Best Gifts For Naturalists

Naturalism covers everything, from philosophical thought to scientific study. There are many options for gifts for naturalists. Let’s get our pants up and our magnifying glass ready.

A Modern and Technical Flower Arranging: Color Changing Plug-in LED Mushroom Lamp

Led lamp gift ideas for naturalists

This lamp is a great source of gentle, soft light for those who like to read The Origin of Species before going to bed. The room’s light level will determine whether it will dim or brighten, and the bulbs will alternate between pastel colors.

It is a wonderful nightlight that can be used in nurseries or children’s rooms. The base can hold three mushrooms and three leaves. They all have the same illumination power, so it is just a matter making them soft and pretty while they are on a bedside desk.

For Chai Lovers: Half Moon Teapot With Removable Infuser

teapot with infuser Best Gifts For Naturalists

Although glass teapots can be more trendy than functional, this one is made with strong borosilicate materials and features a half moon design that provides the best of both beauty and stability.

If your gift recipient enjoys trying new brews or flavors, there’s a stainless-steel mesh infuser. They can steep tea leaves; watch the flowers bloom in the glass.

With a gift as versatile as this, the possibilities are endless.

If They Like Creepy Crawlies: Praying Mantis Paperweight

mantis paperweight Best Gifts For Naturalists

This paperweight is made with real praying mantis resin and can be used as an office supply or educational tool. The block is smooth and bubble free; the praying mantis remains intact with all its wings, mandibles, and antennae.

The manufacturer also offers paperweights that include beetles and scorpions. This could be a great opportunity to start a new hobby for your favorite collector.

For the Newbie Naturalist: The Lost Art of Reading Nature’s Signs

The lost art of reading nature´s signs-guide book Best Gifts For Naturalists

The Lost Art Of Reading Nature’s Signs contains many tips, tricks, and techniques that will help anyone who loves to explore the natural world. Learn how to identify animals, track them, locate water, identify plants, forecast the weather, and navigate according to the sun’s direction.

There are many funny jokes, and there are diagrams and helpful images. It’s equal parts an atlas, and a guide to nature. The author has traveled extensively backpacking around the world. It’s a must-have for all naturalists, regardless of age or interest.

Evolution of the Mind: The Thinker Ape Skull Bronze Statue Gifts For Naturalists

bronze statue Best Gifts For Naturalists

The Thinker, one of the most iconic sculptures of all times, has been reproduced in this bronze statue. One twist is that the man has been replaced by an ape and that the object he’s considering is a human skull.

This powerful image is thought-provoking and beautiful. It’s made of heavy stone, resin, bronze, and ivory and it looks great. This statue would be a great addition to any library for any educator or philosopher.

When They’re Filled With Wanderlust: Outdoor Adventure Style Waterproof Vinyl Stickers

waterproof vinyl stickers Best Gifts For Naturalists

These stickers are protected by a glossy, thick finish and can be used everywhere, from laptops to water bottles to camping vans to kayaks. Each sticker has an adventure theme. Depending on how many you have, your options for decoration can range from bears in the mountains to surfer riders riding powerful waves.

These stickers will make you want live more than anything else. They’re great for naturalists who enjoy taking in all that nature has to offer.

To Cultivate a New Passion: Succulent and Cactus Starter Kit

succulent and cactus starter kit Best Gifts For Naturalists

This DIY planting kit is perfect for young naturalists. It includes everything they need to plant their first ficus. This kit includes seeds, soil, fertilizer, and drip trays. They won’t need to go to the greenhouse once! They won’t even need to go to a greenhouse if they grow succulents.

These little plants are resilient and can survive in any kind of environment. As long as the gift recipient follows the simple-to-read instructions, they will have fresh aloe vera and agave in no matter how harsh it gets.

To Impart a Message: The Earth Does Not Belong To Us T-Shirt Gifts For Naturalists

T-shirt Best Gifts For Naturalists

“The Earth doesn’t belong to us. You belong to the Earth. You can find it in many sizes, colors, and cuts. The print also features beautiful artwork that combines a star-and-mountain symbol with a yin/yang symbol.

This is a statement piece disguised in a novelty tee.

To Get a Little Goofy: FACE Plant Novelty Planter

planter Best Gifts For Naturalists

While they might have many planters, this one is theirs. FACE Plant is a unique gift that allows them to transform a planter into someone. The plant will act as the hair and the square of white ceramic will be the face.

They can also use a dry-erase marker to add freckles, moles, and mustaches as they please. If they wish to add some shades or glasses to their little guy, there’s even a nosebridge! FACE Plant is the perfect gift to keep them entertained for a long period of time.

