Dolphin Gifts For Her

These are 63 amazing gifts for dolphin lovers


These dolphin gifts are thoughtful and beautiful. Every gift captures the joy and playful side of these majestic mammals. Each item is a celebration of sea life in one way or another. These include experiences that dolphin lovers won’t forget, that take them into the ocean, and dolphin art that you can almost hear the water as you look at it. Animal lovers obsessed with marine life will delight in dolphin jewelry that adds sophistication to their everyday looks or gifts that support dolphin conservation. These gift ideas are endless. There are so many treats to choose from that you will feel as if the sun is shining directly on your face, and there’s a lot more.

This list makes it easy to choose the best Dolphin Gifts For Her,Check out the Dolphin Gifts For Her list below now!

Dolphin Gifts For Her


#1Boat Ride to Snorkel With Dolphins

Take a boat ride to snorkel with dolphins

$130.00Check it outWhat could be better than warm water, shining sun and sea breezes? There is only one thing that will make this experience even more special: dolphins! This amazing experience will allow you to join other dolphin lovers for a snorkeling adventure where you can see pods of these majestic animals.You can choose this Dolphin Gifts For Her

#2Extra Large Dolphin Plush

Extra Large Dolphin Plush

$21.99Check it outYou will have the best nights of sleep ever if you snuggle up to one of the most adorable creatures in the ocean. This huge dolphin plush measures 23.6 inches in length and is filled with cotton that will stay fluffy no matter how many times you’ve sat or slept on it.

#3School on Blue Waves Sculpture

Blue Waves School of Sculpture

$18.00Check it outYou can give your design an A+ rating by adding a wave sculpture with a pod of dolphins to it. This handcrafted sculpture is made from a resin blend that gives it a porcelain look. This sculpture measures 7×3 inches and will make a great decoration for your shelf.

#4Dolphin Snout Mug

Dolphin Snout Mug

$12.99Check it outThis mug will allow your nose to grow, but it won’t last forever. Every time you drink from this handmade snout cup, you will feel like your favorite animal. This fun design is watercolor-like and will entertain, while also delivering 11 to 15 ounces of your favorite beverage.

#5Dolphin Night Light

Dolphin Night Light

$19.99Check it outA soothing, colorful and playful nightlight with a pod of dolphins makes it easy to find peace before bed. The acrylic piece looks like a 3D light, and the LED light is heat safe for little hands.You can choose this Dolphin Gifts For Her

#6Bottle Nose Dolphin Sunset Car Decal

Bottle Nose Dolphin Sunset Car Decal

$4.99Check it outA bottle nose dolphin decal will make you feel sandy and breezy while driving around town. This beautiful sunset decal is weatherproof and waterproof. It comes in nine sizes and eight colors. You can purchase more than one to make a rainbow.

#7Adopt a Dolphin

Adopt a Dolphin

$55.00Check it outGive a dolphin to make a dolphin lover’s dream come true. Although technically you will be giving them a dolphin stuffed animal, they can also use it to show that you support dolphin conservation.You can choose this Dolphin Gifts For Her

#8Pam's Dolphin Puppet Plush

Pam’s Dolphin Puppet Plush

$24.99Check it outPam’s dolphin plush might make your next HR mediation go better than you thought. You can own the iconic Archer puppet and get rid of all the bad things.You can choose this Dolphin Gifts For Her

#9Dolphin Wine Bottle Holder

Dolphin Wine Bottle Holder

$30.95Check it outDolphins are always happy and ready to party at five o’clock. This wine bottle holder is nearly 10 inches tall and looks great both outside and inside. This heavy-duty, handcrafted resin statuette can hold both full and empty bottles.

