Back To School Gift Basket Ideas

This Back-to-School Teacher Gift Basket is a wonderful way to kick off the school year.

How many kids are already returning to school? I feel like I just wrote posts about summer break and now I am writing about the beginning of school. It was way too fast! Being an educator, I enjoy a good start to the year, so I make thoughtful gifts for my teachers. Richard will be leading the PTA’s Wellness Committee this school year so I thought an apple-themed, wellness-themed gift basket for teachers would be perfect. Below is what I included in each gift box.



  • To hold contents, use a wooden crate or another basket
  • Shredded crinkled Kraft Paper
  • Small chalkboard & chalkboard markers
  • Mug for teachers
  • A Lamy Al-Star fountain pen
  • Cup & pencils
  • Apple-themed products – bookmarks and notecards, certificates, certificates, etc.
  • Clothes pins
  • Nature Made(r) Melatonin Gummies
  • Nature Made(r) Vitamin C Chewable Tablets
  • Printable Teacher Gift Tags
  • Light-beige card stock


Start by choosing the right basket. First, I selected a deep wire mesh basket. This is a great container but you can’t see the contents. A gift basket allows you to see what is inside, without opening it up. This is especially fun if the gift is colorful. Instead, I chose to use this wooden crate. To give the crate a fun look, I bought school-themed paper tape.

Back-to-school teacher gift crate,Back To School Gift Basket Ideas

Then I put shredded crinkled Kraft paper in the crate. This shredded paper has the advantage of being able to push the contents down into the crate to keep them in place. It looks great and can be reused in a teacher craft bin. This chalkboard is a fun way to welcome the new school year!

Back-to-school teacher gift filler

I bought a variety fun supplies for my children’s teachers: pencils, clothespins. paper tape. pointer. bulletin board apples. a cup to hold pencils.

Back-to-school teacher gift contents

This is a truly wellness basket. I added the following:

Nature Made(r), Melatonin Adult Gummies are great tasting and easy to support sleep. It is a common nutrient deficit in America, with 37 percent of Americans not getting enough vitamin C from their diets.Back To School Gift Basket Ideas

Back-to-school teacher gift vitamins

Back-to-school teacher gift assembly

A fun printable tag was also added to my gift. This is the downloadFreePDF –Printable Teacher Gift TagsYou have four options for gift tags. Everybody loves a good pun about an apple teacher, right? These are best printed on light beige Kraft paper. However, you can also use white card stock.

Back-to-school teacher gift printables

Back-to-school teacher gift gift tag

Your health is dependent on a healthy immune system. Walmart has Nature Made(r), Melatonin Gummies, and Nature Made(r), Vitamin C Chewable tablets in its Pharmacy section. Nature Made(r), gives you the confidence that you are getting the nutrients you need.

NatureMade at Walmart


These are my top picks for teacher gifts. These thoughtful and practical gifts will be greatly appreciated by the new teacher of your child.

The teachers spend hours getting their classroom ready before the children return to school. Teachers also spend their own money on supplies for the classroom. A thoughtful gift for teachers at the beginning of the school year is a great idea. Today, I am sharing10 gift ideas for teachers back to schoolThese are great for the start of the school year.Check out the Back To School Gift Basket Ideas Back To School Gift Basket Ideas list below now!


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