For a Lovely Morning Chorus: Bird Songs: 250 North American Birds in Song

bird in songs

Bird Songs 250 North American Birds In Song This is the ultimate gift idea for birdwatchers. It not only records hundreds of birds species but also has an audio feature that allows you to play their calls.

Your naturalist will know that it is sometimes difficult to identify rare or elusive birds. However, their songs will always help you spot them. This guidebook will ensure that your friend never misses a loggerhead Shrike or a light-footed Clapper Rail.

To Spoil Them a Little: Fleur D’Extase Organic Bath Bombs Gifts For Naturalists

organic bath bombs

These bath bombs are perfect for relaxing after a hard day at work. They combine fragrance and fizz to create a soothing, long soak. There are nine scents in all, ranging from rich, earthy sandalwoods, to sweet coconuts, and lemongrasses.

These are made from all-natural oils, plant extracts, and are ready to gift with personalized butterfly boxes.

You don’t even need to travel! Send your loved ones to a luxury spa.

When They Can’t Wait for Pumpkin Spice Lattes: LED Lighted Maple Tree

LED lighted tree

Autumn doesn’t only come once a year, but who says? This maple tree will allow your gift recipient to enjoy cozy sweaters and large cocoa mugs throughout the year. They are softly orange-yellow and have realistic details that can be mistaken for real leaves from afar.

With a warm and inviting glow, the LED lights shine from beneath the trees. Simply plug the tree into an electrical outlet to power them. With a gift such as this, it’s possible to have fall every day!

For the Herbal Tea Addict: Teabloom All-Beverage Bamboo Travel Tumbler

travel tumbler

This travel tumbler is made with beautiful, sustainable bamboo. You can use it as a water bottle or tea thermos, a smoothie shaker, or even a tea infuser. It’s combination filter/strainer is the secret to its versatility. This combo filter/strainer can be used for cold-brewing coffee, as well as infusing flavor in fruit juices or bubble teas.

You can also gift your recipient a tumbler that is made from reusable and earth-friendly materials.

When They Love Planets Just as Much as Plants: Solar System Bracelet


Naturalists may be as interested in constellations and stars as they are wildflowers and redwoods, depending on what their fields of study. They can express their love for astronomy with this bracelet. It’s fun and stylish! Eight beads are used to represent the eight planets in our galaxy. They can be easily identified by their color, size, and order of placement.

Mars is red-agate, Venus is gold foil, and Neptune lapis lazuli. The inky vastness of a universe filled with stars is represented by glittery black lava rocks. This gift is perfect for anyone who enjoys gazing at the night sky and fantasizing about the possibilities beyond.

A Garden in a Storm: Double Layer Folding Inverted Butterfly Umbrella Gifts For Naturalists


Over the years, many butterflies have been naturalists. If your friend is one, you’ll love this unique gift. On the top, it looks like a regular umbrella, but the bottom is filled with hundreds of colorful, fluttering butterfly.

You might be able to identify the species with your friend! The umbrella’s other benefits include an inverted, inside-out design as well as a C-shaped handle that makes it easy to carry in the rain.

For the Naturalist With an Office Job: Indoor LED Planter With Easy-Grow Accessories Kit

indoor LED planter

Although they might enjoy dancing in the rain or digging in the dirt, naturalists don’t have the luxury of spending every minute outside. This planter can bring greenery to even the most cold and sterile spaces.

It is stylish and sleek and will look great in any home, office, library, lab, or dorm. The tray can be used to store everything, from soil-based succulents to herbs that are water-based.

It’s fashionable and practical for modern living spaces, making it an excellent gift for naturalists who feel a strong connection to the earth.

For the Avid Reader: Agate Stone Bookends

agate stone bookends

Are their geode collections about to explode out of their bedroom and turn into a rock slide. You’ve just discovered another wonderful piece that will be a great addition to their collection. These huge bookends are made of real agate. Their outer rims have natural crusts and their inner surfaces show their beautiful natural layers.

For an extra touch of flair, you can choose to order them in natural brown or dyed teal. Every one is unique, making them a unique gift for a unique recipient.

For the Wandering Soul: How to Make Hand-Drawn Maps: A Creative Guide with Tips

how to make hand drawn maps guide book

To enjoy the art and craft of mapmaking, you don’t need to be a cartographer. How do I make hand-drawn maps is for anyone who doesn’t want to be an artist. The book has clear instructions that include all sorts of templates and grids that will help you break down the key elements of a map.

