21st Birthday Gift Ideas For Your Best Friend

21st Birthday Gift Ideas For Your Best Friend

This is the year that I, and all my best friends, will be able to celebrate.Turned 21. We have not been able to get to bars because of the pandemic. To make up for this, I wanted to make sure that I gave them the information they needed.best present ever. After brainstorming for what seemed like an eternity, I came up with the perfect detail list.21 unique 21st birthday gift ideas For Your Best Friend You can!

You’re in the right place if you are looking for 21-year-old birthday gifts for your best friend.

This list makes it easy to choose the best 21st Birthday Gift Ideas For Your Best Friend,Check out the 21st Birthday Gift Ideas For Your Best Friend list below now!

And if you’re planning a surprise party, read my post on how to make a mood board for an event!

21st Birthday Gift Ideas For Your Best Friend

Personalized Shot Glass

Get your bestieA personalized shot glass featuring photos of you two. It is her intention to love it. You can trust me. You can also make one using photos of her celebrity crush — both options are viable.

There’s an Etsy seller namedImageAlienYou can print as many as 3 copies.Photos on a shot glasses. The glasses arrived looking amazing and this seller is very quick to respond. They arrived within three days after I placed my order. I especially liked the fact that they were so small.Price tag: $11This is a great deal! This gift is loved by my friends and mine.

Pro tip: Lighten your photos slightly as they can appear darker on the glass.


Himalayan Tequila Glasses

This one goes out for all of youtequila lovers. These shot glasses made from Himalayan salt can be used to make tequila shots. You don’t have to pour it on your hands anymore. They’re also super cute!

Hangover Kit


Your best friend will be your best friend, you know that.Get a little rowdyShe won’t feel great the next day. This handmade gift will come in handy after the big night.

Advil/Tylenol and breath mints/gum can be added. EmergenC, instant tea pack/teabag, concealer, perfume, concealer, concealer, concealer, granola/protein bars, and a gift certificate to your favorite fast-food restaurant are also options. A Pedialyte should be included.Talk about an instant lifesaver.

*If DIY is not your thing, the link above will direct you to Revolve’s most adorable Hangover Kit!

Mberry Tablets


There is a better way to show your support than giving your best friend a gift:Little tabletThis will make all of the alcohol she’s about consuming SWE ET. Give her one before you go out. You’ll be able for her toTequila should be enjoyed like lemonadeTalk about a wonderful birthday!

These tablets, according to Amazon’s seller, areSafe for all agesThey are safe to eat because they contain only hand-picked fruits and have no added sugar, colorant or other cheap fillers. They make sweet foods taste bittersweet by dissolving in your mouth. This isn’t the ideal 21st birthday gift.

Wine Bottle Straws


Drinking water is better than pouring a glass of wineStraight out of the bottleWhat are you waiting for? Get your best friend the most adorable, sparkly straws. These straws are designed to allow you to sip from your wine.

Mixology of Astrology Book

This is a classic gift (wouldn’t it be a list 21st birthday gift suggestions if this didn’t include it in there?), but there’s a twist! Mixology of Astrology helps you choose the right drink to match your astrological sign. This book is fun, informative and great for friends who check their horoscope every day. It’s also pink, so it’s even cuter.

Cocktail Shaker With Recipes On Side


Get this for your friend who is a clutz and misplaces things.Cocktail shaker with the ingredients Built into the side.

This gift is practical and clever. Everyone will be curious to see where it’s going. These shakers are available in a variety of colors, including gold, rose gold, or stainless steel. They can be customized to suit any style that your friend has.

With15 Drink RecipesYou can create anything you want, from a margarita or a cosmopolitan with the help of the side.

“Whole”Bottle of wineGlass


There are many types of “whole-bottle” wine glasses. But they’re so great!gag giftFor your friend’s 21st.