#10Dolphinately Drunk Funny Wine Glass

Dolphinately Drunk Funny Wine glass

$22.00Check it outYou’ve probably said “dolphinately”, at least once, when you were hammered. It’s a common mistake. This hilarious handmade stemless wineglass with original design will make you laugh while you sip wine.You can choose this Dolphin Gifts For Her

#11Stained Glass Dolphin Suncatcher

Stained glass Dolphin Suncatcher

$25.50Check it outThis stained glass dolphin suncatcher will catch the sun’s rays and make you swear it glimmers. This handmade plaque comes in either a 4″ or 6” square. It also has a beautiful beaded hanger that adds to the beauty of the panel.

#12Dolphin Tea Infuser Set

Set of Dolphin Tea Infusers

$9.95Check it outThis dolphin tea infuser is the perfect stocking stuffer, or “just because” gift. You can use the silicone infuser to separate in the middle so that you can place loose leaf tea in it and let it steep until perfect. The infuser rests on the edge to make it easy to retrieve.

#13Dolphin Surprise Bath Bomb

Dolphin Surprise Bath Bomb

$9.99Check it outThis dolphin surprise bath bomb will delight little dolphin lovers. It turns the water blue just like dolphins do, and there’s a charm at the center they’ll enjoy adding to their dolphin accessories collection.You can choose this Dolphin Gifts For Her

#14The Ocean Made Me Salty Dolphin Pin

The Ocean Made me Salty Dolphin Pin

$10.00Check it outBeing a dolphin is not an easy task, but being a human can be difficult. This enamel pin will alert your friends to the fact that you aren’t feeling very chill. There’s no shame in being salty, even in gorgeous teal or blue colors.

#15Handmade Dolphin Earrings

Handmade Dolphin Earrings

$25.00Check it outA pair of handmade earrings will add a touch of elegance to your jewelry collection. These earrings look like something out of a fairytale. They have a gold-plated body with cubic zirconia embedded and are accented by sky blue beads. Each piece measures an impressive 2.25″ in length.

#16Dolphin Wind Chime

Dolphin Wind Chime

$14.86Check it outThese Pavlov’s dolphins are called Pavlov’s dolphins. When the wind blows, they chime and you can hear the ocean. This chime set includes five acrylic dolphins that gently tap metal chimes in wind.You can choose this Dolphin Gifts For Her

#17Handmade Glass Dolphin Figurine

Handmade glass dolphin figurine

$5.99Check it outThese handmade figurines of glass dolphins will make your collection complete. The pod of porpoises is available in two colors: one is pink, the other is blue. Together they will bring beauty and elegance to your shelves.

#18Electric Dolphin Wax Melter

Electric Dolphin Wax Melter

$24.99Check it outA wax melter delivers aromatherapy and mood lighting without the need for fire, giving you a spa-like experience. The dolphin wax melter comes with seven color options and three light settings. It also warms up enough to melt wax cubes, allowing you to enjoy a pleasant scent in your room.

#19Dolphin Wine Glass Set

Set of Dolphin Wine Glasses

$23.99Check it outA set of wine glasses featuring dolphins in the center will get the ladies talking at your next girls’ night. The gift set includes two glasses. You can plan your next beach vacation while enjoying red wine from one of these glasses.

#20Dolphin Keychain

Dolphin Keychain Dolphin Gifts For Her

$9.95Check it outThis dolphin keychain will make your fob look amazing and fin-tastic! This simple piece has a dolphin charm attached to a thick chain. It will keep your fob safe and secure.You can choose this Dolphin Gifts For Her

#21Adjustable Dolphin Ring

Adjustable Dolphin Ring

$19.95Check it outYou can say “I do(lphin)” to a beautiful ring that will make you smile every time it dances on your finger. Its simplicity is what makes this ring so beautiful. The ring is made from sterling silver and has been engraved with the most recognisable features of a dolphin. It can be adjusted to your liking and won’t stain your skin.You can choose this Dolphin Gifts For Her

#22Swim with Dolphins

Swim with Dolphins

$199.00Check it outTreat a dolphin lover to an unforgettable experience. The Dolphin Research Center offers hours of dolphin swimming for children, adults, and dogs. The Dolphin Research Center allows you to get to know the animals and their personalities. You will also have an amazing time praising these remarkable creatures.

