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 Inspiring Books Every Teacher Needs to Read

10 Books For Teachers Gifts

This collection of books is for you, whether you are a novice educator looking for guidance or an experienced teacher seeking inspiration. Your passion for teaching and learning.

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‘Teach like your hair’s on fire: The Methods and Madness in Room 56

This book will show you how one teacher can make a huge difference in the lives of a whole class of children. Rafe Esquith, a fifth-grade teacher at Hobart Elementary, a district in Los Angeles that is one of the poorest in the country, was an author for more than 30 years. This book shares the techniques that he uses to build trust, respect and passion for education among students. These techniques have earned him many awards and international recognition. These magic phrases can make you seem trustworthy.

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“The Freedom Writers Diary”: How a teacher and 150 teens used writing to change themselves and the world around them.

This book was published in 1999. It is a collection written by Erin Gruwell, a 23-year-old teacher at Long Beach High School, Long Beach, California. Gruwell was assigned to a class of “unteachable” students, who were trapped by gang violence, racial tension, and other factors. She assigned them literature that they could relate to, brought speakers who could engage them, gave them each a blank notebook so they could anonymously share their thoughts and experiences, and created a class of “unteachable” students. All 150 of her students graduated high school despite the odds. Some went on to college and found rewarding careers. The book inspired a movie called Freedom Writers in 2007, starring Hilary Swank.



“How to win friends and influence people”

Teaching is a people-based profession, no matter if you are dealing with 5-year-olds or 30-year-old adults. This book is widely loved by teachers all over the country and is considered one of the most influential self help books ever published. The book was published by Dale Carnegie in 1936. It offers simple, yet effective, strategies to improve self-confidence and leadership skills and reduce stress.Books For Teachers Gifts



“The Hidden Lives of Learners”

The book is the product of over 40 years of research by Graham Nuthall (New Zealand Emeritus Professor) and examines three key factors that determine student success: teacher-student interaction and peer influence. His groundbreaking research on how low-ability students learn is as effective as that of high-ability students has important implications for education reform and the frustrations of standardized testing.



“Outliers”: The Story of Success

Malcolm Gladwell’s best-selling book will appeal to anyone who wants an understanding of how people achieve greatness. Gladwell examines many factors that can lead to extraordinary success, including that of celebrities, business leaders, and professional athletes. The book examines how hidden advantages, birth month, practice, culture, and other factors can influence the lives of exceptional individuals who achieve beyond all reasonable expectations.Books For Teachers Gifts



“I am Malala: Malala, the Girl Who Stopped Up for Education and Was Killed by the Taliban”

We sometimes forget that education is not a right for all children in modernized countries. It’s a privilege. Malala Yousafzai was 15 years old when she was attacked by the Taliban for wanting to go to school. Miraculously she survived and became a Nobel Peace Prize Winner and a strong voice for girls’ education. She co-authored this inspiring memoir in 2013 with Christina Lamb, a British journalist. It highlights the strength and perseverance of family love, and reminds readers about the unending power of education.Books For Teachers Gifts



“What Teachers Do: Praise for the Greatest Job in The World”

In 2002, former teacher Taylor Mali crafted a poem called “What Teachers Make.” He had written the poem in response to a condescending lawyer who had asked him, “Be honest. This poem, which went viral on social networks, is the foundation for the witty and inspirational book with the same title. Mali tells his story as a teacher through a collection of poems and anecdotes.Books For Teachers Gifts



“Today I Made A Difference: A Collection Of Inspirational Stories From America’s Top Educators”

Joseph Underwood compiled this collection of stories to answer two important questions: Why teachers teach and why they chose to work long hours and for low wages. This book, which is based upon the true stories of all 28 Disney Teacher of the Year nominees for 2004, will inspire both new and experienced teachers with its honest, inspiring, and refreshing view of the challenges teachers face every day.

10 Amazing books to Gift on Teachers’ Day


Teachers don’t need inspiration from time to again, who is that? You can!It is a gentle reminder that any bad situation can be overcome and made into something positive; that they are right to fight the wrongs; that every good thing that they do for student welfare is an accomplishment in itself.

Teachers have been the ones who have inspired us to do our best and contribute to society. They can change our mindsets and help us to explore, learn, share, then implement.

While it is a great day to show your appreciation to your teachers, Teachers Day offers another opportunity to make a special gesture for them. To show their appreciation and love, students traditionally send flowers, chocolates, or cards to teachers. Teachers are often entertained at special school assemblies.