One can be purchasedFits right on top of wine bottles like a stopperIt is shaped like a wine glass so that you can enjoy the bottle throughout the night. There are also larger ones.Hold 750ml wineYou can find it here! !Option oneWithout a stemOption two(with a stem).

It wasn’t something you heard from me, but it was aStarbucks VentiCup will alsoHold a whole bottle of wine. Use this information however you wish.

Back in Stock January 18*

Wine Stoppers


Give your best friend a selection ofWine stoppersSo that wine doesn’t go bad. There are many options, so you’re sure to find the one that they love.

You can buy them in rose gold, yellow gold, or silver by clicking the link!

Wine Tumbler

Etsy is a place I visit every day. I find the most adorable personalized wine tumblers there. You can add “Finally 21”, the “Birthday Girl” or their name and year. Personalization adds a unique twist to this classic gift.

Chunky Bracelet Flask


Flasks are essential for going out. They’re also very creative nowadays. You don’t need to buy your best friend a boring flask.

My favorite kind of flask is the one that looks like a chunky bracelet. It’s cute and Rihanna wore it to Coachella.

There are alsoFlasks in the shape of sunscreen bottlesYou can purchase. They’d love it, and it would be a great help to them.You can easily sneak in boozeIn any festival or beach!

21 Drinks Gift Box

This DIY gift box is simple and easy to make. Give them a basket.21 types of alcoholIt. You have two options:Little shot bottlesYou can find it at your local liquor shop or go all out to get the real deal.

They’ll be so happy to not have to buy alcohol for the big night.

You can gift them a set of make-yourself Gin or a Mojito gift set if you don’t want it to be DIY.

Never Have I Ever Party Game Girl’s Edition


This is a classic childhood game that brought out laughter from friends and has been transformed into a fun new game. fun card gameThis card is great to play at your next party. Each time you do something, the card will tell you.Take a sipYou can!

You can choose to get the girl’s edition or stick with the classic one if that’s what you like.

For The Girls Party Game


This is a great game.Every group of girlfriends has different needs. Roll the dice to see which type of card you can pick up.

WHAT’S IN THE INSIDE?It contains 100 Truth or Dare’ cards, 100?If You’ve Ever’ card, 100?Rapid Fire cards, 100?Best of the Best’ Cards, 100?Most Likely to’ cards.

Etsy Personalized Wine Label

Etsy has a few sellers that sell handmade items.custom wine label tags. It can be personalized with your friend’s name, birthday and other details. You will have the most adorable gift at the party when you receive it in the mail.

The Hungover Cookbook

A good cookbook is my favorite thing. What better way to wish her a happy birthday than by giving her one?Specifically designed to help with hangovers? It’s obvious she will need it!

‘RIP Fake ID’ Balloons


Get her to do it!balloon garlandThat spells out “RIP Fake ID“In remembrance that little card that will not be of any further use!” It’s time to celebrate!

21st Birthday Sash + Tiara

We all know how much girls adore their friends.Tiaras and sashesOn their birthdays. This is the most important.Gifts at an affordable priceThis is my 21st birthday gift list, but I have another one that I know she will love.

Let her know you will be buying her a sash/tiara so she doesn’t forget!


A cozy hoodie for her hangover the next morning

As I said, your best friend will feel rough the morning after the party so get her a comfortable hoodie that she can wear throughout the day.

DIY Photo Book For The Two Of You

Making thoughtful and handmade gifts is something I enjoy. A photo album with photos of you two could make the perfect gift for a friend who isn’t a big drinker or doesn’t like the other options.

Gift card

You don’t have the time or resources to get her gifts, or she is difficult to shop for.Gift cardIt’s an easy choice! It’s easy to see why she will love it.Buy yourself whatever you want. There are so many stores to choose from that you can be sure she will find one.

You can find it at Amazon, Urban Outfitters, a VISA gift card, Starbucks or Ulta.

I hope this list of 21st birthday gift ideas sparked some inspiration for your next shopping trip. There are some really cool items in here that would definitely set you apart from the rest!

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