#23Dolphin Earrings

Dolphin Earrings

$25.83Check it outThese beautiful dolphin earrings will make you feel as relaxed as a day on the beach. These stunning handmade earrings are made from sterling and opal. They will stay secured all day thanks to their push back.You can choose this Dolphin Gifts For Her

#24Dolphin Opalite Bracelet

Bracelet with Dolphin Opalite

$15.00Check it outA bracelet made from kyanite and opalite beads will add a touch of iridescence to your wrist. These two gems are often used in chakra alignment and reiki, so they may be beneficial for meditation. A stunning dolphin charm accents the bracelet, which is as beautiful as the animals.

#25Dolphin Statuette

Dolphin Statuette

$14.50Check it outThis statuette will be a delight for dolphin lovers. It features three beautiful images of the animals. The resin piece measures 8 inches tall and has beautiful blue hues that appear to have been painted by the sea.You can choose this Dolphin Gifts For Her

#26Personalized Dolphin Notebook

Dolphin notebook personalized

$8.99Check it outA notebook is a good place to record thoughts, dreams, and hopes about dolphins. This personal journal comes in two sizes and four paper styles.

#27Personalized Silver Dolphin Necklace

Necklace in Silver with a Personalized Dolphin

$13.98Check it outA pretty silver dolphin necklace will make your vibes beachier than ever. It can be worn with any bathing suit. The necklace is handmade with three beautiful charms. The first is a beautiful dolphin charm and the second is a Swarovski birthstone. The third disc is stamped with the initial of the recipient.You can choose this Dolphin Gifts For Her

#28Dolphin Coasters

Dolphin Coasters

$21.45Check it outThese dolphin coasters will keep your glass from splashing on your coffee table. You can choose from either a 2-set or 4-set of stone coasters. They have rough edges that give them a beachy appearance. The non-skid bottom will keep them from sliding.

#29Watercolor Dolphin Sticker

Watercolor Dolphin Sticker

$2.56Check it outA sticker that looks like an ocean wave painted it will make waves at the gym and at work. This pretty vinyl sticker comes in five sizes, and it is weatherproof and waterproof so you can stick them anywhere.You can choose this Dolphin Gifts For Her

#30Porcelain Dolphin Pendant

Porcelain Dolphin Pendant

$25.99Check it outYou are looking for a unique addition to your necklace or bracelet? This porcelain dolphin pendant is what you are looking for. This tiny charm is handcrafted and handpainted to give it a unique look.

#31Resin Dolphin Art

Resin Dolphin Art

$28.00Check it outThis beautiful piece of dolphin resin art looks almost like it was taken right from a photo of the beach. This amazing art is made in the form of a dolphin. It comes in three sizes.You can choose this Dolphin Gifts For Her

#32Fleece Dolphin Blanket

Fleece Dolphin Blanket

$28.99Check it outThe blanket measures almost 90 inches wide so you don’t have to fight with your partner to get it covered. The blanket is made of soft polyfleece, which will cradle your body in comfort while you sleep.

#33Carved Dolphin Wall Art

Wall Art with Carved Dolphins

$39.98Check it outA Bali-made dolphin sculpture puts the chic in boho chic. This wall art is handpainted and measures 19×8 inches. It also has a metal hanger at the back that makes it easy to install.You can choose this Dolphin Gifts For Her

#34Dolphin Amigurumi Pattern

Pattern for Dolphin Amigurumi

$2.50Check it outCrocheting is a great way to keep warm when the water is freezing but still enjoy the company and company of dolphins. This amigurumi design is suitable for both beginners and veterans. It can be used infinitely to make cute stuffed dolphins.

#35Magnetic Dolphin Sculpture

Magnetic Dolphin Sculpture

$6.99Check it outYou can flex your creative muscles when work becomes tedious by arranging the magnetic sculpture’s mini dolphins. Although the sculpture is only two inches high, it contains over a dozen dolphins.

