undead cat or dog. You can give your children a good laugh with this joke every day.

AMAZON.COM – BUY NOWEmergency Clown NoseEmergency Clown Nose

If you need to be rescued, don’t hesitate to get out your red nose and have a good time. This whimsical gift is perfect for families who need to relax. It’s a red clown’s nose in a medicine container. It is always there and ready to be used when needed. It is the healing power that laughter has.

AMAZON.COM – BUY NOWCards Against HumanityCards Against Humanity

This game is a must-have for any family member who has never tried it. Get it now. Now, open it up and start playing. It is important to have a good sense of humor in your family. Everyone must be able to laugh at their mistakes. This is a great way to meet your pops in an entirely new way.

AMAZON.COM – BUY NOWEcho GlowEcho Glow

Alexa allows them to have this color lamp that can be used to create rainbow-hued countdowns or a gentle wake-up alarm, or just add beautiful soft lighting to a space.

AMAZON.COM – BUY NOWPoo-PourriPoo-Pourri

Poo-Pourri is a fragrant spray that can easily be used before a person ‘goes’ to remove pongy smells from the bathroom and freshen it up for the next person.


The GoPro HERO 7 is waterproof up to 10 meters and makes an amazing gift for outdoor enthusiasts who love to capture the perfect moments on video and film.

AMAZON.COM – BUY NOWHD Karaoke System with BluetoothHD Karaoke System using Bluetooth

This karaoke machine is a great family gift. It has 2 wired microphones as well as dual pedestal speakers.

AMAZON.COM – BUY NOWNintendo SwitchNintendo Switch

There is nothing worse than having to leave a game during the excitement. Nintendo Switch makes it possible to play your game on the move, as you can undock the game from your home system.

AMAZON.COM – BUY NOWScrabble DeluxeScrabble Deluxe

For families who are literary and bookish, Scrabble is the game to play. This deluxe kit is packaged in a dark mahogany box and includes matching solid wood tiles as well as tile holders. The board can be mounted on a lazy susan, and comes with a timer that looks like an hourglass. This great kit will get your family word-nerfing on.

AMAZON.COM – BUY NOWFamily Game Pack PS 4Family Game Pack PS 4

This PS4 Family Pack will help you get started in the vast, wild world of Playstation. All the family favorites are adapted for the world of video gaming in this set. Monopoly and Risk are available. This fun set will transform your family’s game night.

AMAZON.COM – BUY NOWPersonalized Family PillowFamily Pillow Personalized

This handmade family pillow can be used by the entire family to put them on the couch. It can be customized to fit your family’s needs. There will always be enough room for everyone. You can include extended family members, pets, and even friends. This pillow is made of flax and cotton.


Bocce is a favorite game of old men all over Europe. They meet up in parks to play Bocce for hours. It’s not the game that they are after. It’s the conversations and the companionship. Enjoy your family and keep them together. You can talk, laugh, and enjoy the game.

AMAZON.COM – BUY NOWBreville Duo Panini PressBreville Duo Panini Press

Paninis are a new way to enjoy sandwiches. With this handy gadget, they can make their own paninis and other paninis.

AMAZON.COM – BUY NOWKettlePizza Pizza OvenKettlePizza Pizza Oven

After you have your Weber Kettle up and running, you can add this extension for pizza cooking to make it an outdoor pizza oven. The kit comes with a stainless sleeve and handles as well as an aluminum peel. This kit makes it easy to make pizza and movies at home.

AMAZON.COM – BUY NOWInstant PotInstant Pot

The greatest gift is time, and the Instant Pot will help them get it – tasty and nutritious meals that can be sauteed or steamed upto 70% faster than traditional methods.

AMAZON.COM – BUY NOWSea Eagle Inflatable Portable Sport KayakSea Eagle Inflatable Portable Sport Kayak

This inflatable kayak can hold up to three people and is sturdy enough to handle class III whitewater.

AMAZON.COM – BUY NOWThe Elf on The ShelfThe Elf on the Shelf

Santa is able to tell the difference between nice and naughty, but he still needs help. His elves are here to help. They not only make toys at the North Pole but also check in on children around holidays. This holiday tradition is loved by all and it comes in both boy and girl versions.

AMAZON.COM – BUY NOWViper Dart Board SetViper Dart Board Set

A pub-quality dart cupboard is the best way to complete a game room. This dartboard is made of sisal fiber and has a removable number ring. The cabinet has two sets of steel-tipped darts and a game manual. The cabinet is solid pine with a dark mahogany exterior.

AMAZON.COM – BUY NOWBadminton/Volleyball Combo SetSet of Badminton/Volleyball Combos

Another one for outdoor enthusiasts. This combo badminton/volleyball set includes a net, a ball, four badminton rackets, four shuttlecocks, and one-hundred 80 feet of boundary lines. Be careful. Badminton can be intense. Do not let the small rackets fool your eyes.

AMAZON.COM – BUY NOWSplit-Decision Pie PanSplit-Decision Pie Pan

This clever dish makes it easy to feed different tastes. It has a divider at the middle that allows two half-pies to be baked simultaneously.

