Best Going Away Gift For A Close Friend

Although it can be difficult to say goodbye to someone you love deeply, these gifts can make a big difference. You can show them how much you care by giving them something they can use or something they can remember. It will make you feel great that you gave them something to show your appreciation. Lets look at Going Away Gift For A Close Friend

Going Away Gift For A Close Friend

Best Friends Long Distance State Coffee Mug,Best Going Away Gift For A Close Friend

Best Friends Long Distance State Coffee Mug

Looking for a gift that will remind them of you even when they’re not with you? Do your best friend’s heart good and give them the Best Friends Mug! Measuring in at 8 inches tall, this ceramic mug is sweetly emblazoned with the reminder that “every day I’m thinking of you.”

AMAZON.COM – BUY NOWLong Distance Friendship Lamp

Lamp for Long Distance Friendship

You might know what it’s like to be so far away from the person you love most. When you’re looking for a way to let them know how much they mean to you, send a little light their way with our Long Distance Friendship Lamp. This elegant lamp is perfect for showing that even when distance makes things difficult, memories live on and feel just as strong.”

UNCOMMONGOODS.COM – BUY NOWLovebox Spinning Heart Messenger

Lovebox Spinning Heart Messenger

Express yourself with love! The Lovebox Spinning Heart Messenger is a simple way for friends to connect, and send each other messages of love. Importantly, when the recipient reads the message from their extremely attractive friend (you), they can show how much they care by sending back digital hearts that will display on your device as a series of endless affection. Plus, this product is reasonably priced


Friendship Quotes in a Jar

A Jar of Friendship Quotes

Is she your bestie? Get her this jar of Friendship Quotes!
A Jar of Friendship Quotations is filled with 31 brightly colored and nicely worded quotes about friendship. Whether you want to brighten up a dreary day or just want to be reminded every day, this jar will make the perfect gift for that friend who’s always there for you! It even comes with its own lid so it can be carried around while making calls, going on errands, running across town- whatever the case may be!!


Custom Postcard Pillowcase

Pillowcase with custom postcard

Let’s not let those nights lying in bed rot away! Give your friends and family the gift of sweet dreams with this personalized pillowcase. The front can be customized to show how much you love them while they’re far away, whether it’s a free form message or something specific like “miss you Pookie!” On the back, we add your personlized message so that when they wake up every morning, they’ll know someone is always thinking of them.

This festive and personalized gift will help all their jet-setting blues feel better as soon as they flip over for an afternoon nap! you can give Going Away Gift For A Close Friend


Going Away Mantra Cuff Bracelet

Going Away Mantra Cuff Bracelet

Give the woman in your life a bracelet to say good-bye that she’ll never want to take off. Not only will this lovely piece of jewelry make her feel better when saying goodbye, but it also features an inspirational message inside and is sure to send her off! If you’re looking for something less sentimental, try out these other great options: cuff bracelets made from stainless steel are discreet and sweet; perfect gift ideas for those moving abroad or starting can give Going Away Gift For A Close Friend


I Wrote a Book About You

I wrote a book about you

“I Wrote A Book About You” is a way to express your love for someone. Each page has an essay prompt that you can fill out, and the 52 essays will help build a library of all the wonderful things you love about them through writing prompts. After completing each prompt, use one word as inspiration to start it off with something like “My favorite thing about him/her…” or “He/She makes me feel _____ when….

This book takes note-taking from traditional journals and brings new life by making it interactive in formats such as diary entries over time so readers always have access to their thoughts on how they were feeling at any given moment based on what was going around them


Aura Frames Cloud Digital Frames

Aura Frames Cloud Digital Frames

An Aura frame is a revolutionary new device that allows you to wake up each day and see something different on the screen, from pictures of your family members or pets to landscapes. The frames have limitless storage space so anytime they want some change in scenery all they need do is navigate through their gallery. This way no matter where life takes them, with photos loaded onto this frame it’s like not being without home at all!

An Aura Frame wakes you up every morning with an album full of memories–from images taken by loved ones to favorite vacation spots around the world!–you can share these beautiful displays anywhere any time. Alongside unlimited photo capacity for worry-free sharing across devices there are other features as well:


Willow Tree Friendship Keepsake Box

Willow Tree Friendship Keepsake box Going Away Gift For A Close Friend

The Willow Tree sculpture is incredibly touching. This one is the perfect gift to give as a going-away gift for friends, coworkers or loved ones who are moving on with their lives. It’s made from resin and features two people facing one another in an intimate embrace that will have you reminiscing fond memories of your friendship together. The Forever True card enclosed also comes printed with thoughts about what makes this connection special between these closest companions.” you can give Going Away Gift For A Close Friend