#36Crystal Dolphin Sculpture

Crystal Dolphin Sculpture Dolphin Gifts For Her

$20.00Check it outA crystal that is beautiful and suitable for animal lovers can help you find calm and align your chakras. Six different crystals are available: Rose Quartz, Lepidolite Green Aventurine Blue Goldstone Opalite, Opalite and Dragons Blood Jasper. Each card explains how to use the crystals in meditation.

#37Dolphin Kinetic Sculpture

Dolphin Kinetic Sculpture

$12.99Check it outYou’ll never tire of watching these dolphins dance. They just keep turning, and they don’t get tired. This fascinating, kinetic sculpture makes an excellent desk accessory for marine lovers.

#38Dolphin Ring Dish

Dolphin Ring Dish

$23.80Check it outThis adorable dolphin ring dish will protect your valuables. Each dish is made from polymer clay, then handpainted. They are 3.5 inches in diameter and can be used to hold small trinkets, such as coins or jewelry.

#39Personalized Dolphin Mug

Dolphin Mug Personalized

$12.99Check it outDolphins in your cup are the best thing about waking up, right? Yes! This mug will delight you in the morning with its pair of dolphins swimming around and a beautiful font. You can choose from two sizes and two styles of coffee mugs.

#40Dolphin Cutting Board

Dolphin Cutting Board

$30.50Check it outThis board will be adorable when you serve meat and cheese. This adorable cutting board has a beach scene and your name engraved on it. You can choose from maple, walnut, cherry or bamboo for the base. Get choppin’!

#41Dolphin Wine Bottle Stopper

Bottle stopper for Dolphin Wine

$12.99Check it outA wine bottle stopper featuring the stunning form of a dolphin will keep your wine fresh and your conversations fresh. This stopper adds a joyous touch to your wine accessories.

#42Leather Dolphin Crossbody Bag

Crossbody bag in leather dolphin

$33.50Check it outA PU leather crossbody bag will make you smile when you take your next stroll along the boardwalk. It features an adjustable strap, enough room for your keys and phone, as well as ample space for chapstick and cards.

#43Dolphin Pencil Cup

Dolphin Pencil Cup

$16.99Check it outThis adorable dolphin pencil cup will lift your spirits when you feel overwhelmed by work. The high-quality resin sculpture holds your makeup and office supplies. It is hard to not feel happy! It measures 8 inches tall and can hold even kitchen accessories.

#44Dolphin Gemstone Necklace

Necklace with Dolphin Gemstones

$14.99Check it outThis necklace features a dolphin gemstone that shines like sunlight reflecting off the beads of the sea. This stunning pendant hangs from a 16-inch chain and has over 20 blue crystalline gemstones that sparkle in the sunlight.

#45Dolphin Wristlet Bag

The Dolphin Wristlet bag

$7.59Check it outYou can carry the things that you need to look pretty at the beginning and end of each day in a bag that is just as beautiful as you. This cute PU leather dolphin wristlet bag can double as a cosmetic bag and a clutch for a night out.

#46Dolphin Lover Parking Only

Only for Dolphin Lovers

$24.80Check it outAre you willing to be eaten by a shark This is the question you need to ask yourself before you consider violating these terms. It’s available in five sizes so it will be easily visible to anyone trying to take a parking spot for a dolphin lover.

#47Gilded Dolphin Wine Glass

Wine glass with Gilded Dolphin

$80.00Check it outThis handpainted, gilded dolphin wineglass combines beauty and function. You can use it for drinking or decorating. Just be careful to wash it gently when you need to shine it up. The glass has a delicate, glittery finish.

#48Funky Dolphin Sunset Socks

Fun Dolphin Sunset Socks

$9.95Check it outMany people find the silhouette of a dolphin against the setting sun a beautiful sight. These socks have beachy vibes with two pods a dolphins dancing on each foot.

#49Dolphin Throw Pillow

Throw Pillow for Dolphins

$9.99Check it outA case featuring two adorable sea mammals will add some fun to your pillows. The dolphin pillowcase can be used with a standard 18×18 inch throw pillow. It is characterized by its soothing blue hues and makes it stand out from the rest.