UNCOMMONGOODS.COM – BUY NOWSamsung Curved 4K TVSamsung Curved 4K TV

Televisions were first flat. They got flatter. The picture became sharper and cleaner. The best viewing experience is not flat anymore. It’s a curve. This next generation 50-inch television will give your family years of enjoyment.

AMAZON.COM – BUY NOWTwisterTwister

This classic game never gets tired. You can make a pretzel out of yourself and then fall to the ground laughing. This is the basic idea behind Twister. You can play competition twister to earn bragging rights or just for fun. Twister always wins.

AMAZON.COM – BUY NOWDeluxe Croquet SetDeluxe Croquet Set

This is a great game to enjoy on a lazy summer’s day on the lawn. The croquet set comes with everything you need to get the game started. You’ll find mallets, balls, wickets and balls as well as a book of instructions. Keeping your family engaged and active during outdoor events and barbecues is a great way to keep them busy.

AMAZON.COM – BUY NOWPlaystation 4

Playstation 4  Family Gifts For Christmas

You can keep your family together with the PS 4, giving the kids what they love, video games. It will be a great gift if you get to meet them halfway. They will probably teach you something about gaming. We are kidding! We know that you will be up until midnight, eating cereal and practicing your moves.


Monopoly  Family Gifts For Christmas

Purchase properties. You can put houses or hotels on them. You have two options: you can either go high-volume or low-rent. Or, you can go low-rent but high-volume. You can learn to save, spend, and make money. You might end up in jail. Without passing through and without collecting two hundred dollar, you can go straight to jail.

AMAZON.COM – BUY NOWOriginal Weber Kettle Grill

Original Weber Kettle Grill  Family Gifts For Christmas

You don’t need to make outdoor grilling complicated. A fancy gas-grill is not necessary. You only need one of these. A standard black grill and a bag with charcoal are all you need to grill your meat. The rest is just fluff. You’re good to go.


Here are more great family Christmas gift ideas



12 DIY Family Gift Ideas  Family Gifts For Christmas

Hershey's Christmas Tree

Hershey’s Christmas Tree

Two things are important to everyone: chocolate and kisses. Everyone loves Christmas trees, especially around the holidays. The gift combines all three into one delicious package. This process takes twenty-five steps and produces a tree of Hershey’s kisses. You can make one for every family member and they will all smile on Christmas morning.

Rootbeer Reindeer

Rootbeer Reindeer  Family Gifts For Christmas

This is as easy as it gets. A half dozen brown pipe cutters, some glue, and a pack each of red paper and glue are all you need to transform a six-pack root beer into a Christmas sleigh.

Paper Plate Clock

Paper Plate Clock  Family Gifts For Christmas

This family clock will keep everyone in the family on track with their time. The tutorial uses a standard print plate. However, you can make it more festive and fun for everyone. You will need a holiday-themed pate, a clock, a pen and some velcro. It takes less that an hour.

Holiday Welcome Mat

Holiday Welcome Mat  Family Gifts For Christmas

This welcome mat will make your family feel special when they visit you for the holidays. It’s easy to follow this three-step procedure. You will need a natural fiber doormat and painter’s tape. You’ll be able to make a gift that your family will treasure for many years.

Wood Art Bricks

Wood Art Bricks  Family Gifts For Christmas

These wood bricks make a great addition to your garden or patio. Two bricks are required, along with acrylic paint, modgepodge, and paper letters, unless you wish to paint them. This idea can be used throughout the holiday season. The bricks can be flipped so that one side can say Merry Christmas and the other side can say “Give thanks”.

Diy Ladder Golf Game

Diy Ladder golf game  Family Gifts For Christmas

Ladder Ball or Ladder Golf is a great way to have fun with your friends. Follow these helpful instructions to make your own set.

Diy Family Tree Wrath

Diy Family Tree Wrath  

This family tree wreath is perfect for Christmas, or as an ornament. It can be made with canvas cloth and a wreath shape.

Diy Lawn Dominoes

Diy Lawn Dominoes  

These lawn dominoes are so beautiful and will be a great addition to any garden. They can also be used outdoors as a way to bring the entire family together for an outdoor version of the classic game.

Handwritten Recipes Into Tea Towels

Tea Towels with Handwritten Recipes

You can transform any handwritten recipe, love letter or other document into a set tea towels with a little Photoshop magic. This will help to keep those precious memories alive every day.

Diy Washer Game

Diy Washer Game   Family Gifts For Christmas

This tutorial will show you how to make washers for your washer-loving friends and family.

Diy Kinetic Sand

Diy Kinetic Sand   Family Gifts For Christmas

Because it doesn’t leave a mess, Kinetic Sand is a popular choice for moms. This post will show you how to make your own with tea tree oil and play-sand.

Diy Football Toss Outdoor Game

Make your own Football Toss Outdoor Game

Make one of these football-tossing games with your power tools. They are made from cedar wood and can withstand outdoor gaming.


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