Still Having Coffee Together Spoon

Still Enjoying Coffee Together Spoon

They will also miss your morning coffees together if you don’t get them. This stainless steel spoon will bring you together, even if they live miles apart! The bowl is engraved with the words “Still having coffee together” on it to remind about those special dates when both of us are sipping our favorite blends and chatting all day long.
The best part? You can have this delivered straight to their doorstep so that we won’t need a phone call or an email every time one of these days come up because life always gets better over cups o’ joe


Friendship Anchor Compass Necklace

Friendship Anchor Compass Necklace

This delicate and sweet necklace is a perfect gift for the adventurous girl in your life. The pendant has an intricate design, while still remaining simple enough to wear on a daily basis. This piece comes with both gold plating as well as silver so that you can match it perfectly to her wardrobe!
The 16-inch chain makes this wearable all day long without feeling heavy around their neck or shoulders – even if they’re adventuring every single moment of the day! you can give Going Away Gift For A Close Friend


Custom Neighborwoods Map Coasters

Coasters with custom Neighborwoods Maps

A set of Neighbourwoods Map Coasters will remind them of home. This set of four coasters is made from American Birch wood. Each one depicts a specific part of your choice locale. There are 15 options. One shows the date established and one displays the place name.


Good Friends are Like Stars Dish TowelStars are like good friends Dish Towel

Drying dishes can be tedious and unpleasant. But you can make it easier by gifting them this sweet dish towel. This towel measures 28″x28″ and is made from 100% cotton. It’s screen printed with golden stars and a sentiment about the joys of friendship.

AMAZON.COM – BUY NOWWhy You're My Bestie Fill in the Love BookPlease fill out the Love Book to tell me why you’re my bestie

Do not let your best friend go without something to remind them of when they are feeling lonely. “Why You’re my Bestie” is a sweet fill in book with 50 prompts. These include: “You’re crazy talented at …'” and “I believe the world requires your unique …’.”

AMAZON.COM – BUY NOWGoing Away Picture FrameMoving Away Picture Frame

This frame is a touching gift for going away. It will remind them about the friends they have left behind. This frame can hold one final group photo and features an arrow pointing at the photo. It can also be personalized with a personal message. you can give Going Away Gift For A Close Friend

Buy from ETSY.COMAlways Wished for a Friend Like You CandleWishing for a friend like you candle

This white ceramic candle holder features dandelion seeds. It makes a wonderful gift. This pot holds 8 oz. Soy wax candles are lightly scented with the fresh scent of clean, freshly cut cotton.

AMAZON.COM – BUY NOWPersonalized BobbleheadPersonalized Bobblehead

This personalized bobblehead might fit in their luggage, but it will work! You just need a photo and the artist will hand-sculpt the figurine to your specifications so that they have a miniature friend wherever they go.

Buy from ETSY.COMGo To Your Happy Place Ocean NecklaceGet to Your Happy Place Ocean Necklace

Perhaps she is moving and will miss the ocean. Or maybe her most treasured memory is one of time spent at the coast. This necklace will remind her about that special place, no matter what. This teardrop pendant is made by attaching a photo to resin. It hangs from an 18-inch sterling silver chain.


Goodbye My Friend Going Away NecklaceGoodbye, My Friend Going Away Necklace

Although it’s hard to say goodbye, the personal poem included with this necklace clearly shows that you have found someone special. This simple and sweet necklace will remind her of your friendship. The interlocking circles made from sterling silver represent the unbreakable bond that you share.

Buy from ETSY.COMCustom Map PillowCustom Map Pillow

This pillow will remind them of their home every time they use it. This pillow is made from cotton canvas and filled using polyester fiber fill. It will be printed with a map of their home or a nautical chart, as well as any can give Going Away Gift For A Close Friend

UNCOMMONGOODS.COM – BUY NOWGood Luck In All You Do NecklaceGood Luck in All That You Do Necklace

This beautiful necklace, titled “Good Luck in All You Do”, will send her off with a smile. The 18-inch chain is handmade using 22K Gold Vermeil and features three charms: tanzanite for health and magic, druzy stones for strength of spirit, as well as a small horseshoe for good luck.

UNCOMMONGOODS.COM – BUY NOWHomesick Scented CandlesHomesick Scented Candles

Candles can be soothing but if they are infused with the smells of home, they can also help to soothe homesickness. This makes them a thoughtful gift for a goodbye.




Working Compass Necklace

Work Compass Necklace

This working compass pendant is available in sterling silver or stainless steel chains. It makes a lovely farewell gift.

Buy from ETSY.COM

And So The Adventure Begins Wine MugAnd so the Adventure Begins Wine Mug

It can be exciting and daunting. But she can still celebrate her adventurous spirit with this sippy cup, while reminding herself that the best times ahead.