#50Dolphin Wallet

Dolphin Wallet

$12.99Check it outThis wallet can be tucked into your beach bag to bring you luck. Dolphins are known for being good luck symbols. The PU leather dolphin wallet can hold all your fortunes. From cash and cards to your entire phone, it has the space.

#51Leather Dolphin Photo Album

Leather Dolphin Photo Album

$19.99Check it outYou’ll have many pictures to share with your family and friends when you return from your dolphin-watching adventure. This leather journal with nautical charms and an engraving of a dolphin leaping is a great place to keep them.

#52Handmade Dolphin Memory Box

Handmade Dolphin Memory box

$9.99Check it outThis handmade memory box will hold your beach keepsakes in a place that will bring back memories of where you got them. This wooden box will look great on your shelf or dresser. It is sturdy and simple.

#53Glass Dolphin Paperweight

Glass Dolphin Paperweight

$18.49Check it outA paperweight made from solid glass will spice up the decor of a dolphin lover’s desk. The dolphin is almost 2 pounds and features multiple layers of color. It casts beautiful blue shadows wherever it sits when it catches the sunlight.

#54Dolphin Coloring Book

Coloring Book for Dolphins

$7.95Check it outRelax with a porpoise, and you will find your purpose in stress relief and relaxation. You can shade in the beautiful mosaic patterns and designs in this dolphin coloring book. Each pattern is unique and the book includes 35 patterns.

#55Inflatable Dolphin

Inflatable Dolphin

$7.04Check it outAn inflatable dolphin is the perfect choice for a luau party or just to add a touch of fin-tastic flair to your day. This inflatable dolphin is nearly 8 inches tall and ready to transform your dinner table into a beach cafe.

#56Dolphin Cove Fluffy Slime

Dolphin Cove Fluffy Slime

$8.99Check it outThe playful spirit you display when you squishing this dolphin cove fluffy slime would make dolphins proud. This handcrafted goo comes in two sizes: a 5oz and a 7oz. It smells deliciously like blue raspberry.

#57Tibetan Silver Dolphin Bookmark

Tibetan Silver Dolphin Bookmark

$10.00Check it outYou can relax in the ocean and read a book while you cuddle up with dolphins. This stunning handmade Tibetan silver bookmark holds your page without damaging it. It also features a beautiful tail of beads and a Dolphin charm.

#58Handmade Dolphin Light

Handmade Dolphin Light

$21.50Check it outRelax in the soothing blue glow of this handmade lamp and sit down for a while. To give the lamp its oceanic appearance, it is made from three layers tissue paper. It has been triple-sealed to keep it from getting too hot from the bulb.

#59Sterling Silver Wraparound Dolphin Ring

Sterling Silver Wraparound Dolphin Ring

$78.30Check it outA wraparound ring will make you smile everytime you see it. This ring is handmade from sterling silver. It is adjustable thanks to the wraparound design.

#60Etched Swarovski Crystal Suncatcher

Swarovski Crystal Suncatcher etched in Swarovski

$24.99Check it outSuncatchers are a must-have accessory for dolphin lovers. They add sophistication and glimmer of color light. This 8-inch Swarovski crystal piece has a sterling silver tail. It is completely handmade and made with care to not scratch the crystal’s surface.

#61Dolphin Phone Case

Dolphin Phone Case

$14.99Check it outThe back of your smartphone is the perfect place to go when you are feeling stressed out at work. This acrylic phone case features a beautiful ocean scene. You can almost smell the salty sea breeze and hear it.

#62Laser Engraved Dolphin Figure

Figure of a Laser Engraved Dolphin

$16.99Check it outThis laser-engraved dolphin figurine will show your sweetheart how much you care. This solid crystal piece features a pair of lovey, dovey dolphins in the center. The cool effect is due to the high-tech engraving process.