Trends in Event Planning

What about changing it a bit? These are just a few ideas to get you thinking:
1. What about students or school officials stocking up the school library? This section should be dedicated to teachers only.

2. Teachers often give motivational books as prizes to students who do well. How about the student(s) gifting good inspirational books to their teacher(s) for a change?

3. How to Say Goodbye to a Teacher You could ask your students and teachers to raise funds to buy inspiring books for the teacher who is leaving. You can help!

10 Amazing Books to Gift Teachers’ Day

#01. #01.About the book:Books For Teachers Gifts
To Sir with Love is the story about a teacher who transforms hate into love, teenage rebellion into self-respect and contempt into consideration for other people. It’s the story that a man’s integrity triumphs over all odds.
#02. #02.About the book:Books For Teachers Gifts
True story about John Nash, the math genius who became a legend at the age of thirty before slipping into madness. He was saved by the selflessness and loyalty of his community to win the Nobel Prize in Mathematics and international acclaim thanks to her selflessness and that of a beautiful woman.
#03. EinsteinAbout the book:Books For Teachers Gifts
Einstein’s success was due to his questioning of conventional wisdom and marvelling in mysteries that others dismissed as ordinary. His imagination combined with wisdom was just right to change our perception of the universe.
#04. #04.About the book:Books For Teachers Gifts
Rafe Esquith’s fifth-grade students are a success year after year. They love to read, and they excel at algebra. Esquith is a teacher at the Jungle in Los Angeles, an inner-city school where many of his students don’t speak English at all and are often from troubled or poor families. His winning recipe? It’s a diet of intense learning, tempered with lots of kindness and laughter. His children attend class every day from 6:30 A.M. to well after 4:00 P.M. and throughout most of their vacations. They go on field trips to Europe, Yosemite and other places. They love rock and roll. They don’t believe in mediocrity.
#05 #05.About the book:Books For Teachers Gifts
Esquith is driven by fierce idealism and works harder than his students. He is a vocal maverick in public education and has made many mistakes. His honesty and uncompromising vision are a valuable lesson for all of us, teachers, parents, and citizens.
#06. #06.About the book:Books For Teachers Gifts
This resource contains five proven strategies that can be used in the classroom to inspire students who don’t know how to motivate themselves. These include emphasizing effort and creating hope. Respecting power, building relationships, and exuding enthusiasm. Every step is explained in detail and illustrated using proven strategies from the classroom.
#07. #07. Work hard. Be kind. The Most Promising Schools in America: Two Inspirational TeachersAbout the book:
After college, Mike Feinberg and Dave Levin joined Teach for America. They were utter failures at the classroom and decided to make a change. They achieved all of that and more. They created a highly successful fifth-grade experience in their early twenties through sheer talent and determination that never gave up. This would eventually lead to the Knowledge Is Power Program, which now includes sixty-six schools across nineteen states and DC.
#08. #08.About the book:Books For Teachers Gifts
These stories will not be forgotten. They include new and experienced teachers as well as sweet and tough children. There will also be funny and embarrassing moments.
#09. The Freedom Writers Diary: 150 Teens and a Teacher Use Writing to Change the World and TheirselfAbout the book:
The inspiring story of a teacher who is determined and inspired by her students, straight from the streets of urban America. The Freedom Writers Diary, featuring powerful entries by students and a narrative text written by Erin Gruwell, is a remarkable example of how hardwork, courage and determination can make a difference in the lives of teachers and students.
#10. #10.About the book:Books For Teachers Gifts
Christina Asquith shares a touching, first-hand account about her year of teaching in one the worst schools in Philadelphia. Her story is told with a mix of humor and honesty. It begins in Philadelphia’s desperate need for 1,500 teachers. Asquith, a 25-year old reporter, joined the untrained ranks. Her classroom in the crime-ridden neighborhood is not the only challenge she faces. She also has to deal with a corrupt principal and politics that stopped a million dollar grant from reaching her students. Her story will entertain, educate, and inspire.

An anonymous reader suggested a recent addition to our recommendations.

#11. Tuesdays with Morrie: An old and a young man share the greatest lesson of lifeAbout the book:
A mentor is someone that an individual looks up to and who has their backs as they go about their daily lives. Morrie Schwartz was Mitch Albom’s mentor. Mitch and Morrie spent a lot of time together every Tuesday.

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