AMAZON.COM – BUY NOWHow to Swear Around the WorldHow to Wear Around the World

This book is ideal for anyone who’s going on a trip and wants to make friends wherever they go. It includes impressive swearing techniques in many languages.

AMAZON.COM – BUY NOWFarewell BraceletFarewell Bracelet

This bracelet made from amazonite will be a wonderful farewell gift. She can use it every day to bring luck in her new ventures.

AMAZON.COM – BUY NOWEvery End is a New Beginning Coffee MugEvery End is a New Beginning for Coffee Mugs

It is difficult to say goodbye. But this 11oz mug will remind them of the fact that there are always new things.

AMAZON.COM – BUY NOWUSA Map KeychainUSA Map Keychain

Keychains are great visual reminders that can be used multiple times per day. This one is made from aluminum and has two hearts in different states, joined together for ever.

AMAZON.COM – BUY NOWDonut Ever Forget About UsNever Forget About Us!

Everyone can add their personal touch to this gift by writing on any of the 50 blank pages.


Compass EarringsCompass Earrings

These earrings make a wonderful gift to go away for jewelry-loving ladies. They feature a delicate compasse so they can always find their way back home.

AMAZON.COM – BUY NOWCarry on Cocktail KitKeep on hand a cocktail kit

A carry-on cocktail kit is a great way to send them off on their adventures. It’s perfect for long-haul flights to new destinations.



Everyone has good friends and family who move away. It’s hard to say goodbye! It doesn’t matter where they are going, remind them that you will always there. With thoughtful and fun going-away gifts.

This state mug design features the quote, Friends forever, never apart, even if they live far away. The perfect “bon voyage” gift to let your best friend know how much they’re going to be missed! You can personalize the mug by adding maps to show the country, state, or province you choose. you can give Going Away Gift For A Close Friend Buy


Ever wished that you could offer friendship in a jar to someone you care about? This wish was granted. These jars are stuffed to the brim full of colorful daily quotes. These jars are filled with simple reminders and wise words to help them achieve their dreams. This is the perfect gift to show your friendship. Buy


This modern love note allows you to send heartfelt messages anywhere in the world to your loved ones. The chunky heart on this beechwood box spins when you send a message. They then open the box to see the message. You can also turn the heart to send back digital hearts. – Buy Now


Winne, Pooh had it right. “How fortunate I am to have something so difficult as saying goodbye.” This matte journal is simple and direct. For a truly unique gift, add some compliment pens and a travel coffee mug. Buy


Do you think your best friend needs a little bit of snark? This 100% natural soy vanilla candle is sure to fill their home with the delicious aroma of freshly baked cupcakes. A portion of the proceeds will be donated to empower women in can give Going Away Gift For A Close Friend Buy


It can be difficult to leave behind loved ones. Make them feel like you are still there by instantly sending photos and videos to their frame. The free app for smartphones is all you need. They can also view photos and adjust the brightness. Buy


What about a lucky bracelet that you can send on their journey? The Lotus symbol is good luck, positive energy, eternal creation, new beginnings, and good fortune. Jasper is known for its nurturing energies that provide wisdom and courage. Hematite has been known to provide a protective environment. Green Aventurine, also known as “Stone of Opportunity”, is believed to be the luckiest of all the crystals. Buy


You need gifts to send your coworkers away? You don’t have to worry! This is a unique and fun way to say goodbye. Each succulent is grown in Los Angeles and packaged in a beautiful gift box that includes a scented candle, colored matches, and a gift card. Add-ons such as a bright cactus keychain or compass necklace, and natural lip balm are also available.

Shop at




Did you know that the sense of smell is closely linked to memory? These candles are also themed by state. Each state has its own scent profile, which stays with you no matter where you go. There are many states that they can choose from so they can have the scents of their home state. These soy wax candles made by hand would make a great gift for your new home. Buy


Wall art can be a way to show your friendship! This wall decor photo display can be used to showcase your favourite photos, postcards and memos. It’s a better option than using plain old picture frames to decorate their new homes. Beautiful, durable and environmentally-friendly. Buy




This motivational friendship bracelet will say goodbye and wish them good luck. It reminds them to be focused on the amazing journey ahead, and not the destination. Although it can be hard to leave, inspirational message bracelets can help you send positive vibes and instill positivity. Buy


This is a truly unique gift. Send her off with a retro mixtape. Simply drag and drop your playlist onto a flash drive. Personalize the cassette tape and then put it back in its can give Going Away Gift For A Close Friend Buy



Smudging is a simple and effective way to remove negative energy. This simple ritual helps to cleanse, re-energize and restore your space. It also promotes peace, calmness and positive intentions. This kit is perfect for going away gifts, and also makes a cool housewarming gift. Buy


This delicate, long-distance gift is available in sterling silver, 14k rosegold-plated or 14k-gold-plated. You can choose to have the gift stamped with your state initials, a mini-heart, or personalized letters.