#63Dancing Dolphin Nightlight

Dancing Dolphin Nightlight

$13.96Check it outThis nightlight will help you to say goodbye to monsters, and give you sweet dreams about dancing dolphins. This glass figurine is atop an LED lightbulb, which makes it glow a soothing blue to help you fall asleep.

Dolphin Gifts ~ 33 intelligent gift ideas for intelligent creatures

When it comes to appreciation, there’s so much to be thankful forDolphinsThey are smart, playful and great swimming partners.
I know there are many dolphin lovers out there. So today, for all of you who love these wonderful creatures, I’m listing them.Seashell MadnessTop 33 ideasDolphin Gifts


Dolphin Cell Phone Pouch

Dolphin Cell Phone Pouch


Everybody has to have their phone with them. So why not let your friends take their phones along in dolphin style? This cross-body handbag is perfect for your phone. The fantastic teal and white color scheme fits the beach aesthetic perfectly, and this little bag is also functional: it features an external unzippered compartment and a main zippered compartment with three different credit card slots.


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Salt and Pepper Holder

Salt and Pepper Holder


These items are both fun and functional. This is the ideal solution for anyone who loves dolphins, but doesn’t want their salt and pepper shakers lying around on the dining room table. You can let those spices sail the waves with a smiling dolphin. This dolphin is handcrafted and has a sturdy base that holds a traditional-sized set shakers. Make a splash!


Stemless Wine Glasses Etched w/Dolphin

Stemless Wine Glasses Etched w/Dolphin


Many wine aficionados agree that stemless wine glasses look cool. We have the perfect gift for wine lovers who are also big fans of dolphins. Each glass is hand-blown and has artwork that was sand-carved manually (no lasers or stickers). This dolphin is beautiful. I love the Polynesian illustration style.


Jewelry Box with Dolphin Motif

Jewelry Box with Dolphin Motif


Maybe your gift-receiver loves really cool jewelry. This could mean that others will be giving them jewelry. They’ll need somewhere to store all that jewelry, won’t you? This handmade wooden jewelry box with two dolphins on its lid is your chance to save the day.


Socks with Dolphins

Socks with Dolphins


There was once a cliche about socks being the most boring gift. Well, no more. You can find many great socks that make great gifts. These are just a few examples. Give the gift of dolphins swimming around your ankles to someone you care about.


Fun Dolphin Fact:

“We know a lot about the sounds that dolphins use to communicate certain behaviors. The signature whistle is unique to each dolphin. It’s like a name.
source: Denise Herzing,

Dolphin 3D Illusion Lamp

Dolphin 3D Illusion Lamp


It is not 3D. It is an illusion. It’s a fantastic illusion! These lights are a favorite of mine and I highly recommend them in many styles. This particular one with a dolphin is my favorite. This is a great gift for a dolphin lover.


Glass Dolphin Wine Stopper

Glass Dolphin Wine Stopper


If you assume that your wine-lover knows how to pace himself or herself, then a wine stopper is essential. This wine stopper is not only great in design, but also features a rubber gasket that keeps the seal tight. It even has a beautiful illustration of a dolphin frolicking. This will keep your wine fresh, my friends.


3D Wooden Dolphin Puzzle

3D Wooden Dolphin Puzzle


You’ve gotta love a good 3D puzzle. They combine the mental challenge of a puzzle with artistic beauty of sculpture. This assumes that you are good enough at solving puzzles to be able to see what the end result should look like. The dolphin puzzle is amazing. I think it will be displayed once solved.


Pint Glass with Jumping Dolphin

Pint Glass with Jumping Dolphin


Pint glasses are a favorite of mine, and even my husband has one. This pint glass is adorned with a beautiful dolphin silhouette, which was hand-carved by the artist. It even comes with a gift box so you can give it as a gift!


Sterling Silver “Eternal Love” Heart

Sterling Silver


This is the perfect gift to give someone who loves dolphins. This necklace features beautiful representations of a mermaid or dolphin. It’s not just a necklace with a dolphin clasp, it’s a necklace that can be worn as a heart-shaped necklace. It is also a wonderful symbol of eternal love.


