Best Gifts For Foot Pain

No surprise, most people suffer from foot pain. Foot pain can be caused by daily activities and poor footwear. According to the American Podiatric Medical Association, 77% of Americans have had foot problems at some point in their lives.

How can they ease their sore feet? There are many options for soothing sore feet. We searched the internet for the best options and spoke to professionals to get podiatrist and customer approval. We tried out some of the most popular options for ourselves.Check out the Best Gifts For Foot Pain list below now!

Best Gifts For Foot Pain

Gifts for people with foot pain


Mat for foot pain relief

These gifts are great for someone who suffers from foot problems. Poor fitting shoes/sandals or too much contact with hard and flat surfaces can lead to foot pain. The majority of the gifts listed below are meant to help relieve, support and comfort the feet.

Let’s begin with gifts that can help relieve tired and painful feet. Although a gift certificate for a local spa with foot massage would be appreciated, it is not always practical. So why not bring the spa and massager home instead?Best Gifts For Foot Pain

Massage for feet

#1 Foot pain remedy Best Gifts For Foot Pain

Massage for feet

Tension and stress in the muscles can cause foot pain. A Shiatsu foot massager is a great gift for anyone who has foot pain due to overuse, such as standing while working or pregnancy. The Shiatsu foot massaging device is designed to stimulate the acupressure point in the feet by applying pressure and heat. Friends and family who have used the product have given me great feedback. The heat and pressure that the product generates are what they love. There are many Shiatshu massagers. Most of them have different settings that allow you to adjust the pressure on your feet. Some have your foot covered as shown in the image. Others don’t. I will be writing a post on top foot massagers. In the meantime, you can check out these!Best Gifts For Foot Pain

Foot spa

# 2: Foot Pain Treatment Best Gifts For Foot Pain

Foot Spa

While the foot massager above is great and can be enjoyed every day, some people may prefer something more tender. The hydrotherapy foot spa is another popular gift from the same family as the foot massager, but it has a lower impact and is more gentle to use. For foot pain relief, this foot spa is often recommended to be used in conjunction with the cold and hot therapy. To get better results, you may need to purchase a tea tree soaking crystal and oil. Some units come with a water jet, while others have massage wheels. The foot spa is for those who like a slow, gentle and low-impact massage.Best Gifts For Foot Pain

Massage foot roller

#3: Foot Pain Treatment Best Gifts For Foot Pain

Foot Massage Roller and Foot Massage Ball

The foot roller is an easy but powerful product that can quickly relieve foot pain and tension. It works in the same way as the low-tech electronic foot massager. You can simply roll your feet on the product while you are working, reading, or watching TV. The massage roller is made to alleviate stress, plantar fasciitis and heel pain. It usually comes with instructions and a foot chart. The massage ball is a similar product, but it is simpler. It is designed to relieve pain from plantar fasciitis and heel spurs, as well as tired feet. Although the massage ball can be carried in your backpack, it is smaller and easier to use than a roller.Best Gifts For Foot Pain

Mat for foot pain relief

Foot pain remedy #4

Acupressure Foot (Pain Relief Mat)

The acupressure mat has a number of small, sometimes hundreds of, blunt spikes that have thousands of (rubber nails) nails. This provides soothing stimulation for the acupressure points at the feet. In return, it will relax muscle tension and increase blood circulation. This product is simple and effective in relieving tired, painful feet.Best Gifts For Foot Pain

Penetrex to relieve foot pain

Foot pain remedy #5

Penetrex – Pain Relief Cream Best Gifts For Foot Pain

Bengay has been used by my mom for so long that I don’t know how many years. Bengay can sometimes work, but it may not always. Penetrex pain relief cream was recommended by my wife. She said that it worked better than Bengay for most of her pain, including her back, shoulder and foot pain. Although “seem” may not be strong enough, I have read hundreds, if not thousands, of positive feedback on Amazon and it seems to offer pain relief for a majority of people. You can check it out! You can also use Biofreeze to relieve pain in general and not just for foot pain if Penetrex is unavailable.

My new post, Best Selling Foot Pain Relief Products, has more gift ideas including pricing details and customer ratings.