Learn how to scale and how to create legends, symbols and legends. The book covers navigational maps as well as creative topics such family trees, palmistry charts, and treasure maps.

You get a dozen guides in one!

Hard Science Meets Soft Beauty: Boutique Academia DNA Earrings


These earrings transport DNA from a textbook to your body by twirling them around. They are made from beautiful silver metal and have both major and minor grooves.

These earrings make great gifts for biology majors because they don’t offend with inaccuracy and artistic license. These earrings are great for anyone who is passionate about science and willing to share their knowledge.

When It’s Time for an Intervention: It’s Not Hoarding If It’s Plants Ceramic Coffee Mug

coffee mug

This coffee mug is colorful and funky. It’s perfect for botanists or horticulturists. This mug might be of interest to home gardeners who truly love their roses. The pattern contains fun and colorful cartoons of different plants.

It’s a unique design but it’s still a functional mug that they can use for their favorite coffees or cocoas. It could even be used as a planter to house their little cacti!

For the Hobbyist: 50-Piece Leather Working Toolkit

leather working toolkit

Perhaps they are familiar with leather work. Perhaps they have always wanted to try leather working, but it has never been on their bucket lists. This 50-piece kit includes everything they need to make shoes, seals and jackets, bags, and other accessories.

You can store everything, from groovers to burnishers to awls or scissors, in a high-quality carbon toolbox. Naturalists will love the opportunity to modify and make their own products by hand.

For the Artistic Soul: Complicated Spiders: Anti-Stress Coloring Book

coloring book

This coloring book is a great gift idea for spider lovers. Spiders are one of the most misunderstood animals on the planet. Complex Spiders is visually stunning and artistically complicated. Your bug-loving friend can spend hours coloring in swirls, sunbursts and other patterns.

To make their colors stand out, some of the critters have been printed on black backgrounds!

To Elevate Their Home Design: World Map Hanging Wall Art Tapestry

wall art tapestry

These tapestries come in a variety of sizes and colors. They make beautiful decorations for any home. One tapestry is a detailed map of the world with precise, up-to date labels. Another is an abstract watercolor with swirls and words. A third has colorful blocks that are easy to use for children.

They can be hung in the home of your gift recipient, or in a library, living room, office, or playroom. They come in sizes ranging from 50×60 inches to 80×60 inches so they can be used as window dressings or central decorations on a feature wall.

When They Aren’t Afraid of a Sting: The Beekeeper’s Bible Gifts For Naturalists

The beekeeper´s bible book

They don’t need to be beekeepers to receive this gift. The Beekeeper’s Bible: Honey, Recipes, History, and How-To Guide is a combination of a handbook, a history book, a cookbook, and a how-to guide. It’s a complete almanac for one of nature’s most sweet hobbies.

They will learn everything they need to know about starting their own hives and creating their own soaps, candles, and other products. If they love to cook, there are honey-filled recipes. You might get a return gift in the form delicious baked goods.

For a Throwback Look: Psychoactive Plants Vintage Art Prints

vintage art prints

These illustrations were printed on sepia-toned papers with careful diagrams and muted colors. They could have been straight out of an 1840s botany textbook. These are not your ordinary plants.

They are psychoactive! They’re psychoactive!

They are so cleverly disguised, even your mom will look at them and think, “Oh, how beautiful!”

Singing Lobsters Not Included: The Curious Parts and Pieces of the World Under the Sea

Ocean anatomy guidebook

Ocean Anatomy will be a guidebook unlike any other. It’s filled with hand-drawn illustrations in vibrant colors and scribbled fonts, which are meant to be used as a companion for your travels, rather than a textbook you would use for school.

The book is full of information: From the science behind rogue wave to the anatomy and biology of blue whales, it’s packed with all the necessary information. It might seem a little too easy for marine biologists but it will be great for those who love nature and want to learn more about it.

They can discover all the complexities of a landscape in a fun and accessible manner!

For the King: Butterfly Hand-Painted Stained Glass Suncatcher

glass suncatcher

This suncatcher is a favorite theme because of its beautiful, hand-painted details and realistic design. Because its wings and body are enriched with the correct colors and patterns, it looks just like a real Danaus plexippus.

To let the sun shine through stained glass, hang it from a window. Or stick it to a desk, locker or door as a decorative element. This one is a great choice for entomologists!