DIY Crochet Dolphin Pillow Cover

DIY Crochet Dolphin Pillow Cover


This set of embroidery crochet patterns is perfect for the dolphin-lover in you. Crocheting is a wonderful, meditative activity that can lead to a great end product. This kit is easy to use and anyone can make a pillow cover featuring a dolphin theme.


Dolphin Shot Glass

Dolphin Shot Glass


Although shots are fun, they can also be boring glasses. This shot glass is different! This shot glass is full of character! This shot glass has a dolphin as its character. This would add an extra dimension to someone’s drinking game.


Fun Dolphin Fact:

The orca is the largest dolphin and can grow to over 30 feet in length. The Maui dolphin is the smallest of all dolphins, measuring just five feet in length.

Garden Wind Spinner

Garden Wind Spinner


This wind spinner is great for gardeners and people who love to decorate their outdoor spaces, such as porches or decks. The metallic surface shines in the sun and the dolphin cutouts give an aquatic touch to any outdoor space.


Decorative Throw Blanket

Decorative Throw Blanket


It’s amazing how many things can be printed onto fabrics these days. This blanket measures 60″ x 80″. What beautiful dolphin artwork! It’s also fluffy! If you have a friend who loves fluffy blankets, I recommend this blanket.


Personalized Stainless Steel Water Bottle

Personalized Stainless Steel Water Bottle


It is refreshing to see people bringing stainless steel water bottles to the beach, considering all the plastic in the ocean. This water bottle is very sleek. It also features a wonderful dolphin illustration. This stainless steel water bottle also comes with personalized engraving. This is so cool!


“Wise Words from a Dolphin” Print


This wall art is perfect for beach-lovers. It’s called “Wise Words From a Dolphin” and it captures many of the wonderful things about these aquatic mammals. This design is also great and would be great for anyone who has a beach themed room or rooms in their home.


Leaping Dolphin Canvas Print Dolphin Gifts For Her

Leaping Dolphin Canvas Print


As a fan of dolphin art myself, this canvas print really caught my eye. The colors are beautiful. What a great use of reflections, as the dolphin leaps over the water. This would make a great coastal decoration.You can choose this Dolphin Gifts For Her


Dolphin Wall Decal Dolphin Gifts For Her


Let’s be real, who wouldn’t love a huge decal with dolphins swimming across their walls? Children especially! I’m sure that my childhood bedroom would have featured a pod with dolphins. They’re much easier than creating a mural on your walls — you just need to peel them off and stick them up just like any other sticker.You can choose this Dolphin Gifts For Her


3D Dolphin & Beach Floor Sticker Dolphin Gifts For Her

3D Dolphin & Beach Floor Sticker


The current trend in 3D illusion art is absolutely amazing to me. This one is amazing — it’s almost like having a bedroom with dolphins frolicking on the floor. This is a wonderful gift idea for any child who has a room without carpeting.You can choose this Dolphin Gifts For Her


Fun Dolphin Fact:

“Many species of dolphins dive at least 100 feet below the surface. The average depth for Risso’s dolphins dives to between 100 and 900 feet, while for offshore bottlenose dolphins it is over 200 feet. Orcas can dive to more than 3200 feet.

Mermaid & Dolphin Shower Curtain

Mermaid & Dolphin Shower Curtain


Many dolphin lovers are also mermaid fans (I know I am!). If such a person has plain white shower curtains, this mermaid/dolphin shower curtain would make an excellent gift. This is a beautiful illustration. It’s also a shower curtain. It’s impossible to go wrong.You can choose this Dolphin Gifts For Her


Dolphin Pod Kinetic Sculpture

Dolphin Pod Kinetic Sculpture


Anyone with a desk in need of some improvement can give a kinetic sculpture as a gift. It’s a soothing experience to watch the seemingly endless back and forth. Recent developments in kinetic art have seen some more innovative designs like this pod of dolphins.You can choose this Dolphin Gifts For Her


Big Plush Dolphin

Big Plush Dolphin


A giant stuffed animal is a great gift for anyone on your gift-giving list. If the person is interested in dolphins, this gift is perfect. This plush dolphin is huge! Fantastic!