Compression sleeves for the feet

#6 Foot Pain Gift

Foot and Ankle Compression Sleeves

These socks are a special type of compression sleeves that conform to the foot to ensure a snug fit around nerves. They can increase circulation and decrease inflammation. This can relieve foot and ankle pain caused by plantar fasciitis and other conditions such as muscle fatigue, arthritis, edema and muscle fatigue. Compression sleeves can also be used to reduce swelling in the ankle and feet due to pregnancy. They are snug but not too tight, and made from comfortable, breathable materials.

Compression sleeves work! My mom had severe plantar fasciitis and was struggling to get out of bed each morning. She wore compression sleeves at night, and she was able get out of bed in the morning by herself.

Foot TENS Massager

#7 Foot Pain Gift

Electronic Pulse Massager (FDA Cleared).

This TENS unit has been a great gift idea. It’s worked well for my family, my aunt and my uncle. It can be used for various types of pain such as foot, back, knee, elbow, and ankle pain. The multi-functionality of the TENS device makes it easy to gift or purchase for yourself. You can also use it for pain relief purposes. This product falls under the TENS (Transcutaneous Electric Nerve Stimulation) or EPM (Electronic Pulse Massager), which are both commonly used for pain management and sport. You can see more information about the product, and learn why so many people rate this Electronic Pulse Masager extremely high.

It was not the best gift idea, so I did not post it. The TENS unit, even small in size, may seem cumbersome and some people don’t like the idea of having electrodes attached to their skin.

Anti Fatigue Kitchen Mat

Foot pain remedy #8

Anti-Fatigue Mat

Anti-fatigue kitchen mats are sure to relieve sore feet and legs. These mats are very comfortable to stand on regardless of whether you’re wearing slippers, sandals or no shoes. However, they are not meant to treat foot problems but to make it easier to work in the kitchen, such as cooking and cleaning dishes. Although I don’t have one, I did try it at a friend’s house. Thumbs up!

Heel pillows for foot pain

Foot pain remedy #9

Heel pain for foot

Clinically, these heel cushions have been shown to be very effective in treating heel pain (plantar fasciitis). These cushions are often more effective than custom orthotics prescribed by podiatrists. When buying pain relief cushions, the only thing you need to pay attention to is their size. The rule of thumb is to buy a size 1 cushion for women and a size 2 for men. My research shows that Bauerfeind is better than Dr. Scholl. It’s not clear if they are available in your area or online. If not, you can find high-quality heel cushions.

For foot pain, shoe insoles

Foot Pain Gift #10

Shoes with foot-friendly inserts

The shoe inserts/insoles are another gift from the same family as the above-mentioned heel cushions. There are many other products that Dr. Scholl offers, and you may have seen them on TV. Spenco Polysorb inserts were recommended by my mom’s podiatrist. They were fantastic. You may need to trim the insoles to fit your shoes depending on how big your shoes are. It’s easy enough to do for my mom.

Foot splint

#11 Foot pain remedy

Plantar fasciitis: Foot splint

Although the foot splint might seem cumbersome and uncomfortable, doctors recommend it for nighttime use to relieve pain from plantar fasciitis or achilles tendonitis. By holding the foot in a gentle, upright position, the foot splint allows for consistent stretching of the plantar fascia.

Birkenstock Soft Footbed

#12 Foot pain remedy

Foot-friendly shoes for Birkenstock and Orthaheel

Slippers and sandals are not the same. Some shoes may be hot and cause pain and irritation to the feet. Others may not look as appealing but may help with foot problems. These sandals and shoes are great for feet.

These Birkenstock soft sandals with footbeds were given to me and my friend’s wives by me. Both suffered severe foot pains. One was due to their age and one was due her pregnancy. Both of them called me later to tell me that the sandals worked well. After a few weeks, their foot pains became significantly less severe, made it easier to bear, and was even completely gone for my friend’s spouse.

To absorb the pressure of walking and standing, soft footbed sandals, slippers and sandals often have shock-absorbing padded heels. This padding makes standing and walking more comfortable.

Apart from Birkenstock sandals, Orthaheel also makes excellent slippers and sandals for feet. The sandals by Orthaheel are more fashionable than Birkenstock. I actually bought two pairs of them from QVC because they look great and feel comfortable.