To Get a Little Tipsy: The Drunken Botanist Gifts For Naturalists

the drunken botanist-book

The Drunken Botanist – The Plants That Make the World’s Great Drinks describes exactly what it is: A guide to all the fruits, flowers and fungi that could be hidden in college keggers. While some of these may be familiar, such as rice wine or barley scotch; others are so obscure and outlandish that you wouldn’t even think of them.

The Drunken Botanist offers history lessons, jokes, stories and recipes, as well as gardening tips!

Hoo Hoo: Wooden Jigsaw Owl Puzzle

wooden puzzle

You can purchase a cheap puzzle from mass-printed card stock. But this one is unique. This puzzle is printed on real wood and has been laser-cut to achieve a uniform smoothness. It’s stunning. It depicts an owl wearing a variety of colors and has individual pieces that look like leaves, ferns, and other woodland animals.

It is essentially an abstract act that can be used as a puzzle. It can be hung on the wall by the person who has completed assembling it. It is too beautiful to be wasted!

To Give Them Gentle Music: Glass Hanging Jellyfish Wind Chimes Gifts For Naturalists

wind chimes

This jellyfish wind chime is a great gift idea for oceanographers. The body acts as the base, while the tentacles act as the dangling bells. It’s made entirely of glass so it has a soft, delicate charm. However, it can also be used indoor or outdoor.

It exhibits the same resilience that you would expect from a species that has been around for thousands of years. A wind chime that is powerful and useful will be a great way to celebrate your friend’s love for marine life.

For the Foul-Mouthed Flower Child: I F*cking Love It Out Here Woods Crew Socks


Perhaps he is an avid backpacker. Perhaps she is a free spirit, always looking for adventure and a way to live in the woods in a tent. These crew socks will be a hit with any nature-loving naturalist.

These little green trees look like a legend on a map and declare “I F*cking LOVE It Out Here.”

To Record Their Hopes and Dreams: Vintage Dark Green PU Leather Cover Loose Leaf Notebook

notebook gift ideas for naturalists

This notebook features loose-leaf paper wrapped in leather, bound with a corded thread that ends in a silver-leaf pendant. This notebook is instantly identifiable as a rustic, naturalistic journal. However, it can also be used to sketch, map, or make lists.

You could even use it as a scrapbook. It has three metal binder rings that make it easy to add and remove pages. This notebook is portable and can be used for any purpose. It’s ideal for travel and hobbies.

To Light Up the Night Sky: Aurora Borealis Wall Art

aurora borealis wall artgift ideas for naturalists

This wall art measures 24 x 48 inches and will make a statement. It depicts the Northern Lights in all their vibrant glory. The artwork is printed on raised canvas and not flimsy papers, so it will be a true art piece, rather than a poster.

Even if it’s not possible to afford to take your loved one on a trip to the real deal, this gift will make them look like they are standing at the edge a snowy lake gazing at all the wonders of our universe.

For Cuddles: Darwin Little Thinker Plush

Darwin plush Best Gifts For Naturalists

Charles Darwin is the granddaddy among naturalists. But you have probably never seen him look so cute! He is part of the “Little Thinkers”, a collection created by the Unemployed Philosophers guild. His 11-inch height and soft, cuddly materials conceal his grumbly little face.

He can be placed on a shelf, or waved about during lectures in libraries and classrooms. He is ready to teach the masses!

Naturalists’ Presents: A Buyer’s Handbook

With hundreds of specialties and sub-specialties, natural science is a gigantic field that covers a lot of ground. There are many naturalist gifts to choose from. Unfortunately, you will need to figure out how to sort through all of them and find the right one. These are just a few ideas to help you get started.

Find Their Interests

Naturalism is an extremely broad field that can encompass plants, animals, rocks, oceans, fungi and more. It can be scientific or philosophical. You should have an idea of what the person is interested in before you start shopping for gifts. Are they interested in butterflies or spiders? Are they passionate about botany? What are their talents? What are their passions and skills?

Verify Accuracy

Inaccurate details are the fastest way to ruin a gift. A t-shirt and a coffee mug that make them look stupid are not acceptable choices for any scientist. Be sure to read the reviews before you click the “order” button. See what others have to say about the product. A reviewer will likely mention something wrong if it is mentioned somewhere.

Let Your Mind Be Free

Naturalism is about exploring the world and all that lives within it. Some things are beautiful. Some things are beautiful, while others can be quite bizarre, difficult or even wild. This is all part of naturalism. If you can, find a gift that captures the wild twists and turns of nature. This is the way you will impress the naturalists in your life.


These are just a few of the many gifts that naturalists should receive. Readers, what do you think? Are there any suggestions you like? Are there any things you don’t like? Your feedback is always welcome!

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