Dolphin Leggings Dolphin Gifts For Her

Dolphin Leggings


Leggings are a great option for summertime dressing. What better pair of leggings to wear than one featuring dolphins?You can choose this Dolphin Gifts For Her


“Dolphin are My Sunshine” Phone Case


Nobody wants a boring phone case. Why not gift a truly beautiful phone case? A phone case with brightly colored dolphins swimming around beautiful gold flowers would be a great gift for many people on your gift list.You can choose this Dolphin Gifts For Her


Handcrafted Stoneware Dolphin Mug

Fun Dolphin Fact:

Dolphins are different from land mammals, which breathe through their mouths and eat through them. They have separate holes for each task. Dolphins breathe through their blowholes, and eat through the mouths of other mammals.


This handmade stoneware mug is beautiful. I love handmade stoneware in general, and I bet many others are too. This one has a stunning dolphin illustration that is hand-etched and will draw attention to the rest of the room.You can choose this Dolphin Gifts For Her



“Tails of the Tea” Dolphin Infuser Dolphin Gifts For Her


People often find they are drinking too much coffee and turn to tea. Black teas have a lower caffeine level than coffee making them a great choice to help you wind down after a long day of coffee. This dolphin infuser might be a great gift for someone you know. It is not only beautiful, but also has two puns.You can choose this Dolphin Gifts For Her


Book: “Exploring the World of Dolphins”



A fun, well-written book is always a great gift. If you know someone who is interested in learning more about dolphins, then “Exploring the World of Dolphins”, could be the perfect gift!You can choose this Dolphin Gifts For Her


Stepping Stones with Stained Glass Dolphins

Stepping Stones with Stained Glass Dolphins


Are you aware of someone who could benefit from an artistic touch to their yard or walkway? These handmade stepping stones were made from stained glass and concrete. These stones are stunning. These stones are a wonderful and unique gift that will make any yard a beautiful and unique place.You can choose this Dolphin Gifts For Her

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“Wave Dancers” Watercolor Painting


This is a beautiful watercolor! This watercolor depicts a Hawaiian girl looking at a pod of dolphins. It is one of many pages in Seashell Madness. This one is for someone who has a blank space on their wall that just needs some beauty.

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Colorful Metal Dolphin Wall Art Dolphin Gifts For Her

Colorful Metal Dolphin Wall Art


This painted metal dolphin makes a great gift! This cheerful dolphin will make anyone smile, no matter who it is you are giving it to. They can keep that smile on their faces every time they see it hanging on a wall.

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Intricately Cut Wooden Dolphins

Intricately Cut Wooden Dolphins


These days there is amazing woodworking, with beautiful and intricate artistic patterns being cut from wood. These dolphins are made from walnut. These dolphins are the perfect addition to any room decorated with coastal decor. You can choose this Dolphin Gifts For Her

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Ocean Resin Dolphin

Ocean Resin Dolphin


Anyone who loves beaches would love to see the ocean as a dolphin. They would, I’m sure. I love how many artists these days are using resin to create oceans. Resin is the perfect medium for oceans — the way that it rolls, cascades and shines is beautiful — and this resin dolphin is a great example.

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Laptop Decal of a Dolphin

Laptop Decal of a Dolphin


It is a sin to leave your laptop un-decaled. Never. If you have a friend who is still glued to their computer, this gift will bring some life to their day. It wouldn’t hurt. Dolphin Gifts For Her

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Mermaid & Dolphins Duvet Set Dolphin Gifts For Her

Mermaid and Dolphins Duvet Set


This set of bedding is beautiful! It is simply stunning. Mermaids, dolphins, and sandpipers are irresistible. You can’t.


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