Shop at

going away gifts for her bye felica wine glass

This funny wine tumbler is a great gift idea for friends who are moving away or changing jobs. Each glass is custom-made for you. Goodbye Felica! Buy








These bracelets are perfect for your partner in crime and hand-stamped with “Best Bitches”. These bracelets are perfect for your partner in crime. BFF for Life!you can give Going Away Gift For A Close Friend Buy


This cup is perfect for your bestie with the potty mouth. You can remind her every morning that she is missed when she gets her f*n cup of coffee, even if she lives in another state. Buy


This selection of hot foil stamped pencils is perfect for a friend who loves to write the old-fashioned way. Cardi B’s cheeky and motivating sayings on each pencil will give her a can give Going Away Gift For A Close Friend Buy

going away gifts glass ceiling

A unique and inspirational gift for a girl starting a new career. The Shattered Glass Ceiling Necklace is a tribute for all the women who have broken it. It symbolizes all the achievements of women past, present and future. – Buy Now


This rotating frame is the perfect gift for her to remember her family. It holds two 4×6 inches photos and has two engraved sides. The one that is engraved with “Like trees on a tree, we all grow in different directions but our roots remain the same” Turn the switch to turn on the base so the engraving glows warmly. Buy

There’s nothing more to it. These durable, inspirational carry-all pouches will organize your life. Three sizes available. Ideal for makeup, art supplies, and toiletries. You can even fit an iPad in the largest size. You can also buy a matching shower curtain if she wants to have a creative bathroom. – Buy Now


Oh. They’ll be going to so many places! Send them off with a Dr. Seuss print 8×10, packaged carefully and ready for transport. They can then frame it upon their can give Going Away Gift For A Close Friend Buy


You can call it a gag gift, or a gift to show your true love and celebrate your long-distance relationship. A personalized face pillow will make sure they never forget you. It will also scare their new friends. The designers will create a high-resolution image of your face. Pillows are available in different sizes. They are made with soft polyester fabric and a cotton can give Going Away Gift For A Close Friend Buy


A bamboo pen with matching case and elegant design. For a personal touch, have their name laser-engraved. This makes a wonderful retirement gift, or a great gift to send your goodbyes to friends, colleagues, and can give Going Away Gift For A Close Friend Buy


14 Thoughtful DIY Going Away Gift Ideas

Diy Adventure Notebook

Diy Adventure Notebook

This blog post demonstrates how to make a notebook that can be personalized to fit any can give Going Away Gift For A Close Friend

We Go Together Like Milk & Cookies

We go together like milk and cookies

This DIY gift is sweet and easy to print and mount in a frame. Then, it can be presented with favorite cookies or a carton milk.

So Thankful For You

We are so thankful for you

These little succulent jars are quick and easy to make. However, if you add the printable label, it makes them absolutely adorable.

Give It All You Got (and Then Some)

Give it all you have (and then some)

This motivational quote is a great gift for someone starting a new journey. It can be printed and framed in a matter of minutes.

Bright Future Card

Bright Future Card

These cards can be printed to express your gratitude and show how proud you are of your students after the exams are finished.

Sorry To See You Go Printable Farewell Card

We are sorry to see you go Printable farewell card

Although homemade cards are always more meaningful than handmade, you can still make this going-away card. You can print it and write in your own hand.

Push Pin Travel Map

Push Pin Travel Map

This map can be printed and used to create beautiful artwork that will hang on a wall. Photos and embellishments are a great way to add charm and personality to the final product.

Thanks A Latte

Thank You for a Latte

You can dress up your gift card from a coffee shop by placing it in a cup, pawning it with tissue paper and attaching this printable coffee-themed label.

You Totally Rule Gift

You are the Ultimate Ruler of Gifts

This simple DIY gift idea is a great way to say thank you, whether your favorite teacher is moving on or your child is going up.

Notes in a Jar

Notes in a Jar

This simple idea will bring comfort and simplicity, but it can also be filled with sweet notes from the heart.

Oh The Places You'll Go Print

Oh, the Places You’ll Visit Print

This quote will be loved by Dr. Seuss fans everywhere! It is printed in a monochrome, simple but effective design that will add beauty to any wall.

Thank You For Your Thyme

Thank you for your Thyme

This is a great goodbye gift idea. Who doesn’t want fresh herbs on their windowsill? They are easy to make and cost almost nothing.

Moving Organizational Planner

Moving Organizational Planning

This printable Moving Organization Kit makes moving a little easier. It includes labels, checklists and change of address cards.

Donut Thank You Gift Tags

Donut Thank You Gift Tags

Donuts are always a hit, but they can be difficult to personalize unless you make them. This sweet label is a solution to that problem.


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