Comfort shoes by Easy Spirit

#13 Foot Pain Gift

Easy Spirit and Walking Crradles are foot-friendly shoes

Comfort shoes are another popular brand from Easy Spirit. Easy Spirit shoes are a great combination of comfort and fashion, according to me. They are comfortable enough to wear when I go out on a walk or going for a run. Easy Spirit Triproute and Easy Spirit Traveltime are two of my favorites. They look great and are very comfortable with excellent cushioning and breathable materials.

Walking Cradles are a lesser-known shoe that provides great comfort for the feet. As a gift, a relative gave me a pair sandals. They are extremely comfortable.

Additional Specialty Products to Address Specific Foot Problems


Gift #14 for foot pain

Corns toe cushions

Corns are thick, dead skin layers that form on the top and bottom of your toes. They are usually caused by friction between your shoes and your toes. Corns can become problematic if they get too large and cause pain. To relieve the pain from corns, use toe pads / tubes. They prevent your toes rubbing against each other. These cushions do not cure, but they can help reduce the pain.


#15 Foot Pain Gift

Bunion Guard/Shield

Bunion refers to a bony bump at the base the big toe. Wearing tight, ill-fitting shoes can often lead to bunion. The bunion guard, also known as the bunion shield, can offer almost immediate relief. The cushion provides a soft cushion that helps relieve the pressure and friction from the bunion.

Shoes Inserts for Foot Pain

Foot pain relief gift – insoles for orthotic support and foot inserts. Shoe inserts are a more affordable option than new shoes. These inserts can be used in any shoe to give your feet more support and comfort. These inserts are great for relieving foot pain that can be caused by shoes not providing enough support.

We recommend:

Footminders Comfort Orthotic Arch Support Soles

Syono Orthotics Gel insoles and Shoe Insoles for Men and women

Protech Full Length orthotic supports

1. Master of Muscle Massage Ball Best Gifts For Foot Pain

Massage ball




This is our most affordable option, but it works great for sore feet. Why? To prevent cramping and knots, the spikes that run along the ball’s surface dig into the muscle.

Dr. Jacqueline Sutera, a New York City podiatrist, says that massage can help to loosen the muscles and increase circulation. The increase in blood flow to areas that are painful can aid in the circulation of healing blood cells and reduce inflammation. The ability to decrease inflammation can help reduce pain symptoms.

3. 3. Biofreeze Pain Relief Roller-On Best Gifts For Foot Pain







Biofreeze can temporarily relieve muscle soreness or pain. For instant relief, the formula uses menthol to cool and block pain signals. This roll-on option can be used for quick relief on the go.

3. Biofreeze Pain Relief Roller-On Best Gifts For Foot Pain







Biofreeze can temporarily relieve muscle soreness or pain. For instant relief, the formula uses menthol to cool and block pain signals. This roll-on option can be used for quick relief on the go.

4. Vionic Oh Active Ortic Best Gifts For Foot Pain

Vionic Oh Active Ortic







Special shoe insoles are necessary if you stand for extended periods of time every day. Dr. Sutera says that most insoles offer cushioning and arch support. They help relieve and prevent foot pain by reducing the impact of your steps and shock absorption.

Vionic’s insoles are made to provide greater stability and control, especially when running or walking fast. These insoles are also odor-absorbing to keep your feet fresh.

5. NatraCure Cold Therapy Socks Best Gifts For Foot Pain

NatraCure Cold Therapy Socks





These socks are soft and comfortable for tired toes. The cooling sensation is also amazing. To provide relief for hot, tired feet, simply place the gel pack inside the slips.Best Gifts For Foot Pain

6. Biopelle Heel Cream Best Gifts For Foot Pain

Biopelle Exfoliating Heel cream







Heel pain is the most common complaint on the whole foot. Heels can sustain serious injury, from calluses to blisters. This cream contains taurine and glycolic acid, which work together to soften cracked heels for a more comfortable feeling.Best Gifts For Foot Pain

8. SoleHealers Foot Massager & Stretcher Best Gifts For Foot Pain

SoleHealers Foot Massager & Stretcher






This pad is a great choice for those suffering from plantar faciitis. Its sloped design allows for the stretching of the plantar fascia ligament at the foot, which helps to relieve tension. You can also use the textured surface to work out muscle knots.

9. Quinear Leg Massager Best Gifts For Foot Pain

Quinear Leg Massager




These adjustable, cushioned wraps will help to relieve tired calves and feet. This product not only gently massages sore muscles but also heats up to provide additional comfort and better circulation.

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